The Secret World of Jeffree Star


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  • Cindy Sancheez
    Cindy Sancheez Hour ago

    Am I the only one wanting an update on the new closet? 😭

  • Jessica Grimley
    Jessica Grimley Hour ago

    The diamond hey kind've looked like what Cleopatra wore.

  • Aaliyah Halsey
    Aaliyah Halsey Hour ago

    I'm sorry but 24:00 is so cute, Andrews little I'm sorry is so adorable

  • Chara
    Chara 2 hours ago

    Jefree is the Henry Ford of our century

  • Nikky lust
    Nikky lust 2 hours ago

    I know u could hold your own and you have an amazing boyfriend but MY boyfriend loves you and will kill anyone who tries to mess with yoi, as if u need the help but I got my rugged, construction working skateboarding bf to LOVE you! We both love you so much and look up to you

  • Sofia Mora
    Sofia Mora 2 hours ago

    I thought Shane was about to slam the door at 7:52

  • kellrose64
    kellrose64 2 hours ago


  • Emily B
    Emily B 3 hours ago

    Love this video just keep coming back to it 🤣💗

  • Alice McConnell
    Alice McConnell 3 hours ago

    Omg he is 57 wtf xx

  • WhatFadesAway
    WhatFadesAway 3 hours ago

    Gotta say I laughed all the way 🤣🤣🤣
    I think I first heard about Jeffree when lolipop luxury came out? Kinda forgot about him but recently started watching his videos and I gotta say he is honestly so funny and knowledgeable, I'm not sure about about the drama but he seems really cool now and I really enjoy his content 💖 love how he laughs it all off with Shane! He seems like a genuinely nice person in this stage in his life

  • Another person
    Another person 3 hours ago

    2019 and i have nothing better to do

  • WaffleNeko
    WaffleNeko 3 hours ago

    21:02 aksksksllslsla

  • Lemon Ade
    Lemon Ade 4 hours ago +1

    His bathroom is bigger than my bedroom #poor 😅

  • Kithria Dies Inside
    Kithria Dies Inside 4 hours ago

    Sloths rock UP TOP

  • RedLuck
    RedLuck 5 hours ago

    Is Jess one of Jeffree's assistants ?? Work it gurrlll ❤

  • AestheticallyEmma
    AestheticallyEmma 5 hours ago

    I relate to jeffres matablism so much I legit can’t even

  • Liam TheADHDBoy
    Liam TheADHDBoy 5 hours ago


  • Erin Hoffman
    Erin Hoffman 5 hours ago

    me feeling poor for 42 minutes and 29 seconds straight

  • Samantha Godfrey
    Samantha Godfrey 6 hours ago

    You are such a beautiful creature! I say creature because there is the unicorn, the Pegasus then there’s the Jeffree Starr! I can’t begin to explain how amazing it has been seeing you’re beyond beautiful home!!!

  • Dr Parvati Singh
    Dr Parvati Singh 6 hours ago

    This guy looks like Bella thorne

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A. 6 hours ago

    SKUUUUUIRRTTTT!!!! You said you're a business man...I'm so glad he asked that question. He? She? Jeffree? When I comment, I have to word it so Jeffree fits. Now I have permission to say it. I'd never call someone so beautiful, sweet, and kind of graceful "GIGGLE"... A HE. So, I'm glad I know I can say she is gorgeous, and I love her "hehe" channel!! When my uncle and his boyfriend argue, my uncle is always "Mary". That's how we know they're not agreeing!!! Just an FYI. Geez I miss them!

  • Crushr YT
    Crushr YT 7 hours ago

    16:00 -HOUSE TOUR-💁‍♀️

  • lina v.
    lina v. 7 hours ago

    *_and this was the begin of a wonderful friendship_*

  • Tia amor de Vaughn
    Tia amor de Vaughn 7 hours ago +1

    Shane ur QUEEEN

  • stressed mxrcia
    stressed mxrcia 7 hours ago

    Shane - “you should get a flame thrower”
    Jeffree - “I have one”
    Shane - *shook*

  • phillip marcalo
    phillip marcalo 7 hours ago

    hate how he’s like, “HOW IS HE SO RICH?!?” sis he owns a multi million dollar cosmetic line

  • Katherine McDonnell
    Katherine McDonnell 8 hours ago

    Hahaha I’m soooo dead like this is a try not to laugh challenge PLEASE MORE

  • Katieb9star 212
    Katieb9star 212 8 hours ago

    I love the way Jeffrey said that all of the spare rooms in the house are full of his clothes but i only ever see him in a housecoat/robe🤔

  • Sam Oli
    Sam Oli 9 hours ago +4

    Okay but Andrew’s laugh and Shane’s face is the best combination ever

  • Ada
    Ada 9 hours ago

    33:28 hold up...

