Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2019]

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    🎶 Tracklist (* = unreleased track)
    [00:00:00] Philanthrope x Yasper - Slopes
    [00:02:52] knowmadic - faces
    [00:05:02] Leavv - Candle
    [00:07:23] tomcbumpz - one of a kind
    [00:09:46] Philanthrope - tipsy ft dontcry & nokiaa
    [00:11:53] arbour x drkmnd - Interstellar
    [00:14:31] Kupla - In Your Eyes*
    [00:17:28] Leavv - Far Away*
    [00:20:45] Monma & Cocabona - Pyra (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [00:23:26] hm surf - My Girl
    [00:25:40] delayde - sunday morning bacon
    [00:27:23] mommy x Philanthrope - embrace ft Misha, monma & Cocabona
    [00:29:30] Sarcastic Sounds - Wish You Were Mine*
    [00:31:28] j'san - delusion
    [00:33:55] Fantompower - Blankets
    [00:36:45] Bluntone - Memory Fragments (feat Stackone)
    [00:38:40] Kupla x j'san - Out of town
    [00:41:08] mell-ø - embrace it
    [00:43:05] kokoro - your touch
    [00:45:00] mell-ø - beside u*
    [00:46:40] mommy x Philanthrope - thinking of you ft Kyle McEvoy
    [00:48:42] hm surf - old friends (ft genser _ crwsox)
    [00:50:35] Philanthrope - Silence
    [00:52:18] Aso - Sundays
    [00:55:38] Sarcastic Sounds - Go To Bed
    [00:58:48] Loopschrauber - suave
    [01:00:04] mell-ø - Dreamin'*
    [01:01:45] Sazetrax - 4 AM
    [01:03:40] DLJ - Pretend
    [01:06:15] hm surf - Cloudy
    [01:08:26] Omaure - Down Under
    [01:10:10] Flitz & Suppe - Things That I See
    [01:12:41] Monma - Fira
    [01:15:03] Flitz & Suppe - Reverie (ft. Fujitsu)
    [01:17:26] mell-ø - Waiting For You
    [01:18:56] Flovry - Laze (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [01:20:28] Slipfunc - summer luv
    [01:22:29] hoogway - ingenue
    [01:24:44] Fantompower - Morning Dew (Chillhop Spring Essentials)*
    [01:27:06] Aixion - Sweaters are for introverts (instrumental)
    [01:28:52] Flovry - car radio
    [01:31:28] masked man x lofty - rotom
    [01:33:33] H.1 - Elsewhere
    [01:35:25] Philanthrope - Blue pt 2
    [01:37:17] leavv - sleep by the waves
    [01:39:19] harris cole & aso - safe, now
    [01:42:17] mt fujitive - garden
    [01:44:05] Subtrailss - Leave
    [01:46:00] Philanthrope - Sleep Next to Me
    [01:49:13] Brenky - handwarmers
    [01:51:09] a l e x - yyyy
    [01:54:30] arbour x houseplants_ - serenity
    [01:56:20] two sleepy - she(was.)
    Special thanks to Chillhop for their music and all the artists featured
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    🎨 Illustration by Basile Gouttenoire
    → www.artstation.com/bazart
    🎨Animation by Nathalie Baraton
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  • ChilledCow
    ChilledCow  6 months ago +1195

    It's the fourth anniversary of the channel today. Thank you so much for your support during these years, I hope you'll enjoy this new 2 hours study beats compilation!
    I also launched another merch collection with the illustration of this mix as well as many new items, check it out 😊
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    • Yara girl
      Yara girl 10 days ago

      happy anniversary I'm showing so much support for this amazing channel

    • Tabitha Elkins
      Tabitha Elkins Month ago

      You ought to sell the stuffed animals and googly eyed headphones.

    • Chris Rodriguez
      Chris Rodriguez 2 months ago

      I Love your music it makes me com

    • F346 Ok
      F346 Ok 3 months ago

      Paweł Kaźmierczak tell me what is the name of anime please?

    • ninja noob
      ninja noob 3 months ago

      How did you get the instrumental of axion sweaters are for introverts

  • Aaron
    Aaron 20 hours ago

    im ADHD and like just the randomized feed of calming music your live streams provide is really helpful when i'm trying to get things done. Thanks! :)

  • Stas Markin
    Stas Markin 2 days ago

    Хачу портфель как у неё

  • a glass of milk
    a glass of milk 2 days ago

    Ohh cool this girl can sleep

  • Joyce Wielman
    Joyce Wielman 2 days ago

    Rico 🖤

  • Mashimo
    Mashimo 2 days ago

    She sleeps with socks

  • king *J*
    king *J* 3 days ago

    I can use your lofi in my video if you want I put the credits and your channel link in the description

  • DJ Baby
    DJ Baby 3 days ago

    I have 2 test 1 English 2 World cultures
    Edit thx it helps alot do more plz and thx

  • Cecilia Faith
    Cecilia Faith 4 days ago

    She finally gets to rest after doing all that homework! 😂

  • Danger
    Danger 4 days ago

    Me with all my homework seeing someone done...
    Mine may never end, but I won't stop working towards the source of the stream.
    Gives me hope.

  • Keiser Soze
    Keiser Soze 5 days ago

    She’s got her head phones on so she doesn’t have to hear her parents fight.
    She could care less about her homework, she hasn’t cared in a while.
    The cat came close because it knew she was sad.

