Why Shrek is Actually the Most Important Franchise Ever

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly  Month ago +79

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    • Noskal Borg
      Noskal Borg Month ago

      Celebrate your strengths and improve past your weaknesses. Anything less is unhealthy. I say love yourself because God loves you.
      Humanity has the potential to become literal Gods. That is why our God made us, just trying to share his "wealth" of knowledge and power and make as many Gods in the process as are willing to live with that kind of stricture. Settling for anything less than that lofty goal is shooting yourself in the foot (no matter how easy it is at the time).
      Damnation is only falling short of godhood. And any choices that get in the way of the path to godhood are sins. Hell is still real enough, but is not permanent. God offers paradise to all who are willing to accept it, but if we don't let him pay the price for us, then we have to.
      Jesus loves everyone and has already guaranteed us immortality. Now lets take him up on the conditions of exaltation.

      Also God is married, and all that implies.

    • Michael McDaniel
      Michael McDaniel Month ago +1

      Wheres Tony at?

    • VillainFiles
      VillainFiles Month ago

      Dropout costs me nothing because I can't get it outside of the USA... :(

  • Codin Fox
    Codin Fox 7 days ago

    Only idiots did not know this...

  • Foxythepirate 8i8
    Foxythepirate 8i8 9 days ago


  • Guitar Lord Sam
    Guitar Lord Sam 9 days ago

    First word made me like this video

  • Martin Manyanya
    Martin Manyanya 10 days ago

    with all these awrds shrek is definetly no longer lving in the swamp

  • Mislav Grošinić
    Mislav Grošinić 15 days ago +1

    Shrek is my religion

  • santiago meneses
    santiago meneses 15 days ago

    Shrek 5?

  • Mr. Barny
    Mr. Barny 16 days ago

    My lord and savoir

  • Molly_music band
    Molly_music band 16 days ago


  • Alex Snappingturtle
    Alex Snappingturtle 18 days ago

    I miss hand drawn animation. CGI is just lazy in my opinion. Yeah yeah. There's a lot of work that goes into it. But it's still lazy.

  • Scotland Dobson
    Scotland Dobson 18 days ago

    I'm glad that animation has become a respectable art form, but sincerely sad that 3d seems to have mostly killed 2d animation. With the exception of masterpieces like Into the Spiderverse, it seems like most 3d animation looks fundamentally the same. It's easily apparent, especially with fan crossovers. Fans have lumped Tangled, Brave, HttD, Frozen, and Guardians into one big universe, and, it kind of works. Because none of them really look all that different from one another. If Hiro Hamada showed up in Inside Out or Wreck it Ralph made an appearance in the emoji movie, nobody would bat an eye. That's not to say that those movies aren't all visually stunning, but there's a certain amount of stylistic freedom afforded by the 2d medium that 3d lacks because of all the extra technical complexity that goes along with it. You want to create a distinct, crazy visual style in 2d? Just draw it. In 3d? You're probably going to need to invent new modeling tools first, just to make it feasible. Proportions can be whatever you want them to be, squash and stretch is trivial, and every shading style under the sun is readily available to you with a pen and paper.

    Just look at the amazing things you see in two dimensions. You have everything from Cuphead's 1930s old style animation to visual masterpieces like Tarzan and Treasure Planet. I look to Japan where 2d is still the norm, and I'm completely blown away by things like the Ghibli films or Your Name. You can instantly tell the difference between the likes of Princess and the Frog and the Emperors New Groove, A Goofy movie is immediately recognizable as itself and nothing else. The Simpsons is unmistakable from a mile away and no one else looks like Spongebob. I knew the Legend of Korra was Avatar before I even knew the Legend of Korra was a thing. Kids Next Door is not Disney's Recess and Rick and Morty would never be mistaken for Adventure Time. As someone who does 3d art exclusively and Can Not Draw, I sincerely miss 2d animation in the feature film space. I love my 3d movies, my Spiderverses and Toy Story's and Brave's and Big Hero Sixes. But I wish that someone out there was still making a Road to Eldorado too. I missed the days where every year it seemed someone was pushing the envelope of what's possible with a pen and paper, I hope that I can see something like that come again in my lifetime.

  • Shakin but still shootin

    No one:
    9 year old me when it's time to pick a movie: ^

  • Giran 0
    Giran 0 22 days ago +1

    It's sad that so many movies got sequals but not Monster vs. Aliens...

  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns 23 days ago

    I love Tony and the rest of the cast, but I've been listening to the Dorkly podcast pretty much since it started, so finally seeing Carolyn appearing in videos is awesome too.

  • Kage Song
    Kage Song 23 days ago

    Why do my ears still hear "hyperbole hyperbole, hyperbole, HYPERbole, hyper BOLE, hyper bowly (that's the one pun in the whole video but better) and OH YEAH, so much useless marketing hyperbole that it MUST be amazing as hell. Shrek is great, but honest praise is better. How much they pay you to make it sound like the film industry owes it's life to Shrek? I mean DAMN you think Marvel wouldn't have succeeded without Shrek, you're on more drugs than me.

