Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration’s defiance of Congress over the Mueller report.
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    Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 916

  • Linda Piet
    Linda Piet Day ago

    Actually the reason I think he’s a loser is bc of how shameful he was in divorcing Ivana.There were tabloid articles every day about all three of them. There was one that quoted Marla saying she was having the best sex of her life, on the front page. Who would do that to the mother of his three small children? Humiliating and debasing Ivana like that, I thought was disgusting.

  • Linda Piet
    Linda Piet Day ago

    I believe trump is broke. He’s living off of the exploitation of the Americans and everything that he sells now with his name on it is what he will use as his money to invest on whatever scam he creates when he’s not president. He lost $1.1billion and went thru 5 bankruptcies. If he hadn’t become president as a revenue source, he would have filed bankruptcy again

  • // nostromov
    // nostromov Day ago

    Hasn't "lost" over $1 billion, it's other people's money TAKEN and WASTED (and knowing this man and his family, it must've been criminal; it is. :))

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera 4 days ago

    Just watch the Netflix special "Dirty Money." An entire episode is dedicated to the the failure of Donald Trump as a business person. It's titled "The Confidence Man."

  • Michelle Lynaugh
    Michelle Lynaugh 5 days ago

    There is a new Invention available. The One Wipe Wafer. It stops baby wipes from coming out of the pack 6 at a time. Ending a decades old problem and complaint, reducing waste and saving people money. Check it out on Kickstarter.

  • wendy b
    wendy b 5 days ago

    John Barron? His son's name is Barron. Coincidence?

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1 5 days ago

    You KNOW his businesses are nothing like as successful as he bangs on about, because face it, he brags about EVERYTHING!!
    You seriously think we’d be able to stop him plastering his tax returns and financials ALL OVER the news IF they were at ALL positive.
    What a loser.
    Daddy AND Mommy issues🙄

  • Betsyjean Clearwater


  • Thatone Guy
    Thatone Guy 8 days ago

    He didn't use a billion he claimed that so he could so he could skip out on paying taxes.

  • J L
    J L 11 days ago

    It's nothing and pale list a billion or even few. Wait until you see hundreds of $billions tax payers money to drop your jaws. ;-)

  • snoopy
    snoopy 12 days ago

    Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth

  • snoopy
    snoopy 12 days ago

    Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth

  • Nenad Perisic
    Nenad Perisic 13 days ago

    I have proposal for trump when finish role to being presedent to be comedian

  • Armando Alanis
    Armando Alanis 13 days ago

    Please don't insult vampires like that

  • Hilary Knight
    Hilary Knight 14 days ago

    Why does anyone even analyze this extraordinary creature anymore? He is obviously completely bonkers--ticks all the boxes for Malevolent Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is very probably suffering some degree of dementia. Americans should ask themselves 1. what is wrong with their system and their citizens that such a vile and transparently fraudulent individual can be nominated and elected, and 2. how are they going to get enough of his supporters to see reality in order that he be dumped into the rubbish bin of history in 2020?

  • 1Tomrider
    1Tomrider 15 days ago

    This isn't splitting atoms. If there's nothing wrong with his taxes, business deals, school transcripts, etc. then just show them. With him being so wonderful at everything, these must all be wonderful too, right?

  • The Golden Tundra
    The Golden Tundra 17 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  • Deborah Romilly
    Deborah Romilly 17 days ago

    Creepy he named his son Barron.

  • Fr CE
    Fr CE 19 days ago

    R u sure Wat u saying

  • Kenny Drew
    Kenny Drew 19 days ago

    “LLLwho-zaaher”- Ace Ventura
    Man, the whole fake John Barron thing, I almost feel sad for that man...until I think about the fact the he literally had everything handed to him and did nothing with it accept self-aggrandize. No empathy for fellow attempts to use his wealth and power to make the world better. He doesn’t need or deserve anybody’s thoughts

  • Budget Gaming
    Budget Gaming 19 days ago +1

    you americans who vote this happens.....

