Galaxy S10 5G vs Galaxy S10+ Speed Test, Battery Life & Cameras!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs Galaxy S10 Plus Speed Test, Battery Life Test & Camera Test!
    Galaxy S10+ Amazon USA price (affiliate):
    Test covers boot up, specs, battery life, games (Fortnite, PUBG), Chrome, benchmarks (Geekbench), fingerprint scanners, multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera (low light), camera speed, live focus video and more!
    S10 5G: Exynos 9820 / 256GB / 8GB RAM (max)
    S10+: Snapdragon 855 / 1TB / 12GB RAM (max)
    Instagram (just started in 2019!): phone_battles
    Twitter: phone_battles
    Track: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release]
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  • Phone Battles
    Phone Battles  5 months ago +113

    Will be filming a full (100%-0%) battery life test between these 2 and 4 other phones shortly. Will include the latest phones like LG G8, Xiaomi Mi 9, iPhone XS Max, etc.

    • zaheer afzal
      zaheer afzal 29 days ago

      Do a battery drain test between the s10 plus and the s10 5g

    • Karen Grunberg
      Karen Grunberg Month ago

      We actually like the 5g more. But will it run on 4g lte in our area since 5g is not available? My assumption is 'yes'. I did not know about the health concerns so definitely looking that up!

    • Dang Nguyen
      Dang Nguyen Month ago

      Do you know that they have super steady mode right you idiot

    • hzgahys gzgshisgs
      hzgahys gzgshisgs Month ago

      Before phone collection!!!!!

  • Qfire
    Qfire 12 hours ago

    Please coment me what phone is better the s 10+ or the 5G because i want to buy one but i don't know what phone to chose

  • Vicky Mudher
    Vicky Mudher 10 days ago

    S10 is 6.1 and s10+ 6.4 .
    You don't know what are you doing kiddo with wrong information

    • ranjeet kumar
      ranjeet kumar 7 days ago

      S10 is 6.2 n s10 5g is 6.7 , s10plus is 6.4 n s29 e is 5.8

  • Prince Risen
    Prince Risen 13 days ago +1

    I feel MEGA STUPID after realizing that the S10+ and the S10 5G are literally different phones..
    I bought the S10+ cus I thought it had 5G

    *m e g a s t u p I d*

  • Antonio Feliciano
    Antonio Feliciano 19 days ago

    I pay $375 for the 5g😎

  • gavin murray
    gavin murray 20 days ago

    Can point out that a lot of those apps you tested rely on internet connectivity at start up which would be a lot fast if you had 5g over 4g

  • Ryan Ng
    Ryan Ng 26 days ago

    EDITH means Even Death Im The Hero.

    GAMMING CHANNEL 29 days ago

    That shit music.....

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    "The last thing you want, in your burger king burger, is foot lettuce. But as it turns out, that might just be, what you get."

  • Connor Garry
    Connor Garry Month ago

    It's hard to compare batteries when the 5g has the samsung chip and s10+ has the qualcomm chip

  • KootMed
    KootMed Month ago


  • Documentary film's
    Documentary film's Month ago +1

    Should i switch from the s7 active to the s10 plus?

  • OwnIt4 FreeOfficial

    If the speakers were the same. Why waste time on it? 😅😅

    TUAN LUONG DOAN Month ago

    Tại sao s10 5g loa đặt phía sau đt khi mở phim ,nghe nhạc bị rung . có phải tất cả đều bị như vậy không ah ? Hay là do máy em ? Xin tư vấn.

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder Month ago

    U can literally just hit the item ur taking a pic of and it does the same thing and if u unlock the developer options u can run high frame rates and cpu

  • _minano_
    _minano_ Month ago

    No one saw that the health sensor was disables from s10 5g? As it was on note 10.
    They put the note 10 configuration camera on this new 5g model. Well dont bother dont even mind about the s10 plus with 1tb and 12 gb ram. Its too expensive. People dont know that almost all s10+ has same ram as 5g. 8 gb ram. I only miss the sd. And theb512 gb. But it has faster charge and bigger screen. Im about reconsidering it. I have for refund my s10 plus back... mm thinking of it. Edit. And also the finger scanner is easier to reach and the power buttom. The only real waste here is not using the exynos 9825, which has the note 10. Then would be a must buy, the 5g version. Remember. Screen.. proccesor.. imprioved cam.. etc