  • Kage Song
    Kage Song 23 days ago

    First to points absolute hyperbole garbage. Only still watching because I'm drunk. Shrek did not CEMENT 3D animation. That would happen without Shrek. And it SURE AS HELL did not create the modern movie trend. Look it's fine to praise an amazing movie for what it did, but you are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY like FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR A WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over selling this.

  • Kenelt
    Kenelt 25 days ago +1

    the shrekening. i totally lost it.

  • projectfear22
    projectfear22 26 days ago +1

    I love Shrek. This reminds me that I should play the PC game. Would be great if they made another movie.

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr 26 days ago

    All those "with the exception of Toy Story" disclaimers make me think that this video should probably have been "Why Toy Story is the most important franchise ever". Just saying.

  • spungucantdrive yeet
    spungucantdrive yeet 26 days ago

    i love this channel now

  • Crazy kid Gameing51
    Crazy kid Gameing51 26 days ago


  • Shrek
    Shrek 27 days ago +1

    This Video Pleases The Onion

  • Ben Correll
    Ben Correll 27 days ago

    Body Positivity? Really? Social Justice is a virus.

  • Chad Hawksworth
    Chad Hawksworth 27 days ago

    I didn't get the Homer Simpson and video games reference

  • Chad Hawksworth
    Chad Hawksworth 27 days ago

    I would love to be your friend

  • Shuckle
    Shuckle 28 days ago +1

    everyone liked that.

  • theDmitryMinkov
    theDmitryMinkov 28 days ago +1

    Dorkly:Shrek is the most important franchise

    [Everyone liked that]

  • Wyatt Milton
    Wyatt Milton 28 days ago

    Shriek is trash and I hate him. Fight me

  • 7 11
    7 11 28 days ago

    What about toy story

  • yd1uzumaki official
    yd1uzumaki official 29 days ago +1

    [Everybody like that]

  • Vrotev Vrotev
    Vrotev Vrotev 29 days ago

    Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony!

  • OverLorD 83N
    OverLorD 83N 29 days ago

    *[ Everyone liked that. ]*

  • LovedBlood
    LovedBlood Month ago

    Tony where are a Yu mamma Mia *says in a Italian accent*

  • coolguyhino92
    coolguyhino92 Month ago

    You Ma'am, are very beautiful. Full stop.

  • Hildalilja
    Hildalilja Month ago

    But jokes aside. Shrek 2 and 3 will forever be my favorite movies. The scene in Shrek 3 when all the princesses invade the castle to Barracuda is prefection. And In Shrek 2 when the escape the good fairy to Ever fallen in love is someone, like it's soo good.

  • Shrek Is God
    Shrek Is God Month ago +3

    I’ll slaughter anyone who dislikes this video

  • Elfo
    Elfo Month ago

    Cars sucks

  • Derek Kirk
    Derek Kirk Month ago +1

    I love Shrek thank you Shrek is love

  • Eric Sawyer
    Eric Sawyer Month ago


  • that youtube channel

    Shrek 2 is hands down the best in the franchise

  • gavin graves
    gavin graves Month ago

    In my high school English class we had one unit where we focused on the art of parody. Are big examples where Shrek and the Canibury Tale. I think the fact that this movie had a whole unit in a high school based around it. Shows how important it is as a cultural icon.

  • GrahamChapman
    GrahamChapman Month ago

    "Art" really has become a buzzword, its former, more definitive definition nothing but a vague memory...

  • Julie Armeno
    Julie Armeno Month ago +3

    Not even a single soul:
    Dorky:WhY ShReK Is ThE bEsT FrAnChIsE EvER

  • Bax
    Bax Month ago


  • MarmadukeRupe
    MarmadukeRupe Month ago

    I am green with envy at that pun. It was good.

  • salohcinnoraa
    salohcinnoraa Month ago

    So Tony is no longer hosting/is Leaving Dorkly. Completely okay with that so you don't have to make his jokes, opinions and views a cartoon on the podcast or channel. I hope at least that is the explanation for the deriding. Regardless Carolyn brings the same energy to the job!

  • H a n n e s
    H a n n e s Month ago +1

    Because shrek is god

  • Rob G
    Rob G Month ago

    "Here's how Shrek was the first animated franchise to do all these things... oh except Toy Story but nevermind that"

  • Cb23
    Cb23 Month ago

    I was watching Shrek in Disney channel

  • Guitar Lord Sam
    Guitar Lord Sam Month ago +1

    I liked the video before it started simply because of shrek

  • Bryson Sirus
    Bryson Sirus Month ago +1

    Guys, at this moment in time, there are 420 dislikes.

