How to Make Stickers! (for Bullet Journals, Planners & More!)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Who doesn't love stickers?! Today I'm teaching you how to make DIY stickers from home! These are so fun to make and perfect for bullet journals, planners, or customizing pretty much anything!
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  • AmandaRachLee
    AmandaRachLee  Month ago +465

    You're never too old for stickers! What doodle would you want to turn into a sticker?? ✨
    INSTAGRAM: @amandarachlee

    • Hannah The Bananana
      Hannah The Bananana 26 days ago

      AmandaRachLee aesthetic items like clouds ☁️🔆

    • Purna Mukherjee
      Purna Mukherjee Month ago

      Hey Amanda I saw you could write with those decorese pens on black paper even the light blue one

    • Kate J.W
      Kate J.W Month ago

      I’m obsessed with stickers. For bujos, I’d make them specific to the spread. So balloons for birthdays, days of the week, etc

    • KaniieSha NaiR
      KaniieSha NaiR Month ago

      can u sell it pls

    • Pri T
      Pri T Month ago

      AMANDA! you can also make customizable shirts with the cricut!!!

  • Letters by Aleena
    Letters by Aleena 2 days ago

    Best trick!! You dont need any expensive stuff for this, just draw, stick a transparent tape on it, cut the shape, stick on a double sided tape, cut it in the shape. Your sticker is ready 💖👏🎇🎉🎊🎆✴💥

  • Elizabeth Rosado Rosario

    Is that a mac book?

  • Kiley Scott
    Kiley Scott 7 days ago

    I love this its so satisfying to watch the Cricut make stickers.

  • Qinnie Foong
    Qinnie Foong 9 days ago

    Step 1:Get the machines

  • Fans. Accounta
    Fans. Accounta 12 days ago

    Omg for me this isn’t helpful because we dont have enough money to get all those materials

  • Renea Rivera
    Renea Rivera 12 days ago

    LOVE Jenny!!! you guys should totally collab 🤩

  • Anisa Afar
    Anisa Afar 12 days ago

    Who was the winner for that giveaway by the way

  • Xinyee 1116
    Xinyee 1116 14 days ago

    can you make a video about stickers without using sticker paper?? pleaseeee

  • Emma's Zone
    Emma's Zone 15 days ago

    I love you Amanda but this is clickbait and you know it

  • cool kid alexa
    cool kid alexa 15 days ago

    Just payed a little visit to the lively comment section to exit the video😂

  • dramaticbby _
    dramaticbby _ 17 days ago

    Ok yAll ima show u the broke way

    -parchment paper (or wax)
    -images or drawn images
    1: cut a piece of parchment paper and tape pieces on the parchment paper(make sure that the image fits on the tape)
    2: cut the images
    3: tape the image on the taped parchment paper
    4: cut the extra parchment and tape off
    5: when u wanna use the sticker, take off the parchment paper and stick the image on whatever

    This should cost abt $15 in total.
    Not $100+ :)
    (No hate but this is WAY more easy)

  • Lilychanex
    Lilychanex 18 days ago

    What app is she using to draw on? 3:00 😱

  • Diana Gomez
    Diana Gomez 20 days ago

    Amazing :)

    KPOPCODE 21 day ago

    does anyone know how she did the inverse when drawing the moon and clouds on procreate??

  • Ngọc Linh Nguyễn


  • CatLadyish
    CatLadyish 21 day ago

    No.. Jpeg is actually one of the worst image file types, it's used for compression. Making images take less space. By lowering the quality. PNG is called "lossless", meaning you lose no quality, and the file is actually smaller. I mean shit, the title is misleading enough, please don't talk about things you don't know in the video on top of it 😅!

