Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold!

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold! Unboxing and full review video coming soon on both devices! But this is an initial vs video on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X! With footage from hands on official launch videos from Samsung and Huawei we look at the specs, design, display, battery, camera & price! As well as the Samsung Galaxy S10 s10 plus s10e and 5G smartphones, many are talking about the latest foldable flexible phone trend in 2019! The official Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched at unpacked 2019, with release date in April! Huawei Mate X was launched at MWC 2019 with a release date expected summer 2019! Buy or Don't buy Samsung Galaxy Fold / Huawei Mate X? Let me know your thoughts! Camera comparison test, battery, display etc to come! As well as benchmark and speed test etc!
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Comments • 1 049

    ASBYT  3 months ago +60

    ** Foldable phones - yes or no? Which would you buy if you had the money? Comment below! ⬇️💬 **

    • Nado Torn
      Nado Torn Month ago

      Samsung fold

      HYUNWOO JUNG Month ago

      Samsung failed to make it more sophisticated when it is folded but I expect the next generation to be improved.

    • Christoph Bouche-eh!
      Christoph Bouche-eh! Month ago

      I had a foldable phone like 15 years ago. Every motherfucker and his dog had a flip phone back then.

    • Vegas space program lol
      Vegas space program lol Month ago

      Mate x. I love huawei and its the phone that sits in my hand now. If I had the money I would get the mate x. Unfortunately, I'm only 13 so a y6 is all I can get..... But I hope to see huawei take this "folding phone" to the next level. Cheaper, faster, and more reliable.
      Huawei needs to do more homework first tho

    • The Biker Bug
      The Biker Bug Month ago

      ASBYT - strange for now, but over time i guess it will either succeed or fail.

  • !RriocdhoaerhdT!
    !RriocdhoaerhdT! Day ago +1

    @ ASBYT.. you've meant the song insane in the brain from cypress hill ;)

  • Nguyen Tanthien
    Nguyen Tanthien 5 days ago

    Not Things of Fantasie.....We have learn.....Learnt.....Duschen.....Zwischen Menschen.....

  • Nguyen Tanthien
    Nguyen Tanthien 5 days ago

    For any Families to Enjoy.....Sweet Life.......Moneys & any Things of Living.......

  • Donyun Lee
    Donyun Lee 15 days ago

    Mate X is too expensive,Now Mate 10 or 10Pro is enough for every game and photo, and very cheap!

  • BigBwoyTing
    BigBwoyTing Month ago

    The Huawei is better but too expensive

  • Hhemenistan
    Hhemenistan Month ago

    Samsung is literally 2 galaxy s5 phones with a metal bar connection for the price of a 55inch OLED TV!! at least the mate x look more like a piece of tech, it takes more time but to start not bad.

  • joseph john
    joseph john Month ago

    i am going to buy two phones and cellotape it and call it cello tape X.

  • bloodreina yay
    bloodreina yay Month ago +2

    As much as I love Samusng, I gotta give this one to Huawei.

    But, huawei please make the emojis better 😂

    IAMTALLBOY Month ago

    Don't sleep on the Royole FlexPai

  • Jim W
    Jim W Month ago

    Doesn't matter if you can oragami fold this phone, it is not worth the $2k, or more, price tag.

  • Paul Bro
    Paul Bro Month ago

    It's an important stepping stone in mobile technology progression. And both companies want to demonstrate their ability and dominance. However the products are not ready for the public, there for are priced so no one will actually buy them exposing the companies to criticism.

  • Jugs Ma马家杰
    Jugs Ma马家杰 Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy Fold wins the competetion.

  • Luigi Di Tria
    Luigi Di Tria Month ago

    Samsung is fucking up herself

  • atam 89
    atam 89 Month ago +1

    Mate X win..goodbye galaxy fools (owner galaxy fools cry) 😂😂😂

  • John W
    John W Month ago

    both look great, Huawei looks better as don't see crease and bigger screens all-round, but I don't know how I will have that in my jeans pocket without the screens getting damaged, tough choice, definitely the future. Next innovation we need is flexible and really durable screens.