  • Andra Book
    Andra Book 20 days ago

    Seth: Look at how young he was!
    Me: And still just as repulsive.
    Seth: How did *that* guy turn into *this* guy?
    Me: Don't judge the book by its clearance rack cover. You gotta look on the inside Seth. He looks just the same to me :).

  • Burnell Browne
    Burnell Browne 21 day ago +1

    trump is BROKE, but trump knows americans are the stupidest people on EARTH this is WHY trump is in little whitehouse and LYING to DUMB americans that believe his MANY LIES and nothing but CHOAS in (USA) and a FUCKED EGOMANIAC PREZ in trumpster.

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 22 days ago +2

    Lost a billion dollars in ten years and he call hisself a genius dumb idiot.

  • Jody Porter
    Jody Porter 22 days ago

    I know this is Dem show but for stop with all the lies, the DEMS have the entire report minus 1 full December and 7 partial sentences and they refuse to read it, you can go online and read it yourself

  • William Shreckengost
    William Shreckengost 27 days ago +1

    Haha! He's lost dozens of times more money than I'll ever see totaled over my entire life if I live to 120, all in the span of ten years.

    It's funny because he's a dangerous moron who shouldn't be in charge of a Burger King.

  • William Fessaha
    William Fessaha 27 days ago

    Lmao Trump lost more money Than Seth Meyers’ ever made, and he’s still worth 7.8 more billion.

  • Adam Lemus
    Adam Lemus 28 days ago

    I don’t give a rats ass about how much of his own money he loses.
    I care about the public money his and previous administrations have and continue to lose

  • MesRevesEnRose
    MesRevesEnRose 28 days ago

    Trump is probably the greatest conman alive.

  • Edith
    Edith 29 days ago

    Sad state of affairs. But without dumb people, capitalism isn’t a thing. So much opportunities these days.

  • Hammond
    Hammond 29 days ago

    I was in New York when Trump went bankrupt (again) and the banks put him on a monthly allowance.

  • indiana jones
    indiana jones Month ago

    This only means Trump survived 80s recessions like a boss unlike many others.
    Seth net worth is few millions but Trump has net worth of few billions.
    Even if Seth get second job as prostitute he still can't reach that... not even in few lifetimes.
    Yes Seth he lost more than you will ever earn as talking parrot

    • indiana jones
      indiana jones 4 days ago

      Trump supporter won't watch this show.

    • kerryn67
      kerryn67 15 days ago

      indiana jones
      Nobody said what? You came across as a trump supporter. Do you seriously believe I have any idea that you may have bashed him in the past?

    • indiana jones
      indiana jones 15 days ago

      Nobody said that and you can see me bash him plenty of times. But you got to give him credit on this matter.

    • kerryn67
      kerryn67 16 days ago

      No one knows trumps net worth because he won’t release his tax returns or financial records. So you have no idea what trumps worth is.
      Also most people aren’t valued solely on their financial success or failure. There are few people who would actually wish to be a malignant narcissist. Trump is a pathetic excuse for a human being & I feel very sorry for anyone who believes he is a positive role model.

  • Simon Jordan
    Simon Jordan Month ago

    So sad the people who listen to this poo poo to make themselves feel better for 5 minutes but Trump doesn't even care lolololololol😘

    • MesRevesEnRose
      MesRevesEnRose 28 days ago

      Trump doesn't care about you and the future of your country either?? Lol.

  • Ron Sessno
    Ron Sessno Month ago

    Never mind that Trump did a TV show and wrote a book on how he lost billions of dollars 15 years ago. Art of the Comeback, just in case anyone on this site can read. Common knowledge,old news.

  • Truthful4ever
    Truthful4ever Month ago

    PERCEPTION is everything......Ivanka Trump
    For all of the cult followers of #45 do they realize that what is happening to 1 American will also affect their families. A calamity does not 'jump' over a household that voted for #45 and hit those who didn't. NO, HIS ACTIONS WILL AFFECT YOUR HOUSEHOLDS ALSO.
    #45 is NOT a good businessman. What is done in the dark, will come into the light eventually. These are the days of manifestation. Fred is no longer here to bail him out.

