A Day On A 5G Phone: Fast, But Finicky

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    Ever since the 5G hype train kicked into gear my friends at Android Central have been saying the same thing: you should not buy a 5G phone in 2019. The networks aren’t mature enough; the phone selection isn’t broad enough; it’s just too early. Well I found a way to prove them wrong. There are actually a few people who should buy a 5G phone. The thing is … they all pretty much live in a handful of buildings in Chicago. Join me for MrMobile's 5G Hands-On from the windy city!


    MrMobile's 5G Hands-On was produced in Chicago, IL with a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G review unit on loan from Samsung for the day. Samsung provided travel and lodging accommodation for some members of the media, including MrMobile; no other compensation was requested or afforded. Neither Samsung nor Verizon Wireless were given editorial input or an advance copy of this video.

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  • Chosen One 203
    Chosen One 203 4 days ago

    Honestly I wouldn't even get the S10+ 5G for the 5G. I'd get it because it has a bigger battery and bigger screen. Meanwhile does everything the s10+ does

  • OverProcessed
    OverProcessed 6 days ago

    So.... every building is going to need a 5G repeater inside because the 5G "tower" outside can't penetrate even the windows?

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 6 days ago

    wheres the lil guys birds etc

  • deek the pict
    deek the pict 6 days ago

    how much have still borns risen in your area

  • Sean Zappulla
    Sean Zappulla 8 days ago

    I find 5G is very safe and very fast and the network that I'm using also take voice calls over the 5G network right now here in Australia. The voice calls are incredibley clear over the 5G network.

  • Mark Potter
    Mark Potter 9 days ago

    I tell Sprint... how about putting out LTE to more tower's before advertising 5G🤦‍♂️

  • jl644
    jl644 12 days ago

    Have you gotten Cancer yet from 5G towers?

  • Jim Brannan
    Jim Brannan 15 days ago

    The AT&T demo got 1700 mbs . I think I'll wait.

  • VideoNOLA
    VideoNOLA 19 days ago

    When 5G hits the mainstream, can we all just start tethering our home WiFi devices to our phones and drop these blood-sucking ISPs??

  • P
    P 19 days ago

    useless network

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers 22 days ago

    Did your project give you headaches, make your molars fall loose, or did you develop a mysterious head lump?

  • Malkiat Singh
    Malkiat Singh Month ago

    It's not possible

  • C B
    C B Month ago

    Right but what does this mean? For this to actually work, there's going to have to be an insane level of microwaves pulsing through our entire city, and body, all the time. Everywhere.

    Are we really supposed to just take that? And meanwhile various governments and political bodies have been pumping *public funding* into 5G, to artificially "roll out out" (which is the term they keep using at the WEF, Brookings, EU talks about it, all these nefarious think tanks that are deeply entrenched with the political elite) as fast as possible. Hell, we're even seeing obvious propaganda now about how it's important to get 5G up and running so we can keep up with China. That it's a national security concern. As if it's some kind of arms race. As if being more like China (as far as top down government involvement in the development of wireless infrastructure) is a... good thing?

    Seems pretty obvious to me that these political bodies just want to have control over the internet, and they see 5G as a means to do this. Since the market would probably take a long time to get to this point (is there really much of a demand? would consumers really be willing to eat the cost, the trillion dollar cost, of revamping the entire wireless grid just to have faster download speeds? the answer is no, and were it not for this public investment and this push by political bodies, the telecom cartel wouldn't have a profit-seeking interest in pushing this stuff out so aggressively, they would take a huge loss and it would be a huge risk given how we don't even have many devices that are even compatible with this). You hear the world's political elite talk about 5G and they are just giddy with excitement over the surveillance and control potential of having one-network-to-rule-them-all. I think they've taken some of this "internet of things" consumer tech and are now pushing beyond where the market and the consumers actually want it to go. And I think it's because a centrally controlled and monitored network that's connected to so much of our lives (just listen to the 5G propaganda - it's all about how the internet *just has* to be everywhere, that everything is going to be "smart", that self-driving traffic grids are around the corner, that this is the brave new world) - offers all kinds of potential for state control of the populace. One minute they're talking about how we need public investment in this tech, how important this network is going to be, how we should artificially boost the industry so that arrives quicker so we can compete with China, and then the next they're talking about how this will put people out of work, how we need more government programs and UBIs and whatever else so the people who are left behind by the brave new world can be taken care of (dependent on) the state...

