The State of Bezels! (2018)

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • The notch vs the future of smartphone design.
    Under-glass fingerprint reader:
    Vivo Apex Concept Phone:
    TechnoBuffalo LG G7 concept render:
    MKBHD Merch:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: Under the Water by Alltta
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  • JL sand/ JLの砂

    Samsung: are you shure about that:S10 family,new A family and M family

  • Istvan Maci Roka
    Istvan Maci Roka 2 days ago

    Mark ass brownley

  • Ag3nt0fCha0s
    Ag3nt0fCha0s 5 days ago

    Nah, I will keep my screen protecting bezels.

  • PDS350
    PDS350 15 days ago +1

    I don't really care about bezels, but I would buy a phone that is cheaper but doesn't have a front facing camera

  • Judah Simpson
    Judah Simpson 16 days ago

    put camara behind older and turn oled pixels over camara off while in a camara app

  • Toxic_BeastzZ 7
    Toxic_BeastzZ 7 27 days ago +1

    i like bezels on i phone 8 and below because of how nicely there implimented

  • Piyush Pastor
    Piyush Pastor Month ago

    2019 says "Hello!"

  • soldierwolf2480
    soldierwolf2480 Month ago +2

    The notch is basically just puberty

  • loke distor
    loke distor Month ago

    What are bezels?

  • Ilhan Tele
    Ilhan Tele Month ago

    Samsungs always the way. Notch is ugly

  • Tyler Lacroix
    Tyler Lacroix Month ago +1

    Man those are some big bezzels! 2019 gang where you at?

  • Timelapse - A418A
    Timelapse - A418A Month ago

    An updated version?

  • szewei85
    szewei85 Month ago

    Haha interesting

  • Haal Coogan
    Haal Coogan 2 months ago

    I don't have OCD with bezels on phone just give me good battery life in a phone and a decent camera

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs 2 months ago

    Galaxy S8/S9 is already using the least bezel necessary. Anything less than that is just trying too hard for no good reason.
    It's like the people who stance their cars, trying to get the rim to touch the fender while being as wide as possible.

  • Emilie Smith
    Emilie Smith 2 months ago

    I fail to understand why bezels are bad
    I like the bezels on my phone
    I like my home button, and I like the evenness of the forehead and the chin
    Does anybody know?

  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus 3 months ago

    I need bezels for a decent case that actually protects your phone.

  • Travis
    Travis 3 months ago

    Thumbs up if you want MKBHD to do a poll of those who prefer bezels or don't want bezels. I'm nit sure how much of us want this since it's helpful in holding the phone. Manufacturers should response to consumers and not the other way around. Also, give me bezels with phones at most 5.7" with today's best specs.

  • Syed Sadiq ali
    Syed Sadiq ali 3 months ago

    is it good to care too much about moving parts, we don't use phones 10 years these days.. every 8 months or so we kinda change it. so what's wrong about a moving part, which can create a whole new dimension. well amazing video. 1 Question I have, almost after removing the camera then too we have a bit bezels like a millimeter or two, why that? is that something which which house circuits for the display.. can't we get rid of that too??

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim 3 months ago +2

    Y can’t u just flip the back camera to make it a front facing camera

  • Jack Carline
    Jack Carline 3 months ago

    Samsung started this bezeless war they are gonna be the ones to end it too

  • Kouyen'dou N'Da
    Kouyen'dou N'Da 3 months ago

    i saw a concept picture of an iphone without a notch once and i gotta be honest......that notch gotta stay

  • Mr.EpikGames
    Mr.EpikGames 3 months ago

    Before Oppo find x

  • Zzidrys
    Zzidrys 3 months ago

    Now he have infinity o displays

  • Tech Always
    Tech Always 3 months ago

    Mkbhd ask money from other companies to do a good review

  • Cwisp
    Cwisp 3 months ago +8

    i love how the essential phone looks kind of dated now with that chin even though it came out this year.

  • KingYS Tech.
    KingYS Tech. 3 months ago +1

    The notch is not apple's way! stop saying that people has to copy apple! Apple copied the notch from a different phone

  • Jack Scholz
    Jack Scholz 3 months ago

    I love the notch, like if you agree comment, if you don’t

  • JamRock Bless
    JamRock Bless 3 months ago

    Tell you what-keep the headphone jack and remove the front facing camera.

