Google Home Mini Review: Smart Home for $49?


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  • Xsuprio
    Xsuprio Day ago

    Because information/ collecting data is worth more to Google than the money you pay for one of these.

  • Cayote Lives
    Cayote Lives 2 days ago

    More like couch assistant

  • Wize One
    Wize One 3 days ago

    what is the circle button on the bottom where the power cord in at (is there a off/on switch)

  • Jiansen Zheng
    Jiansen Zheng 3 days ago

    “Come on, Google!”

  • John W
    John W 5 days ago

    I just got a google home mini. It worked for 2 weeks and it notified me that me free trial premium expired.. do I need USclip premium just to use this device? I thought it would be free service. If someone can help me with info

    • John W
      John W 4 days ago

      +Steven Burns okay I was not sure. Since now that my premium trial expired. When I ask to play a specific song. It doesnt, it would play songs by that artist. Yes I can still ask it what time is it. What's the weather etc. But as for asking to play exact songs it wont. Which is why I was bummed out thinking I need to dish out 12 dollars a month which wont be as beneficial as Netflix.. lol

    • Steven Burns
      Steven Burns 4 days ago

      No you don't. That was just for You Tube premium or Google Music trial. You don't need either to use the device.

  • AdamG
    AdamG 8 days ago

    Do any of them be conected to bluetooth sterero

  • Darkiller
    Darkiller 9 days ago

    Do google home hub review

  • Gray Lamp
    Gray Lamp 11 days ago +1

    Can anyone help me I can’t figure out how to change my night mode settings

  • Daniel Akbari.
    Daniel Akbari. 11 days ago

    Sup mark ass brownie

  • Brian A
    Brian A 16 days ago

    How long is 'available soon' for the text messaging feature?

  • Lps greyhound mini RAIN CLOUDS

    Got mine for $30

  • josh Rosenblatt
    josh Rosenblatt 17 days ago

    you live in nebraska too?? omaha here lmao

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias 18 days ago

    I got one for 99 cents and I have no idea what to use it for. I guess I'm using it as a Bluetooth speaker, but that's about it.

  • Kayo Shibahara
    Kayo Shibahara 18 days ago

    I got it for 40

  • Logan Preister
    Logan Preister 19 days ago

    Woah you live in Kearney Nebraska?

  • steepleopard 558
    steepleopard 558 21 day ago

    This triggered my Google Soo many times 😂😂😂

  • Vanilla 109
    Vanilla 109 22 days ago

    No google mini is actually louder

  • ozzie the cockateil
    ozzie the cockateil 22 days ago

    3:10 set mine off

  • breastspoon
    breastspoon 22 days ago

    I have 100% off code for Google home mini

  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez 23 days ago

    is there a battery back up built in?

  • Daytona200
    Daytona200 23 days ago


  • Choungie Bravo
    Choungie Bravo 24 days ago

    My Google home mini kept activating during your review 😂

  • hey it's Hayley
    hey it's Hayley 24 days ago

    I just go one for Christmas and my hold family loves it
    Btw we are going away for Christmas so we had our Christmas early

  • Juan Orozco
    Juan Orozco 25 days ago

    I could not finish this video cuz u kept triggering my Google home 😂😂😂

  • mohd noor b. othman Noor

    I just bought it for USD10 in Tokyo last week... But, it's still in the box...

  • Liam Brem
    Liam Brem 27 days ago

    Love this

  • The ace
    The ace 28 days ago

    Alexa, order Google home mini

  • Tamara Lainez
    Tamara Lainez 28 days ago

    Great video, thanks for the review!

  • Philip Kuo
    Philip Kuo 29 days ago

    does it work with Windows Phone?

  • Aundrea Crystal
    Aundrea Crystal 29 days ago

    Is the sound loud?

  • JohnOH
    JohnOH Month ago

    I got an amazon echo ad before watching the video 😂

  • Theatriics T
    Theatriics T Month ago

    I have one and personally would not buy this at full price, but it's worth getting when it goes on sale every so often

  • tmitchable
    tmitchable Month ago

    can it turn on the light?

