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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +2529

    The unfortunate part about this is fact that Huawei is producing some of the best smartphone cameras on the market. I'm currently enjoying the P20 Pro and one of the main reasons is the amazing camera. I'll have a comprehensive follow up for the P20 Pro coming soon.

    • Faress AL Bahra
      Faress AL Bahra Month ago

      I strongly believe that this is intentional to draw more attention.

    • Robot Cop
      Robot Cop 2 months ago

      花开 leica ain’t belong to huawei. So nothing you should be proud. Joker

    • Robot Cop
      Robot Cop 2 months ago

      Unbox Therapy i bet you are not using p20 instead you are using iphone x. P20 pro can’t even take on galaxy note 9. Your reviews were biased to the sponsors who fed you .

    • Michael Oguntimehin
      Michael Oguntimehin 3 months ago

      can you make a video on the mate 20 pro

    • cell line
      cell line 4 months ago

      +The Special Guest Stars
      Lol, I doubt the moron who would follow ur advice would want to go through the tedious trouble of learning how to work DSLRs to their full potential, devices which are being rendered obsolete in any case by Huawei and mirrorless cameras

  • Jedi solo
    Jedi solo 15 hours ago

    Chinese government always interfere in although they pretend Huawei has no collision with the Chinese government. China is actually the biggest liar in the world and wants us to believe others are liar. How funny. You can't fool anyone now. The world has uncover your dirty practices in every industry. Learn from other countries such as France where the government doesn't interfere when ths company is truly independent from the governement. For your information, the CEO of the largest French car manufacturer has been arrested in Japan but neither the French government nor his French employer was bitching in the media. Let's face the radical truth, China is not a normal country but a dictatorship led by a lifetime emperor. Tell us also why can't we watch this video and why youtube and foreign social media are blocked in China if you are such a good country ? And the list goes on... The Chinese cyberarmy keeps trolling the whole internet to brainwash and insulting people who uncover the true nature of the Chinese communist regime (see below). No matter what good you say about China, a dictatorship never has good intention for the world. It's not jealousy or anything, just stick to the facts.

  • Saleem Talib Habboub

    In our country we have a Huawei phones and I knew Huawei is the Waris

  • Emooy
    Emooy 25 days ago

    You will be pissed, if it was Apple. Trust me, you'll make 5 vidoes about that.

  • yaw keong danny eng
    yaw keong danny eng 26 days ago

    They earn it
    I'm so happy now

  • Cabib Tanggomay
    Cabib Tanggomay Month ago

    UScliprs also faking thumbnails for clickbaits haha

  • what is the truth?
    what is the truth? Month ago

    just recently, huawei was again caught cheating their benchmarks. please make another vid for that. kudos!

  • Karan Katiyar
    Karan Katiyar 2 months ago

    ohoh...these women.....I tell you....they have turned empires into dust,
    they have changed the course of history more than any living specie ever on this planet,
    from a minute argument to the biggest of wars, they have ruled it all, hiding behind a shadow,

    the case showed in this just a mere achievement for them.....they might not even consider it as something of importance in their "PLANS TO RULE THE WORLD" catalog.

  • B.R. Spartan
    B.R. Spartan 2 months ago

    Too bad she didn't take a screenshot!

  • Robot Cop
    Robot Cop 2 months ago

    You are definitely a traitor. Yet you still hardselling on huawei phones. How much have you been taken? They have been caught so stop protecting their other products. What ‘amazing camera’ on your huawei pro. You have the worse human being to core. I personally think iphone x is amazing. But your rubbish video comment on iphone x was so unfair compare to the way you are trying to save huawei shits now.

  • Sumedha Karunarathna
    Sumedha Karunarathna 2 months ago

    If you could review the nova phone it will be awesome.

  • Abby Lalalove
    Abby Lalalove 2 months ago

    its dosent mattter its normall every country will try to show you that their product is good they wont say that their camera is fine they will lie to us every company does this

  • ThroatSore
    ThroatSore 3 months ago

    Nice disclaimer. They didn't state the photos were all taken on the device. What tosh.

