Film Theory: Controlling Robots with YOUR MIND! (Disney's Big Hero 6)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
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    Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!
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  • Jenny Zhao
    Jenny Zhao 3 hours ago

    Yeah but the twist ending was still terrible

  • Cooldude 37
    Cooldude 37 4 hours ago


  • WolfRunner64
    WolfRunner64 6 hours ago

    actually watching in 2019 L L L L L L L

  • Francis Lachapelle
    Francis Lachapelle 7 hours ago

    You forgot something really important though MatPat: How do you power all these individuals micro robots? As far as I know, we don’t have this technology yet. Photovoltaic cells can’t be that small.

  • Ryan Doirin
    Ryan Doirin 7 hours ago


  • XJoschYZ
    XJoschYZ 8 hours ago

    4:15 Should be possible. Theoretically.

    • XJoschYZ
      XJoschYZ 8 hours ago

      Thinking about what the robotics courses I visted for my brothers colleged education he couldnt attend I would say all of it seems feasible even today. Swarm intelligence is possible even today. While it may be a bit too clunky for some things something like a library for basic actions along with a good coding could achive quite a lot. The question is: Is it useful enough that it will become affordable for public use and be as... strong as the into made it out to be in a world which is full of technology and as advanced as you made it seem. I didn't ever watch that movie. So IDK.

    • XJoschYZ
      XJoschYZ 8 hours ago

      Thinking about it a lot of it seems not too hard to be honest. So yes. Again.

  • Philip Tran
    Philip Tran 9 hours ago

    Not sure if you'll see this but please make a video about "Accel world" and the technology in that anime

  • wolf radiationslime/radslime

    Do one on tron

  • Frozen Dragon
    Frozen Dragon 9 hours ago


  • Endow Trap
    Endow Trap 9 hours ago


  • Jack Donegan
    Jack Donegan 10 hours ago

    Matpat, while failing to give us a theory about the Nervegear from SAO accidentally does it here.

  • Kcade Bronson
    Kcade Bronson 10 hours ago


  • DoggoGaming kg
    DoggoGaming kg 11 hours ago

    yes is possibelle

  • ghost walker
    ghost walker 11 hours ago


  • Sdroid X
    Sdroid X 11 hours ago

    I like , like raging fire, SMOULDERING fire

  • dylan viera
    dylan viera 12 hours ago


    JR MCGRIFSTER 13 hours ago


  • Dankous Memous the third also the moisty boi

    i’m suprised matt didn’t talk about the flying cat in the background

  • kayode phillips
    kayode phillips 14 hours ago +1

    Im in 2019

  • Youssef Khaedin
    Youssef Khaedin 15 hours ago


  • Kaleenaswizzle0 123
    Kaleenaswizzle0 123 16 hours ago

    Use Kodi it's great the movies are for free and they even have from Mary poppins to lego movie two

  • RDTL Gaming
    RDTL Gaming 17 hours ago


  • Elano Rafferty
    Elano Rafferty 20 hours ago

    I think so

  • Cal Lacerna
    Cal Lacerna 21 hour ago

    no it,s 2019 today

  • Hun Ter
    Hun Ter 22 hours ago

    Well technically, because of climate change, in a hundred years, the equator will likely be uninhabitable and humanity will be forced further south/north. So there is no future. Humanity is fucked. There will be wars over water, a migrant crisis the likes of which Humanity has never seen, expensive damage that will cost more than all the money currently on Earth times at least two, and whole lot of other apocalyptic shit. There is no future. Do not procreate. We are fucked.

  • Zachary Kotulski
    Zachary Kotulski 22 hours ago

    I kind of want to see how to make HALO's MJOLNIR armor systems, as it is kind of similar to this, what with the neural uplinks and stuff.

  • Israel Luceno
    Israel Luceno Day ago

    I bet they will make microbots in 136 years, I'll wait.

  • Thaddeus Lumio
    Thaddeus Lumio Day ago


  • OlafttheGreat1998

    Here's the problem with "covert speech," what is the computer going to do in response to your thoughts on how nice that girl's/guy's ass is?

  • Nayaka Syahidah Vlogs &Games

    Oh thank god you didn't ruin this movie.