    It's all too convenient. And I'm going to be honest the people talking about the massive health risks of such concentrated microwaves being all around us all the time are making a lot of sense, and that their points aren't being taken seriously in the national media or the global discussion about 5G is very concerning. It definitely feels like we've moved well beyond the point of consumer innovations that are actually meeting demands for things that make our lives easier, that make us freer and wealthier, and moved into a top down restructuring of how our society works, under the guise of a "technological revolution" that they'll say was unavoidable and natural and that all their initiatives and expansions of power and control over these networks are just them adapting to the new society. Just listen to some of these think tanks - 5G and the future they keep telling us it's bringing with it has become the justification to totally change our system of governance, to change peoples' ideas of what their liberty and their rights are, to start forcing people to rethink the role of government in their lives...

    Maybe people think this is crazy, but give it a couple years and I think I'll be proven correct on this one. It's to the point where upon learning that my city is the first city in my country to "roll out" the 5G network, I'm seriously considering finally getting out of the city and moving to a more rural area of the country. If they are going to be jacking up the microwave levels that much in the cities, and if this is meant to usher in a new era of network-controlled property, I don't want to be around to see it. I'm going to take my human-driving combustion engine car and my gold bars, and try and find an oldschool job away from the Borg and as far away from any 5G towers as I can manage. This doesn't seem like it's going to end well at all. It was fun while it lasted, but humans aren't meant to live like this, and massively central political authorities are never going to restrain themselves as far abusing this kind of tech in the interest of control and suppression.

  • error ASMR 🍭
    error ASMR 🍭 Month ago

    your poor hand might just start melting from those millimeter waves

  • error ASMR 🍭
    error ASMR 🍭 Month ago

    5g = disease for spotty convenience for nonsense we never need

  • Jonathan chaplin Mosher

    It's not surprising to videos like this! Considering videos likewith Mark Dice with 100 oz of silver in one hand in a candy bar in the other and at least 96% of people take the candy bar over the 100 oz of silver. Amazinghow bad things are going to get with the level of willful ignorance there is going on all around me I never cease to be amazed and it's not the elites and the mass genocide they have planned for everybody in all the forms that it takes already which are already endlesslike the twelve thousand percent increase in autism over the past 12 years and the increase in childhood leukemia over the past 15 years of ten thousand percent you think just those two things area reason to be suspicious of anything thrown at us by multinational corporations but no the goyimnever cease to amaze me it's way more shocking and astounding what people are willing to accept and how little they question things and just videos like this how it's just OK it's there's no issue here we just have a bunch of frequencies that were patented as weapons on military contracts millimeter bandwidth frequencies that are used for crowd dispersaland everything is fine there's the water is safe to drink Verizon and other phone companies aren't vertically-integrated into and weaved into a collectively cooperative effort amongsta tiny group of people who are beyond psychopathic it's just not there none of it is there there's no plan to wipe out 95% of us by 2030there's no patents from the US patent office to prove what everything really is there's no documentsfrom the United States government under the freedom of information act and from the United Nations openly admitting all of it all of it's just it's stuff you know you it's it it's just in the movie stop it conspiracytheorist there's nothing to see here we only have an entire generation of kids that can't even do basic math problems but yeah everything's all good good just keep being a good little sheeple and get mowed over and run down by a eugenics agenda just let it be known that if you knowingly and willingly and premeditatively are aware of what you obviously should be aware of regarding this technology. If so then you're going to be punished for this! Just like everyone else who's trying to be a part of pushing this thing like this nothing going on with it that's of any threat. When it has a potential to completely destroy the entire species and it has the potential to be the catalyst to bring in a electromagnetic pulse wiping out the powergrid in allowing the central bankers to get away with their final robbery of the mass sheeple population without anyone being in any position other than just trying to survive the terrifying circumstances that will surround such an event.if you're not knowingly and willingly and premeditatively a part of this agenda, then, you will be spared from eternal if you're fooled yourself and you I just seriously uninformed then you will just cease to exist because of that very soon like the other 95% of total head in the sand non critical thinking masses of absolute cannon fodder. Just be aware and let anyone else you knowwho is in on glamorizing this technology what the consequences are going to be for themif they knowingly and willingly understand what really lies behind this.you'll burn in eternal excrement for such an act of treason. And if that's not the case I just feel bad for you just like most of the other ones who have no critical thinking ability no mind of your own just totally programmed. What a shame! what a shame! what a shame! Jerry Springer is on yeah yeahs to transvestites are about to fist fight bahhhhh! meanwhile, they are making plans for the order, of the new world, about to bring the lambs to the slaughter 🙈🙉🙉🙈😴😴😴😉🧐🤔😕🤫🤫 dumbasses