  • li yi
    li yi Month ago +2

    mate X,winner.

  • Alisa Luisotti
    Alisa Luisotti Month ago

    I'd buy this if I had the cash over the Galaxy fold. I like the design way better. Great video!

  • Michael Nahas
    Michael Nahas Month ago

    $168 smart phone here with a user changeable battery, and user expandable memory. Does all I need it to do. Can't see paying more than 10 times that even to get a better camera.

  • henry Posadas
    henry Posadas Month ago +1

    Huawei is used by China to spy on people. DON"T BUY ANY!

  • Sam Hakim
    Sam Hakim Month ago

    Remember me to the nokia communicater is alike with samsung galaxy fold

  • cyberfennek
    cyberfennek Month ago

    Inovation vs copycat

    KAD DAK Month ago +10

    Mate X wins best design and f7nctionality. Quality is great.

  • Dono
    Dono Month ago +1

    Will I buy one? Well I have to ask myself why would someone with a need for productivity want one? Graphic design, to be able to sketch drawings on the go is the first thing that comes to mind, but these don't seem to be designed with that in mind. Maybe run a full version of an operating system to run real world programs on the go? Still not designed for that...
    It seems that so far these are designed just so people can say they have a folding phone, I haven't actually seen anyone perform a review of how these benefit anyone other than for status, and for that reason... I am out.

  • EliN
    EliN Month ago

    You make fun of yourself so much, and leave in all the bloopers. Once or twice is funny, but you do it far too much

  • Keebla
    Keebla Month ago

    Lol I just bought 13 inch iPad Pro for 1800 and thought that was insane why pay for something smaller

  • ubastich
    ubastich Month ago

    If you value your privacy, don’t get a huawei. The Chinese communist party uses huawei to spy on foreign countries like the US.

  • ubastich
    ubastich Month ago

    Huawei stole their tech from Samsung

    • J Wei
      J Wei Month ago

      you mean Samsung crap inferior exploding phone? How does Huawei steal tech from much inferior phone like Samsung fold?

  • just watching Videos

    Unless it sucks my dick for that price no thank you

  • Adam Moss
    Adam Moss Month ago

    Can u cut out your stupid bloopers thx

  • Ranel Marinduque
    Ranel Marinduque Month ago +1

    Samsung - folds
    Huawei - unfolds

  • Jermaine's Jukebox
    Jermaine's Jukebox Month ago

    My wallet will stay folded until Ver.2 or when it gets brought down dramatically hahaha (my choice is the Mate X) 1000th comment

    HYUNWOO JUNG Month ago +1

    I don't understand why samsung couldn't make it more sophisticated when it is folded.

  • AhYaOkRgT
    AhYaOkRgT Month ago

    Ok it folds but does it blend?

  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

    Huawei Mate X comes with a 4500 mAh battery that supports Huawei SuperCharge 55W

  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

    Mate X comes in AMOLED 8 inch, resolution 2,200 X 2,480

  • 陈無稽
    陈無稽 Month ago +1

    看到这么多人怼 三丧(Samsung)三送(Samsung==送炸弹,送一次性折叠屏,送精美PPT),朕就晃心了,LOL

  • dude, stop!
    dude, stop! Month ago +1

    mate x :) thx for saving the folding game

  • Ray Fox
    Ray Fox Month ago

    If Apple ain’t doing it, then who cares !

  • nonlinearmind
    nonlinearmind Month ago

    When did it become trendy to include your bad takes in a video that you edited afterward? It’s not nearly as funny as you think.

  • The Lips
    The Lips Month ago

    th| issue on the samsung foldable phone its just a single day they just broke hahahaha

  • CedMo 76000
    CedMo 76000 Month ago

    Cypress Hill...Insane in the Membrane

  • Smoothie4653
    Smoothie4653 Month ago

    I like the Samsung better

    • J Wei
      J Wei Month ago

      the samsung exploding inferior phone that breaks in 2 days, LOL.

