Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2019]

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    🎶 Tracklist (* = unreleased track)
    [00:00:00] Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
    [00:02:52] knowmadic - faces
    [00:05:02] Leavv - Candle
    [00:07:23] tomcbumpz - one of a kind
    [00:09:46] Philanthrope - tipsy ft dontcry & nokiaa
    [00:11:53] arbour x drkmnd - Interstellar
    [00:14:31] Kupla - In Your Eyes*
    [00:17:28] Leavv - Far Away*
    [00:20:45] Monma & Cocabona - Pyra (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [00:23:26] hm surf - My Girl
    [00:25:40] delayde - sunday morning bacon
    [00:27:23] mommy x Philanthrope - embrace ft Misha, monma & Cocabona
    [00:29:30] Sarcastic Sounds - Wish You Were Mine*
    [00:31:28] j'san - delusion
    [00:33:55] Fantompower - Blankets
    [00:36:45] Bluntone - Memory Fragments (feat Stackone)
    [00:38:40] Kupla x j'san - Out of town
    [00:41:08] mell-ø - embrace it
    [00:43:05] kokoro - your touch
    [00:45:00] mell-ø - beside u*
    [00:46:40] mommy x Philanthrope - thinking of you ft Kyle McEvoy
    [00:48:42] hm surf - old friends (ft genser _ crwsox)
    [00:50:35] Philanthrope - Silence
    [00:52:18] Aso - Sundays
    [00:55:38] Sarcastic Sounds - Go To Bed
    [00:58:48] Loopschrauber - suave
    [01:00:04] mell-ø - Dreamin'*
    [01:01:45] Sazetrax - 4 AM
    [01:03:40] DLJ - Pretend
    [01:06:15] hm surf - Cloudy
    [01:08:26] Omaure - Down Under
    [01:10:10] Flitz & Suppe - Things That I See
    [01:12:41] Monma - Fira
    [01:15:03] Flitz & Suppe - Reverie (ft. Fujitsu)
    [01:17:26] mell-ø - Waiting For You
    [01:18:56] Flovry - Laze (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [01:20:28] Slipfunc - summer luv
    [01:22:29] hoogway - ingenue
    [01:24:44] Fantompower - Morning Dew (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [01:27:06] Aixion - Sweaters are for introverts (instrumental)
    [01:28:52] Flovry - car radio
    [01:31:28] masked man x lofty - rotom
    [01:33:33] H.1 - Elsewhere
    [01:35:25] Philanthrope - Blue pt 2
    [01:37:17] leavv - sleep by the waves
    [01:39:19] harris cole & aso - safe, now
    [01:42:17] mt fujitive - garden
    [01:44:05] Subtrailss - Leave
    [01:46:00] Philanthrope - Sleep Next to Me
    [01:49:13] Brenky - handwarmers
    [01:51:09] a l e x - yyyy
    [01:54:30] arbour x houseplants_ - serenity
    [01:56:20] two sleepy - she(was.)
    Special thanks to Chillhop for their music and all the artists featured
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    🎨 Illustration by Basile Gouttenoire
    → www.artstation.com/bazart
    🎨Animation by Nathalie Baraton
    → instagram.com/nathalie.baraton/
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  • ChilledCow
    ChilledCow  3 months ago +835

    It's the fourth anniversary of the channel today. Thank you so much for your support during these years, I hope you'll enjoy this new 2 hours study beats compilation!
    I also launched another merch collection with the illustration of this mix as well as many new items, check it out 😊
    ↪︎ chilledcow-merch.com/

    • Abrar Lovely
      Abrar Lovely 19 days ago

      Paweł Kaźmierczak tell me what is the name of anime please?

    • ninja noob
      ninja noob 21 day ago

      How did you get the instrumental of axion sweaters are for introverts

      THECAROLER Month ago +1

      You guys should make this into a animation for the sleep radio

    • Emma Carlsen
      Emma Carlsen Month ago

      Love your channel! You make such great videos

    • Jun Chng
      Jun Chng Month ago

      this compilation is really good, Thanks!

  • SAPling 427
    SAPling 427 7 hours ago

    New cat? XD

  • DuaneTheDarknessDragoon B

    I see her room and I think, man I need to clean mine a bit more often.
    A very relaxing two hours here. Thank you.

  • Fernando Carlos
    Fernando Carlos Day ago

    Lista muito boa. Infelizmente eu sou muito enrolado para estudar, mas tem me ajudado bastante, além de me isolar dos barulhos externos do ambiente. Excelente trabalho. Bons estudos a todos!