  • Ryan Hope
    Ryan Hope 3 months ago

    fortnite and...

  • Rylan Marcum
    Rylan Marcum 3 months ago

    So we get rid of bezels. How do you hold your phone while watching videos?

  • Nicholas Hodge
    Nicholas Hodge 4 months ago

    As someone who doesnt really use the front camera I wouldn't mind a phone without a foward facing camera. I understand keeping the rear one, but removing the front camera to save aestethics is definitely something I would be on board with. Also a copper galaxy or iphone would be sick as well.

  • Kayte Beltran
    Kayte Beltran 4 months ago +1

    Apple gets so much hate. If they never did the notch, phones like the essential phone wouldn’t exist as the do today. Apple sets trends. And leads in design.

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 4 months ago

    Your wallpapers are just amazing. Is there any new repository for the ones which you use? That one in the matebook x pro, specifically as well as the one in the thumbnail for the iPhone X 😎

  • Faburama Bojang
    Faburama Bojang 4 months ago

    You people never get satisfied!!! No matter what the makers, you always unsatisfied!!!

  • Kaspars Sentinels
    Kaspars Sentinels 4 months ago

    They could create super nano camera who will fit between pixels in screen..

  • Tarun Mishra
    Tarun Mishra 4 months ago +1

    Notch is overrated and definitely looks like shit.

  • Yash Baddi
    Yash Baddi 4 months ago

    I love bezels and 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Yash Baddi
    Yash Baddi 4 months ago +1

    I love bezels and 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Alan Sdiq
    Alan Sdiq 5 months ago

    Why didn't you make video about gear Iconx

  • Actheman1978
    Actheman1978 5 months ago +1

    In 2025 folks will be like: “But backs are sooo ugly”.

  • Aaahehehehe
    Aaahehehehe 5 months ago

    Wallpaper at 1:44 please?

  • SierotSiewca
    SierotSiewca 5 months ago

    I like bezels of iPhone 6 onward. They don't look like on TV from 2008 thanks to their slim sides.
    Similar thing with Xperia line (IMO awful phones with great looks, i hate their android fork and HW problems).

  • Benjamin Malave
    Benjamin Malave 5 months ago

    Some smartphones have rounded displays so why not square the top corners of the phone and put sensors there?

  • Wzrd
    Wzrd 5 months ago

    They should just remove the front facing camera - problem solved! :D

  • Saleh Al Abdali
    Saleh Al Abdali 5 months ago

    Where can i get that wallpaper on the samsung?

  • Athanasios Logaras
    Athanasios Logaras 5 months ago

    Pretty sure i am not the only one that likes bezels, right?

  • ECHO Duckling
    ECHO Duckling 5 months ago

    I like bezelless but it must be uncomfortable watching videos in landscape without a place to rest your fingers

  • hks071
    hks071 5 months ago

    Mkbhd, what do you think of a rear facing camera with a hinge to flip over the top to face forward like some digital cameras

  • Blabla Bla
    Blabla Bla 5 months ago

    Will I be guillotined for liking the X designs?

  • Jacob Herlin
    Jacob Herlin 5 months ago

    I take issue with the claim that we can't remove the rear-facing camera or the proximity sensors. It annoys me that we have all this competition in smart phones, but no real options in terms of what the phone has beyond storage and screen size. I get that people use the rear-facing camera, but phones without one should be an option for people like me. Similarly, I absolutely hate holding the phone to my face, I answer calls with headphones, and occasionally speakerphone.

