The Samsung Rollable Smartphone

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Folding phones are just the beginning for futuristic smartphone designs... Behold, the Samsung vertical rollable smartphone.
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  • Lew Later
    Lew Later  Month ago +91

    Watch the show in short segments here -

    • Meme Review
      Meme Review Month ago

      Reveal Jack

    • trick pa
      trick pa Month ago

      Imagine wraping THIS rollable phone around your
      wrist !!!! shut up and take my money samsung!!!

    • DC WCER
      DC WCER Month ago

      You guys all drink Perrier WATER

    • DC WCER
      DC WCER Month ago

      What's up with the Perrier water bottle next to the sofa

    • tiger raddish
      tiger raddish Month ago

      I have a Huawei device (honor 8x) and I didn't see any adds on my device's wallpaper

  • Michael Gallegos
    Michael Gallegos 2 days ago

    😭💀 the scenario about the fancy shoe.

    BHASWATI MANDAL 6 days ago

    Lew Later>Netflix

    BHASWATI MANDAL 6 days ago

    Love you 3000, Lew Later

  • Cristian Gavrilescu
    Cristian Gavrilescu 10 days ago

    for success of a product , this must be useful, not futuristic

  • Josh Phelps
    Josh Phelps 17 days ago

    Hire me to be will second. He could be more lively.

  • Wastavo M
    Wastavo M 18 days ago

    What a time to be alive!!!

  • Tommy Krultimate
    Tommy Krultimate 22 days ago

    sorry but America its not all world so Toronto isnt world champion's

  • TheDarkRaptor
    TheDarkRaptor 23 days ago


    All it would take is Apple going the "advertising on mobile phones you paid for" route for every other phone manufacturer to follow suit.

  • Eth Nick
    Eth Nick 25 days ago

    The banter 😂

  • Soadfan217
    Soadfan217 27 days ago

    Folding 2019 maybe 2020,
    Rolling guaranteed 2021

  • Billy Hue
    Billy Hue 27 days ago

    Foldable tech should start out in the tablet realm. Starting it out in the phone realm is turning people away from the tech because phones matter much more than tablets to most people. If someones tablet breaks, they still have their phone. If someones phone breaks, they still have their tablet, but they don't have any cellular network.

  • Billy Hue
    Billy Hue 27 days ago

    I feel where Samsung and Huawei went wrong is in the marketing scheme. They should have market these foldable products not as phones, but as tablets. A tablet that folds into a smaller form factor making it more portable. Rather than a foldable phone that folds out into a larger display. Personal thoughts if anyone cares

  • Jason C
    Jason C 29 days ago

    Yeah because the warriors were injured

  • K Rog
    K Rog Month ago

    I hate this guy.

  • ChuckandMax
    ChuckandMax Month ago

    Omg for the last seven years I have gotten these really cool Art Deco bullet lamps, they are like glass vertical tubes basically. These lights run on an led light I put in them and they have a blue green light on all the time. I sleep with them on all night. And wouldn’t you know it I gained 20 pounds and made no other changes to my diet I thought I had a thyroid problem and have been having all these tests to see why I gained this weight. Because I gained the weight really fast. It’s probably these damn night lights I need to go back to sleeping in the pitch darkness. So you never unboxed the Brydge keyboard for the iPad Pro 12.9” and that’s ok because it has been reviewed by a number of other unboxing shows, though don’t worry you are my favorite. I guess with your keyboard issues I can see why you wouldn’t want to unbox another keyboard for a product you are over. And one last thing, I thought you had custom made shoes on the other day so yes you are a fancy shoe guy.

  • January Morris
    January Morris Month ago

    Check out the Samsung youm folding smartphone ad at 1:29 seconds. That is the one I need in my future!!!!

  • January Morris
    January Morris Month ago

    Remember when Samsung had the pen style phone in a preview at a show that had the button you pressed and the screen rolled out, I want that!!! I like small profile but the option for a big screen and I'm tired of phones leaving a big outline on the front of my jeans but I don't want to lose the ability to watch youtube

  • ron johnson
    ron johnson Month ago

    $2500. Prove me wrong samsung...

  • gelu714
    gelu714 Month ago

    I searched about that review about those small ultra tiny laptops but I can't find it anywhere.Lew has mentioned about them in this video,and I wanted to watch but where is that show lol I searched on his page and I found nothing :) Any help Lew?

  • tung tung for U
    tung tung for U Month ago


  • Depress Bird
    Depress Bird Month ago

    Working as a tester for app while listening to this so i wont get bored

  • bill Niko
    bill Niko Month ago

    Is that rolling funny yo?

  • Zach Deshaies
    Zach Deshaies Month ago

    I want to know why WillyDu was laughing at the end.

  • Girish Mahay
    Girish Mahay Month ago +2

    Hey What's that Bulge in Your Pant ?
    Is that ?....

