Primitive Technology: Brick Firing Kiln

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • Primitive Technology: Brick Firing Kiln - building a brink firing kiln from scratch.
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    About This Video:
    I built a kiln from bricks for the purpose of firing bricks. I started by using a brick mold made of fired clay from a previous video and made bricks from clay. The bricks were allowed to dry and were then transported to my hut using a brick carrying harness I made from cane and a piece of wood. They were dry stacked onto the wall of the hut to keep them out of the rain while waiting to be fired. I then constructed a brick kiln using mud as a mortar for adhering the bricks together. The kiln had 2 fireboxes side by side and was of the updraft kiln type. The kiln was open at the front and back so it could be stoked from these areas. This gave a more consistent firing I found then a kiln only with firebox opening at the front. I put 40 un-fired bricks into the kiln and fired them for 2 hours 30 minutes. All the bricks were fired sufficiently. I then tested an un-fired brick and a fired one by putting them in water. The un-fired brick dissolved quickly while the fired one survived completely intact. The test was a success. My only issue is the bricks are a little weak due to the clay they're made of. I'll look at refining clay or finding a better source somewhere in this area.
    About Primitive Technology:
    Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick - An axe, pick up a stone and shape it - A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without utilizing modern technology. I do not live in the wild, but enjoy building shelter, tools, and more, only utilizing natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlist tab for building videos focused on pyrotechnology, shelter, weapons, food & agriculture, tools & machines, and weaving & fiber.
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    Русские ку)

  • Dodge The Streamer
    Dodge The Streamer 4 hours ago

    Can i fit him in my survival bag ?

  • Logan Rogers
    Logan Rogers 4 hours ago +1

    He's so close to 10 million subs, I haven't watched in so long, how did I forget about this guy? Also I wonder why he never talks... is he mute? Does he just not want to? Who knows

  • Build Small Houses
    Build Small Houses 4 hours ago

    Good idea

  • Lily Y
    Lily Y 5 hours ago

    The POV cam was cool!

  • LowPriceEdition
    LowPriceEdition 5 hours ago

    Anyone else swat the air at 2:04?

  • Austin
    Austin 6 hours ago

    You were as beautiful as the day I left you. I used to watch this channel all the time a couple of years ago, and I’ve only revisited it 3 times since then. The channel has not changed and it still shows a dude building things in nature.

  • Uiruuete Uiraçu
    Uiruuete Uiraçu 7 hours ago

    Ola, vou ai assar um franguinho pra nós depois da queima dos tijolos, hehehehe. Parabéns pelo canal. Abraços...

  • Rod
    Rod 8 hours ago

    2:03 I tried to kill this mosquito here by instinct

  • Spencer Mollins
    Spencer Mollins 9 hours ago

    A wood fired hot tub would be a cool video!

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 10 hours ago

    Has the wild fires down your way affected your area?

  • PresenceRusher
    PresenceRusher 11 hours ago

    lol now i can build a house

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  • Mayley
    Mayley 12 hours ago

    Can you wear a blue shirt in your next video?

  • Magistar
    Magistar 12 hours ago

    I would love to see him just make a brick house out of all these bricks. A nice floor, a door. Hes got something similar, but i'd like to see really make something livable. something long term

  • The dark prince
    The dark prince 13 hours ago

    3:37 minecraft mode on

  • Chantel N
    Chantel N 13 hours ago

    Yay fire! Awoooga

  • Flameoguy
    Flameoguy 14 hours ago

    He used the bricks to kiln the bricks

  • hajtez
    hajtez 15 hours ago

    I like your show. Watch some episodes over and over. I miss 2 things though. One is that you not invent (or show) anything that will make your work efficient (especially the gathering and moving material around part). 2. I miss that you don't have metal (i.e. iron,copper) tools yet and your experiments where only from bacteria; any local rock?

    For the weak bricks try also to squash the clay in the form during forming i.e. with a wood hammer. Should help a bit.

  • Site Construction
    Site Construction 17 hours ago

    Good man

  • holo
    holo 18 hours ago

    Barbecue Uncle has left the chat.

  • AstorViaLaw
    AstorViaLaw 19 hours ago

    Imagine if this series lasts long enough for him to start building a Benz motor car.

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    this purifies my soul

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    The original and the one and only pure primitive

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    Help me! I'm stuck in bus


    4:26 I can hear an engine at a distance. Totally broke the immersion. Unsubbed.

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    Chotenque Day ago

    Hey, man. How's the situation with the forest fires? Are you alright?

  • Leonaяdo DiCapяio

    Even this kiln is better than a modern Bosch oven

  • Dragon Chomp
    Dragon Chomp Day ago +1

    best comment section ever

  • Sid
    Sid Day ago

    Your videos are therapeutic... reminds me of Liziqi. I imagine if you both work together.

  • xXJoey_The_GamerXx

    I have a question. Would you recommend trying this? If not, I have a another question, Is it safe do thing like this anywhere?

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton Day ago

    i have always wanted him to have a dog with him for some reason, i have no idea why.

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    Jared r Day ago

    Me to myself: Now that is a good fuckin' brick

  • tilcboy44
    tilcboy44 Day ago

    Yay. POV! who bought you the GoPro? lol

  • FailOutBoy
    FailOutBoy Day ago

    I have really bad episodes sometimes when certain things happen in my life and tonight I had another huge one. I calmed down a bit and putting this on really made me feel so much better. Something I can just... mindlessly enjoy, if that makes sense. i love the work you do, Mr John Plant. even if you do have the same first name as my dad.

  • Linas Martusevičius

    What gives the flame that red tint?

  • Ian Terry Roy MacLeod

    OK, randomly unsubed... Anyways, Great vid, a week later!

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    Muito legal 👍.
    Excelente experiência

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  • I'm a Kitchen Sink
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    Daaammn he's jacked!

  • hugo van dyk
    hugo van dyk Day ago +1

    Love your stuff. It's the most interesting, informative yet relaxing videos on USclip, captions or no..
    Have you ever considered doing primitive technology classes? I can imagine this making for a fun weekend or day class.

  • Bishop Havel
    Bishop Havel Day ago

    Alright science side of USclip, help me out.
    Won't clay explode if you don't kneed it or something because of air pockets? Or is that not necessary?

  • malenotyalc
    malenotyalc Day ago

    This is how early man played JENGA.

  • malenotyalc
    malenotyalc Day ago

    Nothing like opening a video with a man MAKING MUD!

  • Kristoffer R
    Kristoffer R Day ago

    I bet he even built the camera out of clay.

  • Jung YT
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  • Askme812009
    Askme812009 Day ago

    I heard him catching malaria at 2:05.

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    VK Sharma Day ago

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    *Русский жми лайк*

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    Người VN điểm danh cái . Mình coi chú này hồi lớp 2 năm 2017

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