What's The Worst Tattoo You Have? | Tattoo Artists Answer


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  • Mati mizfit
    Mati mizfit 7 hours ago +1

    My shittiest tattoo looks so so ugly. But the meaning of it! Me and my friend took turn making it. It was on my heel and hurt like a m*fka. The ink didnt seem to get in so we had to push harder and several times. It spelled C-sister with a heart. We wanted it to have blood splatter around it. That now just looks like scars around it, read brownish. Anyhow it's my most precious one. Me and my friend were doing interferon hepatitis-c treatment together. Taking all the shots at the same time and suffering together. She has the same tattoo. Means alot and it was over a decade ago.

  • Ambitious Alto
    Ambitious Alto 2 days ago

    Bruh I wanted my zodiac sign tattooed on me... (Scorpio)

  • Nicole Love
    Nicole Love 2 days ago

    2:31 he's hot❤😍

  • Maxwell Mclaughlin
    Maxwell Mclaughlin 2 days ago

    Paul really out here 💗

  • Brakkebraamie
    Brakkebraamie 3 days ago +1

    chris showstopper had a lot of tattoo's to choose from, he has some of the worst I've ever seen

  • H 4 Z Ұ
    H 4 Z Ұ 3 days ago

    "hehe" Megan is so cute 😋😍

  • Sunni Laxague
    Sunni Laxague 3 days ago

    I know this is random, but Arlo's piece with the woman's face is so gorgeous!

  • Taz Pushkar
    Taz Pushkar 4 days ago

    These people have no regrets. Fab.

  • Valeria A
    Valeria A 4 days ago

    "That 1 in 5 Scorpios have" 😭

  • Kai
    Kai 4 days ago

    7:20 best one

  • Caleigh Martin
    Caleigh Martin 6 days ago

    "its hideous but i love it" lmao me looking at myself in the mirror

    JIMMIE PASSON 7 days ago

    6:40 😩I’d be mad

  • Thijs de Boer
    Thijs de Boer 9 days ago

    That old man with the cane is a warrior

  • pikaseel
    pikaseel 10 days ago

    "2 o'clock in the morning one night"

  • Flavortown
    Flavortown 10 days ago

    The flowers on that buff dude ain't so bad

  • Tired Taurus
    Tired Taurus 12 days ago

    Almost all of them were significant others tattooing in on them, and they all love it

  • taylamarieful
    taylamarieful 12 days ago

    “Or even when I go to the beach I swim with one sock” 😂 I fucking love him

  • wesangasweslew
    wesangasweslew 13 days ago

    Lol I was just thinking of getting a scorpio symbol tattoo and now I feel called out

  • Justin Natasmai
    Justin Natasmai 13 days ago +1

    Paul Booth reminds me of Maynard James Keenen

  • Robert Hjalmarsen
    Robert Hjalmarsen 14 days ago

    Now I wanna see the transsexual angel 😭

  • Mel Tee
    Mel Tee 14 days ago

    So moral of the story: Get something dumb tattooed by someone you love and it'll be the best tattoo (and worst tattoo) in your opinion. Got it.

  • Lola Votruba
    Lola Votruba 14 days ago

    "it's hideous but I love it" really just sums up this whole video

  • Kalarajoan
    Kalarajoan 15 days ago

    My boss said to me ‘ don’t you cover your tattoos covered up because obviously they are there for a reason, it tells a story regardless ’ 😂
    Said the man who doesn’t have a tattoo, nor any bad ones

  • Isabel Mendoza
    Isabel Mendoza 16 days ago

    2:13 his dreadlocks look like they are matted into poopy mustard lol

  • Basically a Queen
    Basically a Queen 16 days ago

    Paul’s kinda my favourite I lowkey want him to have a podcast so I can listen to his voice it’s weirdly soothing

  • Alicia Barela
    Alicia Barela 16 days ago

    omg at 7:00 when he was like "her panties are to tight so she got double butt" 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Alexus m
    Alexus m 16 days ago

    2 in the morning......but got it one night. Ok.......totally makes sense

  • eli w
    eli w 16 days ago

    his scorpio tat looks like the monster logo..

  • Vincent Campbell
    Vincent Campbell 18 days ago

    This wasn't a bad tattoo but the guy who did my tattoo had like the official art of chubby Pikachu on his ankle. It was cute but faded due to it being his oldest tattoo.

  • Lady in Black
    Lady in Black 18 days ago

    When I grow up I wanna get the Pride flag and the Trans flag on my wrist because I'm a bisexual and I support the Trans people. Plus I wanna get the Fairy Tail logo on my shoulder blade plus a bunch of quotes on my ribs.... idk if these are good ideas or not...