  • Mr Awsomeness
    Mr Awsomeness Month ago

    No one :

  • Messages from me
    Messages from me Month ago

    hey, where is the fckn phone?

  • wikichi
    wikichi Month ago +6

    Go Raptors!! Congrats from Spain! We are happy Marc, Ibaka and Scariolo help you to get it!!

  • gdixonfitness
    gdixonfitness Month ago

    Cool video and sharing y'all's thoughts on open source!

  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson Month ago

    Silly Huawei. Silly silly.

  • Dio Dio
    Dio Dio Month ago

    It should have rolled into a tablet, it would have been the only sensible way. Who needs a ruler phone? What can you do with that ultra-long screen?

  • Dio Dio
    Dio Dio Month ago

    What does NBA have to do with anything? I thought it was a tech show

  • Diego Mareto
    Diego Mareto Month ago

    Google only confirmed the rumors cause they wanna say apple copied them

  • Brianne Nagel
    Brianne Nagel Month ago

    Huge fan!

  • MR.Techroid
    MR.Techroid Month ago

    Finally something I can wipe my ass with when I run out of toilet paper...

  • Maarten Zeeman
    Maarten Zeeman Month ago

    This one was epic

  • David
    David Month ago

    vans and volcom has some confy dress shoes

  • XSAVIER busy
    XSAVIER busy Month ago

    What he was laughing at lol

    MAHBOD Month ago


  • SammyTV
    SammyTV Month ago

    i like lew later better than unbox therapy more casual less.......looky here jack

  • Skrillz_ 14th
    Skrillz_ 14th Month ago +3

    Samsung: Yhhhh, that's not gonna happen, but you can have this

  • SmaRkieS
    SmaRkieS Month ago

    Huawei: Lew here we have a prototype Mate X v2, we want you exclusively review this.
    Lew: Sure why not give it to me.
    Huawei: But you need to wear a FANCY shoe to review this on stage.
    Lew: ......

  • R R
    R R Month ago

    I don't want to hear about NBA or basketball. Sure your fan but I'm not and it's not why I listen to you. Talk tech...

    • R R
      R R Month ago

      Haha okay :)

    • Fallen Olympian
      Fallen Olympian Month ago

      This channel is supposed to be him talking about any stuff he wants. And also gth #WETHENORTH

  • Interesting Stuff - PUBG MOBILE

    Finally I got a tech show to hang out

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Month ago

    you're getting lazy... where are the vids ?

  • KrunoKing
    KrunoKing Month ago

    Smartphone swords coming soon to the store near you.

  • J.Chan
    J.Chan Month ago

    Am I supposed to know who Eric Andre is?

  • Janneman
    Janneman Month ago +1

    Ye i saw the ad
    Didnt know why
    I just changed the wallpaper

  • Cali Alcala
    Cali Alcala Month ago

    Jajajaja never wear fancy shoes Lew, Willie Do should just to aggravate Kew for fun Jajajaja

  • Mad English TV
    Mad English TV Month ago

    Which microphone is that?

  • Liviu Zeican
    Liviu Zeican Month ago

    Never seen a ad on my Huawei phone screen saver

  • Turn Around
    Turn Around Month ago

    Imagine being an early adopter and getting mad a potential flaws in new tech

  • Andersen Zheng
    Andersen Zheng Month ago

    its has been a whole day since this channel uploaded anything. Bro im straight up not having a good time right now.

  • No U Productions
    No U Productions Month ago

    Why are we trying to circle all the way back around to flip/slide phones? This is getting out of hand...

  • Sask Sky
    Sask Sky Month ago

    This is absolute garbage content. Nothing worse than watching some fat dude banter with an arrogant mongol buddy.

  • Iamdonald duck
    Iamdonald duck Month ago

    Too much sports talk ..first 4 minutes were like pulling teeth ..start a new channel called LEW SPORTS

  • Arijit Bhattacharjee
    Arijit Bhattacharjee Month ago +1

    pixel 4 and the upcoming iphone both of them look ugly and clumsy...that camera cut out is just pure bad...flagship phone from Google and apple but no class...
    therefore I would rather go for the new xperia, that's a class apart smartphone...

  • Starkweather Ironstorm

    Wall-e Do is the best.

  • Gillo
    Gillo Month ago +1

    I'm new here as a sub...Lew is a real "sitting down" tech show comedian (as opposed to standup comedian)...refreshing indeed and loving it guys 🧡👎😎

  • Emeka Jay Eze
    Emeka Jay Eze Month ago

    some real motivational talk at the end, appreciate it, man.

  • 楊愷文
    楊愷文 Month ago

    Would you tell me the model of the smart watch that you wear?

