Andrea Kelly Details Allegations Of Abuse By Ex-Husband R. Kelly | The View


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  • 060 KingDrive
    060 KingDrive 3 hours ago

    This women is lying

  • GhostVaperYT
    GhostVaperYT Day ago

    I Can see why r kelly would be abusive. he has money, and power. he probably cannot handle anyone going against him. idk believe he would hit her over milk temperature. but i do believe he would hit her over her revealing clothes, and i am so glad she took her kids and left

  • Priantha Govender
    Priantha Govender 2 days ago

    1BLACK NATION 2 days ago

    If he was so bad then why did she have 3 kids by him? She's not telling the whole story which makes her a liar, a manipulator a deceiver... Oh and by the way Elvis Presley married a 14 year old...

  • Rosie Turner
    Rosie Turner 4 days ago

    I feel for her..... But she shouldn't be dancing in her car to his music.

  • Roger Wabbit
    Roger Wabbit 5 days ago

    After the pervert R Kelly is imprisoned, the animals caged therein, will turn him into s single engine propeller. He's gonna nelieve he can FLY, 🤣 🤣

  • Storm
    Storm 5 days ago

    She keeps going on these shows contradicting herself. I’ll probably felt a little sorry for her if she didn’t go on all these shows saying one thing on one show and another one another show. She’s being cross examined by the media and doesn’t even know it.

  • Zachary Baylor
    Zachary Baylor 11 days ago

    She keep saying I’m a dancer ... this lady is full of it #muteDreaKelly

  • Zachary Baylor
    Zachary Baylor 11 days ago

    She is trash

  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 12 days ago

    One 1 she says, you can stop right there. She was married. All marriages have behind doors issues, period.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 20 days ago

    She a lier.

  • Eriss R.
    Eriss R. 23 days ago

    But she keeps his name??

  • man of the woods
    man of the woods 24 days ago

    Why keep his last name?

  • derrie page
    derrie page 26 days ago


  • Carol Benson
    Carol Benson Month ago

    He s a sick man...glad she's free!

  • Patrick Pepin
    Patrick Pepin Month ago +1

    He is definitely a malignant narcissist. Very sad that this woman had to experience this toxic monster.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore Month ago

    No one tells a true story the same way. If it is true the facts remain however, something memorized has to be told always the same. Another persons story is never the same as your on, people handle things differently, we have different strengths, behaviors and personalities therefore it may be similarities but never exactly the same. Example, she was a wife, her experience would not be the same as an outsider their mental thoughts are different. Yes, mental abuse, physical abuse and all that is comparable but actions speaks louder than words, and Andrea actions did not speak until now, makes no sense, seems as if she did not mature until she knew others would see who and what and why she really is what we are seeing right now. A child is taught to speak of these things and a woman who had one child knows better, just saying, unless something is terribly wrong, just saying.

  • Shirley Williams
    Shirley Williams Month ago

    I never heard of a Andrea Kelly until she was married to R Kelly and no one still knew who the f*** she was until she got on the show with the ex-wives so stop playing of course she got to stick to the story like the song Say that's my story and I'm sticking with it

  • Kirby S
    Kirby S Month ago

    I really don't know whether to believe this woman or not? Why would she want his child support money if he did this to her? I wouldn't want a penny from any man who put me through that. It would be nice to finally know the truth after seeing all the conflicting info from both sides. Hopefully the truth will out.

  • I help anytime
    I help anytime Month ago +1

    0:23 If the girl agreed, then you can't blame R Kelly for marrying her -_-

  • Carl Milton
    Carl Milton Month ago


  • Carl Milton
    Carl Milton Month ago

    IDK. some reason I don't believe her azz. she knew what that creep was doing. IDK..... someone else knew.

  • Phillippa Russell
    Phillippa Russell Month ago


  • The Commenter 2
    The Commenter 2 Month ago

    She still cant act.

  • MrCamos6
    MrCamos6 Month ago +3

    Awesome Testimony, Not Only does Domestic Violence & Physical Violence Happen To Woman it Happens To Men Too

  • Clemes Determann
    Clemes Determann Month ago

    Zu xx

  • Chocolate74able
    Chocolate74able Month ago

    Amazing that she would still keep his name. Ugh! Ain't nobody got time for that...

  • ronnie odowd
    ronnie odowd Month ago

    Y 10 years tho idek

  • Ceeboy ForLife
    Ceeboy ForLife Month ago +2

    I would love to see men talk about dating and marrying women in Hollywood the way women do men.


    She's so Hollywood with this bs....Jesus Christ

  • jabulile kumalo
    jabulile kumalo Month ago

    She is crazy..

  • Josephine Amadi
    Josephine Amadi Month ago

    Nothing to say

  • Nazyair sengikar
    Nazyair sengikar Month ago

    I'd like to believe her but the view are such liars. And whoopy has defended Roman Polanski they have cried wolf to many time. The view are frauds

  • Nazyair sengikar
    Nazyair sengikar Month ago

    So all the lying media say he is hmmm.

  • Nazyair sengikar
    Nazyair sengikar Month ago +1

    Says 18 on the marriage certificate so they lie off the bat. Hmmmm anyone that believes them now are fools.

  • MrJaytheking
    MrJaytheking Month ago

    Hello all good people. I am an up and coming youtuber. I did videos reacting to and giving my thoughts on the R. Kelly documentary. I would love some feedback on my videos. And while you’re at it, you can follow me on IG @jaytheking97. Thank you all good people.

