The Secret World of Jeffree Star

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
    PART 2
    PART 3
    Me & Jeffree’s Video on his channel
    Jeffree’s Makeup
    Jeffree’s New Thirsty palette
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  • eve125851
    eve125851 48 minutes ago

    I thought i would stop.watching in like 5 minutes of video and i watched it to the end 🤔

  • Gwy Gwy
    Gwy Gwy Hour ago

    _Damn_ Bella Thorne is *RICH*

  • Brain has left the chat

    Gooood, I miss Shane soooo much 😯💖💖💖

  • swimminginthe galaxy
    swimminginthe galaxy 2 hours ago

    Shane is literally me: "I m p o o r"

  • Lois Mcfarlane
    Lois Mcfarlane 3 hours ago

    Here the mother ducking TEA

  • Elizabeth Paddock
    Elizabeth Paddock 3 hours ago +1

    Wait...Jeffery is old is his bf??!!

  • Kristin De Leon
    Kristin De Leon 4 hours ago

    This Whole Episode Has Me Dying😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 iLove Them Together 💓✨

  • sharks in the wøøds
    sharks in the wøøds 4 hours ago

    it's all so superficial tbh

  • Anbar Vasquez
    Anbar Vasquez 5 hours ago

    Lo q jeffree quiso decir:
    -coman pobres ,':D

  • PaulinaCR Subs
    PaulinaCR Subs 5 hours ago

    The Secret World of Jeffree Star (SUBTITULADO AL ESPAÑOL):

  • bs 88
    bs 88 5 hours ago

    Love the part route around when they eat the oreos, you can tell everyone's really loosening up, and starting to have genuine fun with the filming. Love it.

  • Lazy Monkey Girl
    Lazy Monkey Girl 7 hours ago

    When the maids are funnier than Shan on steroids

  • dog
    dog 8 hours ago

    Woof woof

  • MistytheRainwing
    MistytheRainwing 9 hours ago

    I literally cannot get over how adorable jeffree’s dogs are. 😍😍

  • CheeseString101
    CheeseString101 10 hours ago

    14:30 NOW THAT IM 57 LOLL

  • Julieta Mazzu
    Julieta Mazzu 11 hours ago

    It felt kinda awkward all the money remarks from shane. Like stop.

  • Nicah Tacliad
    Nicah Tacliad 13 hours ago

    this video took so long cuz his house is too big.
    wait, more like a mansion

  • Jared Tunay
    Jared Tunay 13 hours ago

    i have one thing that jeffree doesnt have, eyebrows

  • Sarah MacDonald
    Sarah MacDonald 14 hours ago +2

    New gender JEFFREE STAR

  • Hunter Grossman
    Hunter Grossman 14 hours ago +2

    Why do I think $10 is expensive then there’s jeffree: oh this room maybe like $7000000

  • Drag Queen Ash
    Drag Queen Ash 17 hours ago

    new msu ichxcnnanel

  • Brady Goss
    Brady Goss 18 hours ago +1

    Is he/she actually 57?

  • Joltaik
    Joltaik 18 hours ago

    idk why i find gay / bi youtubers so funny

  • Kaylee Rules and likes to Game

    I just want to write something about the him being racist. Dont go through people social media to find one joke and then get all mad because of it...

  • Rhylee Wilson
    Rhylee Wilson 19 hours ago

    I have seen this so many times and I love it,
    But why is shame me when I go to my friends house for the first time, “wow you have a mountain 🏔”

  • sup bro
    sup bro 19 hours ago


  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 19 hours ago

    “Small town Michigan kid!” OH HERE I AM!!!

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 19 hours ago

    This video keeps increasing my love for Jeffree Star

  • Randy Rivera
    Randy Rivera 20 hours ago

    Why wasn’t I invited???

  • Eleanora Glick
    Eleanora Glick 20 hours ago +1

  • makenn a
    makenn a 20 hours ago

    32:04 but he doesn’t...