  • Jasjwin美しい
    Jasjwin美しい 2 days ago

    after 500 years she’s finally getting some rest

  • Chatnoir 77888
    Chatnoir 77888 2 days ago

    I don't know if I've said this before but this music is really calming. Excellent to use when relaxing or drawing. Awesome job.

  • 김민주
    김민주 2 days ago


  • Jacobb
    Jacobb 3 days ago

    she has a notebook cover saying chilledcow with her picture on it. It would be cool if one of those merch was that notebook

  • Tigerman1138
    Tigerman1138 3 days ago

    “Our girl” is both so quiet and says so much. I love the main one of her writing at her desk (“homework”) where she writes, muses, hears things outside, sighs, looks at her cat, and works.
    This one is so nice. She finished and dozed off before dinner.
    That or she slept all night and the sun is rising and she may have to return to studies, but it is Saturday.

  • Gabriela Souza
    Gabriela Souza 4 days ago

    This is art

  • liitle chicken nugget

    I'm playin subway surfers to this shit 😂😂

  • Baby Blu3
    Baby Blu3 6 days ago

    Amv squad 🔥

  • Andressa Bertone
    Andressa Bertone 6 days ago

    So good to listen when you are at work or study samething :D

  • Santiago Coronel
    Santiago Coronel 7 days ago

    Hello, again.

  • Kepuch_exe
    Kepuch_exe 7 days ago

    Earlier, i been quick-tempered, but after listen your music , i need only few time to be chilled :)
    Now just watch your music to relax...

  • PotatoXxLover XxToniXx

    You Hit 1 Mio. Views!

  • Bea A.
    Bea A. 8 days ago

    Last time I was on this channel was on 2017 ❤️❤️ time flies so fast. The animation definitely improved

  • Thomas Manhire
    Thomas Manhire 8 days ago

    im happy for the cat finally its tail gets a rest its bin wagin for so long how does it not hurt i would not want to get hit with its tail it must be so strong

  • TheNovalis666
    TheNovalis666 8 days ago

    i love wish you were mine :o

  • Eshanthetrainlover
    Eshanthetrainlover 8 days ago

    Anyone else realise we're stalking her as she sleeps?

  • mo ba
    mo ba 8 days ago

    wow that girl looks like someone like me, in dire need of a deep hug, at least she has the cat..

  • Martina Rosas
    Martina Rosas 9 days ago +1

    I LOVE ❤️💓🤙😽

  • katie allen
    katie allen 9 days ago

    Plot twist she was just dreaming about doing her homework and when she wakes up she has to actually do it

  • Xd brb
    Xd brb 9 days ago

    Man I love lofi hip hop beats

  • J Meezy
    J Meezy 10 days ago

    How long this girl been studying and doin her homework lmao

  • Isabell e
    Isabell e 10 days ago

    I guess.. This picture is painted by chilled cow. As you can see, The note on the desk have a chilled cow cover 😁

  • Filipe Vasconcelos
    Filipe Vasconcelos 12 days ago

    I have homework due monday, and i've been paralyzed at the sheer size of it, and this playlist has snapped me out of it.

  • Reginaldo Pimentel
    Reginaldo Pimentel 12 days ago +1

    muito bom, eu posso pensa muito bem da minha vida guando eu esculto isso pra mim sao as melhores musicas da minha vida

  • Заречка FM
    Заречка FM 13 days ago

    Это ЛоуФай, е, Бро, хай!!

  • Stacey Damons
    Stacey Damons 15 days ago

    Working in my drawing journal while listening to this. So relaxing 😊

  • Tanner Boyle
    Tanner Boyle 15 days ago

    Woah first video that she ever slept in

    and 186 / 672 Comments are about her finishing her homework.

  • Davie Jones
    Davie Jones 16 days ago +1

    Smooth music

  • Kyle Wagenaar
    Kyle Wagenaar 17 days ago

    I love the artwork for this and the music helped me make it through high school and now it helps fall asleep when i can't

  • chetrok1
    chetrok1 17 days ago


  • Moonlight xo
    Moonlight xo 17 days ago +1

    how do you make the animation? does anyone know any software?? that would be really helpful thanks xx

  • Quintus Antell
    Quintus Antell 18 days ago

    Beautiful music and the artistry makes me wish I could draw worth a damn.

  • Mapleshade The warrior clone

    I wish sometimes, the girl would age and do different things. Can you do that? New subscriber, btw!

