Andrea Kelly Details Allegations Of Abuse By Ex-Husband R. Kelly | The View


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  • DeeJay Tyson
    DeeJay Tyson 17 hours ago

    If he tied you up why not go to the police. If all this happen why not go to the police. Lies lies lies. You tell your family but not the police of you covered in blood....really...smh

  • Angellah Phillip
    Angellah Phillip 2 days ago

    I don't support at all men to abuse women, but all this ladies who I have had them talking of how r kelly abused them .....there stories don't make sense at all, ....if i was the judge handling this case of R KELLY I would release him 4 free ...course I think they were read to be abused to there on intereste and if it failed please ladies stop showing us and the world the high quality of fooliness you did

  • Lauren Stanley
    Lauren Stanley 2 days ago

    He makes me want to angry vomit or shout in his face. I don't know him but God help him. Definition of narcicism and narcicistic abuse. I survived narcistic abuse too. It was emotional, financial and physical. I am fine now! God helped me put things back together. I would like to hear about Andrea's happy times now. Now is her peaceful day, I want to hear about the joy she has with her kids. I can understand about the root. A boyfriend of my mom's was really abusive. I appreciate my life and my comfort in peace and my child and the joy I have with good friends.

  • NyweleStyles
    NyweleStyles 5 days ago +1

    This woman went through narcissistic abuse the most evil thing anyone can go through.

  • Stephanie Mathis
    Stephanie Mathis 5 days ago

    I know how she feels because I went through things like that with my ex. He was the perfect guy when we first met but after I went through a rough pregnancy, delivery, our daughter in PICU at 2 months and then a 14 hour open heart surgery that left me feeling shell shocked and my own PTSD he became abusive towards me and my kids in ways that left all of us broken. He separated us from family and friends that spoke out against him or challenged him in any way. I was ready to leave my own kids to suicide but I eventually walked out of the fog and WE couldn't be happier without him. People like my ex and R Kelly are monsters and should be in jail

  • Yadi A
    Yadi A 7 days ago

    I don’t believe this hoe if she was so hurt she would get rub of the gross last name

  • ms sexy chocolate
    ms sexy chocolate 10 days ago

    Money hungry . shes fake i dont believe her.

  • Brenda Parks
    Brenda Parks 13 days ago

    But these other ladies were children at the time it started!

  • altertheskyy1
    altertheskyy1 13 days ago

    Powerful woman

  • Albino Natividad
    Albino Natividad 13 days ago

    Why is she still using his family name? So hypocrite.

  • Lilly Robles
    Lilly Robles 14 days ago +1

    Power To You Andrea, God Bless You May You Have Peace.. Your A Beautiful Woman💋

  • Vic Vedac
    Vic Vedac 15 days ago +1

    He is just lucky none of them is white

  • Tinkerbell4ever18
    Tinkerbell4ever18 16 days ago +2

    Abby really does not deserve to be sitting in that chair. She is asking the dumbest and most insensitive questions.

  • Bd from the 213
    Bd from the 213 16 days ago

    Just throw r kelly in a furnace 😒

  • Mi G
    Mi G 17 days ago

    She has again his name ?

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 19 days ago +22

    “What prompted you to file a restraining order?”
    Ummmm... did you not just hear her talk about all that abuse?

    • tina anderson
      tina anderson 17 days ago

      So she filed a restraining order I'm confused she has been seen on videos attending party's etc why wasn't he arrested?For violating the restraining order?

  • Bernard Holmes
    Bernard Holmes 20 days ago

    She's lying.

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova 20 days ago +2

    A bunch of nasty victim shaming in the comments. “Oh but she kept his last name”. Stfu. Women don’t change their last names after divorce because their kids have the same last name.

