Galaxy S10 5G vs Galaxy S10+ Speed Test, Battery Life & Cameras!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs Galaxy S10 Plus Speed Test, Battery Life Test & Camera Test!
    Galaxy S10+ Amazon USA price (affiliate):
    Test covers boot up, specs, battery life, games (Fortnite, PUBG), Chrome, benchmarks (Geekbench), fingerprint scanners, multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera (low light), camera speed, live focus video and more!
    S10 5G: Exynos 9820 / 256GB / 8GB RAM (max)
    S10+: Snapdragon 855 / 1TB / 12GB RAM (max)
    Instagram (just started in 2019!):
    Track: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release]
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  • Phone Battles
    Phone Battles  2 months ago +96

    Will be filming a full (100%-0%) battery life test between these 2 and 4 other phones shortly. Will include the latest phones like LG G8, Xiaomi Mi 9, iPhone XS Max, etc.

    • Ramos
      Ramos 26 days ago

      Phone Battles does rear camera for live recording on the 5g has standard also like the s10+?

    • Anthony Loho
      Anthony Loho Month ago

      Phone Battles is it possible for you to spreAd the word of possible dangers in 5G development? If so that would be great, not directly on a video but possible just as pinned comment.

    • Isaac Inmon
      Isaac Inmon 2 months ago

      @[OGNC] Elite Force 101 the phone is 1300

    • Talha Nadeem
      Talha Nadeem 2 months ago

      Include 5G LG V50

  • Slumped blossom
    Slumped blossom 4 hours ago

    May I have the s10+ please

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 7 hours ago

    Doesnt 5g mess you up somehow. Some radiation stuff

  • Ryuzaki L Lawliet
    Ryuzaki L Lawliet 8 hours ago

    Me watching on s7 edge :) bought the release day
    I'll buy note 10 on release

  • Gaming Test
    Gaming Test Day ago

    Exynos :DDDDd

  • BlueArmy
    BlueArmy 2 days ago

    Your gonna hate me for this but..... I bought a iPhone XS Max 512GB gold I ditched my note 9 :/

  • Dorje Gyurme
    Dorje Gyurme 2 days ago +2

    I will wait until the flag ship phones come out with the 64 mb sensor. I live in Thailand or 5G is more than a year away

  • freemansu
    freemansu 2 days ago

    Very nice comparison, thanks

  • Jay Rox
    Jay Rox 3 days ago

    The fuck is wrong with your voice bro.

  • Ricky Laurent Sihaloho

    Can you give me that one?

  • paraunasahb
    paraunasahb 4 days ago

    Video was on for 2 hours and battery was still at 85 and 84??? Wow!!!

  • Vegan Life Change
    Vegan Life Change 5 days ago

    Can't believe the 5g has less ram.... It's still an S10.

  • Nomelino Galleros
    Nomelino Galleros 5 days ago

    Using this on the original S10.

  • Just_a_Person _123
    Just_a_Person _123 5 days ago +3

    I'm stuck between those two but you really cleared things up for me, thanks mate.

  • timothy chung
    timothy chung 5 days ago

    Truly, is there really a difference? Just a reminder to the trolls, I still need to focus on breathing that takes longer than neither...

  • Kia Anne
    Kia Anne 6 days ago +1

    S10+ Plus is way better 💕

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage 6 days ago +1

    I could forsee the background blurring on the 5G being a constant hindrance when trying to get the right focus on a quick camera shot, I'd rather have my entire photo in focus and clear or to manually adjust the focus to exactly how I want it. Also the additional 4GB of RAM seems like a pretty significant factor to put in the S10+'s favor, kinda surprised the 5G doesn't have it.
    The only thing the 5G currently seems to do better is... the 5G itself, which isn't really easy to test right now as its too early but with speeds you already get with 4G I'm sure the 5G is faster but is it $200 - $400 faster? I'd wager probably not.
    S10+ is probably the better deal.

  • 5분여행캄보디아
    5분여행캄보디아 7 days ago +1

    I love everythings about s10 5g. Im using gold color. . One thing is monthly pay is abit hight and 5g is not really working sometimes. I think i waste some money. But i love my phone so much. It pefect for me

  • Banna Vaungvivat
    Banna Vaungvivat 7 days ago +5

    S 10+ wins.

