Professional Tattoo Artists Judge Tattoos From Movies


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  • Undecldable
    Undecldable 3 days ago

    Tattoo Artists React To Rappers Tattoos

  • Junior Colada
    Junior Colada 4 days ago

    Reviewing tatto? Tatto its belong the owner like or dislike, so do we need to review it?

  • Tony FreeDrum
    Tony FreeDrum 4 days ago

    Video description...
    Professional tattoo artist
    Me and everyone: who?

  • Lorenzo Rossini
    Lorenzo Rossini 5 days ago

    I get that they are reviewing them from a professional and technical point of view, but you need some context... Jack Sparrow's tatoo was made in the 1600's, and Draco Malfoy's isn't just a tatoo he asked an artist for, it is a magical mark that burns when the Drak Lord summons it... I wouldn't mind to much for it to be blurry

  • evo1223 fun
    evo1223 fun 5 days ago

    Where is michael scofield?

  • Kate Loise
    Kate Loise 5 days ago

    Where's the "No Ragrets" tattoo from we're the millers hahaha!

  • DerGulliver
    DerGulliver 5 days ago

    Sad there was not the Place Beyond the Pines in it

  • //\アニメ コア
    //\アニメ コア 6 days ago

    **LOOKS A MAUI**

  • אלון פנר
    אלון פנר 6 days ago

    Cape fear tatts are the best ever

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 7 days ago

    I'm just really glad they liked the Moana tattoos lol

    XXXTENACLES 7 days ago

    Do it again but rappers

  • Dr. apostasy
    Dr. apostasy 7 days ago

    Their tattoos are legitimately worse than the movies

  • Travis Beck
    Travis Beck 8 days ago

    I need a ten minute version of this! Solid stuff dudes!

  • leo jujuba
    leo jujuba 8 days ago

    Tattoos make me very horny, sometimes when I look in the mirror I get horny from myself, or when I go to some tattoo artist just to see him ;-;

  • Spinejackal
    Spinejackal 9 days ago

    They forgot Killian and his dragon tattoos from iron man 3

  • Thonhy Oc
    Thonhy Oc 9 days ago

    Que pedo? No hablo inglés 😧

  • Jovian Janitra
    Jovian Janitra 9 days ago

    Wait, where is Michael from 'prison break' ??

  • Zane Hudgeons
    Zane Hudgeons 9 days ago

    So we just gonna act like Prison Break didnt happen?

  • Reii Kyun
    Reii Kyun 9 days ago +1

    Fine youtube i watched it
    Happy ?

  • PentaTv
    PentaTv 11 days ago

    The Prison Break one??

  • Meliodas
    Meliodas 13 days ago

    Whats about tatto from prison break movie? The blue print tatto 🤔

  • Bob Nazrul
    Bob Nazrul 13 days ago

    Try to watch Daniel Madison tattoo.
    He deceptions artis🙏

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 16 days ago

    Boondocks saints Tattoos and Constantine

  • diedara ong
    diedara ong Month ago

    good tattoo or bad tattoo????
    I thought tattoos are ART?? some art are not good looking but too expensive

  • UCLE Channel 217
    UCLE Channel 217 Month ago

    How about expendables ?

  • Ix.louis_e.d1462 •

    U kno they’re professional tattooists when they have thin beards and piercings everywhere

  • Prince Pun
    Prince Pun Month ago

    You never get chances so you are doing blah blah on movie tattoo

  • Mo
    Mo Month ago


    oh ye they are professional tattoo artist
    Sorry guys

  • Mikael
    Mikael Month ago +1

    No one? Ok... Prison Break?!?!