  • TiTou Chill&Copyright Free

    Hi ! lets check my Channel for chill copyright free songs guys ! cheers

  • Seni Anaumelie
    Seni Anaumelie 19 days ago

    The music is the BEST! It is so relaxing and gives this smooth and soft feeling around me and I like it. That girl sure is hardworking, wish I was her.

  • MirrorYen
    MirrorYen 19 days ago

    I know everyone is saying this, but...
    She really needs that sleep after all that hard work she's done.

  • Abrar Lovely
    Abrar Lovely 19 days ago

    What is the name of anime?

  • Eye Die
    Eye Die 19 days ago

    nfje why does she look like me

    ANONYMOUS SOCIETY 19 days ago +2

    1000000 days of work
    And 2 hours of sleep?

  • Cristal Martinez
    Cristal Martinez 20 days ago

    Anyone peep that her notebook has her own face on it. She uses her own merch bro

  • hanzen
    hanzen 21 day ago

    Hello lonely, weird, artsy, sleepless people around the world. If you think you're alone, you are wrong. Actually you're loved by a lot of people like me.

  • DAjamacn bacon
    DAjamacn bacon 21 day ago

    I saw another comment suggesting this but this really should be made into an anime. Maybe a movie. So here's the plot I came up with.

    Finals are only a month away and study girl is working hard. Her parents are pushing her to study harder than what would be considered healthy. From the moment she gets home from school to late at night she is working and studying. She starts drifting away from her friends and close family because of this. She starts to lose touch of reality and starts to isolate herself, falling into a pit of stress and depression. This eventually climaxes until she is about to commit suicide until someone saves her. Maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend but not her parents. From that day onward, she starts to see the world like she used to before. She becomes happy again. When finals finally come she gets good grades in most of them except 1 or 2 which angers her parents but she doesn't really care. The movie ends when her and her friends go out for a drink after the school year is over. this would be accompanied by a short monologue from study girl which ends in something like 'I'm happy again.' as the camera pans toward the sky.

    I think it should be really normal (as in something you could experience). Nothing over the top. The characters speech should flow well and sound like normal people are talking. I don't think anything should be dramatized but emphasis should be placed on important aspects. In essence, everything should feel like a real person was actually going through this so that it is relatable. This could be hard to do however, because depression is hard to show in a normal environment and could be risky for the producers.

    As it would be normal, there would be a lot of downtime were nothing much happens. Like walking to and from school for example. In this downtime there should be beautiful imagery. Like later afternoon sun rays peering through tree leaves as study girl wanders down the road, taking in the scenery. Or the rose colored clouds of a morning sunrise as she walks to school on a cold autumn's morning. Things like this really add to the not so interesting parts of a movie like this but it can also be used to develop our character. For example, it's afternoon and study girl is in a busy place. Instead of focusing on the people around her, she might focus on the birds in the trees or the sun sitting just above the mountain in the distance.

    would be dope


  • Lat3r
    Lat3r 23 days ago +5

    Have my english and science assemsnts tmrw wish me luck

  • Zoza Alhashemi
    Zoza Alhashemi 23 days ago

    i finished an entire book listening to this

  • uxtalzon
    uxtalzon 25 days ago

    Chillest girl in the world.

  • Sohan Reddy
    Sohan Reddy 25 days ago

    Been sleeping to till first day of school to last thank you chill cow for all the music and happiness you give me.

  • EineKartoffel
    EineKartoffel 26 days ago

    After being forced into an endless cycle of homework this is a well-deserved rest.

  • Тесел
    Тесел 26 days ago


  • アンヘルミケル
    アンヘルミケル 26 days ago +1

    Welcome to the comments, here u can find the next:
    20% - About music video
    15% - About Nice background art

    EMPERY 27 days ago


  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave 27 days ago

    Oh, she must be exhausted ;-)

  • - glitch -
    - glitch - 27 days ago

    She's finally done :)

  • Katter PsyTrance
    Katter PsyTrance 28 days ago

    Just before you sleep...

  • nazuki.
    nazuki. 28 days ago +1

    FUN FACT: In her desk she have a book with ChilledCow logo lol

  • Lost Gaming
    Lost Gaming 28 days ago

    after 2 years of studying she is taking a well-deserved break,
    like you but you haven't been studying a lot of have you?

  • sara 1312
    sara 1312 28 days ago +1

    Love lot

  • Comentários Motivacionais

    Minha favorita nos momentos em que estudo!

  • Bizel da Beast
    Bizel da Beast Month ago +1

    To relaxing. Can’t study.

