I GOT CAUGHT SHOPLIFTING (in a foreign country)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Learn from my mistakes, children.

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  • Jewel Catlin
    Jewel Catlin 3 hours ago

    I have never stole anything or pickpocket anyone. I am very blessed to have a family with some money. My fam doesnt have a ton of money in fact barley any. But I'm blessed to have food clothes and a house!😊

  • Valentina Pinedo
    Valentina Pinedo 5 hours ago

    I only shoplifted when i was 8 and now I’m 10.And i remember that i told my mom that i really wanted a lipgloss that smelled like cherries and of course she said no,and the dumb little girl that i was I stoled the lip gloss put it in my pocket and walked out of the store with my mom happy as a clam. P.S AND NEVER GOT CAUGHT.

  • President Cat
    President Cat 6 hours ago

    When I was younger when my family went to walmart I'd steal toys and then take them to school and sell them

  • Eve Eldred
    Eve Eldred 6 hours ago

    No I have never shoplifted.

  • Jacob Reed
    Jacob Reed 7 hours ago

    Was young and stole a toy

    EZDEMJA 10 hours ago

    I have once but we made it a inside joke I went to target and found a cap that I wanted then put it on and it stayed on my head then when I went to go for a shower I just realized

  • mehgan lee
    mehgan lee 15 hours ago


  • Gianluca Malave
    Gianluca Malave 18 hours ago

    The grandma candle is in the background🤣

  • Deffy12
    Deffy12 19 hours ago

    When I was 7, I accidentally stole a box of staples and a memo book from the grocery store, I had forgotten that I had put them in my pocket. When I got home, and found them in my pocket, I just put them in my room, and never told my parents

  • Raevan Jowett
    Raevan Jowett Day ago

    I've been pickpocketing for about 4 or 5 years now (since I was 10) and I used to do it so I could pay for my friends to get food from the cafeteria and that was the reason I spent $9 on myself until I left my middle school so ya now I do it for me but only when I need it

  • Niadh O’Caoimh

    The way she said Maltesers ughh it annoyed me lol

  • Ashlee Thomson
    Ashlee Thomson Day ago

    When I was 5 I was at big W and I opened a couple little minecraft toys put them in my pocket and went home now I’m always really scared to go back in there

  • Vivien Johnson
    Vivien Johnson Day ago

    yeah but i was 4 and stole a fruit bar from trader joes cause i was mad that my mom wouldnt get it for me

  • Emma Williams
    Emma Williams Day ago

    so when i was five i accidentally stole like a candy bar because i was sitting on it and then i notied it and i was like let me eat this thing and then my mother saw and she said hey i did not pay for that why do dyou have it "i was sitting one it in the cart" i said then i rushed back in and told a man the whole story and then he let me keep it for free

  • garbage person
    garbage person Day ago

    When I was 15 I stole lighters and beer with my friends a few times. I also stole a few random other things when I was 17 and I moved out of my parents house, I stole a pillow case, lightbulbs, and the "good beef" because I was in high school still paying for a house and i didn't wanna eat garbage anymore because I was dirt poor. Among probably a couple other things. Now I'm 21 and I feel bad about it and haven't done that in years its just so dumb and not worth it
    Edit, oh shit how could I forget being 15ish and stealing a bike speaker from Kmart! It was like the size of a brick and I just put it in the waistband of my pants and left haha stupid times

  • Casey Bradley
    Casey Bradley Day ago

    I worked for a really nice retailer in the mall and my girlfriend at the time was a very bad influence on me and even got me addicted to pot at the time so being on drugs and then stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff cause i would help her find an item in the store and then go up to the register and say hey we need to return this item and didn’t work out for us and then they would put it on a gift card and then we would use the gift card to purchase stuff in the store. At the end of the day I ended up getting a new couch ($1,300), coffee table ($500), clothing, make up, shoes, kitchen stuff, jewelry, The list goes on. Just s lot of valuables. Well I ended up getting fired from the place but they didn’t actually press charges and I’m not sure if that’s because they didn’t catch me in the act they only asked me why was I returning so much stuff they basically just had us on camera using the gift cards. There is a lot more details to the story but it lasted the course of probably three weeks and the thing is is they knew in week one. Moral of the story I never stole again because now that I am over 18 I should’ve gotten a felony for all of that and so never ever do I still now. Three years later I have a phenomenal job where I can pay for all of my own shit.