  • Angela Rivas no
    Angela Rivas no Month ago

    I bought it on target and it’s on sale it cost 29$ and it’s cost 31$ ;-;

  • Charlotte Mills
    Charlotte Mills Month ago

    Going to be honest, came here to see if it would signal mine 😂

  • Mike Alexander
    Mike Alexander Month ago

    Thanks for the awesome review on the Google Home Mini. I just ordered from Costco, they have a great deal: 3 google home mini's for $75.

  • GksHighfalutinTube Experiences

    I'll buy it right now.. 😂😂

  • Kriss The Great
    Kriss The Great Month ago

    How can i connect it to tv?

    RANDOM ADY Month ago

    Omg she is sooo smart I love her already

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams Month ago +1

    Who’s Siri?

  • prettybaby80
    prettybaby80 Month ago

    That’s a tv.😮thought it was a painting

  • Johänn Derhäagenbräu

    Say no to the IoT.

  • KingLord
    KingLord Month ago

    Does this have a intercom function like alexa

  • Yuan
    Yuan Month ago +5

    Oh my god I was watching this and it kept triggering my google home

  • Raynier Leonardo
    Raynier Leonardo Month ago +6

    Here because of Spotify

  • joym824
    joym824 Month ago

    Just got it free from getting Dish tv

  • Louis_Happy
    Louis_Happy Month ago

    Why my first reaction hearing your voice is that you are a white guy...

  • Olokunful
    Olokunful Month ago

    I got my Mini in the Tasty Cookware set.

  • Nietzsche Business
    Nietzsche Business Month ago

    such a great bargain!! inexpensive and now google can hear everything that's going on inside my home

  • Sid Desai
    Sid Desai Month ago +1

    got it for $7

  • Krazyhorse
    Krazyhorse Month ago

    It's at 29 at lowes right now come get it!

  • Fearless K
    Fearless K Month ago

    Selling google home codes Twitter Kulick4631

  • Allen Delgra
    Allen Delgra Month ago +1

    This is a useless deaf device poor microphone shit. This is a waste of money.

  • tobythetoby bnk
    tobythetoby bnk Month ago +1

    If your looking to get this, it is super easy to find it for just 30 so make sure you don't pay the full 50

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago

      +ThirdEye Clarity do you need different addresses and cards?

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago

      Lol u can get this for $1 search it up

  • Eren Ucar
    Eren Ucar Month ago

    I bought one

  • Dr Inchinati
    Dr Inchinati Month ago +1

    People nowadays putting wiretaps in their homes themselves..

  • OZZI
    OZZI Month ago +1

    what is that testsong's name? pls

    • liviu andrei
      liviu andrei 28 days ago

      20syl - Ongoing Thing (feat. Oddisee)

  • ThirdEye Clarity
    ThirdEye Clarity Month ago

    Watching this because of the Spotify deal

  • PretentiousTwat
    PretentiousTwat Month ago

    I don't understand why I would need this when my Pixel can do all this and more?

  • x1ic1x
    x1ic1x Month ago

    Got mine free

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago

      How? I got mine for $1. I want it free

  • Javier Magana
    Javier Magana Month ago +1

    You should be saying: "Hey wiretap, how are my rights disappearing before my own eyes?"

  • David
    David Month ago

    I got this for $1

  • ahri
    ahri Month ago

    It's free on your phone though...

  • SamLikesPlayz
    SamLikesPlayz Month ago

    Mine went off ACROSS my house when you asked about the essential video

  • MrCuriousQ
    MrCuriousQ Month ago +3

    That yo at the beginning was very aggressive...

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office Month ago

    Mine won't mute by voice

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office Month ago


  • Krackster ?
    Krackster ? Month ago +8

    I copped myn for 1$ muthafrickerssss

    • Fi Ji
      Fi Ji 19 days ago +1

      Yours probably says GOGGLE

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago +1

      Wow what a rip off, I for mine for 99 cents "mutafricker"

  • Bob dabiuld
    Bob dabiuld Month ago

    **Four different colors, as of this holiday season. Similar in color to the turquoise seen behind the speaker @1:19

  • Jenessa Draper
    Jenessa Draper Month ago

    I bought two at $25 a piece!

  • Unicorn Squad
    Unicorn Squad Month ago

    I have it in my room

  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez Month ago


  • Slap yo momma
    Slap yo momma Month ago


  • Samuel Judah
    Samuel Judah Month ago

    Ffs, could you edit out when you say "hey, Google" some of us don't like having our phones/speakers constantly triggered.