  • Monique Fry
    Monique Fry Month ago

    We all know the original to all this is the Nintendo DS lite

  • A Mailbox
    A Mailbox Month ago +3

    Reliability of Samsung devices is far much better than Huawei's. Then comes to the question of spyware... Hummm. I feel "safer" with Samsung phones.

    • J Wei
      J Wei Month ago

      Samsung Fold that breaks in 2 days, you call that reliable, LOL

    • Jessica Meyer
      Jessica Meyer Month ago

      Exactly my thoughts.. I kinda liked the Mate X more but I wouldn't buy a Huawei..

  • kc1 chan
    kc1 chan Month ago

    cant wait to see when MATE X breaks😂😂😂

  • godzgrr8t
    godzgrr8t Month ago

    I like the Samsung better.

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola Month ago

    it’s too thick

  • mattblack
    mattblack Month ago

    Obviously Huawei hacked the Samsung design data base.

    • mattblack
      mattblack Month ago

      that cannot be as the chonks would not have one would they jerk off.

    • J Wei
      J Wei Month ago

      and found Samsung fold design is much inferior than the Huawei design.

  • Saifseoul Seoul
    Saifseoul Seoul Month ago

    This chinaes phone batter then any phone

  • Stebe Klix
    Stebe Klix Month ago

    Like your review. Myself, I have just recently just allowed my 3 phone contract to finish and taken up a 12 month £14 contract with 12gb and all phone and text included. Reviews such a this keep me up to date, thanks, but I will not upgrade to a new phone for a year to allow flaws, new tech and 5g to settle in. Then 24 month contract to spread the cost with phone and web included is the way to go for me. When you show size comparisons, please give it a couple of seconds more. Some of us do wish to compare this part of the review, though I understand some are simply tech minded, I want to know how this sits in my back pocket or inside my jacket with headphones on listening to sounds. I often travel Euston to Glasgow, so the fold-out screen potentially allows me to leave the tablet at home while killing a 4 to 5 hour journey watching films, so you are a great help and will be watching as things progress. You come over cool, but when I am writing, when words do not flow, I go outside for a break and return to carry on. Same for you to get it across? :) All good, best!

  • Jason Heart
    Jason Heart Month ago

    Apple iPhone folding phone price - 1 billion dollars $$$

  • TheHzh82
    TheHzh82 Month ago +1

    If Mate X is durable, it’s a much better design than Samsung

  • Amber Ruacho
    Amber Ruacho Month ago

    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Rhys Cal
    Rhys Cal Month ago

    id get either one if it had a stylus~ idk...i could just bring pen and paper like an old fashioned basic bitch but meh

    (pls no h8 im jk)

  • grigori yevimovich rasputin

    Informative but your jokes are not funny and a waste of time.

  • Pokadot101
    Pokadot101 Month ago

    I like the Huawei, but I don't want my info. stolen by the Chinese military so I think I'll stick to my iPhone.

  • Kat I M
    Kat I M Month ago

    I love my Samsung galaxy 8 and its infinity screen makes everything pop. The Fold looks amazing, price sucks, but if you added up what you spend on cell plans in a year, the price up front is a steal. Can't wait to buy one.

  • Giniel Villacote
    Giniel Villacote Month ago

    The biggest question is how durable is the huawei mate x display, if the samsung fold already gets damage without an expose screen how much more an expose screen. A screen that easily gets broken regardless of brand is waste of cash.

  • Keeei
    Keeei Month ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that green color for galaxy fold looks hideous?

  • aklas baybayin
    aklas baybayin Month ago

    im waiting for apple fold 😂

  • Etheric Field Crystal

    The Mate X is a high end phone that becomes a high end tablet.
    The Galaxy Fold is a high end tablet that becomes a shitty phone.
    I'd go with the Mate X

  • Sanesh Francis
    Sanesh Francis Month ago

    I think the Samsung looks more durable (in that the screen may be more protected by folding inwards), but the Mate X looks more attractive, user-friendly and better designed. I think it's ingenious that the Mate X utilises one screen to give you three different screen options. I like that it is relatively flat when folded, that there is no notch, and that it has a grip (which would be very handy in tablet mode). Most importantly though, the Mate X managed to keep a good sized screen in phone mode, meaning people would actually like to use it in that folded mode. I don't think anyone will actually want to use the Samsung tiny, fat, folded screen, which makes the whole concept a bit pointless. I think that if Huawei can figure out the software and ensure the durability of the screen, it could easily be the much better phone.