  • Brandon Jablasone
    Brandon Jablasone Month ago

    I want to see the evidence and not she say

  • Cynthia Carter
    Cynthia Carter Month ago +1

    No one wants to hear from that two-face woman one minute she's crying victim in the next one she's playing Superwoman to that man that's her baby daddy she doesn't care what anyone says about him I'm done

  • G. J-H
    G. J-H Month ago


  • G. J-H
    G. J-H Month ago


  • G. J-H
    G. J-H Month ago


  • True T
    True T Month ago

    I dont condone any abuse but women we need to stop gettibg with these celebrities for the glamour and staying for the lavish lifestyle. Then 30yrs later you say u were abused. True or false . it doesnt take 20 + yrs to report a crime. When you suits you you stay when it doesnt you report. Start walking away once it starts.

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Poor Andrea THIS interview WAS DONE before We found out THAT She WAS LYING ABOUT everything THAT She SAID ON THAT tv show, THERE IS proof OF HER TELLING different stories, LIKE HE WAS a good father AND provider, SHE HAD those supposed TO BE intelligent WOMEN believing Every LYING word

  • ak45 nyb
    ak45 nyb Month ago

    You are PTSD. You tell of everything he was suppose to have done, how about telling what you did do........keep it up and it will all come out..........Be careful

  • ak45 nyb
    ak45 nyb Month ago

    You are full of it. You were around as loetng as the money was around. You are a sick woman. It's a shame that you have turned them kids away from him. Out of respect for R Kelly, I'll stop now. You need help.

  • Mike Harkins
    Mike Harkins Month ago +1

    Why does she still have his last name?

  • Gloria Robinson
    Gloria Robinson Month ago

    Lady bye u need to stop but I am sending luv to rkelley kids.

  • Puj TJ
    Puj TJ Month ago

    She is 100% telling the truth!

  • Keenan Boyd
    Keenan Boyd Month ago

    The government shutdown was more important than this but somehow this got more publicity when everybody knew he was a pedophile to begin with

  • Mary Harris
    Mary Harris Month ago +1

    If R.Kelly Is So Bad Stop Using His Last Name!!!

  • Diamond Starr
    Diamond Starr Month ago +1

    This gold minded ex wife can get out my face

  • Kayt Manda
    Kayt Manda Month ago +1

    She is an hypocrite who still using the guy she claim hating's name for her own profit.YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH JUST GIVE UP HIS NAME.

  • Syrr Mogerite
    Syrr Mogerite 2 months ago +2

    Andrea look like a tranny trying to hide the Adams apple. LMAO, I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL!

  • Marie Sneed
    Marie Sneed 2 months ago

    Question was she participating in her husbands threesomes if so she could be charged too possible predator herself

  • m Dunkley
    m Dunkley 2 months ago

    Fake tears

  • Romell 88
    Romell 88 2 months ago

    All of this started for R Kelly at 27!! probably sooner, that's young enough to make very stupid decisions, especially about sex, ESPECIALLY when you're rich & famous. Clearly he attempted/succeeded to live out his sexual fantasies.. Now he's paying the "public shaming" price. I'm not defending him by any means, but it's also worth noting that it's very possible some of these allegations are false or exaggerated for media attention. HOWEVER, I 100% believe Andrea, she is very well spoken, and there's no way she's doing this for attention.. I just really wonder what Aaliyah would have to say.

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago

    The introduction sucks. Drea said its about saving lives. Ok drea you say you were married to r kelly for 13 yrs. Did it really take you 20+ years later to save lives. 20+ years ago is when you should have been trying to save lives. Im just not digging drea and its simply because she have too many holes in her story. Also, if r kelly was so bad why you have three kids by r kelly and why do you still have his last name. You are all on youtube praising r kelly but then you say he abused you. You shouldnt want to speak r kelly name if he was such a monster. Then this child support case. If its owed yes r kelly should pay it however i believe drea is making it a big deal now because her money is getting low. Since its a big deal who waits four years🤔 later draw all this public attention even go as far to do a press confrence after being granted back pay. Drea mam you should have descreately took rkelly to court 4 years ago since you claim you fighting for your kids.

  • Nicky Hargreaves
    Nicky Hargreaves 2 months ago

    I completely can relate to the eyes changing and you know you are about to be attacked. I feel so sad to hear this xx bless that lady xx

  • Jenny Boo
    Jenny Boo 2 months ago +1

    Andrea Kelly needs to shut her fake ash up.

  • byron matthews
    byron matthews 2 months ago

    Slave mentality

  • byron matthews
    byron matthews 2 months ago

    She only deal with R. Kelly because he had money

  • byron matthews
    byron matthews 2 months ago

    Think about it.....would women deal with rkelly if he was poor and homeless

  • byron matthews
    byron matthews 2 months ago

    If you didn't have any money and he was not famous people would not pay him no attention

  • byron matthews
    byron matthews 2 months ago +1

    Jealousy... People are they jealous of his career of his Fame and the fact that he has a lot of money

  • Venkatesh Subburaman
    Venkatesh Subburaman 2 months ago

    Unless the other side of the story is heard I cannot believe her words. Woman can put all blame on men, I have seen a lot in court. Today's women put a lot of fakes cases on men.

  • smkscreen10
    smkscreen10 2 months ago

    Fck the btch the interviewer you are the white mans death angels

  • themostexalted
    themostexalted 2 months ago +1

    now this woman is a true veteran! the realest of the real and the bravest of self-aware!

    her honesty, her intelligence and her strength are so well put together she makes everyone run for their life testimony. a true example to any of the genders. remarkable. unbreakable. sending positive energy to her and her family.

    again, like she said, every tree has a root. R.Kelly is both the victim and the criminal. most definitely sick in head.

  • Ketsia Choisie
    Ketsia Choisie 2 months ago

    I knew she was lying when she said God told her to just lay there 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Stacy Browder
    Stacy Browder 2 months ago

    This is my LIFE...😭😭22yrs

  • Kendrick Isom
    Kendrick Isom 2 months ago