A Day On A 5G Phone: Fast, But Finicky

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    Ever since the 5G hype train kicked into gear my friends at Android Central have been saying the same thing: you should not buy a 5G phone in 2019. The networks aren’t mature enough; the phone selection isn’t broad enough; it’s just too early. Well I found a way to prove them wrong. There are actually a few people who should buy a 5G phone. The thing is … they all pretty much live in a handful of buildings in Chicago. Join me for MrMobile's 5G Hands-On from the windy city!


    MrMobile's 5G Hands-On was produced in Chicago, IL with a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G review unit on loan from Samsung for the day. Samsung provided travel and lodging accommodation for some members of the media, including MrMobile; no other compensation was requested or afforded. Neither Samsung nor Verizon Wireless were given editorial input or an advance copy of this video.

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  • MrJonnyCole
    MrJonnyCole 21 hour ago

    I’m just a 4G kinda guy

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic Day ago

    5G gonna melt your brainz !!!


    data cap ! feel it !will not switch to it as long as 4G is available

  • Mayank Agnihotri

    I always thought that you are from UK till I watched this video. Sorry that while I do like your channel but I am not a regular to it.

  • T F
    T F 2 days ago


  • sami parkar
    sami parkar 2 days ago +1

    Review the xiaomi k20 pro next.

  • Syachrayza Afdhal Haq

    My country: *still has difficulties on 4G
    5G: *exist
    My country: Excuse me what the freak?

  • Richard Bekkers
    Richard Bekkers 3 days ago

    how bad is 5g for our health fuck the money makin peace

  • Joslyn Torres
    Joslyn Torres 4 days ago +1

    Honestly if you want the s10 5g just for the 5g dont get it.

  • Saheem Reshi
    Saheem Reshi 4 days ago

    indian jio 4g here has speeds of 320kbps

  • Trevor Barnett
    Trevor Barnett 4 days ago

    The mmw frequency is harmful to us

  • Banner Sphinx
    Banner Sphinx 4 days ago

    I can't even afford a 5g sim card
    why the fuck am I watching this?

  • Kimsann Taing
    Kimsann Taing 5 days ago

    Overhype and full of disappointment

  • Heineken
    Heineken 6 days ago

    Gigbit cell data... useless

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 6 days ago

    Oh neat, another reason to move to New York or another city of the type.
    *Reasons to move to New York:*
    • 5G
    • Public Transit
    • Bad gun laws
    • No money to live there

  • amjthemoon1
    amjthemoon1 6 days ago

    Who made those 5G sectors?
    Was it cisco?

  • Marco Esteban
    Marco Esteban 6 days ago

    5G won't be ready till 2023

  • Pain_Is_Good
    Pain_Is_Good 6 days ago

    5G will never be main stream.

  • Anowar Hossain Patwary

    King winer world samsung s10 5G

  • Benson Karanja
    Benson Karanja 6 days ago

    Great to see chicago featured. My stomping grounds.

  • Justin Sabol
    Justin Sabol 7 days ago

    I don't understand Verizon I can't even get 4G network how are they going to offer 5G Network

  • poikatiikeri
    poikatiikeri 7 days ago

    I’m perfectly happy with my 4G speeds of 50mb speeds for all included price with calls and data 25€ per month. 300mb speed of 4G cost 59€ a month so i think it’s not worth it for now.. this is in Finland

  • zector45
    zector45 7 days ago

    Stability is far more important than speed. Anyone that's been an in emergency will tell you that. 5G will be a massive mistake if they cannot make it more stable than 4G LTE; especially since many areas still have coverage problems. Carriers are chasing the next big money making scheme. If they really wanted to revolutionize the world, they would ensure everyone has access to broadband internet first, then worry about increasing throughput. It's not about changing the world, or revolutionizing anything. It's about increasing the numbers in the bank accounts of executives and shareholders. 5G is a scheme; not a technological advancement.

  • evilpants
    evilpants 7 days ago

    4:31 Mr. Mobile turning a hotties head 😎

  • André No Last Name
    André No Last Name 7 days ago

    I'll get 5G in like 5 years from now so why should I.

