Is KFC in INDONESIA the same as AMERICA?

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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    Is MCDONALDS in Indonesia the same as America??
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  • Conner Sullivan
    Conner Sullivan  5 months ago +342

    Is MCDONALDS the SAME as AMERICA though??? NEW review video is here:

  • Fransiskus Richie
    Fransiskus Richie 2 hours ago

    4:17 boom bitch get out the way get out the way bitch get out the way 😂😹

  • peachy roll
    peachy roll 4 hours ago

    but--- i like indonesia kfc. Is spicy but yummy, *i only like pepsi ok*

  • Oliver Carlo
    Oliver Carlo 15 hours ago

    mas ku indo gue makan opor ayam di jl raya bkti ya mas bro gue ke kmpung mas????

  • Oliver Carlo
    Oliver Carlo 15 hours ago

    mek di pa

  • Haryono Haryono
    Haryono Haryono Day ago

    Elu knp ke sini pergi sana ke negara lo

  • Imelda Tobing
    Imelda Tobing 3 days ago

    Im already satisfied with kfc o.r indonesian style. Hope i can taste the american one.

  • Imelda Tobing
    Imelda Tobing 3 days ago

    You should live and work in indo if you love it so much.

  • ngeroad
    ngeroad 3 days ago

    Lebih gurih dr kfc amerika!

  • mamang gamers chaum
    mamang gamers chaum 4 days ago

    I am indonesian and that is next level rice eating

  • Donny Hardiono
    Donny Hardiono 5 days ago

    Im from indonesia bro let me say indonesia oke aku berasal dari indonesia kfc di indonesia itu enek banget/so good

  • Nur Afzah
    Nur Afzah 7 days ago

    Wanna know some good tips on eating chicken??
    1. Dip it in chili sauce
    2. Put it on top of rice
    3. Use your right hand, smudge it together
    4. and eat it
    Eating it together takes it to another level🤙🏻

  • PuffyGum Gamer103
    PuffyGum Gamer103 7 days ago +1

    You eat with you right hand
    I'm Indonesian

  • RNG mrkeyasian
    RNG mrkeyasian 9 days ago

    You eat rice with chicken,perkedels etc not with chili or tomato if you eat ricer with chili or tomato just 3 words YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!

  • yus nuraini
    yus nuraini 10 days ago

    Yeeeeaaaaahhh indonesia i live in indonesia

  • HL R
    HL R 12 days ago

    Indonesian not eat rice in that way. Not with chili sauce only. We will eat together with the chicken with chili sauce

  • DyariPlaysRBX
    DyariPlaysRBX 13 days ago

    What about the Milo?

  • Jeremiah Runtunuwu
    Jeremiah Runtunuwu 13 days ago +1

    Well Indonesian Already Knows All Inggrish They Can Even Talk USA And Russian,Espanol,Chinese,Japan Indonesia Can Understand And Talk Like That Well I'm Indonesia I Can Just Talk Inggrish

  • Chruzerboy
    Chruzerboy 17 days ago

    8:55 Is that correct?
    No! You don't need to dip the rice into the sauce. The right way is you still have to dip the chicken into the sauce, after that take a little rice and chew the chicken and rice at the same time.
    That's the correct way to eat chicken of Indonesian version 🤣

  • Sholeh Bjm
    Sholeh Bjm 20 days ago

    indonesians eats with right hand beacus muslim

  • Dhani Wachyudi
    Dhani Wachyudi 22 days ago

    KFC Indonesia is different with KFC in USA..
    I can eat KFC in Indonesia (tanah lahir tercinta).
    But I CAN'T EAT KFC in U.S., (bau amis....sama sekali ga enak ga gurih......itu 14 years ago...NEVER again...).
    All "junk food" different flavors.
    Indonesia KFC , McDonald's etc is way...much better..👌👌😋

  • Abah Kami
    Abah Kami 23 days ago

    The name is, Rice one = Riswan 🤗✌

  • Metro Blitar
    Metro Blitar 26 days ago

    Love coner

  • Azret Batseba
    Azret Batseba 27 days ago

    Come to East Java, here are a lot of great place to explore

  • BIG bee
    BIG bee 29 days ago

    Sego lawuh sambel 😂

  • Gusion Bin Sableng
    Gusion Bin Sableng Month ago

    Indonesian be like=it's RAID TIMEE!!B

  • Iwe Muse
    Iwe Muse Month ago

    Klu di kfc malysia puding sdh enggk jual di gnti sma jelly ice cream

  • Panji Kharisma Rayrizki

    8:55 Is that correct? No. 🤣

  • Pretty Fly
    Pretty Fly Month ago

    Ur message at the last part of this vid tho. Happy for u sir. Stay positive ❤

  • Shoei 93
    Shoei 93 Month ago

    Its usually a fitrah people will eat using right ✋..

  • itsjinam
    itsjinam Month ago

    Ay- did you went to Dubai? If you didnt come here and you will no regret it uwu

  • Binti51K Binti51K
    Binti51K Binti51K Month ago

    Di Indonesia kalo belum makan nasi belum makan namanya 😂😂😂

  • AliGoes Gacha
    AliGoes Gacha Month ago

    8:52 Here is your answer.........Our dominant hand.