  • Calvin Wong
    Calvin Wong Month ago

    WOW Marques, when you said "hey google" my google mini turned on too lmfao. fuck that scared the shit out of me

  • Mauricio Maciel
    Mauricio Maciel Month ago

    It says $50 in the thumbnail, $49 in the title, $25 on the website, and I got it for $0.99 😏

    • Imback 2killu
      Imback 2killu Month ago +1

  • Justus Tate
    Justus Tate Month ago

    i should've muted mine before i watched this video. Didn't sync up my voice so you were controlling it! lol

  • Jason Wightman
    Jason Wightman Month ago

    I think you are one of the only tech reviews that are actually fun to watch. well done dude.

  • Kevin Kohtz
    Kevin Kohtz Month ago

    Please edit out the "hey Google" hot word, I can't watch this video😂

  • MR.dmz
    MR.dmz Month ago +18

    I'm here cause of Spotify

    • timg241
      timg241 Month ago

      +Kody Phan NEVER got charged

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago +1

      +Kody Phan I didn't get it for a dollar I got it cheaper than that

    • Kody Phan
      Kody Phan Month ago

      Lol not free just a dollar

    • BlocksMC
      BlocksMC Month ago

      +timg241 it's not free

    • timg241
      timg241 Month ago +1

      Free is free

  • PokeSportXYZ
    PokeSportXYZ Month ago

    I got it free from Costco lmao

  • Omar Castellanos
    Omar Castellanos Month ago

    Hey, Marques, know that you should be having tons or re-visits after the Spotify - Google Home Mini for 99 cents promotion

  • Travel Bugsss
    Travel Bugsss Month ago

    Great vid Marques! Thanks for this! Who else is here because Spotify gave these away with family plan subs?

  • Abhinay Apuri
    Abhinay Apuri Month ago

    Got it for free at Office Depot after shopping for 150$

  • Renita Boo Edmonds
    Renita Boo Edmonds Month ago

    Bought Black Friday for my aunt to help with her dementia.

  • Fun day with Epic Dan

    i love this video

  • Marie Lin
    Marie Lin Month ago

    I’m dead I was watching this video w/o headphones as my own google mini picked up your voice

  • Dave the Robloxian
    Dave the Robloxian Month ago

    My Google Home Mini said you are the best tech reviewer on the planet!

  • Spread Peace
    Spread Peace Month ago

    Bestbuy Canada selling this for 35$ ends in Nov 29..👍

  • Anaya Jones
    Anaya Jones Month ago +7

    I just bought a Google home mini in the aqua color from Walmart for $25 because of the black friday sale.

  • Kevin Meza
    Kevin Meza Month ago

    let me share that I managed to connect this Google home mini device to external speaker through Bluetooth and the sound it was incredible (great that this device has bluetooth)

  • Shakera Amiya
    Shakera Amiya Month ago

    So proud of you and all of your accomplishments!!! Truly the GOAT!!! Keep up
    The good work!

  • OFFICIAL Legend
    OFFICIAL Legend Month ago +110

    Just bought it for 25$ on Black Friday.

  • MosTechHelp
    MosTechHelp Month ago

    Could I use this in my car lol like all the features or do I need WiFi for the speaker itself

  • djlfkjdkjf
    djlfkjdkjf Month ago

    Are you in Kearny Nebraska

  • Christian Tauler
    Christian Tauler Month ago

    When he says "Hey Google" at 3:30, my Google assistant triggers lol

  • Azuural
    Azuural Month ago

    Watching on my Google home mini.

  • Rodrigo Cortes
    Rodrigo Cortes Month ago

    I got 2 for $8 lol

  • bloo890
    bloo890 Month ago +2

    Just copped two for $2 LOL

    • bloo890
      bloo890 Month ago +1

      I dont even know what to you with 1 lol. But for the price I had too lol +mrbrazil1911

    • mrbrazil1911
      mrbrazil1911 Month ago +1

      I just got 3! ;-) That's why I'm here, That was the best hook-up ever!

    FLOODOFSINS Month ago +1

    I just got one for ,99