  • Shawn White
    Shawn White 5 months ago

    Yep 2018 bezels are now evil

  • Harry CHEUNG
    Harry CHEUNG 5 months ago

    i love the new iphone designs(bezels, removed headphone jack) fuck yall babies complaining

  • spamtelevision
    spamtelevision 5 months ago

    I don't agree with this guy, the notch on the iPhone looks not ugly

  • Joseph Holland Pontes
    Joseph Holland Pontes 5 months ago

    Selfies and phone calls are things of the past that’s why we have “courage” to remove the whole damn thing ! Only apple could do that now is just text message end of conversation

  • Ethan H
    Ethan H 5 months ago

    WTH your shirt is my iPhone wallpaper!!! Lol

  • cplews
    cplews 5 months ago

    Make a vlog channel please

  • Snowolf1984
    Snowolf1984 5 months ago

    In this thin- or no-bezel era of phones, why aren't there any white color bezel phones anymore? I'd think a thin white-bezel Galaxy S9 or iPhone XS would look great. Anyone?

  • Juice2515
    Juice2515 6 months ago

    Keep the top bezel. Front camera, front facing speakers, heck apple throw in your face idea. I hate notches, so the Samsung way is for me

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 6 months ago

    what is bezal

  • gothatway09
    gothatway09 6 months ago

    The culture changed from most of the 2000s, from 2000--2005 or 2007. Back then nobody cared about bezels, it was just cool having some kind of technology that we didn't have before. I mean for all intents and purposes, most of the technology in 2005 wasn't all that different from 1995, I mean not really. Most cell phones still looked like 90s cell phones, although people had DVDs, many people still had VCRs, the web had evolved from 1995 to 2005, but social media and USclip was still in it's infancy. As the technology became more common place and evolved, people started demanding more.

  • Joel William
    Joel William 6 months ago

    What about the oppo find x?

  • Retro Doc
    Retro Doc 6 months ago

    One reason I bought my flat Galaxy S7 is to admire its beautiful pink gold bezel.

  • Vela S
    Vela S 6 months ago

    This is what happens when we let preppy millennial tech journalists with the design senses of teenagers dictate to manufacturers what the trends should be. How the fuck am I supposed to hold my phone comfortably, especially while watching a video, without touching the screen, if the fucking thing is all screen? Not only does that mean you’re going to be accidentally pressing shit all the time, but it also means covering the screen while watching videos. Now I have to pinch the phone by either side and hope my thumb fat doesn’t accidentally slip over the edges. Furthermore, fuck good stereo speakers, I guess. And I guess everyone just decided to lube up their assholes to get fucked rather than actually vote for keeping the headphone jack with their wallets. Fuck you tech “journalists,” fuck you sheep consumers, fuck all of you. Now I can’t even buy a modern phone without some retarded bullshit like a notch, no headphone jack, or no micro-SD support.

  • Manu Verma
    Manu Verma 6 months ago

    realme 2 pro has done it { with water drop notch}

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 6 months ago

    But WHY? 😅

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 6 months ago

    Hm... Hows about Apple puts a front facing camera on the Apple Watch for selfies, and releases an iPhone with no front facing camera. Sounds Apple-y to me lol. But FaceTime would be awkward, nvm
    Or could you just make a camera tiny enough to only take a single pixel? You would easily get used to overlooking it

  • Jermaine Williams
    Jermaine Williams 6 months ago

    I have no problem with very small bezels..

  • Jermaine Williams
    Jermaine Williams 6 months ago

    Samsung has been getting rid of bezels for a while

  • Affinity Roadster
    Affinity Roadster 6 months ago +2

    Maybe if we stopped taking selfies, we could go truly bezeless.

  • Darren Gibson
    Darren Gibson 6 months ago +35

    I’m honestly a big fan of the notch, the iPhone X and Xs are, in my opinion the most premium and modern looking phones on the market thanks to their choice of materials. I currently have a samsung phone so I am far from an apple fan, but I can honestly say that I prefer the design of the S7/S6 to their new S8/S9 shape.

    • Daniel Sultana
      Daniel Sultana 3 months ago

      how can you be a fan of the notch? this is not a rethorical question, I mean it for real. Do you mean you're a fan of the X and the Xs and thus do not mind the notch or what?

  • CoolCarl33
    CoolCarl33 6 months ago

    Ok so we all want all screen phones, and we can agree with that, but how will cases work, fr, where would it attach

  • Kenny Z
    Kenny Z 6 months ago

    hahahahahaha rumoured One Plus 6

  • Uvindu Abeysekara
    Uvindu Abeysekara 6 months ago

    How would the camera work on snap on the vivo

  • Uvindu Abeysekara
    Uvindu Abeysekara 6 months ago

    Tbh I really don't care about bezels I jus want good performance

  • Trey Turpin
    Trey Turpin 6 months ago

    Where do you find your computer backrounds???