  • Jack Fadell
    Jack Fadell 7 days ago +5

    5:53 the zoom quality on the S10+ seemed a bit sharper than the 5G. The street signs seemed clearer.

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 8 days ago +1

    I think I'll get the 5g after watching this

  • 666baraka
    666baraka 8 days ago

    Is this the same dude that doesn't they really annoying unexplained videos.

    REDON GASHI 10 days ago

    Te mir te kokan

  • mariomania
    mariomania 10 days ago +1

    watching on my S3

  • Ian
    Ian 12 days ago

    Does it supports 5g?

  • Naveed Ehsan
    Naveed Ehsan 14 days ago

    From where you bought 12 gb ram and 1 tb rom s10 plus mobile

  • slappy.b0y
    slappy.b0y 15 days ago +4

    i have s10 plus and its godly enough for me so no 5G 👌👌

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 8 days ago

      yahya ly Get the s10 5G. If you can’t, get the s10+

    • yahya ly
      yahya ly 12 days ago

      should i buy s10 plus or 1+7pro?

  • J.R. Walk
    J.R. Walk 15 days ago +6

    watching from my S10+ 📱😎👍

  • Brayden Harper
    Brayden Harper 15 days ago

    what color is the s10 5g

  • Pedro Pedro
    Pedro Pedro 16 days ago +1

    N64 for the win

  • rhagar mills
    rhagar mills 16 days ago

    So basicly dont waste money in the 5g

  • Chu En
    Chu En 17 days ago

    The 5g battery is so large

  • Kevin Gyan-Baffour
    Kevin Gyan-Baffour 18 days ago +1

    Nice video but why that stupid song in the back??

  • MythicalGod 909
    MythicalGod 909 19 days ago

    samsung s10 5g

  • MythicalGod 909
    MythicalGod 909 19 days ago


  • JJUnboxing
    JJUnboxing 20 days ago

    Can someone help me out? I want to buy the Samsung galaxy s10 5g but there’s a couple things I want to know first, does it still have a headphone jack? And can I use the TOF sensor on the front for 3D facial scanning for unlocking the phone like on the iPhone X, thanks 😁

  • largon 03
    largon 03 21 day ago +1

    You're comparing the best with the best so the best one won..👍

  • xDesperation -
    xDesperation - 21 day ago

    Turn that damn music off

  • got no name
    got no name 21 day ago

    For fucks sake pal get a life go on holiday get a job stop letting mummy and daddy buy you all the things you want

  • Cem il
    Cem il 22 days ago

    Don't press,touch it :)

  • MyUglyHairline
    MyUglyHairline 25 days ago

    Why do they make 5G its very bad for you

    4G is already bad enough but phones are not important life is well I use my phone a lot but about 30min-1hr a day cause it’s almost summer and I go out

    • nsr ai
      nsr ai 24 days ago

      We are not the same

  • Bret Marisnick
    Bret Marisnick 25 days ago

    Dude you have the ONE feature that makes the 5G better than the plus DISABLED! How is that a fair test!?!

  • Scott Logan
    Scott Logan 25 days ago

    Im happy with my S10 plus.Going by this video its a better phone anyway.5G is not good for your health.4g is bad enough.

  • Learn Spanish World
    Learn Spanish World 26 days ago

    Great review amigo...I was trying to decide which phone I should get. Your review proved to be very informative and helpful. Thank you very much for uploading it!

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Heeeeeeey boobie. Hey boomboo. Hey boobaline. Heeeeey * finger snap *

  • Mike Philpot
    Mike Philpot 27 days ago +5

    The 5G size is too big at 6.7. Heck ... men already need man pursues. Gonna need a briefcase for yo phone soon. Beautiful screens though.

  • Imran Javed
    Imran Javed 27 days ago

    Broadway !!!

  • Andrewn018
    Andrewn018 27 days ago

    Buttt you have to get Verizon to get the 5g

  • Robert Elphick
    Robert Elphick 27 days ago

    Omg your voice is so boring.

  • Yellow 46
    Yellow 46 28 days ago +1

    Better S 10 + or S 10 5G
    Anybody know,please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • kanehi
    kanehi 28 days ago

    Save money until 5G are more readily available. The only thing is the 5G's screen is bigger which is better to watch video and reading texts. Might never know the S11 might have 5G as standard.