    ANTHONY STEELE Month ago

    5G IS HERE TO KILL. .Wake up sleep heads before the Criminals reduce your life expectancy.

  • Crypto Steve
    Crypto Steve Month ago

    I can't get 4g everywhere yet or a mobile signal to make a phone call lol

  • Ricco Mayoral
    Ricco Mayoral Month ago

    I made the mistake of buying a 5G cell. Verizon is pushing 5g cell in areas that won't see 5G for quite some time. Ask when will we see it and they respond soon. I blindly bought a Note 10+ 5G. Bummer.

  • raheem gahel
    raheem gahel Month ago

    Verizon coverage has improved substantially??! Where?! And no, I don't live under a rock either!!!

  • Anton Wong
    Anton Wong Month ago

    5g poket wifi yes

  • The Golf Life
    The Golf Life Month ago

    The fact that wireless providers chose cities like Chicago instead of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland and San Jose, the new tech capitols of the world is ridiculous.

  • Menthu Bakha
    Menthu Bakha Month ago

    You're getting a bigger display, more cameras, bigger battery, faster charging and 5g support. For a couple hundred more dollars which is going to be on a payment plan 9 times out 10 which translates to an almost unnoticeable increase in monthly bill.

  • Iamnobodyimportant
    Iamnobodyimportant Month ago

    4:29 he was trying to hit on the cute girl j/k

  • leoric21
    leoric21 Month ago

    I walked into a tmobile to check out a the new Samsung and sales clerk was all.
    well we only get 3g speeds sometimes only 2g . However, we only sell 4g plans. so what color galaxy phone do you want?
    I laughed and walked out. Trillions of dollars a month? Only if you let them rob you. Yeah smartphone's are cool when they work but if they are selling you speeds they tell you up front they will not deliver. Don't sign anything.
    Thanks for the video though. They are fun to watch.

  • MunroM84
    MunroM84 Month ago

    Have fun with cancer! 5g radiation is 20x stronger than is legally aloud yet zero fucks are given.

  • Hrodebert Hildebrand
    Hrodebert Hildebrand 2 months ago +2

    Hello 5G, hello brain tumor. 👍

  • Mitch
    Mitch 2 months ago

    The NWO and their agenda is to reduce the population down to about 500 million worldwide, 5G is the same sterilising cancer causing weapon as chemtrails, GMO's, water flouridation, chemicals in food and Monsanto. You unawakened matrix zombies spend your pathetic lives being entertained with whatever filth and poison the Elite hand to you and accept it like little babies. You deserve what is coming.

  • walied aly
    walied aly 2 months ago

    Made more videos on 5g

  • Venkat Babu
    Venkat Babu 2 months ago

    A 5g router at the building complex can service the entire community. Just a single link to main 5G can help.

  • gantswood
    gantswood 2 months ago

    Samsungs last top end phone with a headphone jack. A must purchase for me.

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 2 months ago +1

    Reasons 5g can fail.
    You're a foot away from the tower range
    Your phone is too hot
    You're behind glass or leaves.
    You've turned around the corner.
    I'm excited, don't get me wrong... But I'd much rather have a Nationwide stable, and fast 4g network. Why the hell do I still connect to Canaida's networks? Why the hell do I get 10Mbs for second on Sprint 4g? Why is it that the only place that gets great coverage is a big city? THIS IS BULLSHIT!

  • DashCamEyes
    DashCamEyes 2 months ago

    5G means more cell town

  • EatingAwayTime
    EatingAwayTime 2 months ago

    I use a 5G speed Wifi in Singapore, carrier: Singtel and compared to 4G, its 7× FASTER!