  • Lance M
    Lance M Month ago

    Here for comment number 666. I have s10+ regular black. I wanted the black ceramic 1 tb and the 12 GB ram but not in stock in my area

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  Month ago

      the extra ram and storage is very unnecessary, so I think the regular is a much better deal

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson Month ago

    Now Switch the phones in your hands around. & You will have the S10 5G winning the most next round. Why is Because you strong hand is your right hand. Each time you pushed down on the phones. Your right Thumb was faster & You pushed down harder & more Accurately...
    So you are really not proving and Accurate TEST Properly... NEXT!!!

  • DVD Video
    DVD Video Month ago

    Watching on s10 5g

  • Travis Deflemingue
    Travis Deflemingue Month ago

    Focus the damn view

  • Z GOD
    Z GOD Month ago

    S10 plus

  • T.J.4Life 77
    T.J.4Life 77 Month ago

    have older samsung I can get cheep as im poor but woukd love a phone for not to much money please if anyone

    FLEXDTV Month ago

    U from ny?

  • 8ot Guy
    8ot Guy Month ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Aldo Tiscareño valenciano

    Regalame el samsumg S10+

  • Thales Braga
    Thales Braga Month ago

    3 words.... wait for s11!

  • Jiseph Fogel
    Jiseph Fogel Month ago

    So I think the only real difference is the tof sensor on the 5g and slightly bigger battery. I really don't think I wanna pay 300$ more for the same phone with an extra sensor. What should I get!

  • Rohima khatun
    Rohima khatun Month ago +1

    S1 S2 S3 2G
    S4 S5 S6 3G
    S7 S8 S9 4G
    S10 5G

  • mike butakidis
    mike butakidis Month ago


  • Mick Harrison
    Mick Harrison Month ago

    Do you find theres more a pink tint to the whites on the S10 5g? I do

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    I grabbed the wrong fucking phone

  • Raj Soni
    Raj Soni Month ago

    Is the galaxy s10 and s10plus 5G

  • NobIe x
    NobIe x Month ago +2

    I love the size of the s10 5g if only I could upgrade now from my iPhone to this RIP

  • FlipnotePikachu
    FlipnotePikachu Month ago

    I like this video. It is straight forward!
    Edit: Also, I agree that 5G is too early of a concept. This is getting ridiculous with using 5G in a name for advertising purposes.

  • Onwuatuegwu Nelson Chijioke

    Come to South Korea and test the real s10 5g bro

    • Ema Gervas
      Ema Gervas 2 months ago

      Why are you saying that man....

  • Tony Hobson
    Tony Hobson 2 months ago +1

    The 5g won ! If you are going to spend the money, get the better, foward compatible phone. 5g is around the corner !

  • Muhamad Aziz
    Muhamad Aziz 2 months ago +1

    Next video Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung galaxy s10 5G

  • Brilliantyuliana Brilliantyuliana

    Whatt!!! The SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 5G is so LARGE!!

  • silviano francisco
    silviano francisco 2 months ago

    Hahahaha >_< why do u talk like that

  • Nguyen Luan
    Nguyen Luan 2 months ago

    Camera comparison is useless, they both have the same software and hardware. The only difference is that the 5G version has the time of fly sensor both in the front and back for better live focus.

    PSYCHO 2 months ago

    6:19 You're NOT supposed to HOLD your finger on the fingerprint scanner.

    It's hilarious how so few people on USclip know how to properly use the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  2 months ago

      S10+ has been my daily phone for months and the fingerprint scanner is just as inaccurate/slow regardless of whether I tap or hold. It's just a bad gen 1 fingerprint scanner, but everything else about the phone is excellent.

  • Xeperu
    Xeperu 2 months ago

    .... Why are you not showing load times for the games...???? Also, the S10+ 1TB/12GB RAM model costs more than the 5G....

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  2 months ago +1


    • Xeperu
      Xeperu 2 months ago

      @Phone Battles fair enough. So your plus is SD but your 5G is Ex?