  • C Flashbang
    C Flashbang Month ago

    Awww Seth. Such a CSF. Bet you're still crying about having being beat up so much in grade school. POS.

  • Jordan Riley
    Jordan Riley Month ago

    Did he name his son after his alias?

  • Hugh Hughes
    Hugh Hughes Month ago

    In my opinion
    Do you have any real material or do you just make fun of people.
    I have tried to listen to this
    You call funny.
    All you do is show clips at your convenience and then make a stupid lame ass comment about it.
    Your show is just like that other guy that loves himself
    A waste of energy

  • CarCamper10694
    CarCamper10694 Month ago +1

    This video title is false and deceiving. Trump didn't lose over a billion dollars, the corporations he ran lost a billion dollars. Trump still got paid his salary and bonuses regardless, plus he owns large portions of the individual business entities stock. Maybe the value of his stock holdings decreased during the rough period where his companies were bleeding money, but he persevered and led the companies through their hard times and got through the rough patch and all the hardship. That's truly inspiring. We should all use that as inspiration!

    • CarCamper10694
      CarCamper10694 28 days ago

      @MesRevesEnRose He didn't file for bankruptcy, Nancy. His corporations did. Trump personally didn't lose a dime. Bankruptcy also is a good tool to utilize and get a company out of the hole

    • MesRevesEnRose
      MesRevesEnRose 28 days ago

      He filed for bankruptcy 6 times, Susan. And he has thousands of lawsuits from former workers, shareholders, and customers. Exemplary honest business man he is not.

  • aal62976
    aal62976 Month ago

    Did he lose a billion dollars or did he lose less and just lied on his tax returns? I'd put either one on him.

  • Heather June
    Heather June Month ago

    This 100% disabled Veteran does not stand behind trump or these republicunts.

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan Month ago

    Trumpeter burned billion dollars before becoming a successful multi Billionaire. Amazon burned many tens of billion of cash before becoming a Trillioniare company. All unicorns like Uber are outcompeting each other to burn cash to become next Amazon

  • Eyedeas Never Die
    Eyedeas Never Die Month ago

    Trump is a wanker, everybody knows. But if he planned this whole act like a billionaire and to give him the celebrity success than fair play. Still, a complete fucktarf just a fucktard with 2 brain cells.

  • Mineav
    Mineav Month ago +2

    Low hanging fruit. Anyone who hasn't been in a coma the past 20 years or isn't brain dead knows about Trump's financial losses. He's been more forthright about it than most would be.

  • Michael Holderbaum
    Michael Holderbaum Month ago

    President Trump lost his own money. Democrats and Republicans 'lose' taxpayers money everyday.

  • Shane Funk
    Shane Funk Month ago

    That aint donlald Trumps voice. Stop lying

  • Shane Funk
    Shane Funk Month ago

    He is waiting to slap you in the face with his taxes just before the election. He is not stupid, the sooner you figure this out the better off you will be.

  • Shane Funk
    Shane Funk Month ago

    Nah, Thats just what the democrats in liberal owned media like you would like us to believe. How did that work out for ya. I love clint eastwood. We coulld use a whole bunch of them in these democrat run liberal cities that are now killing us with the measles.

  • John nie
    John nie Month ago

    Trump didn't lose ANY money...he STOLE it all by lying and defaulting on everything. This is what careered, corporate, criminal scum his book, he tells you himself. The criminal _class_ wants you to bicker and fight about left and right because while we're too busy attacking one another, they are making out like never before in modern history. This tactic is so played out, I'm quite amazed that it has survived this long, to this degree. And it's worse, they used to make an attempt to hide their corruption but now, they don't even bother. They just ignore all calls for transparency as they create yet another distraction/diversion.
    Martha Stewart sentence for insider trading was not the result of someone who was trying to _game the system_ . She was informed that major shareholders were jumping ship and did likewise - who wouldn't, right? Thats fair enough, but it doesn't excuse the fact that Wall Street colludes with agents, brokers, CEOs, celebrities, and (shell) corporations to subvert laws and manipulate the market with false data, which is what everyone was doing in the 80s. But Trump was a _successful genius_ ! LOL!