  • Sara Paunovic
    Sara Paunovic Month ago

    Dislike just cuz of clicbait thumbnail

  • Jacob Molyneux
    Jacob Molyneux Month ago

    oh cmon, the Harry Potter tatoo was great

  • Eduardo Chavez
    Eduardo Chavez Month ago

    Thought they were going to be critical and self righteous

  • My Name Is VÍMÁL
    My Name Is VÍMÁL Month ago

    Just to tell ya don't believe thumbnail and the video :)

  • Kane O'Connor
    Kane O'Connor Month ago

    Thumbs down for click bait
    The tattoo pros loved the jokers 'hahaha'

  • xX0Aero0X x
    xX0Aero0X x Month ago +1

    At 2:10 I was thinking about Divergent

  • Niels Cremer
    Niels Cremer Month ago +1

    How can you judge someone's tattoos? Bro that's like reviewing someone's haircut. It's a personal choice

  • Paul Hudd
    Paul Hudd Month ago

    Guys can we all just take a moment to realise that none of the tattoos in the video are real !!! Just saying

  • Justin Spence
    Justin Spence Month ago

    non sono veri tatuatori

  • Euhan Drake
    Euhan Drake Month ago

    guys you should review the tattoo of Vin Diesel on "XXX",

  • Jazmyn T
    Jazmyn T Month ago

    I'm a simple person. I see Draco in the thumbnail. I click.

  • László Dénes
    László Dénes Month ago

    Joker has the best tattoos...

  • supremo
    supremo Month ago

    Why they not include john wick

  • The Bweepis
    The Bweepis Month ago

    I only clicked because I saw Maui

  • Ayyoli
    Ayyoli Month ago

    I hate seeing Americans with Polynesian tattoos

  • Aquians Simi
    Aquians Simi Month ago

    Check out Roman reigns tattoo....

  • Magma Fang
    Magma Fang Month ago

    That was divergent

  • some dude eating cheetos

    Why is the social justice monster buzzfeed letting folks judge others in any category?

  • Vasile Ciuca
    Vasile Ciuca Month ago

    what is the movie from 2:14?

  • Mika Boolis
    Mika Boolis 2 months ago

    they should have reviewed Michael's tattoos from prison break!! :)

  • namcapX
    namcapX 2 months ago

    Joker's tattoos might be aesthetically pleasing (the artists here seemed to like some of them, anyway), but oh my god are they the dumbest, from a narrative perspective. Why show the audience that he's damaged when you could just put a 'Damaged' tattoo on him?

  • Ryder Hill
    Ryder Hill 2 months ago

    The Harry Potter one is a burn, not a tattoo

  • Shane Raines
    Shane Raines 2 months ago

    I feel like both guys should've reviewed their own tats before they got them

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 2 months ago

    If tattoos are subjective then this is pointless. Click bait shite from buzzfeed.

  • jumongwu
    jumongwu 2 months ago

    Art is subjective, this and their opinion matters equally as non tattoo artist.

  • I’m Lost19
    I’m Lost19 2 months ago

    That sucked

  • IzacWard M
    IzacWard M 2 months ago

    How about John Wick's tattoo on his back?

  • Marco Enrico
    Marco Enrico 2 months ago

    react to _joaquin bordado_ tattoo XD

  • Vincent Pace Jr
    Vincent Pace Jr 2 months ago

    The Joker skin was made in CoD emblem creator

  • Ψ
    Ψ 2 months ago

    He-who-must-not-be-named disagrees with you muggles

  • Luke Harwood
    Luke Harwood 2 months ago

    I'm white and I have a Maori tattoo and I know the meaning.. and it's not disrepectful that's a load of rubbish

  • Jerry Dun
    Jerry Dun 2 months ago

    These guys should not talkbabout quality. I looked at there's and it seems they let someone practice on them.

  • Hego Damask
    Hego Damask 2 months ago

    Ha ha

  • Connor Hendrie
    Connor Hendrie 2 months ago

    Fuckin wankers they couldnt draw a bloody nob

  • kazuma Jay
    kazuma Jay 2 months ago

    Red dragon might be rushed. The tattoo guy probably died after he was done with the tattoo

    THE GUY JOZEE 2 months ago

    Bru some of their comments were just corny asf..