  • Nevaeh Swilley
    Nevaeh Swilley 20 days ago

    Why do some of them have Hospital bracelets on?

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 20 days ago

    Homeboy can’t tattoo

  • Sean Payton
    Sean Payton 23 days ago

    3:26 The guy in the middle's hat, bro wtf... Wear it like a human being that shit looks so stupid. I can't remember the last time I saw someone unironically wear their hat like that.

  • Edson Ramirez
    Edson Ramirez 26 days ago

    Dude, the girls in this vid can get it!

  • AR Watt
    AR Watt 28 days ago +1

    I let my bf tattoo... Uh oh(me)

    Thank god we are still together (still I question why)

  • Monster GiiRl
    Monster GiiRl 28 days ago

    Thinking about getting a industrial penis 🤔

  • Becca Laurel
    Becca Laurel 29 days ago

    As soon as that one artist said that he got a huge zodiac tattoo I was like "he must be a Scorpio" because that's the kind of smart shit we do

  • Guy
    Guy 29 days ago

    7:09 ok this dude is cool as FUCK lol

  • R.
    R. Month ago

    0:43 is that a trans

  • Geek Girl
    Geek Girl Month ago

    dat showstopper guy is from NZ

  • Brandy Hadley
    Brandy Hadley Month ago

    Just happy about the guy living in Tucson cause I do too and you never hear of it cx 11:20

  • chloe crawley
    chloe crawley Month ago +1

    My worst tattoo is the word "chav" on my foot that I got while heavily intoxicated. It is also my favourite tattoo because I laugh everytime I look at it.

  • undeadwarthing
    undeadwarthing Month ago

    About ankle flower that ROCKS!

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    This is shitty, you are not even showing the tattoos

  • Jessie Peddle
    Jessie Peddle Month ago

    8:00 : the girl told him take off your sock, he said babe, mans not hot

  • Mica Gladding
    Mica Gladding Month ago +1

    Yo I think those flowers and butterflies are sick though...

  • knightguy11
    knightguy11 Month ago

    I'll never understand tattoos? scaring your body? go put bumper stickers on your Farrarri. LOL. I just don't get it.

  • charles87
    charles87 Month ago

    Hold up the forest painted on your face isn't the worst tattoo its the girl on the side of your leg 😂

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes Month ago

    3:52 smash

  • Maya Potato
    Maya Potato Month ago

    I love the ones where the "ugly" tattoo is done by someone who doesn't tattoo but means a lot to the artist, like the one with the skeleton and the kite that his wife did. That takes a lot of trust to let someone else permanently ink you and to have that much meaning always with you is great

  • kayla. naomi
    kayla. naomi Month ago


  • JO
    JO Month ago +1

    At 3:26 if I go into a tattoo shop and one of the artists is wearing his hat like that I would make it clear I’m willing to get tattooed by anyone except him

  • RagnarTheRed
    RagnarTheRed Month ago

    They say "I know it's bad, I don't mind, I love it" yet on the video about celebrities with bad tattoos they all acted like the fact some celebrities had bad tattoos is mind blowing ¬¬ Oh, the hypocrisy!
    Edit: Granted a lot of them aren't the same ones that appear on the other video but still

  • E. Roy
    E. Roy Month ago


  • Mary Scott
    Mary Scott Month ago

    I really love megans hair

    GRAHAM CLARK Month ago

    6:38 😂😂

  • djl3485
    djl3485 Month ago

    I want to see the tranny saint.

    ITz TRICKY Month ago

    Look at the fucking state of half of these people

  • zevvay
    zevvay Month ago

    I have a friend that is not a tattoo artist, or even that great at drawing, that tattooed his whole sleeve himself. It's pretty rad looking though to be honest.

    • zevvay
      zevvay Month ago

      +Inked Where could I PM them? USclip is shitty now and I don't want to publicly post it considering they aren't my tattoos to post.

    • Inked
      Inked  Month ago

      Please send pics... based off of the information given, the office is skeptical. But open minded.

  • schtoobs
    schtoobs Month ago

    1:13 Wat?!?!.....Oh "key"! Fucking hell. Thought that got really weird for a moment there.

  • Katie Blankenship
    Katie Blankenship Month ago +2

    Imagine being so hindered by your own weak masculinity that you swim with one sock on to cover up FLOWERS

  • Siobhan Kelly
    Siobhan Kelly Month ago


  • Siobhan Kelly
    Siobhan Kelly Month ago


  • :D :D
    :D :D Month ago

    a lot of these are so sweet omg

  • D M
    D M Month ago

    I met marky chavez at the restauraunt I use to work at he's got some cool tattoos and told me about his bad tattoo it's funny to see it on USclip 😂

  • Richard rooster
    Richard rooster Month ago

    all tattoos of the nigga are shit

  • Jack Borden
    Jack Borden Month ago

    I like the amateur tattoos!