  • Michael Bagouty
    Michael Bagouty Month ago

    Dedicated to all the Communist and AOC Socialists out there:

    Harder They Come The Harder They Fall (Lyrics)

    Oh yeah, oh yeah
    Well they tell me of a pie up in the sky
    Waiting for me when I die
    But between the day you're born and when you die
    They never seem to hear even your cry
    So as sure as the sun will shine
    I'm gonna get my share now of what's mine
    And then the harder they come
    The harder they'll fall, one and all
    Ooh the harder they come
    The harder they'll fall, one and all
    Well the oppressors are trying to keep me down
    Trying to drive me underground
    And they think that they have got the battle won
    I say forgive them Lord
    They know not what they've done
    'Cause as sure as the sun will shine
    I'm gonna get my share now of what's mine
    And then the harder they come
    The harder they'll fall, one and all
    Ooh the harder they come
    The harder…

    • Zen Phoenix
      Zen Phoenix Month ago

      Derp derp. Sean Hannity told me Socialism is a bad word, and I'm too stupid to understand how it's saved America from collapse repeatedly. Derp.

  • Ev JA A
    Ev JA A Month ago

    John Barron and then he names his son Baron. His style is the same how he is now, Telling people they know they know without producing any evidence. LIE LIE LIE all cap so you know. idiot

    WHISKEY JACK Month ago

    This was all over the news 30 years ago. Where was Seth? But let's talk about Trump turning it all around and then some. How much are you worth Seth? Try to get something right for a change. Give up trying to be funny. It's not working.

  • Chris Jempty
    Chris Jempty Month ago +1

    I wish I could lose $1 billion in ten years and still get elected President. #MAGA

  • Dale Bullock
    Dale Bullock Month ago

    I wanna punch Seth in the mouth.

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    This is a prime example of why Seth Meyers is a idiotic jackass ! Trump didn't lose a billion dollars ! People with money can manipulate their earnings and losses in order to not pay taxes . It's similar to all the border jumpers in Colorado working construction ! They don't pay taxes either and have zero repercussions because they know how to work the system

  • Cold War Jesus
    Cold War Jesus Month ago

    Late night weasels are so entertaining .... just like their viewers !!

    • Zen Phoenix
      Zen Phoenix Month ago

      Derp derp derp. I believe Faux news. Derp.

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 Month ago

    MSM has lost billions in 10 years

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  • Steven Lindsey
    Steven Lindsey Month ago

    Mueller did go through Trump's finances.Their is no law stating that a president has to turn over their tax records.

  • Steven Lindsey
    Steven Lindsey Month ago

    Barr did not lie about the Mueller report.

  • HEK 293
    HEK 293 Month ago

    I want to see Trump dead!

  • Dan D
    Dan D Month ago

    So what's the big deal Hilary lost 2 billion in her last two campaigns and that was your money.

    ROCCOCYCLES Month ago

    I'm curious to how much Trump made during the same 10 years and up to today. Everyone takes some sort of loss before showing any profits. Take a loss by paying for college and not working $$$,$$$, with a better long term outlook on making $,$$$,$$$ over your lifetime.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago +8

    If Donald Trump wrote a book called "The Art of Convincing The Public That You Are A Big Shot" that would be a great seller and it would be a legit.

  • eferg16
    eferg16 Month ago +3

    OMG that ENDING!!!

  • *Wonka*
    *Wonka* Month ago +1

    Seth lord here cried when Hillary lost..nevermind she stole 7 million dollars from the state department and tampered with the matrix of elections by paying off the dnc chairlady to get the 2nd chairlady to disband Bernie Sanders in a fair election..your reasons for blaming Trump are unorthodox and tax records and not helping actual hurricane victims..seems like a pretty good case.. blame me if you want..and you when you do..everywhere I ever woke up at within the first 20 people a better presidental candidate was always there..than anyone we've ever had to pick from..I think Senate Congress and Cabinet have proven to be obsolete we have phones and we arent to Benjamin Franklin..we the people have the communication you said we wouldnt need a government for..and we the people can speak for ourselves and not be alone to do so.P.S. if not fix the damn road.