  • Anna Chairez
    Anna Chairez 2 days ago

    I think I was about 4 or 5 and I really wanted something and my mom said no so instead I stuffed it inside my little bag and when we got home my mom caught me.

  • Holly Welch
    Holly Welch 2 days ago +1

    Its sad that you couldn't have just approached a friend and said "Hey, I just got pick-pocketed do you think you can help me out for a bit while I figure all of this stuff out?"

  • Yadiel Varagon
    Yadiel Varagon 2 days ago


  • Becky Henson
    Becky Henson 2 days ago

    I didn’t mean to, but I didn’t realize that you had to pay for the local newspaper, and I just grabbed one on the way out of the store. My mom made me go back in and pay for it and it was humiliating and I didn’t even mean to do it.

  • Harley Misfit
    Harley Misfit 2 days ago

    Honestly I’ve gotten fired from one of my jobs because I stole clothes but I was 19, didn’t have that much money, was in a really bad mental state and was over worked that I convinced myself that my life wasn’t going to get better, but as the years go by I realized that it wasn’t worth stealing clothes and losing a job. But the owner was so generous that she didn’t call the police and just told me to get help but I’m also not allowed in any of her shops ever again. I did feel embarrassed for the longest time when I had to look for other jobs but now I take it as a stepping stone to being someone better.

  • Emilia Jones
    Emilia Jones 2 days ago +1

    Okay so maybe when I was younger I didn’t know what shoplifting was and why it was bad. (Okay, I was like 6 at the time) I wanted some candy but didn’t want to ASK MY PARENTS TO GET IT. So I grabbed the bag ( I was looking around and stuff, I knew this was bad but didn’t know why so it didn’t bother me.) I cut it open (with my teeth or something) and grabbed a couple. Then I did that will ALL THE BAGS IN THE AISLE. It is a MIRACLE that my parents didn’t notice. So we went home, didn’t get caught or anything. Then the LOW KEY STRANGEST THING EVER HAPPENED. I went back to that store a day later, we were out of milk. I heard a security guard and a employee talking about this. I had heard them say the word ‘shoplifting’ I didn’t know what that was, so I Googled it. Oh my GOD I was SO surprised. I wish I could say I made up for it, but instead I just vowed to never shoplift again, no matter what. So long story short, kids, don’t shoplift!

  • Lily Strother
    Lily Strother 3 days ago

    When I was six or seven I stole a bag of candies, a bottle of pop, and a pack of altoids from Caseys (a general store/gas station with amazing pizza in Iowa and possibly Ohio?) and brought it to school for the homeless kid to b nice. So I felt like motherfuckin Robin Hood. But yah. That's the story of me shoplifting.

    Btw, I love you and you and one direction (don't judge) are the reason I'm alive today. I remember just watching the video diaries and your videos over and over again when I was super depressed. Watching videos and listening to your and their songs made me believe that I was worth something and I should stay alive just a little longer. Sure, I have scars from self harm and I'm not proud of them, but I only have scars. Because of you those scars never led to my death. I have been clean for about 3 years now and I am extremely proud of myself. I'm proud to say that you guys were what saved me and I will never forget you and I hope you never forget us. Once again, thank you for saving me. Sorry for this mini rant. Love you gurrrllll. Lol sorry.
    -Lily Strother

  • Misty Fox
    Misty Fox 3 days ago

    Primark is a British Wonderland..
    Mal-tee-sers for your curiosity..

  • Misty Fox
    Misty Fox 3 days ago

    Gabbie: The world owes me!
    World: You want 10, 20, 30 bucks?

  • Reina Moon
    Reina Moon 3 days ago

    I think i did steal something once but I was really only like 4 so I did'nt think that things actaully cost something. But i do remember that when my mom found out she got so mad and I never did it again.

  • George Salazar and Lin Manuel Miranda Prom Queen

    Does stealing a 90 cent chocolate mini Easter egg when I was five and eating it count?