  •  3 months ago

    This is why you buy the phone, take a picture and say well, not the best, may be its just me.

  • Hellurei hoho
    Hellurei hoho 3 months ago

    well when are commercials truthfull? i have not seen one yet...

  • X_mes
    X_mes 3 months ago

    It was the worst thing that happened to Huawei in Egypt

  • divyesh gamot
    divyesh gamot 3 months ago

    Oh come on, almost all smart phone company does that shit.

  • aka tsuki
    aka tsuki 3 months ago

    It's in Egypt

  • XXDEPTHSTRIKERXX freddy my best friend. kamzesadeh


  • God Gamerz
    God Gamerz 3 months ago

    Huawei is shit

  • Nuclear Icecream
    Nuclear Icecream 3 months ago

    Honestly, Sony is better than Huawei. The XZ3 is the best smartphone camera out there. It's better than Pixel and iPhone.

  • azhar sheikh
    azhar sheikh 3 months ago

    Most of advertising is faking.

  • he he
    he he 3 months ago

    UP TO 99% off sale ON SELECT style. watch my capital letter, fake caughting everywhere , everyday and every retail store by every sales.

  • Anas Nassiri
    Anas Nassiri 4 months ago

    go and look huawei mat 20 pro is beast than cameras dslr canon :)

  • Jessa Salazar
    Jessa Salazar 4 months ago

    Hey you you are so inggit kasi you have no Huawei nava3i

  • HE-A-L
    HE-A-L 4 months ago

    Am I the only one here that has that exact phone ?

  • Andrei Negrut
    Andrei Negrut 4 months ago

    Waiting your review on the brand new Mate 20pro. - This from a P20-pro user. As you said, the camera it's really amazing on this one. I can't stop taking pictures on anything, the AI turns this into a DSLR. 🤩

  • vicky robson
    vicky robson 4 months ago

    I have a huawei p smart phone

  • Paul Cancescu
    Paul Cancescu 4 months ago

    it's kinda obvious that the photo at 0:22 wasn't taken with the smartphone.... 🤔🤔🤔

  • Kozato MoongWing
    Kozato MoongWing 4 months ago

    for me this is same other companies what you see is not you get....
    like fastfood commercials.
    this is a business they using this type of mechanic to all of us to buy there products, and to know that what you are watching
    now is what you will get also if you buy this product.

    huawei did there best for this phone. i more planning to buy this phone.
    rather a phone that they something to the consumer like the apple......
    just saying.....

  • All in one chanal
    All in one chanal 4 months ago

    Your team selyute

  • Ven Atta
    Ven Atta 4 months ago

    It's one thing when a company slaps on a massive lens onto a smartphone for a photoshoot, but using a DSLR instead of the actual phone? Lol come the fuck on Huawei.

  • king mae
    king mae 4 months ago

    huawei Nova 3 red

  • Mohammed Rahim Khan
    Mohammed Rahim Khan 4 months ago

    Even the apple ads had editing on it...come on

  • katie
    katie 4 months ago

    People really don't care, cause the expectation is not too high on this phone. It's ok.

  • tontsa197
    tontsa197 4 months ago

    I have the nova3 and it takes crazy pics👍

  • King Rock
    King Rock 4 months ago

    if they are faking !!!!! than what about the comparisonz between other brands camera which where trending on youtube. for example iphone x vs p2 pro & samsung s9 plus vs p20 pro. those samples clearly show us the quality & difference between them...