  • just sub
    just sub 20 hours ago

    Only rich people have eyes that render how rich he is

  • Jason David Rockwell
    Jason David Rockwell 21 hour ago +2

    "Girl this is just play money... This is just AdSense."..… I'm Shook

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail Johnson 21 hour ago +1

    J why does jeffree ligit look younger than me I’m not even/almost a teenager

  • Addi Roman
    Addi Roman 21 hour ago +2

    Jeffree: There’s something in your hair. You don’t look presentable. How dare you embarrass me in front of my friends.
    Shane: I thought he was talking to me

  • Julian Villalpando
    Julian Villalpando 21 hour ago +2

    The point there trying to say at 30:00 is I smash and dash

  • The one Anthony
    The one Anthony 22 hours ago +1

    cries in poor

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 23 hours ago

    Ace family house is way bigger

  • Whats the tea sis?
    Whats the tea sis? Day ago +1

    I got a Payless add saying it was closing
    “Payless closing now come get it!”
    “let’s go sis!” My mom
    Me *sits there being poor...*

  • Songs Here!
    Songs Here! Day ago

    At 3:26 thought another one bites the dust was on

  • Lisa Tapp
    Lisa Tapp Day ago +1

    I knew Jeffrey was an alien 👽

  • Gang Green4Life
    Gang Green4Life Day ago

    Even tho he not rich respect the one who found out the secret about chucks chess

  • Lisa Tapp
    Lisa Tapp Day ago +1


  • Suicidal Bastard

    I swear his trash cans are worth more than everything in my house

  • Holly Dyke
    Holly Dyke Day ago

    My four gay bois uwu

  • Mykolas D
    Mykolas D Day ago +1

    My house tour would last like 2 minutes

  • ZayneTan
    ZayneTan Day ago +3

    Is Nate straight or gay? Since jeffree said he was straight but like I think he meant straight as in straight body

  • Amalika Baramuli
    Amalika Baramuli Day ago +3

    Guys please stop commenting bad about your life, even though you are poor, atleast you have a good family, friends, house, school and MORE

    MÎŚŤÉŘ Ë Day ago

    I have a real family that cares for me that for me Jefree Star can't really have....

  • Eduardo Aguilar
    Eduardo Aguilar Day ago +1

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched this video. It’s perfect.

  • cring boy g
    cring boy g Day ago

    Idk why am watching this

  • Bianca Silva
    Bianca Silva Day ago

    Me: His house looks like a castle
    Shane: It’s like... a castle

  • Me Man
    Me Man Day ago

    Jefree is in his 50’s!!!!!

  • Emery J Kolb
    Emery J Kolb Day ago

    Dammit I love you Shane ❤️

  • Diana Mae
    Diana Mae Day ago

    Jeffree's 57?

  • ItzDani De La Cruz

    I *would't mind being those fish...*

  • OmarDe Savage
    OmarDe Savage Day ago

    Is Shane Dawson gay?

  • Armani Ivy
    Armani Ivy Day ago

    The camera man's laugh@ 11:23 😂😂😂😂

  • abriana mccray
    abriana mccray Day ago

    *Nate is 69!!*

  • SYeNellEs LifE
    SYeNellEs LifE Day ago +2

    this makes me know how poor i am ;-;

  • Kennedy Fuller
    Kennedy Fuller Day ago +4

    I feel like Jeffree could just spend a million dollars and not even make a dent in his bank account lmao

  • G vlogs
    G vlogs Day ago


  • G vlogs
    G vlogs Day ago

    This is the video that proof that jafree star is selfless

  • Delaney Campana
    Delaney Campana Day ago +2

    I love when Jeffree walks out the front door and just says 'Hello?'

  • Retro Vibes
    Retro Vibes Day ago

    This bitch is 43mins

  • potter head101
    potter head101 2 days ago +1

    Actually Jefferys eyes are really pretty

  • alex santa
    alex santa 2 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about 16:38

  • ByCoco GR
    ByCoco GR 2 days ago

    He is gay ?