  • Umi SaKhira
    Umi SaKhira Month ago

    We use right hand, Brother.. Because in our culture using right hand is more decent and cleaner than the left one. And its sunnah according to Islam teaching (something good that must be practiced)

  • Wendy PowTeam
    Wendy PowTeam Month ago

    English : Why is thee rices everywhere in indonesia?
    Indonesia : Rice is everything is indonesia
    English : Wow...... So every food had rice in indonesia
    Indonesia : yes, rice in indonesia is nasi
    English : ok
    Sorry this is still empty
    Coming soon!

  • yuperpeng
    yuperpeng Month ago

    there is no coyote in indonesia 🙄

  • Carl Lutzow
    Carl Lutzow Month ago

    ABC sauce. Just in case you bump into 99 ranch in LA.

  • NothingElseDesired Arts

    Me: Indonesian that loves Germany
    Conner Sullivan: German that loves Indonesia
    Coincidence? I think YES

  • Jeeyona Pathak
    Jeeyona Pathak Month ago

    Try indian KFC

  • Bian Setyohadi
    Bian Setyohadi Month ago

    i believe in Jesus Christ

  • Hello Youtube
    Hello Youtube Month ago +1

    To be honest, Indonesian people are seems to be nice to foreigners, but in fact in our country most of them are intollerant. UGH! Weird netizens 🙄

  • Trishaa Yin
    Trishaa Yin Month ago

    hope u enjoyy indonesia bro,,,

  • Mad_oka
    Mad_oka Month ago

    Damn you suggest not to buy on restaurant at restaurant it self. You are brave

  • Juan Pius
    Juan Pius Month ago

    thanks..for visiting Indonesia especially tarvelers

  • Bimo Satyrio
    Bimo Satyrio Month ago

    Dahar eta sangu

  • Ghost '
    Ghost ' Month ago

    Halooo....KFC.!!!...pesen ayammm...iya..iya....ayam 1 pake lamaa...

  • bad creeper 114
    bad creeper 114 Month ago

    My breakfast everyday on indonesia only Rice and Egg..

  • Princess DNC
    Princess DNC Month ago

    Explore semarang with us pleaseee 😂

  • javier gaming
    javier gaming Month ago +1

    I from indonesian

  • Abdhy Zain
    Abdhy Zain Month ago

    07:12 When u feel Weird Eat Something new ,But U Still Eat More 😂...

  • John Denver
    John Denver Month ago

    I'm Malaysian and fucking shocked with the drumstick size at the beginning. It's like finger size of mine! So glad it's 3 times bigger in here.

  • Syahrul 201_
    Syahrul 201_ Month ago

    Saya suka dengan video ini ,, saya berharap saya bisa mencobakan KCF AMERICA

  • J A
    J A Month ago

    Ahh USclip suggested me this. And... this face kinda familiar to me (REWE Marburg Video that went viral) so I clicked :D

  • taim channel
    taim channel Month ago

    The subscribers were previously thanked that hopefully the mister was given a good health service

  • Aria Wolfe
    Aria Wolfe Month ago

    I am an Indonesian and I went to US for exchange. I guess it’s just since I grew up here in Indo, I am more liking Indonesian KFC chicken bcs it’s crispier and spicy ofc, comparing the one in us I found it to bland for my taste :)

  • 4lan
    4lan Month ago

    what you're gonna find in indonesia rice & chili sauce thingy

  • Vincent Gaming
    Vincent Gaming Month ago

    Hi bro iam from indonesia too

  • Iskandar Alukhal
    Iskandar Alukhal Month ago

    We only use one hand, the right hand

  • SBEVE 77
    SBEVE 77 Month ago

    Gojek give a free ride
    Me : Wait. That's illegal

  • Laszkar Alazizi
    Laszkar Alazizi Month ago

    In english =hash browns
    In Indonesian = perkedel

  • Denis Ho
    Denis Ho Month ago

    Its way better. They dont have the crispy chicken over there.

  • kai we
    kai we Month ago

    U don't eat rice with chillie

  • 饺子
    饺子 Month ago

    it taste better than chinese KFC for sure.. but i like soto ayam the most XD

  • JasonTheroblox 120
    JasonTheroblox 120 Month ago +1

    Dud you eat rice like this eat rice with chicken at the same time thats how indonesia eat

  • Akhmad Ferian Hidayahtullah

    I M. Indo

  • RioKun_
    RioKun_ Month ago +2

    Tiny Potato = Perkedel
    Spicy is The Life UwU

  • Nintendo Fanboy plays roblox and more

    Other countries: McDonald's ice cream machines are broken.
    Indonesian kfc: ice cream machines are broken

  • Multi Media34
    Multi Media34 Month ago

    Enakan amerika lah ayamnya lebih gede

  • Mantap Soul
    Mantap Soul Month ago +1

    Eating rice with chiken or perkedel,it so great

  • Edy Wijaya
    Edy Wijaya Month ago

    ayam kfc indo diimport beku kok dr usa

  • Javier Rafi
    Javier Rafi Month ago

    belajar bahasa indonesia

  • Azi Zah
    Azi Zah Month ago

    1 things agree with you... at Indonesia... transportation are very bad and their charge very high price...
    Small chicken... high price.. suck

    Better in Malaysia...

  • Arvin Renardi
    Arvin Renardi Month ago +1

    Use The Right Hand

  • Devara Gard
    Devara Gard Month ago +1

    Ke bali makan kfc whoaaaaa.........

  • watson manalu
    watson manalu Month ago +1