  • linolana T-T
    linolana T-T 22 days ago +1

    8:49 all the holosexuals are triggered . THATS. FAKE. HOOOOLOOOOOO. o_O

  • prachi sinha
    prachi sinha 22 days ago +1

    There is an easier version with just clear tape and parchment or wax paper

  • Suresh Wijemanne
    Suresh Wijemanne 23 days ago

    Hi Amanda I love your bullet journal

  • cy
    cy 23 days ago

    Not everyone has $300 for a sticker machine laying around!!!! :////

  • San Pui Yan
    San Pui Yan 23 days ago +1

    Uhm...What’s the name of the drawing app?

    NATALIE TAN 24 days ago

    i create custom made stickers with cricut! give me your designs and i can print and cut for you with min. fee, much better than getting a cricut ;) it's @xuandesigns on instagram!

  • Nana Amoako
    Nana Amoako 24 days ago

    Amanda should make the stickers and sell them

  • Axixa_xxx ;-;
    Axixa_xxx ;-; 24 days ago +1

    I LOVE YOUR VIDS! They r like the best and it means a lot to me. You are very creative, nice, cute, AND MANY MORE! I just love ur vids. And you always make my day, and I learn a LOT from your vids you are a great artist btw! I love your creativity too and I LOVVVEEEEEE your calligraphy!

    Also your voice is soothing

  • TheLivingApocalypse
    TheLivingApocalypse 25 days ago

    That's... not holo. But still very very pretty

  • Life Is A Page Turner
    Life Is A Page Turner 25 days ago

    I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you were doing with the eraser in procreate after you imported your scanned document. I couldn’t really see the steps because it was all going way too fast.

  • Beth Anne Kaczmarczyk
    Beth Anne Kaczmarczyk 25 days ago

    I never thought about using the vinyl to make stickers I always see it being used to decorate cups and walls and I could never get that to work right with the transfer paper it's just sitting in my drawer. This was a really good tutorial! TY!

  • Beth Anne Kaczmarczyk
    Beth Anne Kaczmarczyk 25 days ago

    I never thought about using the vinyl to make stickers I always see it being used to decorate cups and walls and I could never get that to work right with the transfer paper it's just sitting in my drawer. This was a really good tutorial! TY!

  • YourHope
    YourHope 26 days ago

    This is so cool!!!

  • Monstermuckl
    Monstermuckl 28 days ago

    Normally I really love your videos, but this is a huge disappointement and basically clickbait... You should have named it "How to make stickers with this overpriced, highly specialized machine that no one watching this video could actually afford". Still love your channel, but this was a huuuuge bust.

  • Alexa Miller
    Alexa Miller 28 days ago

    Please do galaxy theme 🌌

  • SockJean
    SockJean 28 days ago

    FaKe HolO!1!!1!1

  • virginiasmiles☺
    virginiasmiles☺ 28 days ago

    Okay but all that machine essentially does is eliminates the need to cut out the stickers by hand.

  • Danica Rodney
    Danica Rodney 29 days ago

    you should sell those stickers!!

  • John Marco Tica
    John Marco Tica 29 days ago

    What’s the point of buying this really expensive sticker maker when you could just draw them hayst when you’re too rich

  • John Marco Tica
    John Marco Tica 29 days ago

    I already know it I’m poor I know, but she just rubbed it through my face hayst😔😔😔😔

  • runexheart
    runexheart 29 days ago

    For those complaining that a cricut is $350 - they aren't, unless you buy the lestest model. I got mine for £99, which is about $130? Also, if you want to make stickers without a cricut, get some double sided sticky tape or goodgle xyron sticker maker. Its not hard. Cricuts are super cool though.

  • Sara Elena López Pineda

    I’m here again, I love all your work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emerita Castro
    Emerita Castro Month ago

    Wait guys u can actually make a sticker
    1. Draw anything
    2. Cut the pictures leaving a thing white strip around it
    3. Get parchment paper or wax paper put tape on the parchment or wax paper
    4. Put ur picture on the parchment paper where the tape is
    5. Put a another piece of tape where’s the sticker is
    6. Cut it out leaving a thin piece of wax paper
    7. Then find the parchment paper then peel it off
    And that’s a sticker, hope this helps

  • Gabrielle Onggo
    Gabrielle Onggo Month ago

    Omg can you do a moon/night or galaxy themed bullet journal someday?? Pleaseee

  • aneesa
    aneesa Month ago

    all the stickers are so cute uwu

  • RoastedRainbow
    RoastedRainbow Month ago

    That is NOT holographic paper Amanda! That is multi chrome or duo chrome

  • Liv Gomez
    Liv Gomez Month ago


  • gotica
    gotica Month ago

    I love this buuuut... you cant just do one month and copy and paste... its diffrent every month..