  • Michee Boele
    Michee Boele 21 day ago +1

    I can't understand girls omg u just snakes all of that because of money or something else why u wait so long ??
    And you were with him for 13years 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ you'll get paid for the lies that u put on him.
    Any kids in the world want to be close or see their parents all the time, I'm just sad for him

    R ROMAN 21 day ago +2

    To me this is not staged. This is real life experience. My God this man had money but lived so out of order!

  • Genevieve Nellar
    Genevieve Nellar 21 day ago

    This woman is selfish ... and dumb. U want R.kelly all to yourself 😂😂☠️☠️. Men will always be men leaven that man alone 🤧🤧

  • Renoi Royal
    Renoi Royal 21 day ago

    I hate the fact that these media find guilty people without any evidence that the court should be the right place to decide someone's fate. #Letjusticebedone

  • Sugar n Spice Topics

    She shakes when she see's a hummer but she doesn't shake to still keep the mans last name ANDREA ..please

  • paula p
    paula p 21 day ago

    But wasn't she the one who groomed the girls for R Kelly? Allegedly, it was reported.

    • 3am
      3am 20 days ago

      no that was the trainer

  • D D
    D D 21 day ago

    Lady dont wait 10+plus years to so call want to save lives. You needed that one girl you say you saw on i believe a talk show to speak up in order for you to get the courage to come forward. That wasnt i guest bravery as you started out describing. Drea was talking like she helped the young lady. Naww she helped you because in other words 10 yrs later and some more you would have still been quiet. It was money involved for drea to.

  • Hildred Mitchell
    Hildred Mitchell 21 day ago

    Andrea needs to be locked up also. Things ocurred in her house and she looked the other way.

    • Gwendolyn Davison
      Gwendolyn Davison 20 days ago

      Absolutely not she had nothing to do with her then husband was doing

  • michael brown
    michael brown 22 days ago

    F off

  • Nickson Ocen
    Nickson Ocen 22 days ago


  • Xv On33Thr33
    Xv On33Thr33 22 days ago

    She Lying 💯

  • quay music/director
    quay music/director 22 days ago

    No he should not be locked up for marrying her it was a marriage

  • Alphonso Wayne
    Alphonso Wayne 22 days ago

    This a ugly mf

  • Bobisco Billion
    Bobisco Billion 22 days ago

    I used to be very skeptical about RKs accusations and thought it was just the Caucasian scheme to drag one black brother down, but watching this woman describe her experience was my turning point. Rk brought this upon himself. I hope he gets the help her needs and may anyone who has been a victim receive justice. Glad his ex made the best decision for herself and her kids. As a mother, you really gotta live for your children. Mothers Rock!!!!

  • S J
    S J 22 days ago +1

    Smhhh I believe her I don’t care what’s anyone says

  • thesuperdeeshow
    thesuperdeeshow 22 days ago

    It's hard to believe that he showed no signs of being abusive before marriage. Why she stay with him for 14 years?

  • Balirondasavio Anthony
    Balirondasavio Anthony 22 days ago +1

    She kept the name Kelly...ohhh anyway....but why wait so long???

    • SuperNova
      SuperNova 20 days ago

      Balirondasavio Anthony she explained why.

  • Bianca Polo
    Bianca Polo 22 days ago

    R Kelly is BROKE ! He signed away his publishing because he can’t read !

  • Bianca Polo
    Bianca Polo 22 days ago +3

    He’s disgusting

  • little miss peleonera
    little miss peleonera 23 days ago +2

    I 100% believe her and the rest of R. Kelly's victim's

  • romeo Joseph
    romeo Joseph 23 days ago

    Ok when she threw her grandfather under the bus potentially ruining his Baptiste preacher career I know she just trying her best to sound beleavable to further her career. For 13 years she wasn’t smart and intelligent like how she sounds now?

  • Distro Glo Music
    Distro Glo Music 23 days ago

    she lying

  • L.K.
    L.K. 24 days ago +1

    Just don't trust this woman. No way in the world she did not know. No one is that well-hidden. She knew...something in me just says she's riding the train to not be put in the same shadow. Whatever..smh😏.