  • Messy Barresi
    Messy Barresi 29 days ago

    Delete this shit music

  • EvO ShadyCats
    EvO ShadyCats Month ago +6

    Rear facing was a bad comparison Bulbasaur wasn't even centered on the s10+ not fair

    • Hayden Paolinelli
      Hayden Paolinelli 17 days ago +1

      Who knows maybe he's just making the s10s camera look bad

  • Zombie
    Zombie Month ago

    Would you get OP7 Pro or wait for Note 10 ?

  • Big chevy
    Big chevy Month ago

    I'll keep my note 9

  • Sonic the Hegdehog
    Sonic the Hegdehog Month ago

    this will cost definitly more than 1500$ just because of 5G, i will stay by oneplus 7 pro^^

  • iceman60101
    iceman60101 Month ago

    Umm just to let you know that the s10+ does have live focus

  • Chilly Chip
    Chilly Chip Month ago

    You can get every phone you want no matter if it is on the market!!

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  Month ago

      sometimes lol, it depends on the brand though

  • MNL_ItzDanz 1
    MNL_ItzDanz 1 Month ago

    What’s the racing game called

  • Kia Anne
    Kia Anne Month ago +4

    I have the S10+ and it's a great phone with good features there's so much to do. Don't really care about 5G so S10Plus is better

    SyCoREAPER Month ago +5

    5G also supports faster charging.

  • Xx_Gabriel_xX
    Xx_Gabriel_xX Month ago

    How can i get the plus with 12 gigs of ram?

  • Victor Mejia
    Victor Mejia Month ago +1

    Live focus? Idk Rick...

  • Craig Haynes
    Craig Haynes Month ago

    My iPhone X is still more powerful in geek bench lmao but this phone is truly beautiful need one.

  • T B
    T B Month ago

    It seems like your right hand is more dominant than your left hand. Let me guess. Your right handed ? without a control test. This should not sway anyone into thinking this is accurate information. Just 1 guys way of thinking he’s running a dead even test. When in fact a lot of differentials factors come into play.

  • ajith de zoysa
    ajith de zoysa Month ago +1

    Wow what a camera comparison 👌 testing live-focus in a white wall background !! Genius 😎🙄

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott Month ago

    Hi, i have a question. In Australia the Telstra network are doing a free upgrade. i have the S10+, when the S10 5G is available here in a couple of mths Telstra is doing a free up grade from the S10+ to the S10 5G if we want too.
    Should i stick with the S10+ for the next 2 years or take the free swap. i love my S10+ only had it for 4 weeks but 5G is exciting i think. Thanks in advance & great review.

  • ali240882ify
    ali240882ify Month ago +1

    Watching this on my S10🤟🤟🤟

  • Alain Waser
    Alain Waser Month ago +2

    Note 10 will be 2 times faster than s 10

    • Rich Bapho
      Rich Bapho 23 days ago +1

      Are note 10 will have a same proc like s10?

  • Eric Mejegård Ös8a

    Fuck off with that damn douchebag music

  • jesus martinez
    jesus martinez Month ago +1

    Not either one.... future note 10 5G will rock the future of the phones

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps Month ago

      jesus martinez the s10 5G and note 10 literally have the same cameras, screen size, battery size, and every thing else. All the note has is a pen

  • ItzSebas
    ItzSebas Month ago

    Skype can do live focus with my Laptop Camera. Why does phones can't do that? xD

  • tony perkis
    tony perkis Month ago

    I have an s8 active that can run 5g network so why is this thing called 5g just a marketing scheme to get ppl to think it's the only 5g Samsung

  • Noble
    Noble Month ago +1

    I was going to get the S10+, But with the verizon promotions for S10 5G my Trade in ended up being worth more for that phone. Which made it cheaper than the S10+.

    • Audry Yi
      Audry Yi Month ago

      What did you trade in?

  • حسين ابراهيم

    S10 5G

  • J O'Brien
    J O'Brien Month ago

    How was the screen resolution between the two? I compared my S10+ to a Note 9 and it was much better on the Note so I'm curious if the 5g was the same or better.

  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj Month ago

    Hey Guys. Peace.
    Hey Phone Battles. Peace.

  • bladadidoblah
    bladadidoblah Month ago

    sir, can i have your oneplus in the background, please?

  • Critique Truth
    Critique Truth Month ago +21

    Many small companies are removing headphone jack or adding Notches & asking for premium prices. Thankfully Samsung research team is very smart.