    CRYSTAL HAT Month ago

    Tony now has tits yes

  • rem kanji
    rem kanji Month ago +1

    shrek is love shrek is life

  • Sam A
    Sam A Month ago

    I miss the other dorkly guy

  • Mqfresh2145 Masters

    Sequel is on the way!!!!

  • Gius63_productions
    Gius63_productions Month ago

    No one:....
    Not a soul:.......
    Not even god himself:.....
    Dorkly: Why Shrek is Actually the Most Important Franchise Ever

  • Isheian
    Isheian Month ago

    Ok some magic decks cost more than some cars.... not a good price comparison.

  • MrGarfield
    MrGarfield Month ago +1

    That...that was beautiful

  • charl X
    charl X Month ago +1

    “Critics loved that boner” well yes
    He is a fuckwad

  • Thundrhawk 1
    Thundrhawk 1 Month ago

    The Shreckoning

  • Dapper Individual
    Dapper Individual Month ago +1

    So is Tony just dead

  • Joshua Mckellop
    Joshua Mckellop Month ago

    Shrek was literally a parody of cheesy fairy tales and I love

  • Spencer Hunt
    Spencer Hunt Month ago

    Wtf? Simbas pride was amazing

  • StompTrooper
    StompTrooper Month ago

    Shrek is truly is one the best movies mankind has ever created

  • SForce Spector
    SForce Spector Month ago

    Shrek help Dreamworks Trolls in the future

  • oscar cool12345
    oscar cool12345 Month ago +2




  • beadop YT
    beadop YT Month ago

    can you do a review on Grave of the fireflies

  • Joel G. J
    Joel G. J Month ago +1

    Correction - "I'm a Believer" was a song written by Neil Diamond. It was a cover by both the Monkees and Smash Mouth respectively.

  • DarkCorvus
    DarkCorvus Month ago +1

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

  • seba2711
    seba2711 Month ago

    Shrek is love
    Shrek is live

  • wariodude128
    wariodude128 Month ago +1

    No one:


  • Charlie Weber
    Charlie Weber Month ago

    Did Tony quit?

  • Qweef Chief
    Qweef Chief Month ago +1

    Shrek 5 Trailer better drop this year. If not then sad face for eternity.

  • Paul Lomax
    Paul Lomax Month ago

    I remember as a youngster I saw a magazine at our comic shop featuring this new 3D film and it featured a Shrek rendering on the cover.
    I thought it was dumb then.
    I still think it's dumb now.

  • Not Big Surprise
    Not Big Surprise Month ago +8

    "Shrek dropped his green mojo all over America"
    Oh no

  • rhoda donceras
    rhoda donceras Month ago


  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87 Month ago


  • The Classic Gamer
    The Classic Gamer Month ago


  • Warriors of Stone
    Warriors of Stone Month ago


  • OnlyABot
    OnlyABot Month ago

    Is it just me or has someone been a bit absent from recent videos.

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof Month ago

    And then theres Shrek Retold

  • Zero zone
    Zero zone Month ago

    What's the most important franchise ever?
    Me: *Good question*

  • Adam Kalb
    Adam Kalb Month ago

    Thank you, William Steig. June 15, 2019, 11:56am

  • bryndone
    bryndone Month ago

    Shrek is Love...

    ...Shrek is life...

  • deywitt jaycees
    deywitt jaycees Month ago


  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    Reply if you want to join our shrek cult meeting are on Mondays at 7
    Bring your own candles, mask, and robe

  • Isaac Crumpler
    Isaac Crumpler Month ago

    Only 2000s kids would understand
    2000s 90s
    1 10000000

  • Zoro's Bankai
    Zoro's Bankai Month ago +1

    Shrek franchise>DCU
    *runs away from the pitch fork DCU fans*

  • floooooooooooooooood

    "Name another animated movie from before Shrek to have an ending so unusual. Bet you can't."

  • Richard Schreck
    Richard Schreck Month ago

    I'm the real Shrek.

  • Mr Barrington
    Mr Barrington Month ago

    If you didnt knew why Shrek was love and life,then you know.

  • Churlz
    Churlz Month ago

    I wish I was fucked by Shrek

  • SirMeowsAlot89
    SirMeowsAlot89 Month ago


  • jimmythespy
    jimmythespy Month ago


  • ThatDarnFox Creations

    Weird you had Miss Kitty from The Great Mouse Detective, a burlesque dancer, show up while you talked about Disney's "kid friendly" approach. Was that on purpose?

  • MemeMayor
    MemeMayor Month ago

    Like I didn't already know that, retard

  • Afrika Smith
    Afrika Smith Month ago

    Shrek actually did do right by challenging the princess routine Disney is so used to. I’ll give it that.

  • Smash Bandicoot
    Smash Bandicoot Month ago +1

    If he is the most important franchise ever, why isn't he in Smash?

  • matthew styles
    matthew styles Month ago

    To even have a conversation about shrek. Is a deal breaker. Nothing with fart jokes is "good"

  • Desmonetização !
    Desmonetização ! Month ago