  • Evana Meguines
    Evana Meguines Month ago

    I also make my own sticker but in a cheap way... I doodle on a piece of paper and I laminate it with a clear tape and at the back of the paper I doodled I stick a double sided tape easy as that!😂😂

  • missile
    missile Month ago

    You can make stickers by printing out whatever you want your sticker to be or drawing it and then cutting it out. You then put a piece of clear tape on baking paper/wax paper and then put your picture/sticker on-top and then another piece of tape on top of that. You then cut it out and when your ready to use it peel off the baking paper. 😊

  • Janča Brucháčková
    Janča Brucháčková Month ago +1

    Diy version: print out whatever you want, put scotch tape over it, put it in water, leave it there for few minutes and carefully peel off the paper. The ink will stay on the tape. Boom. Stickers. You're welcome.

  • Chloe_Inspire #Heart

    Y’all chill, don’t start hating just cause you don’t have a $300 machine to make these stickers. It most definitely isn’t click bait the title says “How to make stickers” and this video clearly shows how to make them, just with a machine.

  • Drawing With Febry
    Drawing With Febry Month ago +1

    Woooaaah, that was really cool.
    How you are so good sis ???

  • psoleil g
    psoleil g Month ago

    A lot of people are complaining about the expensive machine. First of all, you can find cricuts for a lot less than $300 online. Second of all, this tutorial is helpful for crafters who already own a cricut machine bc then they can use Amanda’s tutorial and method for making their own stickers. Finally, the cricut machine makes high quality stickers that are cleanly and precisely cut for you. It’s helpful if you want to turn it into a business and sell stickers or if you just like how efficient it is, but nowhere in this video did she say this is the ONLY method for making stickers. She doesn’t have to be the only USclipr showing you how to make stickers in all kinds of ways. Unsatisfied with this vid? Go find another one that’ll teach you how to make stickers without the machine. Yes, she should have made it more clear in the title that she was using a cricut but all the complaining about how expensive the machine is is quite ridiculous.

  • MiissAngel RBLX
    MiissAngel RBLX Month ago +3

    For those who don't have a sticker machine:
    -print or draw on a piece of paper your design
    -Cut it out
    -Get a piece of parchment paper (not wax paper, as it is SOO hard to peel back) and cut it out a little bigger than the paper you drew/printed
    -put a piece of packaging tape and lay it in top of the parchment paper
    -place the drawing/print on top
    -place another piece of tape on top
    -then cut it out leaving space so the tape can stick
    Then when you are ready to use it, peel back the parchment paper!!

    • Shuaa Cassim
      Shuaa Cassim Month ago

      MiissAngel RBLX omg thanks!!! It actually works 😀😀😀😃😀😀

  • Sips Tea
    Sips Tea Month ago

    Me: Ooooh i wanna make some stickers
    *sees that you need an ipad and other machinery to make some sticker*
    Me: and i oop-

    • psoleil g
      psoleil g Month ago

      Sips Tea you don’t need an iPad. There’s free drawing programs on the internet that are reliable. Also, you don’t need the Cricut or even a scanner/printer, she drew some of them by hand and you can just cut those out and use double sided tape.

  • Ujane Feli
    Ujane Feli Month ago +11

    Tbh this should've been entitled how to use circut sticker machine.

  • michelle f
    michelle f Month ago

    thats so awesome!! i want a cricut so bad!
    the holographic ones are awesome!!

  • Tejas
    Tejas Month ago

    I don't even have a Cricut Maker but you know what, I am still going to like this!

