Making the Song about Jaiden’s Anorexia (Empty - BTS)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • JaidenAnimations and I made a song about her Anorexia and Bulimia. Even though it's a bloody serious topic, we had a lot of fun making it. So here's the best bits and some insight into her story.
    The song is here:
    Support if you or someone you know is struggling with an eating
    Jaiden is awesome you should watch some of her videos:
    M Zhuli
    I've been close to several people with eating disorders, so this is a topic I've wanted to address for a while.
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  • Inkmaster Gamer
    Inkmaster Gamer 43 minutes ago

    -It’s not funny
    Proceeds to laugh

  • Ferguson Over
    Ferguson Over 4 hours ago +1

    Me: *laughing*
    My bud: hey watcha doing?
    Me: watching a funny USclip video
    My bud: oh really? 'bout what?
    Me: a behind the scenes video of a girl who made an MV about that she had an eating disorder and how horrible the experience was... Is so funny
    My bud: you're a sick man did you know

  • Canisius Moses Alexander Putra

    BACK, F*CK.....

  • Wõlfie Playz
    Wõlfie Playz 9 hours ago +1

    uno reverse

  • Natsume Aki
    Natsume Aki 23 hours ago +1

    You're precious and I think your friendship helps Jaiden a lot. Fingers crossed for both of you.

  • Spicybatmanboy Playz

    2:08 just look at how cute ari is!

  • Lil Garu
    Lil Garu Day ago +1

    Ngl jaiden is pretty 😍😍

  • Rainbow girl
    Rainbow girl Day ago +1

    I ship them

  • i wont put my name
    i wont put my name 2 days ago +1

    1:19 when I have enough money to get the newest games

  • Aiden Morin-Cowan
    Aiden Morin-Cowan 2 days ago +1

    Oh hell yah bitch

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor 2 days ago +1

    Jame's song: LIFE IS FUN Jaidens song:EMPTY ................FwIk

  • Jos&Joe
    Jos&Joe 2 days ago +1

    12:35 thumbnail jaiden

  • Shoozkebabas
    Shoozkebabas 2 days ago +2

    BTS Means "By T-Series" never watch a song like that.

  • ghost memecraft
    ghost memecraft 2 days ago +3

    Me when i watch jaiden
    Me : man i want to see her face
    Everyone think a pretty girl
    When ppl see her

  • dragonstylish
    dragonstylish 2 days ago +1

    S Click S

  • Liam Johns
    Liam Johns 2 days ago +2

    jaden:i had hafe a pice of gum
    you:i know pepole like this

  • UnbeatenEarth
    UnbeatenEarth 2 days ago +1

    am I the only one who noticed that he kept in the fuck part, but rlly quietly, same with "Numbers *AAACK* it all comes down to numbers*

  • Jomshua
    Jomshua 2 days ago +2

    I'm a simple man. I see cute girl in thumbnail, I click.

  • RyanPlays 70
    RyanPlays 70 3 days ago +2

    Arms, Back, Neck, FUCK

  • Error Papyrus
    Error Papyrus 3 days ago +2

    I’M GAY
    It’s at the end XD

  • Natalie Sampson
    Natalie Sampson 3 days ago +2


  • Kathryn Son
    Kathryn Son 3 days ago +1

    Jaiden has an awfully cute parrot

    • Iris Romero
      Iris Romero Day ago

      Parrot? What parrot? She has a doggo u person

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 3 days ago +1

    I feel bad for watching this video while eating cheese cake

  • Lightning Underpants
    Lightning Underpants 3 days ago +1

    wait does her shirt say helvetica in comic sans?

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 3 days ago +1

    WHY sHe nO lIkE voIcE iN HeR viDS oR Is It JuSt Me ???

  • Jasrich Ibay
    Jasrich Ibay 3 days ago +1

    I like your hair color

  • Filip HD
    Filip HD 4 days ago +3

    I sell replay buttons!