    • Phone Battles
      Phone Battles  2 months ago +1

      yes. i felt including app opening would be misleading and irrelevant for most watching, since the big majority of people would only have either the Exynos or the SD models available in their country

    • Xeperu
      Xeperu 2 months ago

      @Phone Battles so you're saying app switch time has more to do with RAM but load time has more to do with processor?

  • Yanis Okamisensei
    Yanis Okamisensei 2 months ago +1

    2 trash phones

  • Yanis Okamisensei
    Yanis Okamisensei 2 months ago

    Samsung Lagaxy
    King of Reloading
    With 8 GB of RAM and SD version.... No comment ! lmfao

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph Davidson 2 months ago

    So, you used an exynos 5g campared to the snapdragon 855. Of course the 10+ beats it. The ram doesn't dictate the speed in startups. Exynos is a downgrade. Do this again with a NA version of the phone and see the difference. I just got the 5g with my brother getting a 10+ and the 5g was faster even with his 12 gigs of RAM.

  • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

    Watching on my s9, feel poor

    • Kerseili
      Kerseili 2 months ago

      Still a great phone!!

  • Ramesh Chhetri
    Ramesh Chhetri 2 months ago

    S10+ is best

  • Alex Kolovos
    Alex Kolovos 2 months ago +1

    When will the s10 5G be available in Europe ? How much will it cost??

    • B Amazu
      B Amazu 2 months ago

      It is already in England. Vodafone has the S10 5G


    I have both phones and 5G WINS

  • steher
    steher 2 months ago +1

    Have you seen the 5g tests? The jump in speed is crazy.

    • RA Wang
      RA Wang 2 months ago

      Gigabit phones FTW!!!

  • Classic VW Beetle Toy TV

    Galaxy S10 5G

  • Jed Griggs
    Jed Griggs 2 months ago +10

    New S10 5g should of came with 12 gb ram as standard, especially for 5g and speed.

    • Dan DeLashmit
      Dan DeLashmit 26 days ago

      I know that's what's killing me on the decision

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 2 months ago


  • Raed Abdullah
    Raed Abdullah 2 months ago


  • Coco 518
    Coco 518 2 months ago

    I don't gat what people have with the portait mode or live focus personaly i hate it i always pirsed pohes because they could see from near and far without blur at the sametime (,i would want to do it with my eye but i can't because of things that are called in french mypoie and hypermétropie and also because humans can't only donkeys can...) and now even them anren't capable of it anymore
    Ok it is more realistic but i feel it like a phone camera downgrade

  • Clement tan jun wen
    Clement tan jun wen 2 months ago

    Does the screen on the 5G have a slight red tint to it as compared to the 10+? I noticed the screens have a slight difference in terms of colour shift.

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera 2 months ago +1

    I had the galaxy s7 for years. I never even got close top maxing out the storage mainly because the external SD card. I got the 5G with 256GB 8mb ram so I know I will never get closer to maxing it out plus its faster file transfer since its all internal. But for the life of me I can't figure out why Samsung didn't give the SD card option for the 5g. Wondering if it had something to do with the larger storage? Still would have been nice. I have the 5G and it's a beast. I do photography so I appreciate the camera its major. The larger screen is sweet. For the size its comfortable in the hand. I read and heard complaints about the power button being too high on the 10+ and I understand why. The 5G has it within a comfortable distance. I would say that I am 5G ready if it ever comes to town. The battery life well I have to say is a huge plus.

    BUHAY OFW JEDDAH 2019 2 months ago +2

    Of course 10+ is much more advantage of speed because your using 4g WiFi, try it on 5g connection then let see who will more better speed with both sides

  • sbach342_pilot
    sbach342_pilot 2 months ago +2

    For me all looks like my note 8 with more cameras

  • Wild Indian
    Wild Indian 2 months ago

    Doesn't make much sense why the 5g lacks the ram and gig size compared to the s10 plus that offers two different ram choices and two different gig choices. Only thing 5g has going for it is the size and battery.

  • SondukeMuzick
    SondukeMuzick 2 months ago

    The s10 5g is bigger than the plus

    • HuxaFPS
      HuxaFPS 2 months ago

      I know but s10 plus Is more better in my opinion