  • therehi
    therehi Month ago

    There's reason why chinese phone is chinese phone.

  • RedCrim Chan
    RedCrim Chan Month ago

    Yup mate x much more screen spec.
    But Samsung has monster 12gb ram.
    So Depend your taste.

  • M Losee
    M Losee Month ago

    Cool phones, but I would have to decided between paying rent or having a phone.
    Choices , Choices

  • 太醫令
    太醫令 Month ago +3

    MATE X is obvious better than galaxy fold.

  • Jeanette loveridge
    Jeanette loveridge Month ago +2

    Early production, Every bit worth setting on fire and putting out the flames with a hammer

  • Samix Dc
    Samix Dc Month ago

    I prefer galaxy, the screen is more protected

    • Samix Dc
      Samix Dc Month ago

      @john wick you know you are not that wrong, I've seen a lot of videos these days that talks about samsung fold that brakes and i'm a bit afraid about this, but i still think that talking about structure and how resistant the phone will be in the future, and how protected (mostly from falling) the screen is, comparing it to the huawei, samsung is a bit better, but we'll see

    • john wick
      john wick Month ago

      lol. samsung fodable phone broke after two-day use. search it on youtube.

  • dleviis
    dleviis Month ago

    Mate X if it holds up to decent use and wear I will buy one but I won't be first in line

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    The Samsung fold is the far safer and better option. The mate while a novel approach has a fundamental flaw, a screen folded outwards is prone to scratches and damage and unless it is kept in foam case and handled with felt gloves, it won't last a month.

    • Faihan
      Faihan Month ago

      Galaxy fold's hinge is much more vulnerable to let dust and other small particles into the smartphone which causes the screen to malfunction.
      You do have examples out there..!!

  • Prot Eus
    Prot Eus Month ago +2

    The galaxy Fold is superfluous crap. Mate X is a much better solution. Less stuff crammed in, more elegant design, better battery and usability. Its a no-contest basically

    • Nikola Negic
      Nikola Negic Month ago

      Price mate, price... it's about 450 dollars more expensive, I could get a new RTX 2080 for that price.

  • john kats
    john kats Month ago

    Favourite colour fart Brown

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  • Hey Share
    Hey Share Month ago

    you forgot to talk about the phone case for Huawei Mate X. I'm mad!!

  • Matt Walls
    Matt Walls Month ago

    Ill wait... Id hate to spend 2k and find out the durability is terrible....

  • Essa Swedish
    Essa Swedish Month ago

    Mate money is no issue for me at all but hell no not buying this foldable junk for that price , they must be dreaming.

  • man mute
    man mute Month ago

    Does the fold support Pen Input like the previous galaxy note versions???

  • Baybi Go
    Baybi Go Month ago

    Please stop trying to be cute.

  • Brettagher
    Brettagher Month ago

    I'm trying to imagine how the case would work on the Mate X. Doesn't seem like it would protect the edge--unless you had to remove it from the entire case every time you wanted to unfold it, which would be lame.

  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer Month ago

    2000$ Vs 2500$

  • SongbirdGLS
    SongbirdGLS Month ago +1

    Great Review!!!! I'd buy the Mate X in a heartbeat...overall it is a better device. Yes, I agree, they will have to find a way to make this more affordable for the masses. Thank you for all of the details included...much better than the other guy I watched. :-)

  • Cesar DaVinci
    Cesar DaVinci Month ago

    Samsung is smart. The next model will have a bigger front face, and the one after will be even bigger, and so on...

