GIANT Spinning Ninja Duel!!


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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  3 months ago +568

    Hey guys! Would you be too scared to climb those giant monkey bars? Could you take duel us in a spinning battle? Let us know down below! Check out the Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!

  • April Matthews
    April Matthews 5 days ago

    y'all are so cool

  • Usama Chaudhri
    Usama Chaudhri 5 days ago

    Put the pin in the coconut!!

  • Raven Mobley
    Raven Mobley 7 days ago

    I love team edges videos but Kevin makes this Aggravatingto watch

  • Diena Frenz
    Diena Frenz 8 days ago

    Bobby shouldn't be team with j fred

  • XxCactus
    XxCactus 8 days ago

    Bryan cheated he went to bobby and striked it instead if throwing it. But still what is fair?? 😂😂 luv ur vid keep it up

  • naruto uzumaki 1234
    naruto uzumaki 1234 9 days ago

    Brian cheated because he went up and hit Bobby egg

  • The Bishop Family
    The Bishop Family 10 days ago

    Keven cheat bc you ca t turn as j-fred is trying to get the thing on the keven neck

  • Markayla Robertson
    Markayla Robertson 11 days ago

    1:05 when you see it, Hint: Background

  • Alea Rezelle Salting
    Alea Rezelle Salting 12 days ago

    Kevincito and brayancito cheated

  • Dyelawn _
    Dyelawn _ 14 days ago

    I love when J fred stopped playing and got hype😂

  • Ice ultra Crew
    Ice ultra Crew 14 days ago

    Kevin cheated on the first round he was loking at Bryan so jfred could not hit him

  • I needed that
    I needed that 14 days ago


  • Luke Bautista
    Luke Bautista 16 days ago

    thats a foulty sort

  • Dont mind me
    Dont mind me 23 days ago

    I love ninjago

  • Steven Li Mall
    Steven Li Mall 23 days ago

    ok sure team edge what is

  • Richie Duece
    Richie Duece 23 days ago

    Just really bad beyblades

  • Elijah Olsen
    Elijah Olsen 26 days ago


  • Leoj Oatcal
    Leoj Oatcal 27 days ago

    Such a cheter bro j fred cheated

  • Randy Duquene
    Randy Duquene Month ago

    I just started watching today and is joey relayed to Matt or am I crazy

  • Cristal Sanchez
    Cristal Sanchez Month ago

    You are the best

  • INSTADZ 0689
    INSTADZ 0689 Month ago


  • Mark Myers
    Mark Myers Month ago

    Keven still cheated to win the first challenge

  • Grim Thoughts
    Grim Thoughts Month ago

    "Bryan has to throw these swords at bobby"
    >Bryan proceeds running to bobby and meleeing the egg
    Im sorry what?

  • Grumpyacardimus
    Grumpyacardimus Month ago

    Brian and Martin cheated

  • Cash Lintner
    Cash Lintner Month ago

    The sword egg necklace part would be the easiest thing in the world with a bow

  • Muffin Daddy
    Muffin Daddy Month ago

    These "Ninjago spinners" are just Bayblade

  • Timur
    Timur Month ago

    respect and welcome to my page ..

  • Kouessan Kouevi
    Kouessan Kouevi Month ago

    You guys so cool

  • HERA event rentals
    HERA event rentals Month ago


  • the zombie slayer m

    What happened Bobby 1:12

  • Daniel Anthony
    Daniel Anthony Month ago

    5:20 he was using the side isn’t that cheating

  • KooKaburra Playz
    KooKaburra Playz Month ago

    Or were they fake

  • KooKaburra Playz
    KooKaburra Playz Month ago

    How old were The katanas

  • Seneca Bivens
    Seneca Bivens Month ago

    Do a what's in the box challenge

  • Nadia Mehfooz
    Nadia Mehfooz Month ago

    I have one

  • Freddy Freaker
    Freddy Freaker Month ago

    Beginning song name? [Don't you dare put Darude Sandstorm]

  • GoldFish
    GoldFish Month ago

    Wheres lloyd wtf. Scam

  • Darkstrike1001
    Darkstrike1001 Month ago

    Bryan is such a cheater bros

  • Aiden BLOM
    Aiden BLOM Month ago

    Bobby-son and Joey had epic strikes!

  • Fazbear 64
    Fazbear 64 Month ago

    Ninja Go, Ninja, come on come on we gotta do it again, just jump up, kick back, whip without a spin

  • Fazbear 64
    Fazbear 64 Month ago


  • gummy nuñes
    gummy nuñes Month ago

    Kevin disqualified

  • Kooper Novak
    Kooper Novak Month ago

    I just got a ninjago set

  • Jcarr Carr
    Jcarr Carr Month ago

    Brian and his brother cheat to much fire them

  • RashObama 247
    RashObama 247 Month ago

    They cheated he said throw katana not hit

  • Danielle Anne
    Danielle Anne Month ago

    Kevin's such a cheater bro!