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username 2 months ago

    Updating building codes to require all buildings above a certain height to have exterior nodes would be a solid move. Nodes a pretty cheap so adding them to any building beyond a two story family home wouldn't even be noticed in the price of construction.

  • Austin Wyatt Petersen
    Austin Wyatt Petersen 2 months ago

    You should do your research before you start recording. T-Mobile is using mmWave and 600 MHz.

  • Adan Raygoza
    Adan Raygoza 2 months ago +1

    Verizon 5G is garbage, I'm definitely loving the Sprint way and that me a Verizon customer with the s10 5g

  • William Hickey
    William Hickey 2 months ago

    i feel like the best w2ay to think of it is like street lighting so much as a tree will block the signal so every light post will have a 5g node if you want snignal. guess that mean every light in existence is now going to be a smart light

  • NovorSec
    NovorSec 2 months ago

    Faster internet to do some Twitter and Instagram posts in exchange of cancer and a third eye, seems fair

  • Tech Hints
    Tech Hints 2 months ago

    So before buying a 5G phone rent an apartment there😂

  • Ronald McMillian
    Ronald McMillian 2 months ago

    at 4:45 you're in the building I worked in until 6 months ago. I'm super pumped to see you in Chicago. Was more pumped when I saw this.

  • J.R.C none
    J.R.C none 2 months ago

    I got 378 Mbps on AT&T 4G LTE while sitting in my house in the suburbs of Chicago. So u know, 5g is about 4x the speed of 4G LTE 🤯

  • Luke out
    Luke out 2 months ago

    WHY am i watching this? Im a child in Africa...

  • Jack Striker
    Jack Striker 2 months ago

    Who the hell wants to walk around in such a toxic environment just so you can download games faster ?

  • coconutdudeYT 2
    coconutdudeYT 2 2 months ago

    Korea Telekom was first, just saying...

  • RogalskiTheBrave86
    RogalskiTheBrave86 2 months ago

    How many trees cut down tho?

  • Tech4All
    Tech4All 2 months ago

    Verizon sucks!

  • oolp0
    oolp0 2 months ago +1

    How much will the chemo cost?

  • Colin Morand
    Colin Morand 2 months ago

    Nope not falling for it - It’s just all blow and no go for now .

  • Colin Morand
    Colin Morand 2 months ago

    Now you can fill up your storage even quicker with absolute crap

    DJ GOTT 2 months ago

    5G will kill humans yall ..

    • đeri662
      đeri662 2 months ago

      My reply on your comment bellow this one is exactly why you should keep your opinion for yourself.

    DJ GOTT 2 months ago

    Ask yourself what these powerful frequencies will do to your brain &body .. 5G Bird Box🤔

    • đeri662
      đeri662 2 months ago

      It's expressions like "powerful frequencies" that make you seem like you don't know anything about physics.

  • Himezaki
    Himezaki 3 months ago

    5G is dumb because we can only use 10-20GB maximum before our speeds are throttled on many carriers. I am yet to see a truly unlimited data carrier.

  • JuniJuin Enero
    JuniJuin Enero 3 months ago

    Watching speed tests is much better than watching paint dry

  • madmanjshum
    madmanjshum 3 months ago

    American 5G!

  • Vaquero GTR
    Vaquero GTR 3 months ago

    😂 lab rats

  • invincible East
    invincible East 3 months ago

    If you don't like 5G, definitely you wouldn't like 4G. The 5G network can only be better or an upgrade to its predecessor. Have you ever heard someone say they want to go back to 3G because they don't like 4G? Absurd.

  • simon Collis
    simon Collis 3 months ago +1

    How's your brain tumour doing ?? Mines increased since the 5g push. Don't report the serious health issues linked to 5g though. Just what the big tech giants pay u to push 😔

    • đeri662
      đeri662 2 months ago

      Don't be ridiculous. 5G still uses low-powered non-ionising EM radiation, which was used for 4G, 3G etc. Look at the correlation between brain cancer incidence and cell phone usage. There is none.

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder 3 months ago

    Why would I get a 5g s10 my s10plus has 5g

  • Jamal Khan
    Jamal Khan 3 months ago

    650 rupees for 5 megabits p/s internet for 1 month.