  • bahar ghadri
    bahar ghadri Month ago

    Sleep well 💤🌈
    You really deserve it...🤗

  • Klik
    Klik Month ago

    She is really just dreaming that she's doing her homework for forever

  • Kanon
    Kanon Month ago

    Are those headphones designed by you or are they something you found?

  • Sofea
    Sofea Month ago

    I’m glad she has time to sleep.

  • Lofi Beats
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    how do you make this animations pls tell me i wanna learn

  • Andy Kawabata
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    hey guys, i made this lil website that lists the top Lofi streams by number of current viewers, check it out!

  • Voltas & Revoltas
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  • TriVos Ahren
    TriVos Ahren Month ago

    i am sure it's the mother of the wolfchilds anime but i can't remember that scene

  • Tyree Garner
    Tyree Garner Month ago +1

    Bruh this wicked make me think if I Didn't manhave a test will hopelessly

  • Wyatt Kerr
    Wyatt Kerr Month ago +1

    I cant listen to any other chilled music besides this. Btw I love this music!

  • Winner201
    Winner201 Month ago +2

    56:12 I want to sleep now... I'm really tired after studying to this playlist a lot.

  • Ana Luiza Menescal Neiva

    I hear this almost everyday

  • ZackScott Fan
    ZackScott Fan Month ago +2

    What was she even writing

    THECAROLER Month ago +1

    is this animation still on during day times?

  • Dawn Music
    Dawn Music Month ago +1

    So relaxing

  • Unice Tan
    Unice Tan Month ago

    lofi chillhop is totally my office jam. i even created something for myself to listen to at work and i thought of sharing it with ppl who love the same vibes.
    check out my lofi chillhop playlist too! usclip.net/video/p6tCcrzmjhA/video.html

  • Jack Cutbush
    Jack Cutbush Month ago +1

    I don't know what kind of funky school she goes to, but that was some long ass homework......

  • Kreeze
    Kreeze Month ago

    Legend has it she's still doi-
    Oh... She's asleep?
    This is what i Call a well earned Sleep

  • vitnerd
    vitnerd Month ago

    and I am just so interested in her story. Who is she? Who is lofi girl and what has life been like for her?

  • Spring speaker 56. Tavizon

    And I love the music

  • Spring speaker 56. Tavizon

    How many pages of homework did she do

  • ZackScott Fan
    ZackScott Fan Month ago +2

    Please make headphones official merch please please please please

  • PEA_c3
    PEA_c3 Month ago +1

    How does she sleep with those headphones on?! xD

  • Santiago Sepulveda
    Santiago Sepulveda Month ago +1

    notice how her headphones are still on. we're listening to what she's listening

  • davide pujatti
    davide pujatti Month ago

    Plot twist: The infinite homework cycle she was in turns out to be only a dream.
    This is what she's been doing until now. Pure sleep.

  • Lincoln gacha
    Lincoln gacha Month ago

    good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Matheus Filipe Costa

    As a person that has decided to relax from college and take a bit of time off seeing her resting touches me on a profound level.

  • Sadie R
    Sadie R Month ago +1

    I woke up vry anxious, idk why, but this made me feel calm… thanks

  • Flower Coon
    Flower Coon Month ago

    After a long time she finally is taking a long needed rest and so should you too
    Or if your studying take a break get yourself some water. Take care of yourself :)

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang Month ago

    Who noticed the chill cow logo on her phone screen?

  • EliteFerrex
    EliteFerrex Month ago +1

    @ChilledCow Thank you so much for curating this and your other playlists, and for all the wonderful work you do to bring exposure and credit to all the amazing artists that you feature. I work as a middle school, and your music helps my students and me get through the day (often more me than them). I play your different playlists every day to help pass the time and keep things mellow, and on more than one occasion, I have your playlists to thank for keeping me calm enough not to lose it on a particularly difficult day.
    This week is teacher appreciation week, but THIS teacher appreciates YOU! Thank you, and keep it up!

  • Jonathan Tain
    Jonathan Tain Month ago +2

    this channel is awesome !!!!!! :Di'm workind right now and the sound is good for work !!!! :)

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    This is just amazing

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    i wish i could sleep to this. wish i could just resign from my job and just sleep. i'm so tired.....

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    2 percent of comments: Wow! Great vid!
    98 percent of comments: wOw, she’s finally asleep.

  • Can we get 50,000 vids without any videos

    It’s been 23 years since i slept.. Because my homework was so hard.. then i failed. And from now on, I will never fail. That’s why i scribble and turn to the next page. And now.

    *I sleep*