  • XxNinjaBxtch99 xX
    XxNinjaBxtch99 xX 2 days ago

    3:01 to 3:08 killed me! Shane u r amazing! Don’t let anyone tell u different!

  • Alondra Aguirre
    Alondra Aguirre 2 days ago

    38:44 and 38:52 had me so dead

  • Sanjii Paul
    Sanjii Paul 2 days ago +2

    Obviously he don't know what right words to respond on every Jeffrey's said.

  • Lisa Tapp
    Lisa Tapp 2 days ago +1

    Read more

  • Asmr Mya
    Asmr Mya 2 days ago

    I almost died of laughter

  • Miss Maria
    Miss Maria 2 days ago +1

    Oh my god i didnt even notice the time love you both😘😘

  • Maribell14 Vass
    Maribell14 Vass 2 days ago +6

    His bedroom is bigger than my whole house 🤣

  • Stacey Conway
    Stacey Conway 2 days ago

    It’s funny how humble Shane is when he has more than double of Jeffrey’s subscribers 😂😂😂and how they’re besties now

  • Jen- A-Purr
    Jen- A-Purr 2 days ago +1

    I want you to just make me rich........Jeffree said casually oh ok no problem

  • Jessica Walsh
    Jessica Walsh 2 days ago +3

    I got a question! Does anyone else think Jeffre star is willy wonka but with clothes?

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 2 days ago

    i want Miranda Sings to met Jeffree

  • 아기방탄
    아기방탄 2 days ago

    He has... A freaking castle (and a warehouse) and a potato like me only has a $2 icecream and that is basically MY life... I repeat MY life...

  • Dynasty kun
    Dynasty kun 2 days ago

    Cant buy a fucking Phone.

  • Dynasty kun
    Dynasty kun 2 days ago

    Forget Bill gates

  • ANGPOW Gaming
    ANGPOW Gaming 2 days ago +3

    “*i don’t sweat*”

    32:00 I’m sweating

  • star Night
    star Night 2 days ago

    I Love youuuuuu soooooo much😄😄😄😄😄

  • Starry Furry artz
    Starry Furry artz 2 days ago

    This is one of the bast vids everrrrr

  • Basock 101
    Basock 101 2 days ago

    Ur mah ghawd

  • Justin Y. •
    Justin Y. • 2 days ago +1

    Ewww! How am I here! :-\

  • Mavis Kam
    Mavis Kam 2 days ago +2

    tbh can’t even afford the electricity bill of jeffrees house

  • Alicia Gallet
    Alicia Gallet 2 days ago

    Jeffree:oh Gucci shoes trash
    Me: ok it's mine now

  • Your- Daily-Beats
    Your- Daily-Beats 2 days ago

    Why the fuck does he remind me of Michael Jackson.

  • Zx2s
    Zx2s 2 days ago

    Me looking at my toast and water for breakfast while watching this: ;-;

  • Sysky
    Sysky 2 days ago

    Jeffree? *Rich*
    Original comments? *No.*
    Shane? *Still richer than me*
    Hotel? *Trivago*

  • Humble Lozer
    Humble Lozer 2 days ago

    How is jeffree not offended lol

  • Orti Torres
    Orti Torres 2 days ago

    does he know you're coming

  • faith labelle
    faith labelle 2 days ago

    He's 57!?

  • Carly Walter
    Carly Walter 2 days ago +2

    Idk how you did it, but good job on getting so many subscribers and fame.

  • Kenisen Large
    Kenisen Large 2 days ago

    Shane has more subs the jeffree

  • sigh
    sigh 2 days ago

    there’s a real life barbie.

    *but jeffees house is the real barbie house*

  • Wolf Sketches
    Wolf Sketches 2 days ago +2

    Yeah, Gucci is GARBAGE. I can’t afford a slice of white bread, but Gucci shoes are LITTERALLY BAGS OF TRASH ON YOUR FEET. ugh...