  • Tamera Nicholson
    Tamera Nicholson 24 days ago +1

    Prayers for you R Kelly

  • Reddi
    Reddi 24 days ago +2

    You stayed for the money all that time, or were you just stupid? Either way , her spotlight grab is sickening

  • Babyface jules
    Babyface jules 24 days ago

    Drea need to shut her mouth shut up already stfu smfh

  • ReCycle Spinning
    ReCycle Spinning 24 days ago +1

    She is soo happy to be in the limelight 😉😆🙄. They say that when you are attacked the first time you are a victim. When you stay and attacked a second time you are an accomplice. .She married for fame and fortune.

  • Gossip Geek Plays
    Gossip Geek Plays 24 days ago

    I have absolutely no respect for her. This woman was on reality TV just a couple of years ago singing R Kelly's Grace's and talking about how amazing he was, and how she couldn't wait to get his check. Then when these accusers resurfaced she changed her whole tune when she saw the chance to get some money. Right before she went on this show she was bragging, singing and dancing on her Instagram about all of the shows she had lined up to do. She's an opportunist and is only crying victim now because it will put her on TV to talk about it. Abuse is wrong on all levels and a serious issue that many people, including myself have been through and shouldn't be something to laugh, dance and sing to talk about. She's as fake as a press on nail from the Dollar General.

  • Leo Aries
    Leo Aries 25 days ago +1

    I believe her! Little things would set my ex off like the way I cracked a egg or if the sink had two dirty dishes in it, I was busy taking care of three kids , two of them under the age of two but all he cared about was that the sink had a dirty dish in it. I would get slammed into the sink then get dragged on the floor by my hair ect....

  • FuzzyAppleBong
    FuzzyAppleBong 25 days ago

    Please Drea, Show a link somewhere where I can get to your beautiful outfits! They're so gorgeous I want your pink shirt and green dress from the vh1 video! Girl you got style💕

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 25 days ago

    I had a husband like that I was gone pretty quick.. I was pregnant twice in a roe.. after I had my second child by c section... I left him and he committed suicide 9 uears later

  • Ruwhiy Muhammad
    Ruwhiy Muhammad 25 days ago +1

    Andrea Kelly knew exactly what was going on and she participated in it and now she is playing like she was naive. 13 years and you didn't know nothing??!!! I do believe she was abused and hurt by him but don't lie. Tell everything and your part in it. Everybody knew he married aaliyah at 15, she knew and didn't care....until it was her!

  • Ametefe yawa
    Ametefe yawa 26 days ago

    You say all this about him. He is your ex and you still use his last name? Take off the last name and be real. You keep contradicting your self. May God help and deliver us all.

    • Karen Wise
      Karen Wise 23 days ago

      Y yall aint tell tina turner the same thing

  • Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell
    Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell 26 days ago +1

    how do people attack this woman smfh

  • salim ampofo
    salim ampofo 27 days ago

    Who missed them marriage certificate? Government! Government's approval

  • Ariel Skelly
    Ariel Skelly 27 days ago

    Why does she say allegedly? He married her, there are court records.

  • Sla V
    Sla V 28 days ago

    There’s like 10 plus women who accuse R Kelley what they allll want money? Gtfo Kelly is the devil

  • RL Driver
    RL Driver 28 days ago

    She is the ugliest of them all and he married her Smh.

  • Dr. Kanella
    Dr. Kanella 29 days ago


  • Lucy Malenya
    Lucy Malenya 29 days ago

    Ya'll just wanted to be around Kelly,why didn't ya'll leave?? FOH!
    Fake victims..13years in an abusive marriage😏😏😏

  • Dekile Dennis
    Dekile Dennis Month ago

    I'm just here for the comments though...

  • Cóy M
    Cóy M Month ago

    Black women are never supported by the laws . We must be supported by one another.