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson Month ago +3

    I wonder what will happen when people realize that Trump is actually and truly illiterate. People deserve to know the truth.
    It explains so much.

    • My Tester
      My Tester 11 days ago

      hi vocabulary stars with "I" but he lacks basic maths, and dont know any numbers...

      how wealthy you are, say a number?, "I" am rich... by the way very rich you cant imagine and able to count how much money "I" have, by the way even "I" cant name the number... But trust me "I" am so rich beyond imagination, and i cant even imagine....

  • D Storm
    D Storm Month ago +1

    The path to being a billionaire is not easy. If it were, this unfunny kid Seth would be one. He isn't, and he can't be.

  • Laura Lynne
    Laura Lynne Month ago


  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer Month ago +3

    And he still calls Warren Fauxcahontas. DEMs need to start calling him John Barron.

  • Captain Red Rum
    Captain Red Rum Month ago

    1 billion in 10 years is not that much tbh. Businessmen lose money. It happens. Accept it.

  • chinaboy5 Valdez
    chinaboy5 Valdez Month ago +1

    How did Mr. Trump get the billion dollars he lost? Does not one need to have x$ to lose x$?

    • chinaboy5 Valdez
      chinaboy5 Valdez 26 days ago

      @Ivone de Figueiredo Nice try, Iv. According to Wikipedia and other sources, Donald's father Fred was worth at most $400 million: a lot less than 'billions".

    • Ivone de Figueiredo
      Ivone de Figueiredo Month ago

      chinaboy5 Valdez Well, he inherited from his dad.

  • DarthSniper
    DarthSniper Month ago

    BREAKING NEWS: liberals ignore the fact someone broke federal law to release someones taxes, while at the same time ignoring the fact that everything they found out was common knowledge and Trump, his family, and friends all discussed his huge debt for years. Will you libtards please stop being brainwashed sheep. JFC.

  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity Month ago +7

    2:40 "Now the house goes and starts suh-peening. . ." LOL

  • Anita Smith
    Anita Smith Month ago

    Trump has been an authentic fraud his entire life.

  • TheMoringa123
    TheMoringa123 Month ago

    Choose some-one with charachter next time -- A ton of great articles on the link from Tulsi2020 to Medium among the social media links

  • amazed66
    amazed66 Month ago +3

    Trump calls himself John Barron or Baron to try to throw people off the scent and to think it's not him and then gives himself away by using typical Trump speech patterns. You can't really get a more regular first name than John and Baron is a title of nobility, as well as meaning in the business world a significant financier or industrialist such as an oil baron for example and he even called his youngest son Barron too.
    The ultimate irony though regarding that interview is that Letterman was probably worth more than Trump!

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith Month ago

    Huah! You mentioned Clint Eastwood and the empty chair! And matching Jordan to Nadler....good on you. Jordan is one of those bottom feeders in the GOP today. I’m curious about the investigation into the university coach(es) having sex with male students. Jordan was being looked at as involved from whatever perspective. It’s embarrassing we allow Trump to drive our economy who doesn’t understand market principles and who lost $1.17B in 10 years. And then there’s the lying issue....even lied his Dad was born in Germany rather than in New York City.

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T Month ago

    Wow. Comedy really is dead. So sad to see late night shows go down the tube so badly. There is more to the world than Trump.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972 Month ago

    David Letterman to Donald: How much you worth Donald.....? "Donald": Well depends on the stock market really... Today I'm worth.... $7 bucks... Last week I was worth $12 bucks,and just yesterday I was worth $3 bucks.,. So you can clearly see it changes alot. "Donald" : Do I pay taxes.... No, oh No... On what David....? Vi don't own anything and have no cash... But having a great name everyone wants it on their building, and I own all the rights to the Trump name... So I look like I'm Wealthy, when really I'm worth about the price of an un-happy meal. But David, David I get them free between 11pm and 1am behind McDonald's after they close. So all and all I do extremerry well,. Extremerry Well.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972 Month ago

    How he got to look so different: McDonald's and Cokes... Dah Nah Nah Nah Nah.... He's Loving It.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972 Month ago

    He's beyond therapy. He's a compulsive liar.

