His kids bought him a new truck and his reaction was INCREDIBLE!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • His kids chipped in and bought him a brand new truck and his reaction is great.
    Video Credit: @yeseniaav/Twitter
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Comments • 58

  • Brenda Martinez
    Brenda Martinez 4 days ago

    I'm not crying....im not crying...omg.....😭😭😭😭😭

  • That Guy234
    That Guy234 8 days ago

    I hate it when Mexicans say TROCA!!!
    It’s camioneta pendejos.

  • Zoran Lukic
    Zoran Lukic 24 days ago +1

    that was deep i had to fight the tears back myself

  • Abraxas Voice
    Abraxas Voice Month ago

    First they got em all pedo..🍻🍺🍻(drunk) and then ...surprice!!😲😣

  • Neumann Collins
    Neumann Collins Month ago +3

    I don't understand them but I feel the emotion....priceless moment 💯💯💯

  • Aimen Muthana
    Aimen Muthana Month ago

    Great content !

  • P L
    P L Month ago +1

    Relax, it's the beer.

  • tai. McDonald
    tai. McDonald Month ago

    Are they famous?

  • Jeannn96
    Jeannn96 Month ago +2

    Who ever dislikes this has no heart

  • adi jaya
    adi jaya Month ago

    Let me hold your beer sir, I need drink 😋

  • A_ Boomin
    A_ Boomin Month ago

    Imagine it was a prank😭 but nah that’s wassup we should all wanna do that for our parents one day

  • Neschquik
    Neschquik Month ago +1

    Must be nice to have siblings... I can’t do that myself. I’m broke brooo😭😭 USclip ain’t paying me yet.


    Take care of your loved ones. That's the only reason why you should make a lot of money.

  • midget drake
    midget drake Month ago


  • Danny Valdez
    Danny Valdez Month ago +5

    This is awesome:), I hope I can do this for my parents someday

  • Ulises M
    Ulises M Month ago

    He deserves that truck. I animo viejon y no suelte esa Corona.

  • Antonio Alanis
    Antonio Alanis Month ago

    He's only crying cause he's drunk 😂

  • Michael Contreras
    Michael Contreras Month ago

    Stop crying and get in that thing and roll

  • Angel Pablo
    Angel Pablo Month ago

    That’s my neighbor

  • Troublesome Truth
    Troublesome Truth Month ago

    Fuck yeah

    UFO UFO Month ago +1

    Me hizo llorar 😢

  • Arbaaz Coon
    Arbaaz Coon Month ago +2

    Ur crush will kiss you

    Like and śųb to activate

  • Angel Alciencio
    Angel Alciencio Month ago +1

    Ugliest truck made bro

    • Angel Alciencio
      Angel Alciencio Month ago

      @Elijah Mascarenas 🤣 I forgot about those but I still think this one hits number 1 for ugly

    • Elijah Mascarenas
      Elijah Mascarenas Month ago

      Angel Alciencio I think it's slightly more tolerable than the old Lincoln trucks

  • Kyaw03
    Kyaw03 Month ago

    Who the fuck would dislike this? Y'all have no hearts or y'all are some haters that just hating cuz you can't do the same for your loved one.

  • Lucas Torreon
    Lucas Torreon Month ago +7

    He doesn't even know how to cry

  • Sex Johnson
    Sex Johnson Month ago +3


  • Matrix Survivor
    Matrix Survivor Month ago

    Panocha means pussy in spanish.

  • Bry L
    Bry L Month ago +4


  • Roody Call
    Roody Call Month ago +1

    Suelte la cheveeeee jajaja

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson Month ago +6

    Aww man...Love it

  • Rudy Melendrez
    Rudy Melendrez Month ago +37

    Every good Father deserve something special from his children.

  • daquel mingo
    daquel mingo Month ago +1

    What This Gave To Do With Sports??

    • fleeze92
      fleeze92 Month ago

      It's a highlight...of this guy's life 😂

    • Domonic Perez
      Domonic Perez Month ago

      Fan of the Dodgers... besides it don't matter jus enjoy it

    • Daniel Jones
      Daniel Jones Month ago +1

      He was probably watching some soccer match before this happened

    • abalagam
      abalagam Month ago

      it was juju smith who bought it

    • Andres J
      Andres J Month ago

      él era un fanático de los Dodgers, llevaba el sombrero lol

  • Booney Bambino
    Booney Bambino Month ago +3

    Dui 😈

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat Month ago +4


  • German Lizalde
    German Lizalde Month ago

    No yore cabrón lol
    Mexican shit

  • jamesbriggstown
    jamesbriggstown Month ago +48

    You know that man would do anything for his family.

  • Elitefrm 3
    Elitefrm 3 Month ago +39

    Me when I realize today is 😆 tacooooooooooooooooo tuuuuuuuuuesdaaaaaaaay🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Month ago +73

    Always pay it forward, even to your closest dear ones!

    • Carver
      Carver Month ago

      Ka Kjj have the worsts comment here dumb ass clearly u don’t love ur love ones dummy

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago

      LeBeautiful terrible comment

  • Nicholas Rush
    Nicholas Rush Month ago +36

    That's awesome, it's nice to see good people in the world

  • Fxde
    Fxde Month ago +9

    Your crush will kiss you

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    • Nick Guhr
      Nick Guhr Month ago +1

      RyZe Talon your a virgin you still play Fortnite

    • Nick Guhr
      Nick Guhr Month ago +1

      Imagine still playing Fortnite

    • Twiloh
      Twiloh Month ago +1

      @Ka Kjj what wrong with that?

    • ItzAndaTime 42
      ItzAndaTime 42 Month ago +3

      This is a nice and wholesome video and you ruined it

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj Month ago +5

      Fxde stfu kid you play Fortnite