    • Ghost Rider
      Ghost Rider 7 hours ago

      Samsung just capitalizing on idiocy lol

    • Orlandito Piano
      Orlandito Piano 2 days ago

      @VIKING9800 are you blind?

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 5 days ago

      VIKING9800 What are you talking about? Of course it is. It’s just off to the side

    • VIKING9800
      VIKING9800 5 days ago

      @PJRoRo Is not a notch

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 28 days ago

      I Mean, the S10 has a notch too

  • Dark VadeR
    Dark VadeR Month ago

    Got to unsubscribe

  • SW M
    SW M Month ago

    وقتی اینترنت5gهنوزتوایران نیست گوشیش به چه دردمیخوره خداعقلت بده

  • hubdarali masoomi5
    hubdarali masoomi5 Month ago

    i need s10 5g wallpaper plsss

  • Andy M
    Andy M Month ago +2

    I pre-ordered the S10 5G was going to by the S10+ but had to go with the latest phone, plus 5G can be a hit or a miss, but at least it will be able to use the 4G LTE so it's all good, wish the Ram was the same size as the S10+ but oh well. Can't wait to have it. Waited 2yrs for upgrade

  • The NiGhTsHoT
    The NiGhTsHoT Month ago

    Geekbench is bad man. Next time use antutu

    • The NiGhTsHoT
      The NiGhTsHoT Month ago

      @one dolla snake Because It gives only Cpu and gpu scores. Antutu is overall. So you can have a look on every single detail of the smartphone

    • one dolla snake
      one dolla snake Month ago

      Vegetalover SUPERSAIYAN3 why

  • DaRkNeSS BlAdE556
    DaRkNeSS BlAdE556 Month ago

    iPhone xr:I don't feel good

  • JrYassuo
    JrYassuo Month ago +1

    A really nice video buddy! Liked and subscribed

  • Теодор Иванов

    This is fake test
    Galaxy S10 5G Chipset Snapdragon
    Galaxy S10 plus 1T 12 gb ram Chipset Exynos

  • k singh
    k singh Month ago

    This my opinion only. Not a pro. To me s10+ did better with focus+zoom and program handling. Even tho 5G did have better or faster focus i personally do not like blurred areas in my recordings. Thats why i says s10+. But for now i already spent money on note8 and am a note fan i think ill wait for note12+ if there is such a thing.

  • kanavy khith
    kanavy khith Month ago

    I got Samsung ad with sharing phone battery on it

  • Wei xu
    Wei xu Month ago +3

    I'm waiting for the 855 edition of s10 5G!

  • SonicGaming 2018
    SonicGaming 2018 Month ago +1

    I wish that i can have a S10 With 5G So i can make a brand new channel

  • Toni Yanev
    Toni Yanev Month ago

    Because it has more RAM it is more comfortable in the hand, battery life is the same, but the hole punch notch is better on the S10+ because, on the 5G is too big and the S10+ has also a Ceramic version, and it has more storage and with the latest software update the Fingerprint sensor on the S10+ is much faster now, and it has also a Night mode camera, and it is little bit cheaper, and the radiation is on the S10+ better. I am definetly for the S10+

  • Toni Yanev
    Toni Yanev Month ago +6

    The S10+ won

  • Peizxcv
    Peizxcv Month ago +1

    S10+’s photo have better DR and better detail at max zoom

  • Chandan M.S.H
    Chandan M.S.H Month ago

    When can we expect S10 5G in India

  • Mohamed Musthafa
    Mohamed Musthafa Month ago +62

    Samsung should have brought 5g in s10+ itself..

    • J.R. Walk
      J.R. Walk 3 hours ago

      i agree dude samsung is just getting more greedy, more petty, and more small minded by the year 🤦‍♂️

    • Mondaris
      Mondaris 12 hours ago

      Would have ended up costing more for something most people can't utilize yet.

    ORVILLE DUPREE JR. Month ago +2

    S10PLUS hands down... not because I own one, but because the s10plus is killing the 5g. I'm happy with my s10plus the fingerprint could be better as well as the facial recognition... but compared to the other 1000 things the phone does, I'll be ight.😁

  • jose ramos
    jose ramos Month ago

    The note 9 is better than those 2 together!

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  Month ago

      different but I wouldn't say better lol. the pen is really cool though

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does the 5G wide angle video looking wonky & just “not right” overall? Idk. Maybe it’s both