  • Rowan T
    Rowan T 9 hours ago

    Shane always makes me laugh when I am sad and helps me go through my sad days

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 10 hours ago

    After looking at this stupid clown , I will never get a boner for rest of my life .

  • Gåcha Ãrtist
    Gåcha Ãrtist 10 hours ago

    The dream closet is the dream closet ♥️♥️♥️🤩

  • Josephine Philipsen
    Josephine Philipsen 12 hours ago +3

    shane is just questioning his life decisions throughout the whole video

  • NashiBashi
    NashiBashi 12 hours ago

    Jefferey is to expensive for me to even watch

  • shyguitargirl1975
    shyguitargirl1975 13 hours ago

    Ya know, I didn't really like Jefree because I didn't really know about him. But here, he seems like a nice guy.

  • Aimee Alys
    Aimee Alys 13 hours ago

    Nate and jeffree Are goals

  • deja marinkovic
    deja marinkovic 13 hours ago

    Omg i cant believe how friendly jeffree is!

  • Emran Almukhaini
    Emran Almukhaini 14 hours ago +2

    The title should be jeffree star making shane dawson feel poor for 45 minutes

  • Lozza 29
    Lozza 29 14 hours ago

    girl, you know im rewatching

  • Vicky Tomkova
    Vicky Tomkova 15 hours ago

    Gosh I love these two can’t stop watching

  • Halime Seyma
    Halime Seyma 15 hours ago

    Jeffree I love you so much, you are an inspiration for me. Never change your attitude and character. Stay healthy :*

  • Scaratron
    Scaratron 16 hours ago +1

    When jeffrees spoon cost more than your life

  • Lolee N
    Lolee N 17 hours ago

    Yes I’m rewatching the again. So iconic

  • Just.Jadee
    Just.Jadee 19 hours ago +3

    One day...I aspire to be as rich and lavish as those dogs. Not as rich as Jefree , but the dogs lmaooo😂

  • Kristy Wheeler
    Kristy Wheeler 19 hours ago

    Fav video 💜💛💚💙🧡❤️

  • Kylie Katherine
    Kylie Katherine 20 hours ago

    I feel like make a wish 😭🤣

  • Faustino E Garcia
    Faustino E Garcia 20 hours ago


  • Faustino E Garcia
    Faustino E Garcia 20 hours ago


  • Faustino E Garcia
    Faustino E Garcia 20 hours ago


  • bridget snyder
    bridget snyder 20 hours ago

    im Confused because jefree posted a video where he did shane's makeup in June of 2017. The description says that jeffree invited shane to his house to do the video, but then shane acts like hes never been there before in this series??? I thought jeffree moved to calabasas in 2016. Some one help me figure this out

    • bridget snyder
      bridget snyder 20 hours ago

      Shane does say "i forgot how big the door was" ??

  • Due October
    Due October 20 hours ago

    Help me out jefree! I need some Adsense more to pay off school and pay my car off!#strugglelife

  • Bryanna Azcona
    Bryanna Azcona 20 hours ago

    Man to see that I am growing up Int he Bronx and seeing jeffree star throw that cash makes me feel like I live in his maid bathroom but as he would say do you bitch

  • Mtkrvi06
    Mtkrvi06 21 hour ago

    I was digging this until “I feel like make a wish, this is depressing” :(

  • Madeline Loyd
    Madeline Loyd 21 hour ago +1


  • Chara
    Chara 22 hours ago

    Wait... Jefree is... FIFTY-SEVEN?!

    • adrian S
      adrian S 3 hours ago

      Chara no he’s 33

  • Dj Alex gacha tuber
    Dj Alex gacha tuber 22 hours ago +1

    Wait Nate is 69 and Jeffree is 57?????😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱?????? They look like they are 16

  • emily rené
    emily rené 23 hours ago

    this SERIES. AHHHHH 💕

  • free tob
    free tob 23 hours ago

    Wow !!! Jeffree I so want to work for you and maybe you could redo me and take off 100 years. Just Love You !!!

  • ElisaLand Vlogs
    ElisaLand Vlogs 23 hours ago

    The closet in the Barbie wing is probably bigger than my room.