  • Uzumaki Bros
    Uzumaki Bros 5 days ago +1


  • Tamela T.
    Tamela T. 5 days ago

    So my 12 yr old turned me onto this. He plays the feed to sleep to at night. I am so impressed with his music choices these days. Thanks for giving us something to relax and unwind to. Love the compilation!

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    Rebecca Gipson 6 days ago


  • Burning Cloud
    Burning Cloud 6 days ago

    OMG, so nice. Instant subscription. :D

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    Sans The blaster 7 days ago

    she might have finished her homework, but I haven't :/

  • Rachna Bagul
    Rachna Bagul 7 days ago

    I love this vintage theme it gives me a vibe of Japan 🤩 I wish I could stay awake all night anyone with me ??

  • Zachary Kuran
    Zachary Kuran 8 days ago

    Finishing up studying for finals rn, hopefully on the other end I'll be able to rest just as peacefully as her!

  • Holly Lynn Marie
    Holly Lynn Marie 8 days ago

    this is one of my fav mixes!

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    Tweety bird 9 days ago +1

    I'm feeling really happy to see her sleeping.Finally😄

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    Proof that homework wears u out. She fell asleep with her headphones on

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    vint beats - midnight tought !

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    Chris Hermans 10 days ago

    Lubiec kotku

  • Týna Bludská
    Týna Bludská 10 days ago

    27:33 🌚🌙

  • Lauren Laserone
    Lauren Laserone 10 days ago

    The ads on this video are horrible! I put this mix on to relax and try to sleep and then the ad that comes on sounds like a jackhammer and I look at the screen and it's some kind of fucking surgery or something. What the hell? I can't watch this mix if I'm going to constantly be interrupted out of a twilight relaxation state buy violent sounds and horrible imagery. Jeez.

  • Jamezers
    Jamezers 11 days ago

    Rule 34 on her cat.

  • 3j0
    3j0 12 days ago

    When you have a whole essay due tmr

  • vanessa kennedy
    vanessa kennedy 13 days ago +1

    I start school in two days... lmao pls pray for me

  • anushka sharma
    anushka sharma 14 days ago +1

    the fact that this is exactly two hours long made me more relaxed than the music lol

  • BattleForAMillion Emeralds

    I can see her sleeping here.

  • honey lewis
    honey lewis 15 days ago

    You are the beat

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    Shawna Howley 15 days ago +1

    I appreciate this site SOOOO MUCH. The content is perfect for studying! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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    You shoud make this 8 hours for this it will be nice

  • Doggy Lover
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    Chill cow you calm me down for a school days thank you😊❤

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    This is so relaxing

  • Antonio Luis Cañestro Fernandez

    Me alegra los momentos que tengo que estudiar. Gracias.

  • 02nanita
    02nanita 19 days ago

    I love listening to Lofi during my lunch. Helps me relax and meditate.!! Awesome music 🤗

  • Connor Gunion
    Connor Gunion 19 days ago

    The art reminds me of when i was young and the world was inncocent.. Miss those days

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    Aditi Yeole 19 days ago +1

    Is it just me or the music got really inappropriate at 16:36

  • Abdel Oueryemchi
    Abdel Oueryemchi 20 days ago

    She has always been sleeping and will be ever be, she is meant to sleep in the everlasting motion of the ether..

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    Jack Cutbush 20 days ago

    Plot twist: She's just resting, she's only half way through her homework

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    Ruth Anne Caballes 20 days ago

    I love your art so much

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    Plot twist: she’s listening to the mix where she’s doing her homework

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    CDG Music Totem 20 days ago

    come to my channel for best music♥

  • Trischa T
    Trischa T 20 days ago

    As someone who is a night owl, stays up a lot to do work, it's a calming relief to see that the "homework" girl finally is at rest sleeping, tells me that I too need to remember to rest and to be at peace. Love your playlists!

  • heymaro hr
    heymaro hr 21 day ago

    Estoy despierto a las 03:25am... Pensando que necesito sentirme identificado con algo, algo libre y magestuoso... Pero solo estoy en la cama mirando el techo y no se que sea eso... Talvez un viaje para desconectar de todo...

  • Fabs Bauer
    Fabs Bauer 21 day ago

    Does she have a name? Or is she a clone like 88?

  • Fabs Bauer
    Fabs Bauer 21 day ago

    She could be relaxing on her undies after homework.

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 21 day ago +1

    Love your music, when the sounds start, I start to dream ❤️

  • other
    other 22 days ago

    I can't believe how much this actually helped. I've listened to white noise and bineral beats before which helped. But this was so much better than you.

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    water :/ 22 days ago

    Yay! She finally finished her homework 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Estelle loves sans
    Estelle loves sans 22 days ago +6

    when the song started playing i felt sad but for a good reason yknow? its like a feeling I've never felt before, it made me happy.

  • Rodock SO
    Rodock SO 23 days ago

    so, we have the lofi hiphop girl studying and sleeping, now we need the girl on her way to the school and eating

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    gu ni 23 days ago +1

    Is this after the night out? A power nap before she starts her homework?

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    Brooke Washington 24 days ago +1

    I love listening to this video when i start homework or study!! Its way better than silence. Helps me so much :)

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    The Monte Phone 24 days ago

    The pix sets the mood of mix.

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    Steve Muckway 24 days ago

    This mix is perfect

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    The Mastermind 25 days ago

    I’m surprised her phone isn’t dead yet after 2 hours