  • Dimosthenis Gazis
    Dimosthenis Gazis 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought that the title said f@cking? Haha

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 4 months ago

    I never thought this was the case

  • Nahid Raju
    Nahid Raju 4 months ago

    P20 pro has fake 960 fps video

  • Simon Lu.
    Simon Lu. 4 months ago

    the actress might just be the dumbest phone of the internet

  • Nathan Chan
    Nathan Chan 4 months ago

    u should do a review for huawei nova 3

  • Tim Timou
    Tim Timou 4 months ago

    يا أهلا و سهلا

  • Andro Erazo
    Andro Erazo 4 months ago

    You know the ice cream in a comercial is not realy an ice cream its look like ice cream.

  • holly molly
    holly molly 4 months ago

    Unbox nova 3i dude

  • warak anda
    warak anda 4 months ago +3

    Whatever it is, Huawei is the best device i hv ever owned, cheap, reliable, long battery life, good quality pictures and its really really awesome ... i will keep on buying Huawei new version devices. Bro, frankly I dont buy whatever you said about negative things about Huawei.

  • Harsh Life
    Harsh Life 4 months ago

    He is left handed?

  • Jerry Tan
    Jerry Tan 4 months ago

    The woman saved people showing the behind scenes

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50 4 months ago

    We own a Nova 3i and it doesn't look like that. Clearly fake

  • Fallah Hassan
    Fallah Hassan 4 months ago

    فضحتنا في العالم حلت عليكي لعنة مثريدوس

  • Andrian Torralba
    Andrian Torralba 4 months ago

    I think iphone does it too

  • Dinesh Ong
    Dinesh Ong 4 months ago

    the 2.2K people whom disliked the video.... why tho?

  • 三日月宗近
    三日月宗近 4 months ago

    No one can defeat the Chinese companies except these companies themself.

  • One CLICK
    One CLICK 4 months ago

    wtf. this is just cheating. don't buy this company

  • Niidea1986
    Niidea1986 4 months ago

    I don't see anything wrong with that, every company does that, people who believe they shoot comercials with an smartphone camera must be stupid. Targeting Huawei specifically seems unfair, also suspicious... Apple doing some black campaign maybe?

  • elie bader
    elie bader 4 months ago

    U think apple shot their iphone device pics with an iphone!?!? Come onnnn... all smart phones use professional cams!!!

  • Pasha Boss
    Pasha Boss 5 months ago

    i bet that all brands like asus apple and samsung even sony does the same

  • Corny's Vision
    Corny's Vision 5 months ago

    I don't trust product commercials, I trust you guys period. Thanks to you, we can purchase smartphones with no hidden surprises!!

  • Tareq lilo
    Tareq lilo 5 months ago

    This is way to much for a smart phone to take like that selfy photo

  • ron3x
    ron3x 5 months ago

    what about advertisements of soaps?you think its real?

  • Sinob MJ
    Sinob MJ 5 months ago

    can I know the name of the watch you wearing? 🤔

  • Sauce
    Sauce 5 months ago


  • Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT

    Wow.. I guess my Mom just wasted her money buying a Huawei Nova 2 Lite for me..

  • Mark Amgad
    Mark Amgad 5 months ago

    This commericial is in Egypt.

  • Pawan rana
    Pawan rana 5 months ago

    thank you.........and hauwei sucks...who agreeee please like

  • Mohamed Sherif
    Mohamed Sherif 5 months ago

    It aired in Egypt

  • Trance Master
    Trance Master 5 months ago

    Lol..everyone does this

  • TheSgyro
    TheSgyro 5 months ago +2

    Now they get caught cheating on benchmark tests!!

  • Cincy
    Cincy 5 months ago

    So what? Did you get the exact same burger as it is on Mcdonald's ad?
    This phone is cheaper than your Galaxy. I know Galaxy is like your baby.
    But you don't have to be so mean every time, even your iPhone review, very skeptical for any generation.
    But for every generation, iphone still sells better than GALAXY!!!! Yes, EVERY single generation.
    Well done for your fat income job well. Well done.