  • DanielM196
    DanielM196 Month ago

    Paul Booth worst tattoo has to be the kerry King one

  • Vuurgeest
    Vuurgeest Month ago

    Adrian Cier has a Baphomet on his chest, now I'm curious.

  • Lauren Valencie
    Lauren Valencie Month ago +1

    I think Chris Showstoppr is from New Zeeland because he said *jandals*
    That's a word from New Zeeland. We call em sandals or flip flops heree

  • Silent Designer
    Silent Designer Month ago

    ah Sara ..

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu Month ago

    He doesnt need a bad tattoo with that fugly 1 dread. Jesus man wtf you thinking with that?

  • paula bam
    paula bam Month ago

    This Paul guy looks so ew, like his hair and stuff

  • Marius Adrian
    Marius Adrian Month ago

    Ryan Ashley Malarkey looks so beautiful

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax Month ago

    I love Anthony Michael. He's just so smooth.

  • BittyThread
    BittyThread Month ago

    Chris is definitely a Kiwi

  • Casper Christensen
    Casper Christensen Month ago

    Considering getting an Imperial eagle on my shoulder and this is increasing the desire.

  • Bill Wiltfong
    Bill Wiltfong Month ago

    All of these people are so likeable. I want to make friends with so many of them.

  • stuffandotherstuff
    stuffandotherstuff Month ago

    Do any unnattractive women do tattoos? This probably happens often and maybe the pain kills it but honestly wouldnt want a woman this hot to tat me for fear of getting wood

  • Symphuzic Bey
    Symphuzic Bey Month ago

    Their worst is there favorite. Love it.

  • Kristy Marriner
    Kristy Marriner Month ago

    About the unfinished ones cause tattoos hurt lmao YES!!!!!!!!!! I have a dragon on my back outlined and partially coloured that I have had 2 goes at getting finished but each time it's a friggin nope, get away lmao. The second try was like 10 years after the outline and first bit of colour, so I guess in another 10 years I might be brave enough to try again and by the time I'm 100 it'll be finished lmao. I don't hate it though, in fact I love it, but the thing that sucks is she is not finished lol. I do have others that are not yet finished but mostly cause I got kids and a house and a life etc and ran out of time and money to spend

  • axl blaze
    axl blaze Month ago

    Industrial penis😂😂😂😂

  • Chico Banderas
    Chico Banderas Month ago

    Sounds shallow as fuck but, every single female in the video was stupidly attractive..? I'm a straight but, im guessing women equally find those fellas in the vid attractive as well..lol. They all seem cool as fuck..

  • Dane Logan
    Dane Logan Month ago

    why get bad tattoos? I never get tattooed unless I know what I want .... my last tattoo was 3 years ago just because I didn't go through anything since then that is worthy enough to tattoo on me but now I am ready again.

  • ✿MJF✿
    ✿MJF✿ Month ago

    "Tattoo Artists answer 'What's the worst tattoo you have' but won't actually show them"

  • O c e a n - e y e s

    *"worm penis"*

  • Kalea Norland
    Kalea Norland Month ago

    i can draw a sun

  • New Thought
    New Thought Month ago


  • good boy
    good boy Month ago

    I really like how even thought it's the worse for most of them, they didn't cover it up cause it have memories behind it.

  • Bryan Nakamine
    Bryan Nakamine Month ago

    Wish I could trust someone as much as that girl trusts her straps 9:40

  • nicsta1000
    nicsta1000 Month ago

    3:53 No one has ever said that before

  • Austin Kim
    Austin Kim Month ago

    Megan fucking what now

  • Mannen Mine
    Mannen Mine Month ago

    "2o clock in the morning one night"

  • 847MicRoss
    847MicRoss Month ago

    I feel the same way. Like its bad but the story behind it makes me like it.

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 Month ago

    8:35 That is one fine looking man. But you can tell he is a douche from a mile away.

  • Street sweep 717
    Street sweep 717 Month ago

    "I asked for Sparrows. It looks like two Penguins sliding down my crotch"

  • Jenesis Jones
    Jenesis Jones Month ago

    Why do so many female tattoo artists have "plumped up" lips?

  • No you Did not
    No you Did not Month ago

    4:50 Megan Massacre. Wow, how do you get a surname like that

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold Month ago

    I have only one tattoo. It is on my inner left wrist and says, "DONOR," in small black letters. I am too ugly for a decorative tattoo.