  • Jack Wang
    Jack Wang Month ago


  • David Mattison
    David Mattison Month ago

    Got a few Huawei devices. Never saw any adverts.

  • AdMadLad
    AdMadLad Month ago

    "World Champions"

  • Jacopo Carboncini
    Jacopo Carboncini Month ago

    Ultraboost for life!! same here, i own 12 pairs and when i have to wear leather shoes for work sometimes it's a huge pain in the ars....

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Month ago

    Need a beer can the size of a keyboard. PC Master Race lol

  • Bad Weather Photography

    Rolling Stones l prefer ✌

  • Hamster Smash
    Hamster Smash Month ago +1

    bro you all of a sudden got 50 channels, whats LaterClips? like a short highlight reel?

  • csenglim
    csenglim Month ago

    Lew Sports ... that is another Channel for you guys ...

  • Nagendra Mishra
    Nagendra Mishra Month ago

    I need a butt shaped smartphone

  • Nagendra Mishra
    Nagendra Mishra Month ago


  • Jubril Adebayo
    Jubril Adebayo Month ago

    Lew, you're awesome, but it ticks me off when NBA refers to themselves as "WORLD CHAMPIONS", you guys aren't only Clubs that play basketball in the world, the Uefa Champion league is the best club football competition but they don't dare call themselves World champions, they are called the European Champions

  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson Month ago

    Sell the rolling cell phone to North Korea. It would go perfect with their rolling black outs.

  • Tuzz Nation
    Tuzz Nation Month ago

    They gon flip the cop cars no matter win or lose. typical Toronto

    RDZ RAHUL DAS Month ago

    What about the adds in xiomi readmi phone

  • C.C. ORR
    C.C. ORR Month ago

    The Toronto who ?

  • karehaqt
    karehaqt Month ago

    World Champions but they only played against American teams, that still makes no sense.

  • Andersen Zheng
    Andersen Zheng Month ago

    We were talking about the blue light during sleep causing fat study. Could this be a correlation does not equal to causation thing? Maybe both of them are caused by a lack of discipline or an unhealthy lifestyle.
    I know we shouldn't criticize the study without a close examination but WE ARE DRINKING BEER AT 3PM ON A MONDAY AND YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!!

  • A.S
    A.S Month ago

    Roll the phone into a burrito and eat it.

  • Sinex
    Sinex Month ago

    Can you please talk about your thoughts of iPad OS

  • Eugene
    Eugene Month ago

    That ending message 😂

  • Erickson Avengoza
    Erickson Avengoza Month ago

    Greeny Du

  • ishanmeh
    ishanmeh Month ago

    I think most companies have been intentionally leaking information ahead of launches to generate buzz. May be Google's leak was also intentional, so they could tweet and confirm and thus come ahead of Apple.

  • The Freaky Circle
    The Freaky Circle Month ago

    Dallas Mavericks in 2011 (i believe) were the last TEAM to win

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    Idea has been out for 7 years they even had ad that it was coming soon

  • Ryan's Got Tech
    Ryan's Got Tech Month ago +1

    We’re just getting closer to this...

  • Official Deamo
    Official Deamo Month ago

    Lol ur right, Huawei is in a hella situation,its irritating cuz ive really been startin to like der products😑

  • T N
    T N Month ago

    Burpies with Will Du. I'd watch that

  • terminaljunkie
    terminaljunkie Month ago

    Roll with it baby

  • lopeskill
    lopeskill Month ago

    Hoje bro i like
    Insta Josue-_lopes.34

  • Harris Choudhry
    Harris Choudhry Month ago

    Reminds me of what people thought the iPhone 5 was gonna be like

  • Slobodan Kocić
    Slobodan Kocić Month ago

    No need for green light, Vill is allready cool dude! ;)

  • Martin O
    Martin O Month ago

    Reach out to Drake's camp, have him come thru. Really would love to know his thoughts on tech nowadays.

  • johnnyr860
    johnnyr860 Month ago

    Samsung can't even get a folding phone to work without having to recall it why on earth would they come out with a rolling phone? Makes no sense. Should prefect the fold before they perfect the roll 😂

  • Eric Piche
    Eric Piche Month ago

    Canada won the nba championship before the won Stanley Cup 😂

  • obertowski
    obertowski Month ago

    See we dont fully utilise our Note 9s. We dont fully utilise out UHD i7 6core laptops. Why would we buy some useless gimmicks? For style? Fashion? To be cooler than me?

  • VD98
    VD98 Month ago

    Ever thought about it, that it could be a hint to their own OS ? Like getting away from Android to a better Place

  • bell G
    bell G Month ago

    Send Lew all the big boy shoes you got. He needs it in his life.

  • UploaderNine
    UploaderNine Month ago

    Detroit Pistons 2004 same type deal

  • who cares
    who cares Month ago

    What mic boom arm is that?