  • Jack White
    Jack White Day ago

    I think it can be done!

  • Austin Wile
    Austin Wile Day ago


  • Remone Carter
    Remone Carter Day ago

    We already made microbots

  • Kyla Pack
    Kyla Pack Day ago

    Why is Matpat the myth busters of USclip

  • Chase Ames
    Chase Ames Day ago

    What if they ran on neural activity

  • Tony252
    Tony252 Day ago

    Godzilla king of the monsters theory plz

  • Shadowalk
    Shadowalk Day ago

    I am in the 0.1% if people who never watched frozen or game of t. 😂

    • Cat Lover
      Cat Lover Day ago

      Shadowalk I haven’t watched game of thrones either, but I have seen frozen

  • ampharosite
    ampharosite Day ago

    yes, will happen

  • Anime Mind
    Anime Mind Day ago

    More related to BNHA, did you know that Bakugou's quirk type is emmiter yet it permanently alters his sweat and Uraraka is also emmiter yet she can't hold things with 5 fingers, like shigaraki

  • Sophia Pichardo
    Sophia Pichardo Day ago


  • BrotherMag
    BrotherMag Day ago

    Based on a marvel comic

  • Arctic Wolferine

    The microbots are like ants ish

  • old sport
    old sport Day ago

    (I watched it wasn't that bad)

  • Aaron Hammons
    Aaron Hammons Day ago +2

    Well mat, their probably on the iPhone x736 xtreme 44

  • Avery Avery
    Avery Avery Day ago

    I didn't know that this movie was set in the future!

  • Rockastorm gaming

    Yes it probably can

  • Benjamin Marritt

    Sell people guns out of microbots and recall them

  • maria Crispbeard

    you can get all the dvd on amazon

  • Jokubas playz
    Jokubas playz Day ago +3

    MatPat did you forget when these two things were released? If someone is ripping someone it's fortnite ripping off big hero six.

    • Cat Lover
      Cat Lover Day ago +1

      Jokubas playz I think he was just joking

  • Sky Kast
    Sky Kast Day ago

    Rip monitisation... As always... Poor film theory ... I mean not me but ... Disney.

  • Aaron Welch
    Aaron Welch Day ago

    that's cold

  • Mrbuck832 Idk
    Mrbuck832 Idk Day ago

    Were is my brain implant chip

  • Elizabeth drummond

    In 2150 be are going to have the iPhone 9000+ with no head phone Jacks!!!!

  • The Pumpkin Magician

    I got a baymax ad on this god haha

  • ClockWithNoGears

    the best thing about BH6 is the fact that bamax follows 3 laws of robotics and dont kill people,

      CHARIZARD TRAINER 17 hours ago

      But he does attempt to kill the antagonist when Hiro goes extremely angry. So technically Baymax didn't follow the 3 laws of robotics but it was because of Hiro it happened.

  • i_am_crazy :/
    i_am_crazy :/ Day ago

    Damn Russia, trying to get pics of my ears

  • Brie Argo
    Brie Argo Day ago


  • Sans
    Sans Day ago

    I’m from the year 3468 it still ain’t a thing mate I’m disappointed

  • Caleb Corrales
    Caleb Corrales Day ago

    1991 anyone 1991

  • Birds with Hats
    Birds with Hats Day ago

    yes i think yes

  • Gacha Gamer526
    Gacha Gamer526 Day ago

    12:06 in 2018 YEARS!? 😐😐😐

  • Gijs Winkelhuijzen

    12:40 In the future, these microbots will run on magnetic batteries

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo 2 days ago

    Its like nanotechnology

  • Lps Feisty
    Lps Feisty 2 days ago

    Big hero 6 came before fortnite

  • Blake Delaney
    Blake Delaney 3 days ago

    We’re still using iPhones because iPhones are the best!

  • Настя Верещагина

    Omg do a black mirror theory pleeease

  • Shady
    Shady 3 days ago


  • Frankie Webb
    Frankie Webb 4 days ago


  • ellse autumn
    ellse autumn 4 days ago

    is this possible? 100% but then again people thought we’d have flying cars in 2015 and instead we got memes

  • It’s your Boi Nick


  • prince Parsa
    prince Parsa 5 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2154

  • Sam Cox
    Sam Cox 5 days ago

    2152 aNyONe ???