  • Kaya HIll
    Kaya HIll 4 days ago +2

    Jaiden........Don't starve yourself, Please. Your one of my favorite animators.....Love yourself for who you are! WE love you for you are!🥰😘😍

  • Envy_hypez 56
    Envy_hypez 56 4 days ago +2

    Arms, back, neck, FUCK

  • Diamond Life
    Diamond Life 4 days ago +1

    best part

  • UnbeatenEarth
    UnbeatenEarth 4 days ago +2

    Check, arms, back neck *fuck* **laughs** Edit: ik its in the wrong order

  • Jack S
    Jack S 4 days ago

    9:11 look at ari 🤣

  • Ot4ku_Fididu
    Ot4ku_Fididu 4 days ago

    No one :
    Not any soul on the entire universe :
    Boyinaband : *_H E Y J A I D E N_*

  • candy the husky
    candy the husky 5 days ago

    jaiden face 0:03

  • I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

    Ari wanted to encourage Jaiden.

  • The Sonic Gamer
    The Sonic Gamer 5 days ago

    15:01 uhh JAIDEN...!

  • Sofia Moscatellisto Gonzalez

    14:57 jaiden... IM GAY

  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations 5 days ago +1

    i didnt say aw hell ya bitch i sed hell ya

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 5 days ago

    Dave is your ex-gf dead?

    • press
      press 5 days ago

      wtf why would you ask something like that!?

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 5 days ago +1

    Dave:SaFetY BlANkeT iF iT HaD HavE A HigH DeATh RaTE

  • Lina
    Lina 5 days ago

    Am he only one who doesn’t understand the colorblind analogy? Can someone explain it?

    • Lina
      Lina 5 days ago +1

      press ohhhhhh! Thanks! That makes sense.

    • press
      press 5 days ago +2

      just because you know you have a problem doesn’t mean the problem is automatically solved

  • jugando con manuel
    jugando con manuel 5 days ago

    Alguien español??

  • Aria Holladay
    Aria Holladay 5 days ago

    Why is it always "I'm gay"!

  • UnflinchingShyness
    UnflinchingShyness 5 days ago

    i found this song and saved it in spotify without knowing it was you and jaiden ;-; im terrible

  • Project_Paradox
    Project_Paradox 5 days ago

    RIP The twin towers.......... 9/11/2001

  • Malika Ahras
    Malika Ahras 6 days ago


  • Loi G Danny
    Loi G Danny 6 days ago

    Yo I thought my appinditus is worse

  • Ruby Alice
    Ruby Alice 6 days ago

    I ship it.

    *FRIEND* SHIP IT!1!1!!11! 😎

  • Aesthetic Moonlight
    Aesthetic Moonlight 6 days ago

    Ari was like going dun dundun dundundun dun dun

  • StarBirds 007
    StarBirds 007 6 days ago

    she swearsssssss!!!!!!!

  • Maria Catalina Gumanay

    My crush is jaiden

  • Gamer4Life
    Gamer4Life 6 days ago +1

    b i r b

  • Na Unofficial
    Na Unofficial 6 days ago

    You look so tired

  • Jaune Arc
    Jaune Arc 7 days ago +1

    James watching this videos: *intense sweating*

  • Mohammed Jabor
    Mohammed Jabor 7 days ago +4

    I like how the end is just jaiden saying:

    *IM GAY*

  • TheRebelOG
    TheRebelOG 7 days ago +1

    Rewatching this I realized that I actually did the same thing that Jaiden did (Eating close to nothing for the day and then eating a bunch at the end) I didnt throw it up but I barely ever ate anything. This only happened because I was a lazy fuk who couldnt stand up to go eat food

  • AZ4M SC4R
    AZ4M SC4R 7 days ago +3

    I’m out here suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. Damn

  • Andrew Swallie
    Andrew Swallie 7 days ago +5

    Jaiden's the kind of person I just want to be happy all the time cus I hate that she is sad all the dang time.

  • Tiffany Retzloff
    Tiffany Retzloff 7 days ago +2

    Do u see his shirt? .10:00

  • Bumbo TGC
    Bumbo TGC 8 days ago +1

    2:14 ayyy BMOin the corner