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds Month ago


  • deklog tv
    deklog tv Month ago

  • MC Stalin
    MC Stalin Month ago

    Who will win
    Trump's wallet or
    Bill Gate's wallet

  • liquidKi
    liquidKi Month ago

    Seth isn't funny.

  • selfan4evr
    selfan4evr Month ago

    WHAT does Trump's having lost money years ago have to do with his presidency, which, by all honest accounts, has been pretty damned good for the country? Sorry, but I don't get the connection the media is trying to make. And, did they ever stop to think that mabey other presidents didn't lose that much money because they didn't have that much money TO lose? Duh.

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago

      1. The money he lost wasn't his. He lost over a billion dollars of investors money. Something for which he was able to take advantage of the US's crazy tax laws to get an almost decade long tax break. I don't feel too bad for the big banks that lost money but there were regular people who lost lots of money as well.
      2. Sorry, saying he lost more money because he had more to loose is a poor recommendation for the leader of the world's largest economy.
      3. Why is it important? Well he sold himself as a great businessman. He even published the Art of the Deal during the period he was racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. How can you trust a leader who says everything is going well when he did the same thing for his companies even while they were going under.
      4. In what ways has everything been good for the country? You do know that there are huge threats looming over the US economy (and therefore the world) even as I write this. Threats the Trump administration is not doing anything to address.

  • Tony Derywosh
    Tony Derywosh Month ago

    Trump 2020 , MAGA

  • Dennis Oliver
    Dennis Oliver Month ago

    When Trump wins in 2020 all you Liberals will run to your safe spaces and real people will be able to run a country.

    • Sabo Tenda
      Sabo Tenda Month ago

      Didn't you feckers say the same thing three years ago?

  • greatboniwanker
    greatboniwanker Month ago +21

    "Look how young he was" ... and he was *already* doing the combover conceal.

  • Melvenia Myles
    Melvenia Myles Month ago

    con artist don

  • Joel Salomons
    Joel Salomons Month ago

    its crazy , god help him

  • Joel Salomons
    Joel Salomons Month ago

    yikes, no no please

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans Month ago

    Trump wasn't the author of "The Art of the Deal"... Just the guy on the cover because he narrated the audio book.

  • GWT123
    GWT123 Month ago +1

    This is so 1991....

  • Sure Jan
    Sure Jan Month ago

    How does this person even have a talk show?

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago

      Yeah. So why do you want him to have a talk show you dingleberry?

    • Sure Jan
      Sure Jan Month ago

      Gaius Scipio Trump is the President of the United States you dipwad

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago

      Trump doesn't have a talk show

  • dvei49
    dvei49 Month ago

    What billionaire has never lost big over 10 years? Trump is not poor and is doing ok, morons.

    • k'inich janaab' pacal
      k'inich janaab' pacal Month ago

      Trump is a fucking loser!

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago +1

      I don't know has Warren Buffet been on the brink of bankruptcy? Was he ever forced to sell his prized assets and live on a stipend over seen by his creditors?

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams Month ago

    You stupid liberals are still buying this nonsense? That's exactly why he'll win again in 2020.

    • k'inich janaab' pacal
      k'inich janaab' pacal Month ago

      Trump is a fucking loser! His followers are fucking retards!

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago

      What nonsense? Trump didn't lose investors hundreds of millions

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Funny how many non billionaires comment negatively about losing a billion dollars, you can’t even make 1 billion, let alone lose it

    • Gaius Scipio
      Gaius Scipio Month ago

      He lost a billion dollars of investors money not his own. I think people should be able to comment about that.

  • Synalla
    Synalla Month ago

    "McDonald's. Not even once."