  • minato namikaze
    minato namikaze 5 months ago

    Lou it was very offensive
    U shouldn't defend Huawei

  • Karlos Jerome Llorin
    Karlos Jerome Llorin 5 months ago

    Didn't want to by Huawei. Ads really lie, thats whay we have reviews

  • Alex Velasquez
    Alex Velasquez 5 months ago +2

    Ummm I love you videos but you are an apple hater and you are defending this brand , i can’t believe you anymore

  • Brian D. Stone
    Brian D. Stone 5 months ago +1

    My concern is, if they're willing to fake one thing, what else are they willing to fake? And all for the sake of profits.

  • Nolan 2106
    Nolan 2106 5 months ago

    Me I use the huawei honor 9 lite

  • Go! Wait. *brap*
    Go! Wait. *brap* 5 months ago

    I would definitely say that the pictures "taken with the smartphone" looks too edited to say that it came from the phone itself.

  • Melissa D
    Melissa D 5 months ago

    Never thought those pictures were "real". They were heavily edited and make the actors look like mannequins.

  • Gone Mad
    Gone Mad 5 months ago

    Just because huawei can't do better like bla bla bla so they do this shtt😑😑😂

  • Eddi3x
    Eddi3x 5 months ago +1

    i think these companies do this a lot

  • Amany Hathout
    Amany Hathout 5 months ago

    Aired in egypt

    JIONGSEN LAI 5 months ago +1

    Not the first time Huawei doing so.

  • Daniel Kezar
    Daniel Kezar 5 months ago

    lol i accept that all adverts are faked in some way to make the product look better so i dont care.

  • Tyler Valerius
    Tyler Valerius 5 months ago

    The Truth!!

  • Brandon Yan
    Brandon Yan 5 months ago +2

    it's not like other companies dont do this, i dont even care if they do, why would u trust ads anyway, just watch a youtube video

    MODY ELTAIB 5 months ago +6

    هي الفضيحه وصلتلك

  • Caleb Hawn
    Caleb Hawn 5 months ago +1

    Man, that's too bad. If the phone cameras are that good, why would they possibly want to fake it. They need to take pride in their own products put their foot down and say, "We need to use the actual product to take the photos."

  • Fryderyk Chopin
    Fryderyk Chopin 5 months ago +5

    Anyone else got here looking for the info about Huawei/Honor cheating in the benchmarks? While looking for more info I also found out they're cheating with the 960fps slo-mo on the p20 (it shoots in 240fps and generates the rest), and in this vid I found out that they cheated with fake bezels photoshop, and then that they faked the photo with P9 and now again with the nova 3... Chinese culture in a nutshell.

  • Play Area
    Play Area 5 months ago

    Who saw The Huawei Ad Before The Video

  • Channel don't deserve to subscribe

    يدينمي 😂😂

  • Pietro Moopy
    Pietro Moopy 5 months ago

    As Dave Jones would say, all marketing wank.

  • djlobb
    djlobb 5 months ago

    Anyone remember the Nokia Lumia ad which was suppose to be demonstrating the video stabilization but was actually shot on proper cameras?

  • katie
    katie 5 months ago +2

    And you will believe Huawei won't leak your personal information to Chinese government and eventually sold to other companies by some of the bad government officers....

  • Madhawa Liyanage
    Madhawa Liyanage 5 months ago +1

    lew, what you are saying is right, but the point is you are paid!!! thumbs down! didn´t expect it from you.

  • DutchedUp
    DutchedUp 5 months ago +1


  • Anmar Ahmed
    Anmar Ahmed 5 months ago

    Egypt 😂

  • Onyu So
    Onyu So 5 months ago

    It makes sense. the treacherous company.

  • jeremy enjaynes
    jeremy enjaynes 5 months ago

    This guy is like always making a research

    JAREN PACHECO 5 months ago


  • The One
    The One 5 months ago

    Im using nova 3 right now its very satisfying

  • Efe world
    Efe world 5 months ago +1

    Fake ass huawei

  • Akash Jay Kashyap
    Akash Jay Kashyap 5 months ago

    Actress payment has been made or not? 🤭