  • Destroyer Plays
    Destroyer Plays Month ago

    Kevin cheated D;

  • Jacob McIntosh
    Jacob McIntosh Month ago

    we Wqqq

  • Jackie Collins
    Jackie Collins Month ago

    bobby's a fish ninja

  • Valorie H
    Valorie H Month ago

    I am a black belt in real life and this video is nothing like what I do, but it was still fun to watch it!! I love u guys and you are my favorite channel

  • Dawn White
    Dawn White Month ago

    So Bryan is Kai and Bobby is Jay and J Fred is Cole and Kevin is Zane

  • Lill Water Ninja
    Lill Water Ninja Month ago


  • nidoking 101
    nidoking 101 Month ago

    Kevin cheated on the monkey bar challenge he used the side to hold him self up

  • Connor 7
    Connor 7 Month ago

    Jfred is the ultimate ninja

  • Fernando Lamas
    Fernando Lamas Month ago

    Boby = Jay Bryan = Kai J-Fred = Coal it think Bryans brother welp anywho = Zane BOOM i finished ninjago until season 7 comes out ._.

  • Carissa Blair
    Carissa Blair Month ago

    Bobby is awesome!!! So is J-Fred and Matthias!!!! and Brian

  • Carissa Blair
    Carissa Blair Month ago

    I say that one guy cheated (Not Bobby) he used the side to kind of walk his way across the monkey bars!!!

  • Carissa Blair
    Carissa Blair Month ago

    This video kinda reminds me of American Ninja Warrior

  • Hayley Blackmore
    Hayley Blackmore Month ago

    when I saw bobby with the spinner I was like wait what you watch that that's my favourite show

  • Savage sqaud
    Savage sqaud Month ago

    Rose shut up

  • Martin Gotin
    Martin Gotin Month ago

    I hate these two black cheaters

  • Brianne Kiley
    Brianne Kiley Month ago


  • Diamond Mangle
    Diamond Mangle Month ago

    I think J-fred and Bobby should have won the monkey bars challenge because Kevin was using the sides to help him across

  • Leo James Bancroft
    Leo James Bancroft Month ago

    It was a lot easier for Brian to break babies egg while he was dangling off the bar

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina Month ago

    Bryan team cheated he use the wall

  • Zulema Parazzolli
    Zulema Parazzolli Month ago

    Round 1 j-fread and bobby cause kevin and bryan cheated kevin went on the side gg j-fread and bobby

  • Joe Pekala
    Joe Pekala Month ago

    Hey guys you should actually try martial arts I just got my blackbelt

  • Erika Acosta
    Erika Acosta Month ago

    Joey shold have been Zane

  • Hakystudio SK
    Hakystudio SK Month ago

    Yeah Bryan throw it

  • aviel&aziel
    aviel&aziel Month ago

    J-friend is chitter in this game and Bryan in so god to play it so easy for team edge.

  • Rafael chavez
    Rafael chavez Month ago

    I love ninjago and legos

  • BoiGamer225
    BoiGamer225 Month ago


  • It your Chezzy Leader

    if Bobby is a ninja he should Lloyd aka the green ninja

  • O5 liver Jeruzal
    O5 liver Jeruzal Month ago

    Brayn cheated because he went with the arrow and broken the egg😑

  • Brandon Silva
    Brandon Silva Month ago

    Bryan and Kevin are nijago cheaters he used the side for support

  • The Doom Bladers
    The Doom Bladers Month ago

    The spinjitzou is basically off brand Lego Beyblades

  • jefferson 1933
    jefferson 1933 Month ago

    I feel like it makes sense that Bobby is Blue, aka as Jay 😂

    TEAM WALLPAPER Month ago

    The disliked ones Brian and Kevin for cheating in my opinion.

  • วนิดา ผลวิเศษชัยกุล

    My friend have one of that

  • CreeperRoid
    CreeperRoid Month ago

    Bryan and Kevin clearly cheated

  • Anna Bro
    Anna Bro Month ago

    I love ur vids soooo much

  • Scemo Person
    Scemo Person Month ago

    Bryan always cheats 🙄

  • kalum psilos
    kalum psilos Month ago

    keven is a cheter

  • Gamer code123
    Gamer code123 Month ago


  • Deathwolf5705
    Deathwolf5705 Month ago

    These are basically off brand bey blades

  • Isaac Reynolds-Smith

    Yoooooooooo epic

  • Izzy Cordell
    Izzy Cordell Month ago

    i feel kinda offended because im a 2nd degree black belt and have been doing it for years. you don't know anything about it.
    but im still subed.

  • GladBatman443
    GladBatman443 2 months ago

    ya :( R.I.P. table

  • Brooke Christie
    Brooke Christie 2 months ago

    I'm this is gonna sound weird but when I saw the title I instantly though ninjago 😐😝 always I the only one?

  • Slayer 724
    Slayer 724 2 months ago

    Kevin is a cheater

  • Super Retro Gaming
    Super Retro Gaming 2 months ago

    White Ninja cheated by walking on the side and Bryan had to throw the sword

  • Danielle Wheeler
    Danielle Wheeler 2 months ago

    Yoll have the best youtube channell😍😑😎😘

  • Dragonslayer3609
    Dragonslayer3609 2 months ago

    Bryan cheated he was suppost to throw the sword in the first challange

  • Furious Destroyer
    Furious Destroyer 2 months ago

    This is the American ninja warriors right here!!!

  • Gaint Gecko
    Gaint Gecko 2 months ago


  • Gaint Gecko
    Gaint Gecko 2 months ago


  • Julio Esquivel
    Julio Esquivel 2 months ago


  • Eeferboo36
    Eeferboo36 2 months ago

    Bobby was jay J-Fred was Cole Kevin was Zane Bryan was Kai

  • Willow gamerFox
    Willow gamerFox 2 months ago

    do you really do karate like I do?