Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starburst | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • What does your favorite Starburst say about you?
    Red: Life is about power and you will stop at nothing to exert your influence over others. Be careful, because red Starbursts are in short supply and pursuing them is a lonely path.
    Pink: Compassion is at the center of your life. Make sure that you're not too generous or you'll end up with no pink Starbursts for yourself.
    Orange: This flavor is not bad. If you like it, that's good.
    Yellow: Some people call you quirky, others say you're eccentric. You go through life trying to fit the square piece into the round hole. But that's ok, because there will always be lots of yellow Starbursts for you to eat.

    At the end of the day, they're all delicious. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Starburst.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starburst | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Donna Kelly
    Donna Kelly Hour ago

    The way Claire says she's an EXCELLENT gift wrapper... I wish I had that kind of conviction in my life.

  • Ekenaa
    Ekenaa 2 hours ago

    The "get 4 friends to make 4 batches of taffy" seems exhausting and stressful and will definitely replace every game night I will ever host

  • Shay
    Shay 14 hours ago

    Brad and Claire have an unsaid thing between them

  • Garry
    Garry 16 hours ago

    Haha the guy who made the rolling pin in Montana was in my culinary class last year.

  • Katelyn Hofer
    Katelyn Hofer 17 hours ago

    The chemistry between Claire and Brad 💕

  • Elizabeth Rabinovich
    Elizabeth Rabinovich 18 hours ago

    Brad is such a happy-go-lucky, positive ray of sunshine. I think he's the positivity we all need in our lives.

  • Isaac Weatherhead
    Isaac Weatherhead 19 hours ago


  • Brooks Ogborn
    Brooks Ogborn 21 hour ago

    That fish tho looks amazing

  • _milahh_ •
    _milahh_ • 23 hours ago

    You should do gourmet razzles next❗️

  • Pavel Silva
    Pavel Silva Day ago

    Claire's sadness... make me laugh, but the last challenge were so hard

  • moi meself
    moi meself Day ago

    It's official. They have broken Claire. This is now a matter for the health services.

  • Colactix
    Colactix Day ago

    Ah, there's no gelatin in the UK Starburst, interesting.

  • Hayden Beatty
    Hayden Beatty Day ago

    featuring dynamic duo claire and brad

  • GriimX
    GriimX Day ago

    Pavlov's dog? Never met him 😂

  • SM 54
    SM 54 Day ago +1

    I just found the answer to why I love watching your videos so much
    Claire looks and acts like my Aunt who died this year. The only difference between them was her name was Julie

  • Furry Child
    Furry Child Day ago

    Og and gourmet look like erasers. Still good though, I bet!

  • Jake Darnell
    Jake Darnell Day ago +1

    Brad and Claire are like Jim and Pam, you know there gonna hook up.

  • Zel Samson
    Zel Samson Day ago

    Claire holding up the Starburst that she made side by side with the real one feeling ashamed at the end of the video cracked me up. 😂

  • Kyle Hasegawa
    Kyle Hasegawa Day ago

    This is some HBO level drama here. More 40 minute episodes.

  • flute lover
    flute lover Day ago

    Does she dye grey into her hair cuz she does not look old at all

  • HBbro Gaming
    HBbro Gaming Day ago

    Claire and Brad remind me of Jim and Pam in the office season 1

  • Adam Bennett
    Adam Bennett Day ago

    too many variables tested at once

  • María Camila Daza
    María Camila Daza 2 days ago

    So many ads!!!

  • fawzia 1238
    fawzia 1238 2 days ago

    Claire is depressed now

  • Jody Arrington
    Jody Arrington 2 days ago

    Awesome - One of the the best episodes ever!

  • BronZTyge r
    BronZTyge r 2 days ago

    How it’s made starburst

  • Leonnie Ly
    Leonnie Ly 2 days ago

    Who else thinks that brad and claire should date

  • GachaHoneyBee xX
    GachaHoneyBee xX 2 days ago +1

    Did anyone else think of slime when she started stretching it

  • Ghost Dogg
    Ghost Dogg 2 days ago

    To much dialogue!

  • HaydoHD
    HaydoHD 2 days ago

    What? Do American starbursts not have purple ???

  • Epic Nerd Gacha
    Epic Nerd Gacha 2 days ago

    "here's how to make gourmet starburst"
    *You don't*

  • Anthony Lemkendorf
    Anthony Lemkendorf 2 days ago +1

    Ditch the gelatin and try confectioners Gum Arabic and palm oil rather than coconut oil.