  • Leah Torres
    Leah Torres 23 hours ago

    I have something to say....if I was Shane I would also be so nervous because I’ll be meeting a goddess.

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 23 hours ago

    How is Shane not rich though, don’t you get a lot of money per million views on USclip videos

  • Ava Blais
    Ava Blais Day ago

    Wait, how old are they!?

  • Jeff Jacobson
    Jeff Jacobson Day ago

    That's not USclip money.

  • Bleh. Bleh.
    Bleh. Bleh. Day ago

    *Jefree never sips out of that cup again*

  • levmalin
    levmalin Day ago

    Jeffree is an angel that I never knew I needed in my life.

  • Júlia Costa
    Júlia Costa Day ago

    Shane, this is one of the simply most hilarious videos i have ever seen!!!!! I love you two!!!

  • Soikio o
    Soikio o Day ago

    Jefferee makes me want to transform into a male, and start acting more femine then l never did as a female.

  • Kylie Kievit
    Kylie Kievit Day ago


  • Alexa Olivers
    Alexa Olivers Day ago


  • Lil_scopee XD
    Lil_scopee XD Day ago

    What gender is it? No offence

  • Grace Fitzharris

    ...I have no words for this richness...

  • nøcöntĕxt
    nøcöntĕxt Day ago

    Ok can someone help me like at 2:44 WHAT is the name of the sweatshirt that jeffree is wearing I love it

  • King Panda
    King Panda Day ago

    Under me is an hulio

  • plastic0o
    plastic0o Day ago

    beautiful people, beautiful dogs, beautiful souls

  • Sara Rachelle
    Sara Rachelle Day ago

    ''do you think he has zebras? i don't know he's rich.''

  • Rhianna Rich
    Rhianna Rich Day ago +5

    My room isn’t even half the size of Jeffree’s closet 😫

  • Emily Lillich-Morrow

    Andrew giggling in the background is the best part

  • Gianna Nero
    Gianna Nero Day ago

    OMG!!!! best thing ever my two favorite youtubers together!!!! You should do one with James Charles he is my favorite youtuber... no offence

  • Saloni Wasnik
    Saloni Wasnik Day ago

    look at jeffree wearing versace and then look at Shane....
    I love this

  • L
    L Day ago

    i love jeffree so much, oh my god.

  • watrmelon •—•

    You think he has Zebras?!
    Yeh like ze, idk he is rich...

    JOJO__ KWEEN Day ago +2

    One time I bought Fiji water...

    And i thought I was rich...


  • Abigail Kipp
    Abigail Kipp Day ago

    I relate to what Nate is common no from I live in Grand Rapids Michigan to and it’s great up here. I want to know if he also grew up with things like art prize, Michigan vs. Michigan state, or even the store meijers

    JOJO__ KWEEN Day ago +3

    *Every Hair Has A Story..*

    - Jeffree Star 2018

  • Cathrine d
    Cathrine d Day ago +1

    When will Shane move in

  • Dawn Glapinski
    Dawn Glapinski Day ago +1

    I would get lost in that house 😂

  • Depression , sadness and pain

    When I heard Gucci I instantly thought of Kim Taehyung from BTS

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 Day ago

    I hope shane does a series with fouseytube

  • Crazy Unicorn
    Crazy Unicorn Day ago +1

    You own a what business hunny

  • Crazy Unicorn
    Crazy Unicorn Day ago +1

    Jeffree"we just got back from Europe I'm so embarrassed we hardly any food" lmao

  • So So
    So So Day ago

    this is probably the best video I've ever seen

  • Movie C.H
    Movie C.H Day ago

    at 6:00 when they talk about a drug deal and sudden gunshots is heard, i was so fucking scared untill i noticed it wasnt real xD

  • specialkid 123
    specialkid 123 Day ago

    He what!!!

  • la tizia che ascolta KPOP

    *everyone feeling poor for 42 minutes straight*

  • Sara Chindamo
    Sara Chindamo Day ago +1

    Me feeling poor for 42 minutes straight

  • Lalita Sheimar
    Lalita Sheimar Day ago +1

    I’m dying!!🤣🤣literally spat my water out!!!😂😂

  • Gavmax 24
    Gavmax 24 Day ago

    I wonder if they hung out after this

  • Pymm
    Pymm Day ago

    32M!? OMG

  • beautiful nature

    Don't follow this world. Never knew who Jefferey star is