GIANT Spinning Ninja Duel!!


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  • Team Edge
    Team Edge  7 months ago +599

    Hey guys! Would you be too scared to climb those giant monkey bars? Could you take duel us in a spinning battle? Let us know down below! Check out the Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!

    • Doggy Bobby
      Doggy Bobby 27 days ago

      Team Edge a

    • Kero Gamal
      Kero Gamal Month ago


    • jin ok kim
      jin ok kim 2 months ago

      Yes I could for I am a black belt at martial arts

    • Lincoln Clark
      Lincoln Clark 2 months ago

      Nope not me

    • Lincoln Clark
      Lincoln Clark 2 months ago

      Nope I do it all the time

  • Ahmad Ejaz
    Ahmad Ejaz 10 hours ago

    Good job

  • k h
    k h 3 days ago

    J-Fred is a full on Ninja

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz 7 days ago

    I know this on netflix the legos series

  • John Mariano
    John Mariano 11 days ago +1

    Who's watching this at 2019?

  • Elia Miranda
    Elia Miranda 13 days ago


  • S7
    S7 14 days ago

    Brian and Kevin cheated so I got mad when Kevin called J-Fred a chicken

  • CherryChuu
    CherryChuu 15 days ago


  • Shaunna Allyn
    Shaunna Allyn 15 days ago


  • Farrah Roshay
    Farrah Roshay 17 days ago


  • Classy143
    Classy143 19 days ago


  • Salvatore Turano
    Salvatore Turano 23 days ago

    I hate Brian he’s such a cheater with Kevin

  • Angel Gamer045
    Angel Gamer045 24 days ago


  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones 24 days ago

    It looks like I could beat you all

  • fpgunner roblox
    fpgunner roblox 24 days ago

    I have the Ninjago Castle

  • Little Gringo
    Little Gringo 24 days ago

    Bay blade bay blade let it rip

  • Chelsie Beard
    Chelsie Beard 25 days ago

    Kioby is such a cheater

  • Unicat Squad!
    Unicat Squad! 25 days ago

    this definitely isn’t sponsored.....

  • FireResistt
    FireResistt 25 days ago

    Where’s Nya and Garmodon and Loyd

  • Anak Kami
    Anak Kami 26 days ago

    Brayn is cetting because Bobby said trow the sowerd

  • Louisse Sta. Maria
    Louisse Sta. Maria 26 days ago

    Bryra team is a cheatted

  • Ace de Castro spice wath

    Fake bord

  • Ulises Ramirez
    Ulises Ramirez 27 days ago

    Bryan mostly cheats first

  • bri bri
    bri bri 27 days ago

    bobbie and joey won he cheated

  • Sheryn_ Eliserio 16
    Sheryn_ Eliserio 16 27 days ago

    Why always bryan have to cheat in the game. I know its just a game but you know if you really want to win you don't have to cheat. I'm not a hater of team edge just asking if why he's doing that.

  • Kocky brain
    Kocky brain 29 days ago


  • Kocky brain
    Kocky brain 29 days ago


  • Kocky brain
    Kocky brain 29 days ago


  • Ocean Lover
    Ocean Lover 29 days ago

    J freds face looks like neymar

  • Tucker Walters
    Tucker Walters Month ago

    Bryan ruined the video because he cheated

  • BackYard Films
    BackYard Films Month ago

    Keven and Bryan were not born chickens πŸ”

  • Hanatta Wijaya
    Hanatta Wijaya Month ago

    Kevin cheated

  • Ausra Migonyte
    Ausra Migonyte Month ago


  • Argelia Hernandez
    Argelia Hernandez Month ago +1

    Why is kive is there Matthias is opss to be there

  • Tacokid supreme
    Tacokid supreme Month ago

    am aktualy in karate and am in black belt and am 10 years old

  • Tristan Fry
    Tristan Fry Month ago

    Kevin cheated

  • Janeth Cruz
    Janeth Cruz Month ago

    Brian’s hand seems fine

  • BossGal Awsome
    BossGal Awsome Month ago

    Omg 8:15 Bobby hair

  • Ava Caminiti
    Ava Caminiti Month ago

    evin is taller then J-fred and you say he is the giraffe

  • Stephanie Washington

    ya,ll are some ugly cheaters

  • Rekt Lol
    Rekt Lol Month ago

    More like beyblades

  • TheMasterYoda
    TheMasterYoda Month ago

    J-Fred and Bobby won the first challenge Brian was supposed to throw it

  • Marry Salazar
    Marry Salazar Month ago

    I like bobby

  • AwesomeGaming & Stuff
    AwesomeGaming & Stuff Month ago +2

    I think you have a great channel

  • Thanh Cao
    Thanh Cao Month ago

    Team edge is not a dumb channel

  • Sheri Nan
    Sheri Nan Month ago

    Do a challenge where you put sunscreen on your hands and you have to do the monkey bars

  • John Jr Almeraz
    John Jr Almeraz Month ago

    I thought after a couple years, Bryan would stop cheating, but it never fails

  • Ruby Round
    Ruby Round 2 months ago

    J-fred:money bars i mean monkey bars XD

  • Mendez Zer0
    Mendez Zer0 2 months ago

    Bryan obviously cheated πŸ˜‚ J-Fred is true winner

  • Nevayah Smith
    Nevayah Smith 2 months ago +2

    I love ninja go Kia jay Zane loudly Cole nya se.wuw and the brown ninjaπŸ˜˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜―

  • Joseph Jaure
    Joseph Jaure 2 months ago +1

    Bobby and Bryan are the best

  • Danny gomez
    Danny gomez 2 months ago

    Why not do the egg challenge with nerf guns

  • richard grove
    richard grove 2 months ago

    Red cheated

  • Rebecca Sargent
    Rebecca Sargent 2 months ago

    Love ninjago

  • Eric Braune
    Eric Braune 2 months ago


  • gi-an vc
    gi-an vc 2 months ago

    Bryan cheated!!

