Halloween - New Trailer [HD]

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Evil is real. #HalloweenMovie
    Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.
    Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

    Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.
    Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimann also serves in that role.

    Halloween will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures. www.HalloweenMovie.com
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  • Time  Keeper
    Time Keeper 2 days ago

    Stupid movie like 99% of all movies now

  • Ms Flowers Bucai Lee

    I've watched this two times now durring the last two days. I didnt really like it??? The previews made it seem like it was going to be dark and really scary and to be honest i didnt feel any chills at all!!! Also, you know how he got out of that basement when the place was on fire, hello Jamie blew a hole into the ceiling of the basement so i dont think it would take much for him to push through that old wooden floor considering he smashed the doctors head in with his foot!!! And the doctor part, how stupid and uncalled for?? Should of kept the doctor out of it! The first movie was so dark and chilling, now they are not any better than any of the other remade ones!!!! Also if they keep this going again, they are just stupid!!! Considering the fact that the last how many Halloween movies didnt happen according to this one, so why would they want to start doing it again with Myers chasing Jamies Grand daughter again???? Just as well have kept the others in play then!!

  • Kerman Grandpré
    Kerman Grandpré 4 days ago +27

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    • Tertawalah Bro
      Tertawalah Bro 3 hours ago +1


  • iogan wolfovich
    iogan wolfovich 5 days ago

    Here piratbit.org/dl.php?id=259094 you can download: the movie in High Definition (HD) 12.45GB

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 5 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 5 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 5 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC?

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw 5 days ago

    On DVD and Blu Ray today.

  • Cjsterifix
    Cjsterifix 6 days ago


  • Garry Dy
    Garry Dy 7 days ago

    Bad acting.

  • Bianca Molina
    Bianca Molina 7 days ago

    Why would they leave without the dad? Lol...

    • Jenny Lynn
      Jenny Lynn 5 days ago

      the dad was killed when he was questioning if they know his daughter Allyson whereabout and Michael sneak up behind him

  • Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    I heard the news about making reboot of Friday the 13th possibility sequel which would premiere of 40 years later after the original and it will be release in 2020!

  • Maria Isabel Blanco Garcia

    que miedo

  • Verified Goat
    Verified Goat 11 days ago


  • Daisy Seulgi Kim
    Daisy Seulgi Kim 14 days ago


  • Mrs. Horan
    Mrs. Horan 14 days ago

    0:50 Okay! But do people not lock their doors ???

  • Smayl
    Smayl 15 days ago

    who have seen this already? please tell me if its good or bad

    • Clinton Iacuone
      Clinton Iacuone 9 days ago

      Smayl it has its flaws like every movie but otherwise it’s awesome!!! My best sequel since og h1 and 2 and the guy who plays Michael is hands down the best since the original

  • ThaWhiteKnight777
    ThaWhiteKnight777 16 days ago

    I just Shatnered myself.

  • Tupazz Le Booze
    Tupazz Le Booze 16 days ago

    the moment she shot a hole from down under I was WTF BITCH!! WAS THAT YOUR GAMEPLAN AFTER ALL THIS YEARS JUST TO BLOW YOUR ONLY COVER?!?!? SHIT...

  • XoxoOzzi
    XoxoOzzi 18 days ago

    hey at least he didn’t kill the kids that bumped into him. only people who he needed to kill lol

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 18 days ago

    Can anyone tell me why the original Halloween is not in the PlayStation Store? I mean...that's stupid!

  • Jason X
    Jason X 19 days ago

    Michael bumbs into kids Michael: I don’t care

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 20 days ago +2

    I loved this movie, best sequel.

  • Tae Dundy
    Tae Dundy 20 days ago

    They need to make part 2 of this

    • Xuffy
      Xuffy 18 days ago

      This is a part two, part one is the 1978 version

  • Isabella Morris
    Isabella Morris 20 days ago

    It's about to be 2019 here! And I still haven't seen this!):

  • Dante
    Dante 21 day ago

    Just watched the movie and my God it's terrible.

  • Polo Surf
    Polo Surf 23 days ago

    Just saw Halloween 1978, cuz i never did and I have to say: What an overrated piece of shit, super indie, terrible pacing, 0 gore, 0 tension. Thank god i grew up with Jason and Fredy.

  • Fenomeno
    Fenomeno 24 days ago

    If you watched the trailer of this movie, you basically watch the whole movie, this movie has nothing more to offer, one of the worst Halloween movies ever...Right up there with Resurrection and Rob Zombie white horse bullshjit

    • Clinton Iacuone
      Clinton Iacuone 9 days ago

      It has its flaws but it’s definitely way better then those monstrosities and it’s way more entertaining then h20, id put it 3rd behind the original first two followed closely by h4, the whole curse bull crap across 5 and 6 were dumb but that’s my opinion and I respect yours, this is the best Mask and Michael since h1 can’t argue that James Jude Courtney did a phenomenal job

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 25 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 25 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.

  • Niger Nelly
    Niger Nelly 25 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz 25 days ago +1

    It was scary to find and watch this movie with boxxy software; he scared me, disconnected me after a hard day of work.

  • View From Venice
    View From Venice 25 days ago

    I thought in H20 she chopped Michaels head off at the end so how does he have a head again 🤔🤔

    • Jenny Lynn
      Jenny Lynn 5 days ago

      this is a sequel to the first movie. H20 doesn't exist in this one

  • Diego Medina
    Diego Medina 26 days ago

    I hate Michael Myers

  • Jerry-Glen Lovell
    Jerry-Glen Lovell 28 days ago +3

    Michael is better than Jason ever will be.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 28 days ago


  • Diego Medina
    Diego Medina 28 days ago

    That is scary

  • Annette McLemore
    Annette McLemore 29 days ago


  • Eloisa Arredondo
    Eloisa Arredondo Month ago

    Did Jamie Lee Curtis survive in Halloween

    • Jenny Lynn
      Jenny Lynn 5 days ago

      yes can't keep a good survivor down that's for sure

  • ameen mahdi
    ameen mahdi Month ago

    neswery.com/11gz شوف الكواليس مال الفلم

  • Dj Chigga - RJ
    Dj Chigga - RJ Month ago

    lol like it

  • Keem Cornell
    Keem Cornell Month ago

    michael VS. jason who win?

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez Month ago

    And Buckethead?

  • Mike Kay
    Mike Kay Month ago

    Psychopath movie typical, more dump ass victims with only one super killer. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • beeg PP
    beeg PP Month ago

    He walks like there's a dildo in his ass

  • Jackie Soe
    Jackie Soe Month ago

    Michael is left handed dammit!!


    The movies was crap and the end part were they have him in the basement setting him on fire I was like shit if that was Jason he would just bend those steal bar's

  • T Greco
    T Greco Month ago

    Not a good movie. A lot of unlikable scenes. Didn't feel like true Michael Myers from first 2. The first two Halloween movies are the only ones that are good. Especially the 1st one. This new 2018 one sucked. Halloween H20 is a good watch. Part 6 is a fun watch. The rest of them are garbage. Most after the first 2 try to copy other movies. H20 copied the vibe from Scream. 4 and 5 copied friday the 13th films. Resurrection copied the reality tv camera style like blair witch project. And this 2018 director/writer tried to copy Goodfellas (tracking shot) and texas chainsaw massacre (out of sync kill, shutting the door hard etc.) as well as paying tribute to first halloween but it sucked and didn't do the first 1 and better sequel justice.

  • FrustratedBaboon
    FrustratedBaboon Month ago

    Why does it sound like no one knows he escaped ?

  • midnightxxx cherrychanwolf32

    2:05 I got a heartattack ;^;