  • Brian
    Brian 7 days ago

    Most 5G will not be mmWave it will be low and mid band and S10 5G only does mmWave.
    You should look into how Tmobile doing 5G way better than Verizon.

  • zzadin041
    zzadin041 7 days ago +6

    I bet Apple won’t be giving out 5G phones till 2025

  • sbasuroy
    sbasuroy 8 days ago

    Great review

  • Luka Stemberger
    Luka Stemberger 8 days ago

    So even when it's fully usable, it's only worth it if you forget to download your game or a movie a few minutes before your flight and only have one minute. Great

  • latuman
    latuman 8 days ago

    Because you just find yourself having only five minutes to download a 2 gigabyte game. I encounter this daily. And as the network is sold to everyone in the city, it stops running as fast and we are lucky to get 100mbps and we are back to square one with much poorer battery life and thousands of dollars wasted. Is there nothing they can't sell to people?

  • Axeman
    Axeman 8 days ago

    15 seconds in and NO WAY 5G first look down the rabbit hole

  • David Chow
    David Chow 8 days ago

    Ah I miss Chicago...

  • illWillOfficial
    illWillOfficial 8 days ago


  • slew 7
    slew 7 9 days ago

    In chicago when you look at photos of the city it looks beautiful but if your in the city its horrible the roads, bridges railroads, and buildings its either rusted or old and idk its so disgusting

  • orlando v
    orlando v 9 days ago

    Mabey the prosser needs to be strong for the 5 g speeds that is why we need to wait :)

  • Max77
    Max77 9 days ago

    Cancer much?

  • nikose34
    nikose34 9 days ago

    also if you are not a youtuber or someone who HAS to transmit facebook live then you don;t need it.

  • nikose34
    nikose34 9 days ago

    ok why should i have a 5g phone? upload pics faster on insta? average joe how is going tto benefit from this?

  • Adarsh Sharma
    Adarsh Sharma 9 days ago

    Why are some of 720 or 1080p videos on some channel smaller in size when they are even longer than that on this channel?

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 11 days ago

    Mhhhhhhhh cancer inducing device hell yeah!

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 11 days ago

    @6:51 ... but if you don't need 5G or switch phones like underwear it is a waste of money so far.

  • spiritnphysical
    spiritnphysical 12 days ago

    the death of us all.

  • Pravin Dwivedi
    Pravin Dwivedi 12 days ago

    Can you next cashless U. S. A.

  • Arnamo
    Arnamo 12 days ago +1

    What about all those health concerns?

  • Ulyses Casilum
    Ulyses Casilum 12 days ago

    Still the Best Reviewer 💪💪😎💪😎💪

  • Dragos C
    Dragos C 13 days ago +1

    Nothing to say about the extra, high extra, radiation these small 5G boxes adds to our daily life?

  • BotPlayerLegacy
    BotPlayerLegacy 13 days ago

    Meanwhile on Indonesia D:

  • Bill H
    Bill H 13 days ago +1

    When Mr. Mobile says “everywhere” he really means everything will be exposed to milliwaves which is carcinogenic. People (and animals) will die whether you use it or not, and they are hiding it.

  • Watch Dogz
    Watch Dogz 13 days ago

    Wrong people shouldn't buy 5G Phones this year cuz 5G still sucks on different parts of area, better wait for next year cuz it is prepared

  • Rhymes in Truth
    Rhymes in Truth 15 days ago +4

    5G has SERIOUS HEALTH implications and is a big goodbye to privacy.

  • Ashley Mckay
    Ashley Mckay 15 days ago

    the health risks arent worth fast internet you fool. research 5g its not safe

  • Marco Magtulis
    Marco Magtulis 15 days ago

    Meanwhile Itest my own internet speed and its 1.2mpbs

  • Planet Vegeta
    Planet Vegeta 16 days ago

    this guy doesnot have any fear whenn it comes to heights

  • Flaming Vale
    Flaming Vale 16 days ago

    Fishers voice and accent > Mrwhosetheboss voice and accent

  • Daniel Hutson
    Daniel Hutson 17 days ago

    So when 5G becomes mainstream, can we have shitty 4G for super discount prices ? Doubt it

  • B P
    B P 17 days ago

    I'm fine with 3g...