  • jin ok kim
    jin ok kim 2 months ago +1

    All ninjas know that you need 4 special skills : silence and balance and interlect and timing

  • jin ok kim
    jin ok kim 2 months ago

    All ninjas know that you need three of the special skills : silence and balance and interlect

  • Belle Von h
    Belle Von h 2 months ago


  • Kelly Seeman
    Kelly Seeman 2 months ago


  • Swift Gamer
    Swift Gamer 2 months ago

    "I cant".....I am dead

  • Gamer Lego
    Gamer Lego 2 months ago

    I love the movie and TV Ninjago series

  • Anika Banana
    Anika Banana 2 months ago

    Replay dat scene! 0:00

  • My name Jeff
    My name Jeff 2 months ago

    They didn’t win Bryan cheated

  • LTD gaming
    LTD gaming 2 months ago

    Put me on please I want to join that look so cool

  • Novak Tomic
    Novak Tomic 3 months ago

    Play fortnite I want to see more fourth night

  • cia deleon
    cia deleon 3 months ago

    It so cute of babe

  • jon johnson
    jon johnson 3 months ago +2

    Bryan cheated he was supposed throw the katana not walk up and hit bobby

  • retraC9002
    retraC9002 3 months ago

    The person in the white outfit was cheating

  • chlojoecorn gamez
    chlojoecorn gamez 3 months ago

    In a couple days I have to have a blood test and I'm really nervous πŸ˜₯ but you guys make me feel better about it 😊

  • evilkins
    evilkins 3 months ago

    J Fred's team should of won because the guy on the monkey bars cheated.

  • Yamile Lara
    Yamile Lara 3 months ago

    Bryan and Bobby are so short

  • Angel Gamer045
    Angel Gamer045 3 months ago

    It's like ninjago

  • PeasentsDontNeedPresents 123

    The Characters They Represent!
    Bobby - Jay
    Kevin - Zane
    Joey - Cole
    Brian The Cheater - Kai

  • Jill Oliver
    Jill Oliver 3 months ago

    Jay and Cole fight each other

  • Jill Oliver
    Jill Oliver 3 months ago

    I love Zane the nindrord

  • Jill Oliver
    Jill Oliver 3 months ago

    J Fred:Cole Brian:kai Bobby:jay Kevin:zane

  • ToxicDaBoiAidan19
    ToxicDaBoiAidan19 3 months ago

    Sorry I ment Kevin cheated

  • ToxicDaBoiAidan19
    ToxicDaBoiAidan19 3 months ago

    On challenge one bob cheated

  • Maverick Jacob
    Maverick Jacob 3 months ago


  • Adelaide Norman
    Adelaide Norman 3 months ago

    I love ninjago

  • Silvadonix
    Silvadonix 3 months ago

    You need to do some BEYBLADE battles.

  • Esmeralda Rodriguez
    Esmeralda Rodriguez 3 months ago


  • Matt Staples
    Matt Staples 3 months ago

    I have never seen such losers

  • Mario Zazueta
    Mario Zazueta 3 months ago +1

    E how to make my pictures old I am

  • Andriod 18
    Andriod 18 3 months ago

    Ayeeeeeeeeee you guys do Lego Ninjago nice

  • splatoon nour
    splatoon nour 3 months ago

    i love ninjago

  • Jesse Cunningham
    Jesse Cunningham 3 months ago

    Bobby is already a ninja because he is asian

  • Bruce Lofte
    Bruce Lofte 3 months ago

    Where is the green Ninja

  • Hermanto Tjoe
    Hermanto Tjoe 3 months ago

    J-Bob vs cheaters brother

  • Catherine Jenkins
    Catherine Jenkins 3 months ago


  • ΞœΞ‘Ξ‘Ξ™Ξ‘ Ξ€Ξ‘ΞœΞ ΞŸΞ₯ΑΗ

    matt should have been the blue one
    [they both are crazy]

  • Rick HT
    Rick HT 3 months ago

    Kevin cheet o

  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy 3 months ago

    J-Fred and Bobby- san spinjitsu masters!

  • DJ The Potato
    DJ The Potato 3 months ago

    Ninja didn't use katana

  • Jenn Auger
    Jenn Auger 3 months ago

    Stop Bobby abuse

  • Julia Cao
    Julia Cao 3 months ago

    Braun cheated

  • Super Reptar
    Super Reptar 3 months ago

    Bobby kimited suicde

  • The Alpha Tiger
    The Alpha Tiger 3 months ago

    Bryan was supposed to throw the swords