  • King ZomB
    King ZomB 2 months ago

    I hate the way some tattoo artist ack🤢🤮

  • Kenneth Lebiga
    Kenneth Lebiga 2 months ago

    See the tattoo of Michael from prison break......

  • Swrjilo Daimary Dords
    Swrjilo Daimary Dords 2 months ago

    do tattoo..causes skin cancer ?

  • XQCentraL
    XQCentraL 2 months ago

    Awfull thumbnail, awfull video

  • jacob deasis
    jacob deasis 2 months ago

    How about the crow and skull from the expendables movie?

  • CXVII 117 R
    CXVII 117 R 2 months ago

    Plot twist: those aren't real tattoos.

  • Erwan
    Erwan 2 months ago

    What about the Elisabeth Salander's Tatoo 😮

  • ExploreFoods Doodle
    ExploreFoods Doodle 2 months ago

    They think they have a good tattoo

  • ExploreFoods Doodle
    ExploreFoods Doodle 2 months ago

    And these tattoo artist has the worst tattoo ever

  • Doggo_87 __
    Doggo_87 __ 3 months ago

    8,9 K Death Eaters dislike this

  • Moist Madness
    Moist Madness 3 months ago

    If ya cant beat em join em

  • BigBadWolf
    BigBadWolf 3 months ago

    Do the review Baldur's one from God of War 4

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M 3 months ago

    The black swan tattoo looks like a vagina. Or two vaginas

  • Todd Anderson
    Todd Anderson 3 months ago

    One thing and I know this for a fact stop busting on people you all have crappie tatts

  • Mervyn Ng
    Mervyn Ng 3 months ago

    ha ha ha was good

  • Jose Pablo Marquez
    Jose Pablo Marquez 3 months ago


  • クラウド・ストライフ

    Where's yuri boyka?? :3

  • Christina Marie
    Christina Marie 3 months ago

    That is a real tattoo that Johnny Depp has.

  • Babii. Girl_
    Babii. Girl_ 3 months ago

    "Those are collarlillies..."
    *jazz music stops*

  • Llama Jedifangurll86
    Llama Jedifangurll86 3 months ago

    Omg the Divergent one can a person not know

  • Angelina Nguyen
    Angelina Nguyen 3 months ago

    Draco’s death eater mark wasn’t even a tattoo

  • berkayy sse_
    berkayy sse_ 3 months ago

    Wow good clicbait

  • Asian Vines
    Asian Vines 3 months ago

    Real Professionals dont say bad comments on others artist, but unless they will say something to improve it

  • Sebby
    Sebby 3 months ago

    Their tattoos arent even good

  • Raymond Chavez
    Raymond Chavez 4 months ago

    you all ready know BuzzFeed is too politically correct to have them talk about American history x tats

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 4 months ago

    I was waiting for John Wick to appear 😓

  • Asclepius God
    Asclepius God 4 months ago

    They should add the tattooed guy in Elektra.

  • calliejean1416
    calliejean1416 4 months ago

    I knew what they were.

  • WhyYouBullyMe
    WhyYouBullyMe 4 months ago

    Harry potter one was blury bacause it isn't even a tattoo mate

  • Pineapple Dadii
    Pineapple Dadii 4 months ago

    To the dude that mentioned about the Polynesian tattoos and how they have meaning behind them.. made respect for you my bro!! ✊🏽

  • Kata Gang
    Kata Gang 4 months ago

    The Moana tattoos are bad smh

  • Rowanna Ward
    Rowanna Ward 4 months ago

    Nooooo. It's not a tattoo

  • vd
    vd 4 months ago

    Didnt show prison break...

  • Sky Erlit
    Sky Erlit 4 months ago

    Then why were you not hired or consulted to design the tattooes in any of your videos?

  • Rowey Gamez
    Rowey Gamez 4 months ago

    Did he just call mowie Moana?