  • Shane E
    Shane E 18 days ago

    Never heard of you, but was recommend this and now a new sub. Great set up and overall video

  • Eric P.
    Eric P. 18 days ago

    So what is Verizon going to do about the weak signal thing?

  • Fikan
    Fikan 18 days ago

    Cool way to sneak in a Radiohead song in there

  • BJ Pulacan
    BJ Pulacan 18 days ago +1

    *_Filipino's: Wait you get 100 Mbps? We don't even experience that, it's kinda a dream for every Filipino out there_* 🤣😂

  • Zubin Grant
    Zubin Grant 18 days ago

    Why all the extra hard work you ask? Because this is meant for the future. When 4G came out I thought it was unnecessary, but we grew through it.
    Think about what's coming. Google's Stradia for eg. allows for realtime game streaming without being restricted with clunky gaming laptops or chained to a desk with a PC.
    And then there's IOT devices. They'll need a high range but low speed network and I bet cellular companies are planning to substitute the 4G network for that when they migrate everyone to 5G to clear congestion.
    Lastly, there's competition. These companies are afraid that if they don't advance with progress, others will & they'll capitalize on the opportunity.
    The distribution industry, be it music record companies or ISPs, realise that the competition is cutthroat & they've to maintain stronghold. Because it's a job that anyone can do & doesn't leave much for exclusivity.
    For eg., Elon Musk's Starlink plans to beam internet through space via low orbit satellites, that is one helluva fear factor considering once setup, such a constellation doesn't need much in maintenance.
    All of these factors pose existential threats to these companies. And thus they have to continually innovate, and that's why despite a huge reduction in data transfer costs, your phone bill keeps rising.

  • The Arcadian
    The Arcadian 18 days ago +3

    Did you feel a cooking sensation in your brain and then begin to forget how to do simple things?
    Y'know...... stuff like personally interacting with other humans?

  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu 18 days ago

    Verizon? Huawei is the best in 5G.

  • Jacob John
    Jacob John 18 days ago +10

    Me: Gets 5G in 2019
    5 mins later
    Verizon: You have crossed your data limit and being charged $1 for every 100 MB.
    Me: Notices bill.
    Also Me: Cries in 144p.

  • Doug Dimmadome owner Of the dimmsdale Dimmadome

    Yalll and your slow ass connections smh...

  • Gustavo Taliano
    Gustavo Taliano 18 days ago

    Mi Data plan Includes only 5GB per month.... so in 5G i could spend it all in seconds... LOL

  • Spandan Nautiyal
    Spandan Nautiyal 18 days ago

    I have a spotty 4g connection which doesnt work inside my room. Will society accept me? 😂😂

  • Omar Carrington
    Omar Carrington 19 days ago

    I'll stick with TMobile fastest 4g lte

  • Omar Carrington
    Omar Carrington 19 days ago

    Yup no 5G for me

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 19 days ago

    you work whole heartedly on your video,
    You are few of the actual youtuber

  • shopno mahamood
    shopno mahamood 19 days ago

    make a review on redmi airdots please

  • T&S Industry's
    T&S Industry's 19 days ago +1

    Can the s10+ Use 5g?

  • Petr hančil
    Petr hančil 19 days ago

    Wohoo using 1Gbps technology to feed it 10Mbps. #4G

  • ooExynosoo
    ooExynosoo 19 days ago +5

    300ghz of radiation 10 to 15 feet from you.... let that sink in for a moment.

  • Motor Sportz
    Motor Sportz 19 days ago

    Enjoy the brain tumor idiot 5G is dangerous. Tell your subscribers that!

  • Nedra Paul
    Nedra Paul 19 days ago

    If people can't wait 5 minutes for something to download they should find a better thing to do in their life. 5G is not needed for daily consumers.. also the dangers of 5G some scientists are discussing are scary to.

  • Chriis
    Chriis 19 days ago

    We just need good unlimited data plans for these 5G speeds.

  • J Gordon
    J Gordon 19 days ago

    Can you hear your tumors growing?