  • Esai gomez
    Esai gomez 3 days ago +1

    I once went to Wal-Mart one night and saw a phone case I liked and just slipped it out of the package and onto my phone. I still have it too 😂😂

  • Keira Ballard
    Keira Ballard 3 days ago +1

    Once I put sweets in my parents cart and they paid for it

  • Kyra Parris
    Kyra Parris 4 days ago

    I never stole anything in my life but one time I was on the verge to stealing something because I was having a bad day and I was so angry.
    Three morals of the story:
    1. Don’t steal
    2. The world doesn’t owe you anything
    3. Karma is a bitch

  • latayveaira crump
    latayveaira crump 4 days ago

    I did shoplift one time because I told my friends that I could steal anything from that store

  • Joe
    Joe 4 days ago

    The way she says maltesers 😂

  • Paloma Salas
    Paloma Salas 4 days ago

    I stole foam slime

  • Durracell 22
    Durracell 22 4 days ago

    One time, when I was like 9 or 10, my friend,her mom and I went to the mall and my friend told me how she had taken the necklaces that come with shirts. The necklaces that are plastic and fake and stuff like that. Well she stole one with me there and I told her that it was bad but she convinced me to do it anyway so I did and I felt horrible.

  • Alyssa Jarrett
    Alyssa Jarrett 4 days ago +1

    Your so brave to be sharing this story knowing that u can get in trouble or lose fans💙💙

  • KEO
    KEO 4 days ago

    Yes I was very angry

  • Dragonclaw 353
    Dragonclaw 353 4 days ago

    My brother stole five pins from hot topic

  • LaDonna Sarmiento
    LaDonna Sarmiento 4 days ago

    Omg Yes!! You're not alone girl

  • Vickie Dreamin
    Vickie Dreamin 4 days ago

    Great story!

  • Micky D
    Micky D 4 days ago

    I honestly used to steal makeup and otherthings because i got so depressed and angry about how i was being treated i felt like i deserved them and that money was just another object that had no value. Never really got caught but i made up for it by buying someone elses stuff cause i felt so bad about it

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 4 days ago

    I just realised she’s saying Sainsbury’s ahaha where I live we pronounce it sainsbrees and malteasers haha not maltessers

  • Heyyitz Audri
    Heyyitz Audri 4 days ago

    I have shop lifted but it was on accident. So I was on vacation and I saw a map at a gas station. So at pit stops there usually free.so.I assumed this one was too. Well when we got in the car i saw a sticker that said 7.00 freaking do llars!

  • Yes It's Michael
    Yes It's Michael 4 days ago

    i used to compulsively steal, usually lots at a time and usually victorias secret shit lmao got caught stealing a single bottle of hairdye and it was honestly so scary dude 💀 gotta admit i swipe a lip balm or something every now and then now but at least i'm not how i was 😭

  • yeetus el deletus
    yeetus el deletus 5 days ago +3

    Maltesers: Malt teasers
    Sainsburys: sains bries

  • Zoe N
    Zoe N 5 days ago


  • sofia B
    sofia B 5 days ago

    When I was 4 I Stole a KitKat

  • Lolli Pop
    Lolli Pop 6 days ago +1

    I stole bobbypins from Walmart

  • Cami Bobamifeefifofami

    Deadass commenting "i steal only what I can't afford..." when the song came on 😂😂👍

  • kingsy mr
    kingsy mr 6 days ago

    I stole chapstick and went home then i felt rally bad

  • Lucy Anderson
    Lucy Anderson 7 days ago

    99 PENCE

  • Madison Baumgartner
    Madison Baumgartner 7 days ago

    i have never shoplifted but my best friend accidently did... so we were in claires like looking for matching pairs of earrings... and we tried on one of those fake cuffs tht go around your ear. so my best friend took it off and was holding it, and i had this HUGE bag of popcorn and i wanted to try a different pair of earrings on so i asked my friend to hold my popcorn... SHE PUT THE CUFF IN HER POCKET SO SHE COULD HOLD THE POPCORN... then forgot about it. She didnt realise she had it until we got home.