    • zhanhong lu
      zhanhong lu Month ago

      oh yah. smat enough to hsve it broken in 2 days hahahaha

  • Liem Nguyen
    Liem Nguyen Month ago

    I'm here to watch new technologies on foldable phones, not speech impediments, cut that out. 1 time, it's ok, 2 times it's annoying 3 times I dislike.

  • Mik t
    Mik t 2 months ago

    not worth the price IMO....this is is for the high rollers but if I could get one I would take the Mate X, full screen w/o the "notch" is the selling pt...thats the pt of having a foldable phone to get as much screen usage as you can.

  • Rwanda jc
    Rwanda jc 2 months ago

    Huawei hand down ✋ Mate X first

  • Delaine Martindale
    Delaine Martindale 2 months ago

    seriously considering buying used phones for the next few years to drive prices down so I'm recommended the same to everybody I know. I agree that the display is not big enough on the galaxy for the smart phone feature. Meanwhile, for the average user, I believe we're balking at the $1,000 price tag and now it just looks like a status symbol. Not for me. I'll carry around a tablet and am really considering going with either used or cheapest phone available which is free from the store right now.

  • Jackeline Rodriguez
    Jackeline Rodriguez 2 months ago

    wwwwwwwaaaaaoooooo hermoso , expectacular , incredible, technology me encanto

  • Piery Fire
    Piery Fire 2 months ago

    Who herelikes huawei mor better because the first screen has more screen view then samsung ps: if the first screen is alr too short i might as well get a samsung tablet right!?

  • SciMaCalculus Peta
    SciMaCalculus Peta 2 months ago


  • _-1NSTA K1LL-_
    _-1NSTA K1LL-_ 2 months ago

    Huawei- Better design but not a string build
    Samsung- strong build and better design

    • zhanhong lu
      zhanhong lu Month ago

      oh yah . buy a 2 days broken junk plz

  • chaskele concepts
    chaskele concepts 2 months ago

    you can do 4 screens multitasking, one hovers over the other 3

  • chaskele concepts
    chaskele concepts 2 months ago

    most of you are worried about this, the samsung folds inn protecting your inner screen, has a very innovative front screen its so hard to tell if there really is a 6inch screen somewhere, but the huawei has its screens exposed, causing it to react to the hash day to day use of the device, it still looks like a prototype, it could be better but for now, it lacks innovation

  • Howard Skeivys
    Howard Skeivys 2 months ago

    Horses for courses. If either of those devices satisfy your needs, or float your boat and you’ve that amount of wonga to shed out, then that’s you happy.
    Personally, I have the iPhone XS Max. The screen is less than an inch shorter than the Galaxy across the diagonal has a faster processor and you and is nearly half the price!
    If you want a smart phone, get one. If you want a tablet, buy one. If you’re looking for a hybrid, then, go for it.
    Just because companies have been able to design devices that are new and different, it doesn’t make them necessarily market changers.
    I question over time, as things ware, how much more defined that fold in the screen will become.

  • Yusuf Estes
    Yusuf Estes 2 months ago

    Can "iFold" a phone?
    "Like" for Galaxy - "Reply" for apple

  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 2 months ago +1

    Huawei Mate looks great folded and unfolded. Love the large screens.
    Galaxy Fold looks stupid folded and has a notch

  • Fortnite Moments
    Fortnite Moments 2 months ago

    Huawei won the Foldable phone. But either have a Stylus. Both failed. But Huawei won the battle. It's hard to come up with a better design than Huawei. They did thought it through pretty hard.

  • Andy Laster
    Andy Laster 2 months ago +1

    You can say MATE X is GOOD....but think about it ...It's outfold can make some issues like the screen cracks...
    BUT GALAXY FOLD is better ....BECAUSE it easy can say it has NOTCH and small front display....BUT YOU HAVE TO THINK to their quality IT IS TESTED to fold HUNDRED times.....IT IS STRONG

  • Bishal Bairagi Rajveer
    Bishal Bairagi Rajveer 2 months ago

    SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD ...Samsung fold is better than Huawei