    • Timo
      Timo 19 days ago


    727,968,667,890 views 19 days ago +1

    thats why you need patients wait hong meng ARK OS all solve

  • Aqmal Aliff980
    Aqmal Aliff980 20 days ago

    That video n images shot are the best ..even better than XSMAX in my eye ...

  • JuniorKid360 jrkid290
    JuniorKid360 jrkid290 20 days ago

    Oh yes dallas

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc 20 days ago

    Meanwhile weather equipment: *It is 185 degrees with winds up to 547 mph

  • J.T.
    J.T. 20 days ago

    That Chicago footage is incredible :D

  • AmpEdition
    AmpEdition 20 days ago

    5g at this point is marketing until all the towers are put up...only available in a few cities

  • Spooksville Scoob
    Spooksville Scoob 20 days ago

    5G seems like the most fake-hyped thing in tech news to come along in a while.
    It's something that a tiny, tiny percentage of people will actually benefit from.
    "Top-end 4G just doesn't give me the speed I need.", said literally

    • Bhedraj
      Bhedraj 18 days ago

      I think they can be substitute for broadband.

  • Spooksville Scoob
    Spooksville Scoob 20 days ago

    5G seems so terribly unnecessary for the average individual.
    I download stuff at 5+mb/second using 4G. Unless I am torrenting or downloading a new, large program, etc., I cannot see it making much of a difference on the consumer end.
    I've*not once* gotten excited at the prospect of 5G. And I hate the idea of added 5G radiation. In general, the idea of 5G-radiating units being placed at every block, is NOT a good thing. It sounds like a nightmare that, 50 years from now, we will look back and say, "We had no idea how dangerous it was." (Like how we treated smoking..doctor's all agreed it was fine for decades and decades, even recommending brands. )
    This is also going to jack up the price of cell service for the Everyman, while companies scramble to cover the entire globe with 5G units.
    All for what?.... there's very little that maxxes out a good 4G connection. Hype and BS.

  • Hunter P
    Hunter P 20 days ago

    No thanks.

  • Will Blackler
    Will Blackler 20 days ago

    Phone plans in the US are quite behind Europe in terms of service reliabilty and cost

  • Will Blackler
    Will Blackler 20 days ago

    my god that punch out...

  • 先生Elmo
    先生Elmo 21 day ago +1

    No, everyone should buy 5G phone in 2019.
    New Technology always force to abandon old tech.
    If who buy 4G today may only able to use max 4 year. But 5G phone can use for 7years

  • adriaan van harrick
    adriaan van harrick 21 day ago

    Does not sound promising, that short reach (or range if you will) and that it requires that many connection points. Feels like it is too early days to install this type of technique, like 5g is too different to 4g in bandwidth and frequencies used and I for one am not convinced for a need to exceed 4g, for me that does just fine. In the US, there is a much more urgent need to provide people with regular access to the Internet that is of acceptable quality.

  • Jay Starr
    Jay Starr 21 day ago

    Verizon sux

  • sajid ali
    sajid ali 21 day ago

    And im still using Moto Z play.....

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation 21 day ago

    I only want the s10 5g cause its bigger and has more cameras

  • Adenocar Gabert
    Adenocar Gabert 21 day ago

    No Overall Review on Samsung s10 5g? :(( camera specs and Comaprison for the S10+ :(

    CZARNYEU 21 day ago

    5G have sense @ lower freq like 800MHz or 3800MHz

  • jason schmaglaar
    jason schmaglaar 21 day ago

    5g. Meaning five grand. The base hospital bill to treat this ultra fast connection which will most likely give you a awesome blast of cancer. YAY Capitalism!!!

  • Dope Beats
    Dope Beats 22 days ago

    they sayed 5g has 3ms latency but I see now 20ms wtf? my current 4g has already 30ms latency I expected atleast 10ms latency
    This latency make feel phone more responsive for internet applications games, apps, maps watching youtube ect..

  • Zlatan Kuc
    Zlatan Kuc 22 days ago +3

    Enjoy having brain cancer after 10 years of 5G stupid tech people you risk your health so you can download game faster millimeter wavelength is harmful to human body

  • jokerswild2k6
    jokerswild2k6 22 days ago

    Mr.Mobile: the Willis tower
    Every Chicagoans: Sears tower!!