  • Nathan MCK
    Nathan MCK 8 days ago

    When I was six I stole a kit Kat from dollar tree but I gave it back because my mom told me that stealing was wrong also I felt real bad

  • NotDeadJustYet
    NotDeadJustYet 8 days ago

    LMAO the choice of outro song xD

  • jacklyn razo
    jacklyn razo 8 days ago

    I know this was posted a year ago, but I'm new to your page and binge watching. I grew up eating mostly rice and beans because we didn't have money for food, I always envied the popular girls because they didn't have to wear hand-me-downs. I started stealing clothes and after over a year of this I finally got caught with $250 of clothes. They "pretended" to call the cops and they let me go and tried to fine me $250 even though I gave the clothes back. I called a lawyer and was told I didn't have to pay if the clothes were returned.
    This was 12 years ago and I still don't shop at this store.

  • Simone Regina
    Simone Regina 8 days ago

    Is nobody else dying at the outro???

  • Andrew Conway
    Andrew Conway 9 days ago +1

    Primark= penny's in ireland

  • Julia Harger
    Julia Harger 9 days ago

    My older brother shoplifted when he was younger. He stole a pig keychain that went ONik

    • Barbie 2.0
      Barbie 2.0 8 days ago

      Sounds like something I would steal rn and I’m 13🤣

  • I love Colby Brock
    I love Colby Brock 9 days ago +2

    Not gonna lie the way u say maltesers gets on my nerves 😂😂💛💗

  • I love Colby Brock
    I love Colby Brock 9 days ago +1

    I love primark cos it’s so cheap 😂

  • Space Nugget
    Space Nugget 9 days ago

    *kArMA's gOnNA cOmE cOlLeCt yOur dEpT*

  • Ashley Campbell
    Ashley Campbell 9 days ago

    All of these people on here are talking about stealing candy lol. A few years ago(I'm 23 now,) my roommate and I at the time, went to Walmart at like 3 am or something. She started putting shirts in her giant ass purse and I looked over at her like "wth are you doing." She told me to start grabbing stuff, and I'm TERRIBLE with pure pressure, anxiety, ect so I grabbed like 3 shirts and stuffed them in my not so giant bag. We went to the restrooms and started taking tags off stuff, she put a bunch of shit on and I just kept I think 3 shirts and some makeup in my bag. We go to walk out and we made it by the Subway (if you know, you know, that it's right by the exit) and a group of guys come and grab our arms, took us to this room and started asking us questions. I'm a sobbing mess because I'm a baby, and my friend admits to everything and essentially takes blame. They had to take her to the restrooms to get the clothes that she wore,and a girl gave me a lecture and told me I shouldn't hang with people like that. We we're going to go to jail but by the grace of God some kids stole electronic stuff and there was only 1 car available at the time. So they gave us tickets and let us go, I had to go to court and pay like $500 in fines while my roommate pled mental disability and paid $100 or something, but she had to pick up trash in the park every weekend for a few months and I didn't so ha 😂🤦🤦

  • Paige Kemp
    Paige Kemp 9 days ago

    Mmmmk I was 3 and I took a toy pony ... My mom made me an unknowing 3 year old do house work for 2 weeks to pay of the pony that I ended up returning (house work being feeding the hamster)

  • Loralei Ngen
    Loralei Ngen 9 days ago

    When I was 8 I stole a loose small sheet of stickers I found on the store floor😂😂 and when my little brother was 3 or 2 he stole candy bc he didn't know you had to pay for stuff😂😂😂

  • Autumn Schaeffer
    Autumn Schaeffer 9 days ago

    i stole candle decorations that i thought were free bracelets when i was like 7

  • Isabella art
    Isabella art 9 days ago

    i have and yeah thats why so yeah

  • liv M
    liv M 10 days ago


  • Ines Mendez Garcia
    Ines Mendez Garcia 10 days ago

    I would take chocolate bars from the store and eat them by the clothes section when I was 8 or 9. I did this around 2 times but stopped because my mom caught me but I said I found it half open so I got a lesson on not eating half open candy bars at the store instead of shoplifting. Got scared to death so I have never done it again

  • Gacha_Blaire _
    Gacha_Blaire _ 10 days ago

    I used to steal chapstick and nail polish from the Walmart when I was 7

  • emily sucks at everything

    im 13 and i stole about $100 worth of clothes at zumiez

  • cool jam360
    cool jam360 10 days ago

    ok so I'm 15 fresh out of middle school now. so when I was in 8th grade in the middle of the year I didn't have cash and we were in gym class and I was starving. so, and remind u I was with my friends when this happened, my friends were stealing candy out my coach's office. then my friends get caught and I dont it was awesome but I promised myself to never do it again.