  • Steve DeSantis
    Steve DeSantis 6 months ago

    I could care less. Pixel 2 XL is the best phone I've ever had. It'll take a massive leap or a huge accident lol for me to need a new phone.

  • Elijah Bobinger
    Elijah Bobinger 6 months ago

    I still hold, if the iPhone could just segregate the top section for status icons ONLY, and then all-black during games & video would be PERFECT. Having it still open in any videos and games is SO DUMB. It looks ridiculous. But if we curved the display away from the notch, touching only the bottom of the notch cut-out, it would look perfect. I like how they integrate the status bar in text and reading apps, like any normal Internet browsing or social medium app, but - for the last time - videos & games... It just can't be there.

  • hks071
    hks071 6 months ago

    What they need to do is to have a flip hinge and have the rear camera flip over the top to face the front. So having 1 camera for both front and back

  • Aber Bron
    Aber Bron 6 months ago

    Moving cameras are rly stupid

  • Ryan Xue
    Ryan Xue 6 months ago

    In my opinion, I think bezeless and notchless phones are ugly af

  • Tryxēn
    Tryxēn 6 months ago

    My aesthetic :
    Samsung's bezels
    Razer's speakers
    Pixel's cameras
    Stock Android
    Headphone jack
    And that's all Laura shut up and take my money

  • Jimmy Salo
    Jimmy Salo 6 months ago

    I don’t mind them : D

  • Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez 6 months ago

    Getting rid of the front facing camera is easy. Just have a camera that comes out like the stylus in the note 9. I mean, don't make it fully seperate but make it so that it can be manually pulled out from the top of the phone. Not like the vivo where it's automatic.

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 6 months ago


  • Daniel Mihalko
    Daniel Mihalko 6 months ago

    I don't mind a chin and forehead on the phone, it's totally fine for me. I like it much better than a notch, I hate the notch

  • BMK
    BMK 6 months ago

    Dunno why people have problems with the notch and marques even calls it ugly. I think it looks really fucking good.

  • Masonwabe Nkombisa
    Masonwabe Nkombisa 6 months ago

    whats with the pixel you carrying?

  • Aaron Evens
    Aaron Evens 7 months ago

    Literally laughed out loud when the motor camera popped out hahahahh

  • Tri
    Tri 7 months ago

    Americans complain about everything. Who gives a fuck about not having notches/bezels. As long as i can call, text, and watch porn on a big screen then im good 👉🏿👌🏿

  • Евгений Мокрушин

    You confuse concepts:
    Bezels look worse in term of design, but better in usability
    Notch worse in usability but make much better design

  • Formby
    Formby 7 months ago

    Let's go Nokia N-Gage and put the ear piece on the side of the phone!

  • Joal Blo
    Joal Blo 7 months ago

    Samsung has the best design in smartphones right now. Balanced and beautiful.

  • Kenwood Zeu
    Kenwood Zeu 7 months ago

    Notch is poison.

  • Rahul Roy
    Rahul Roy 7 months ago

    I think it's about time this video gets an edit for the current state of things towards the end of 2018

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 7 months ago

    There is no such thing as a seamless future with wireless audio. A sad reality but one we will have to accept and I'm happy Samsung in on board with.

  • Thomas Fromentin
    Thomas Fromentin 7 months ago

    Who's Watching this on vivo Nex ?

  • Skilled User
    Skilled User 7 months ago +5


    I would never keep my phone like that...

    • Anubis
      Anubis 5 months ago

      What the hell bro! Its literally flying and nobody noticed that! Fuck the notches and bezelesness, we want flying phones! The future is here!

  • [ Gaming Inconsistently ]

    See through oled O: cameras gonna be hidden behind the screen, seen only when used or wants to be seen

  • [ Gaming Inconsistently ]

    See through oled O: cameras gonna be hidden behind the screen, seen only when used or wants to be seen