  • Ava Kate Kelley
    Ava Kate Kelley Month ago

    Grad parchment paper,tape, and a picture and make a sticker without a extremely expensive machine

  • Сонечка Матвеева

    Please make a subtitle in Russian.

  • Сонечка Матвеева

    Сделай , пожалуйста, субтитр на русский язык . Кто русский ставь лайк

  • maria remedios tomas

    Hi Amanda! Love all your videos and your creative ideas! But I also love your makeup! Would it be possible for you to also list in the info box the products you use in your videos? I know your channel is not about makeup but you do it so nicely please share the products you use. 😊 If that’s not something you want to do, at least please share what lipstick you have on in this video. Thank you very much and more power!!!

  • Simply AC
    Simply AC Month ago

    What if you dont have the money to but an ipad?

  • Maddy Durot
    Maddy Durot Month ago +29

    any holosexual would know that “holographic” sticker paper isnt REAL HOLO

    • Loren Garcia
      Loren Garcia Month ago +3

      Maddy Durot I know, my heart hurt when she pulled out the unicorn skin

  • RadioactiveAcid
    RadioactiveAcid Month ago +12

    "Jpeg, the highest quality possible" 💀💀💀💀💀💀 thats like the lowest quality file out there wym

  • Navita Bahadur
    Navita Bahadur Month ago

    Love this video! Follow me on Pinterest plz at navita bahadur58. Thx! Love u Amanda ❤

  • Anisha
    Anisha Month ago

    y’all could just buy sticker paper, draw on them and then cut around the drawing? boom, stickers without a 300$ maker

  • amvelasc
    amvelasc Month ago

    this is amazing

  • Syd Pie 2006
    Syd Pie 2006 Month ago

    you should get a rocket book i just invested in one and its so cool you should take a look at them

  • nico nap
    nico nap Month ago +1

    Theres an easier and cheaper way: use scrap paper, the thing you want to turn into a sticker and packaging tape

  • Angelina Hii
    Angelina Hii Month ago

    okay... you can make stickers from home for like 2dollars... the machine like...300????

    • psoleil g
      psoleil g Month ago

      Angelina Hii the machine makes good quality stickers tho that are cleanly cut out for you. Some cricuts are on the market for significantly less money, but even then she’s just showing how to use this for making stickers. Some of us are already crafters who own one of these machines so it’s helpful for us to know that we can make stickers using her method.

  • Insan kabacha
    Insan kabacha Month ago

    Okay, this is harder than I thought,I mean it's not that simple😅🙄🤐

  • plans and pumpkins
    plans and pumpkins Month ago

    Love this video! I want to start making my own stickers too! 🧡🧡

  • Madeleine Whitney
    Madeleine Whitney Month ago

    For everybody saying that you have to have the Cricut to make these stickers, the only thing the machine does is cut out the sticker. You can use regular scissors and get the same results.

  • Sukritha A
    Sukritha A Month ago

    Please make a non cricut method for making stickers. Not everyone can afford one so an alternative option would be great!!

  • Sally Hill
    Sally Hill Month ago

    Love to see more ideas for the Cricut!

  • Shubham Das
    Shubham Das Month ago +3

    How to make a cheap stickers
    Just draw on a paper what you want
    Then color Xerox it
    Then cut if
    And then stick it with a glue stick

  • Arin Rohrbach
    Arin Rohrbach Month ago

    I actually prefer Silhouette for sticker making. It’s amazing!!!

  • infamousminded
    infamousminded Month ago

    Ive had a cricut explore for about 2yrs and because theres so much u can do, it can be so overwhelming. I have barely dabbled in all it can do but i am SO happy to see u have gotten into it! This was a great basics video for the stickers i didnt even think of drawing and then scanning so thank u for that! 💜 cant wait to see more videos!

  • Soup Milk
    Soup Milk Month ago


  • Evanjollyine
    Evanjollyine Month ago

    If only we could find cricut in Europe too.. 😪

  • Muddy Relic
    Muddy Relic Month ago

    Favorite journals?