  • Amber Winter
    Amber Winter 10 days ago

    I opened a bag of Doritos ate one put it back and then my dad saw the bag of chips I opened

  • Sassy Tea
    Sassy Tea 11 days ago

    Im truly evil....Me and my mom were shopping and she bought me a kinder egg and i snuck in another one....She caught me,but after she bought it and in the car,she thought it was funny UwU

  • Serena Adoranti
    Serena Adoranti 11 days ago

    I’ve never shoplifted but I was in a store and I was holding something under my arm and I had an empty drink in my hand, so I walked out to put it on the bin. I realised I was still holding it, so I ran back in and I bought 2 of them ahahahha

  • im sofa king weird
    im sofa king weird 11 days ago +1

    I have HONESTLY never pick-pocketed. The closest i got to it was when I was 5 years old and my throat hurt so i opened a bottle of juice is the store,we did pay for it after i drank half of it though. But I felt HORRIBLE because I thought this was wrong,and I remember my mom saying: it's fine, we're gonna pay for it, don't worry in laughter.😂

  • kate k
    kate k 11 days ago

    they are pronounced mall-tee-zers

  • Weird Juliana
    Weird Juliana 11 days ago

    I once accidentally shoplifted.... I thought my mom had payed for it.... don’t worry we returned but explaining was awkward

  • Khoddiey - Hans Clark
    Khoddiey - Hans Clark 11 days ago

    If Gabbi goes back to England and shops in a Sainsbury's now she probably won't get stopped. It's been a long time since it happened. Plus she gave a fake name so she could take her real ID, and if she was to get stopped. just say her real name.

    • Khoddiey - Hans Clark
      Khoddiey - Hans Clark 11 days ago

      And I feel like most of the time they don't really mean it when they say people are banned for life...I think it's a scare tactic.

  • Nina Burg
    Nina Burg 12 days ago

    When I was a teenager I used to steal from literally every store I had to stop going to my local mall bc when my friends and I would go in they would recognize us (mainly me and my pink ass hair) one night along with a few hundred dollars of other merchandise from different stores around this mall one of my friends and I walked out of Victoria secret with TWO 50-70 dollar perfume bottles (I didn’t look at the price too hard so I’m not too sure) we would go to all these stores and then get to the car and pull everything out of our bags to see who “won” in retrospect it was very dumb I grew up super poor so I definitely had a complex of “the world owes me this” and although I don’t stand behind corporations like malls or stores like Walmart and target I don’t think it’s worth the risk unless u rly need to eat - when I was rly young I used to steal candy from the counter while my mom/gma/whoever was paying my mom caught me once or twice but she never really cared that much but basically moral of the story is yes don’t steal not from Walmart not from thrift stores not from malls it’s not worth it and u don’t need it I promise

  • Bella S
    Bella S 12 days ago +1

    Me and my friend went to a store to get something to drink, on the way out the security guard told us to come with him because he was told we stole something. We tried to show him our bags to prove we didnt do anything which didnt work, he led us to the storage room with a guy waiting for us and had to show our bags again. Then we got escorted out of the building through the staff only door without an apology🙂.

  • Tate Spear
    Tate Spear 12 days ago +1

    Never shoplifted🤷‍♀️but my mom accused me of shoplifting lashes😪ugh triggered

    • liv M
      liv M 10 days ago

      @Tate Spear howd it happen like y. She accuse u

    • Tate Spear
      Tate Spear 10 days ago

      @liv M wdym

    • liv M
      liv M 10 days ago


  • Sophie Reader
    Sophie Reader 13 days ago

    I live in England but quite far away from London. As a child most of my clothes are from Primark

  • Black panda
    Black panda 13 days ago

    When I was little I found while shopping with my dad at a supermarket which was near by my house an open bag of gums so I took one and my dad saw it and made me go apologize to an employer who didn't even know what I was talking about. Needless to say that traumitized me for life and I put off going to that in particular market for years.