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 2 days ago

    I only wanted to make this so I could eat a huge block of starburst

  • Musaab Umair
    Musaab Umair 2 days ago

    After watching the It’s Alive episode, I guess this was one those hilarious days, where you feel like a failure, but you know, it’s good memories down the line 😂

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson 2 days ago +1

    It’s so sad when Claire hopes she is making the final batch and there’s 20 min left 😅😂

  • Micah Ortega
    Micah Ortega 2 days ago

    I love Claire’s laugh. So infectious. But in a good way.

  • oscar Jordan-Shamis
    oscar Jordan-Shamis 2 days ago

    Ewwww she’s lefty

  • urbanws1234
    urbanws1234 2 days ago

    What is the point of this? I have now died a little on the inside knowing that a show like this even exists.

  • Zac Cozzi
    Zac Cozzi 2 days ago

    Do Totino's Pizza Rolls. Different because they're savory but also, they're a pastry. Claire needs a win.

  • Keanan Hall
    Keanan Hall 2 days ago

    Why does her voice sound like Katy perry

  • Might Not Magic
    Might Not Magic 2 days ago

    this furthers my hate for them

    ME GUSTA 2 days ago

    Gurrrrl you can pull my taffy anytime😉

  • LP Jones
    LP Jones 2 days ago

    My favorites in the kitchen in order:
    1. Claire
    2. Molly
    3. Brad
    4. Chris
    5. Everyone else

  • Lanie DiFrancesco
    Lanie DiFrancesco 2 days ago


  • Alice Spoon
    Alice Spoon 2 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that these series are kinda like the office

  • Stafry The Good
    Stafry The Good 2 days ago

    Anybody here because they thought the candies looked like of Fruitella's? No? Just me?

  • Aug24th
    Aug24th 2 days ago

    Donut even know Scene was one of the funniest ever :D

  • Nozh
    Nozh 2 days ago

    Chris is such a good colleague to Claire and it’s so cute to see

  • vidboyx2001
    vidboyx2001 2 days ago

    I like to imagine if Claire had used the gelatin water mixture she messed up in the beginning, they would have turned out perfectly. Luckily we got to see how the darkest timeline played out.

  • unicorns forever
    unicorns forever 2 days ago

    Where is the green one....

  • unicorns forever
    unicorns forever 2 days ago

    Where is the green one....

  • unicorns forever
    unicorns forever 2 days ago

    Where is the green one....

  • garlic CRUSH jim
    garlic CRUSH jim 2 days ago

    This series is turning into one of the best things on the internet!?

  • Melissa Ferrin
    Melissa Ferrin 2 days ago

    is this our first time seeing vinnys face :O

  • Melissa Ferrin
    Melissa Ferrin 2 days ago

    the dramatic irony in each of these videos when Claire says "i'm hoping this will be the final batch" but you can see there are still 20 mins of video left

  • Official_Sez
    Official_Sez 2 days ago

    I loveee her! Especially her white streak in her hair, makes her look very mature and wise

  • Kiddo Blob
    Kiddo Blob 2 days ago

    I love Claire and Brads friendship it’s so funny

  • Jorge Emrys Landivar
    Jorge Emrys Landivar 2 days ago +1

    Taffy pulling is easiest if you use a peg on the wall and loop it on the peg then stretch and loop again. You can get it pretty fast that way.

  • Felicity Smoak
    Felicity Smoak 3 days ago

    It was so sad watching Claire wrap the fail starbursts

  • Emily Leonard
    Emily Leonard 3 days ago

    I love watching Claire, you can see the cogs turn in her head when she talks.

  • Charles Van Noland
    Charles Van Noland 3 days ago

    "Nothing makes sense, or is working." Story of my life.

  • Prettyal127
    Prettyal127 3 days ago

    We love you Claire

  • Eva Watts-Pine
    Eva Watts-Pine 3 days ago

    amiel looks like the manager for big time rush, its a good look

  • Paradox
    Paradox 3 days ago

    In England our starburst flavours are Strawberry, Orange, Lemon & Lime and Blackcurrant

  • Ella Banana
    Ella Banana 3 days ago

    1 if 🍒cherry us your favourite
    2 if 🍓strawberry is your favourite
    3 if 🍋lemon is your favourite
    4 if 🍊orange is your favourite

  • Osctrich
    Osctrich 3 days ago +5

    The end is when it’s the last day of a group project

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 3 days ago

    This is real test kitchen.. 😂

  • Beach Goth
    Beach Goth 3 days ago

    This ep is the definition of chaotic good

  • Wouter Veraart
    Wouter Veraart 3 days ago

    Haha, everyone making fun of Brad! This was a great episode filled with alot of funny moments!