  • nightmare foxy the pirate fox

    Could it help my ad hd?

  • Educational Content
    Educational Content 5 days ago

    You just made an unironic fortnite reference: Unsubscribe and dislike

  • Darmuka
    Darmuka 5 days ago

    yeah i think 136 years is more than enough, technology is advancing at an accelerating rate.

  • Darnell Sterling
    Darnell Sterling 6 days ago


  • Julian the Pizza
    Julian the Pizza 6 days ago

    This was in 2019 XD

  • Luis Montes de oca
    Luis Montes de oca 6 days ago

    Mat pat make a theory about the filstones

    ULTRATHEGREAT 6 days ago

    As if we need a century to do anything at this point of decade is enough time to accomplish a ton! 👌

  • Madi Duncan
    Madi Duncan 6 days ago

    Wh.. Why do you have a bunch of teeth just lying around ready to put in fizz.....?

  • proud_Texan
    proud_Texan 6 days ago

    Nah mate

  • ørjan tønder
    ørjan tønder 6 days ago


  • The best The one
    The best The one 6 days ago


  • Inkles
    Inkles 6 days ago +1

    0:27 Not just iPhones, iPhones with *HOME BUTTONS*

  • Games And more 24
    Games And more 24 6 days ago

    100 years later where still using iPhones with home buttons

  • Orange Fox
    Orange Fox 6 days ago

    No the iPhone is a pixel and Disney thinks that it is “Futuristic”

  • Domonkos Váradi
    Domonkos Váradi 6 days ago

    I think it is possible

  • light hammer
    light hammer 7 days ago

    I from 2150 and its a yes

  • Trent Stilwell
    Trent Stilwell 7 days ago

    Can be done

  • Spiritcat208
    Spiritcat208 7 days ago +46

    Heres are two quick theoretical questions:

    *If Pinocchio lied by saying "My nose will grow right now", what would happen?*
    *Also, if you get stoned in a basement, are you really high?*

    • Whatever I Want
      Whatever I Want 4 hours ago

      +GRANT GORNALL well how am i supposed 2 know that specific story was actually about this random comment on utube

      GRANT GORNALL 4 hours ago

      +Whatever I Want that has been on the news for years dude.

    • Whatever I Want
      Whatever I Want 4 hours ago

      +GRANT GORNALL myb dont admit that on utube. Assholes can get u in major trouble if u rnt careful

      GRANT GORNALL 13 hours ago

      +MemesR wou you wouldn't come close to even understanding what it's like to be used for petty game of getting high. I had to watch for police cruisers and just law enforcement just so my older sister could get high in peace. And I was part of stealing 12,500 dollars from my grandma's safe when I was getting blackmailed. So you have no say in this manner of discussion.

      CHARIZARD TRAINER 17 hours ago +1

      It's a paradox. There is no real answer so the nose might shrink, dissapear or nothing will happen

  • Nikki Kaur
    Nikki Kaur 7 days ago


  • ScarceTv57
    ScarceTv57 8 days ago

    I’m in 2156

  • ScarceTv57
    ScarceTv57 8 days ago

    It just has been invented

  • Natalie Gibison
    Natalie Gibison 8 days ago


  • The Lady In Black
    The Lady In Black 8 days ago +1

    3415. This video caused the Robot War. It happened in 2040 and ruined the world forever. Robots control the world now and humans are in hiding. You were put in stasis and are hidden somewhere. Now we need your expert brain to know how to kill all the robots. Help us Matpat, your our only hope.

  • King Kong
    King Kong 8 days ago


  • Katherine Poole
    Katherine Poole 9 days ago

    I think we can do it. In 1903, the first functioning plane was down by Wilbur and Orville Wright. In 2003, humans have been to space, the moon, we have Internet, TVs, etc. If we make that much progress in 100 years, how much more can we make in 100-150 more years?

  • Pixel TD
    Pixel TD 9 days ago


  • mik 1234478900
    mik 1234478900 9 days ago

    Yes it's true