    L&L SISTER VLOGS 13 days ago

    from 8:37 to 8:42 look in the right side mirror

  • judy edwards
    judy edwards 13 days ago

    one time I was at the zoo gift shop with my mom and there was a bowl of braclets and in my head I was like COOL free bracelets so I took one and put it on and later I asked my mom why she didn't get one and she told me they were $2 and I was like OHHHHH HECK

  • Zoey Tucker
    Zoey Tucker 14 days ago

    i walked right out of a booth at a fair thing with a cat ear headband on

  • Britishgirl 0711
    Britishgirl 0711 14 days ago

    Primari is nothing like target or Walmart 😂

  • Taylor Plantico
    Taylor Plantico 14 days ago

    when u was four i tried stealing a fake flower from the doller store but my mom made me put if back

  • Ollie C
    Ollie C 14 days ago

    When I was really little I used to steal small toys from shops coz we didn’t have much money and I liked the thrill of being a bad kid without being caught. I thought it was fun to just walk around with my parents and sneak around a corner to steal a bouncy ball or smthn dumb. I don’t think I was ever caught but I know I stopped because someone threatened to tell on me (I think I’d told my friend and they said they were gonna tell my mam)

  • Nikki Nikki
    Nikki Nikki 14 days ago +4

    Wow Gabbie I died when you said if I accidentally have a Child 🤣🤣

  • Rose Kim
    Rose Kim 14 days ago

    ok but where in the world are 80 british pounds 150 dlars. thats waaaay too much

  • Dylan Christie
    Dylan Christie 14 days ago +1

    It's so weird for me it saying foreign country bc I live in the UK and its weird bc u never really think abt the fact ur county is foreign to others

  • Amelia Zaske
    Amelia Zaske 14 days ago +79

    I'm always scared when a USclipr admits that they did something illegal on their channel that a police officer will watch it and find them😂😂

  • Matt Poindexter
    Matt Poindexter 14 days ago

    I accidentally stole some cookie dough once. So I grabbed 2 bags in the store, and when I went to pay (it was a self pay station) I realized I didn't have enough (damn tax) so I set one down to go put it back, and finished paying. And because I'm a dumb bitch I saw that bag and was like "Oh, I forgot to put that in my bag" so I grabbed it and put it in my bag and walked out. Only to look at my receipt later and see only 1 on it. Whoops. Oh well.

  • Lauren Wait
    Lauren Wait 14 days ago

    I've never actually stole anything, but I was so close to stealing a 50 cent mini chapstick this one time XDDDDD I felt so bad about even thinking about it afterwards lollll

  • Emma Diane
    Emma Diane 14 days ago

    i have tried to shoplift candy but got to worried so i put it back although one time at target i tried on a pair of sunglasses and put them on top my head i got distracted and totally forgot about them we get out of the store and my mom says "so how do you feel" im like wtfdym and she says feel my head i freak out so worried and then go on with the day with a sense of dread

  • Ahtziry Madrid
    Ahtziry Madrid 15 days ago

    I used to shoplift SOOOO much makeup from Sephora, Ulta, Walmart, MAC, you fucking name it. And then.... I got caught and mf target. Dumbest thing ever

  • Lit Kermit
    Lit Kermit 15 days ago

    i once stole a baby doll and my mom asked where it came from (i was with my friend when i stole it) and i said my friend gave it to me. i still have it

  • Ishieta Kaur
    Ishieta Kaur 15 days ago +1

    It’s pronounced as molteeeeeeeeeesers

  • Angelika Jackiewicz
    Angelika Jackiewicz 15 days ago

    Now there’s a giant primark yay 😂

  • Reilly Elizabeth
    Reilly Elizabeth 15 days ago

    i havent stole anything but my friend stole like a neaklace and a cheap ring and a bracelet for me because i didnt have my cash with me and she felt bad lmao oops. love her tho