  • Pineapple_Pizza8
    Pineapple_Pizza8 3 days ago

    I always thought the pink ones were pink lemonade

  • Jacob Petty
    Jacob Petty 3 days ago

    That guys thinking of fire barrier pipe caulking!

  • Arisaka
    Arisaka 3 days ago

    so, at the beginning, Claire laughed at the "90% party", but she came to understand that video's wisdom and made it an 80% party

  • Ben Willock
    Ben Willock 3 days ago

    I think maybe if you went for more of a fruit-flavoured fudge recipe, but with coconut oil instead of butter, it'd have had a closer texture.

  • Ben Willock
    Ben Willock 3 days ago +3

    The best flavour for Starburst is Lime... though I'm not sure if they do it in america. If not, I'm sorry you're missing out.

  • andrew
    andrew 3 days ago

    i'm an *excellent* gift wrapper

  • Trevor Downing
    Trevor Downing 3 days ago

    They need to be in love

  • Boo hoo
    Boo hoo 3 days ago +5

    i just realized she really explained why starbursts are so “juicy” you salivate from the flavor... interesting.

  • sydney brack
    sydney brack 3 days ago

    i lo v e their friendship its

  • Bianca Belen
    Bianca Belen 3 days ago +3

    It’s so fun when everyone join in making the mixture

  • Latinofire202
    Latinofire202 3 days ago

    So is this a fail??? Is this the first pastry chef attempts fail???

  • Paola Van't slot
    Paola Van't slot 3 days ago

    I’ve never had starburst. In the Netherlands we have a similar candy called *Fruitella*

  • Elizabeth Logan
    Elizabeth Logan 3 days ago

    I feel like the part where it failed is the different brands and possible different flavors of extract she used

  • Dude With a Face
    Dude With a Face 3 days ago

    90% Party!

  • Sky Pemberton
    Sky Pemberton 3 days ago

    Not to sound like a internet creep, I was just thinking about absolutely gorgeous Claire is. Watched all the series fun stuff.

  • Alejandro Graveran
    Alejandro Graveran 3 days ago +3

    i love it how she is like can i have a bite of yours when there is like a milion in front of her like what lmaooo

  • Zeeco
    Zeeco 3 days ago

    If you added more sugar you would’ve gotten a pool fact

  • Morgan1Hay
    Morgan1Hay 3 days ago

    Now I want Starbursts! Ugh! XD

  • Jun Lanrete
    Jun Lanrete 3 days ago +3

    Gabby eating ice cream while observing the chaos is a mood.

  • Training__Angels __
    Training__Angels __ 3 days ago

    IDK why but her hair is soooo pretty to me

  • Sophie Boatner
    Sophie Boatner 3 days ago

    Whoever edits these videos is hilarious

  • Unknown one
    Unknown one 3 days ago

    Why does she whine so much?

  • Cutman3030
    Cutman3030 3 days ago

    Claire has the best giggle what the heck

  • Omar Sahibzada
    Omar Sahibzada 3 days ago +1

    27:46 She’s so nice 😁😁

  • Nidhi S.
    Nidhi S. 3 days ago

    I think Claire’s main prob was that in the
    citrices it melts it so she would have to cook it at a higher temp

  • Caroline Ring
    Caroline Ring 3 days ago

    I love brad so much

  • Emery Wang
    Emery Wang 3 days ago +1

    claire: i'll eat it if it's in front of me
    *has a bunch of starburst in front of her*

  • Emery Wang
    Emery Wang 3 days ago

    claire: im not going to seek it out or buy it
    also claire: *has a bunch of starburst in front of her*

  • olivia
    olivia 3 days ago

    I want to eat starburst very badly now, which is terrible because it doesn’t exist in my country oh gosh I miss the usa

  • pkkasen
    pkkasen 3 days ago

    claires laugh is so pure like, every time she giggles it makes me giggle. its contagious lmao

  • Shelby Milene
    Shelby Milene 3 days ago

    I love when Claire wheezes when she laughs! Because I do the same thing