  • Deid Ouano
    Deid Ouano Month ago +1

    I just hope that she included a diy sticker without using the machine

  • Siena Lococo
    Siena Lococo Month ago

    Not gonna lie, seeing the entire roll of holographic vinyl headed for that cricut gave me a slight panic attack but I’ve been looking for a video like this forever and I appreciate you making one!

  • Chantel192005
    Chantel192005 Month ago

    Thanks for showing how to make stickers. What program did you use to draw your stickers?

  • Love, Alayna
    Love, Alayna Month ago

    As someone who recently got a Cricut, I’m super grateful for this video!!!

  • Justkaia
    Justkaia Month ago

    could you do a procreate tutorial?

  • the.hinderwomann.
    the.hinderwomann. Month ago

    *** for those who do not have a cricut***
    Check out Emily Artful's newest video. Very helpful.

  • Quennie01
    Quennie01 Month ago

    Is there an easier/cheaper way to create stickers? Would love to make some

  • nmhicks
    nmhicks Month ago

    QUESTION FOR ANYONE: can you recommend some mechanical pencil refills that are on the darker side? I bought a cute pencil that take .5mm lead but the writing is difficult for me to see, because it's so light.

  • Victoria Rojas
    Victoria Rojas Month ago

    Who else thinks that she should make BTS stickers.💜ARMYs where you at?

  • Shruti N_
    Shruti N_ Month ago +1

    ahh I always love your videos. Also, wanted to mention this and since this is the most recent video of yours, why not :)
    I actually used to get really overwhelmed by the amount of things I wanted to and needed to get done. Your videos definitely helped me a lot.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia Month ago

    Me: Why do I watch this channel every second! But why don’t I get alerts of new videos!
    Later released I have not subscribed
    I feel better to subscribe now

  • Gabrielle Tayag
    Gabrielle Tayag Month ago

    For kiss cuts on sticker paper, i've had great luck with using the custom cutting pressure for "washi tape" that you can search for in the settings when choosing the type of material you're cutting with. Hope that helps!

  • Cinthia Jimenez
    Cinthia Jimenez Month ago

    What app do you use to make your stickers on your iPad? Great video.

  • The Crafty Jubilee
    The Crafty Jubilee Month ago

    Amazing tutorial! I own a sticker shop and now I can send people to this video when they ask how I do mine, we follow the same process! Note: The Washi Tape setting cuts most sticker paper perfectly

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    I have a Silhouette. It’s pricey just like the Cricut. People don’t invest in products like this unless you’re a crafter and/or are using it for a business. It’s not a super easy program to use. It takes a lot of patience. Plus, not everyone has a printer with a scanner or a drawing tablet. If you don’t have either of these, it takes a lot more steps to create stickers. Plus, making sure your paper is aligned correctly to cut the sticker you pre-printed isn’t also super easy. I usually love your videos but, as a crafter, this one was a bit misinformed.

  • xlinduxx
    xlinduxx Month ago +3

    or you could just make these on computer, print it on a 'sticker' paper and then cut it out. 10 times cheaper

    • psoleil g
      psoleil g Month ago

      xlinduxx yeah go ahead and do that, but this is helpful for those who already have a cricut machine. It makes good quality stickers that are cleanly and precisely cut out for you, but like everything you don’t HAVE to use this method.

  • Jacky Rodriguez
    Jacky Rodriguez Month ago

    😫 Everytime I click on a vid that says "How to make stickers"(or something similar to that) there is always a machine that you need. But who would actually get one. ( I actually wanted to make some stickers+no hate)

  • Mariyam Layasha
    Mariyam Layasha Month ago

    This is amazing and so creative. keep up the amazing work. your doodles and bullet journal ideas are absolutely splendid!!

  • Elinga & DIY
    Elinga & DIY Month ago

    Do you use your stationary only for BuJo or for something else too ?

  • xXrinabeeXx
    xXrinabeeXx Month ago

    What size iPad Pro was that?