The Truth About The iPhone X: 1 Month Later

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • iPhone X Full Review After 1 Month
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Comments • 1 251

  • Gerald King
    Gerald King 3 hours ago

    6:30. Actually you can get 3d touching the assistive touch and will let you go to the homescreen 👌🏼

  • FBI
    FBI 3 months ago

    anyone watching this in 2019

  • postersm 71
    postersm 71 3 months ago

    You know you can turn on the virtual home. Are use it and it works just like the original home

  • Jack Sugden
    Jack Sugden 6 months ago

    Having got the iPhone X or iPhone 6 without the Roman Numeral “X”, thinking that they were separate models, I have the 256 with max storage of 100 in space grey, makes the the following comments below:
    1) Not keen on the dual charger earphone socket at the base, if syncing between the iTunes on my pc to this phone to check whether the music added was playing on the earphone, as part of the experiment
    2) I can no longer tap the time on top of the phone to allow fast access to the top of the screen anymore
    3) When tilting the phone to watch this video, I accidentally hit the off button
    4) As compared to the iPhone 6C, it’s firmware was confusing, and without these tutorials on USclip, the operation would have been much harder to navigate
    My phone arrived yesterday from EE, it’s free and found it easy to set up, it’s faster than my old 6C, and needed to update the firmware on the 10 before synchronising with iTunes, as was out of date.
    Overall my user experience was very good and fast to use, liked the facial recognition which worked well in the dark, I set up a passcode without any issues 10 out of 10 for a very complex component.
    6:18 on this video, I do not need to press and tap the open programmes on this 256 model, I am able to swipe up as before on the 6S, so can’t make out why users have those problems on USclip?.

  • Nadeem Mughal
    Nadeem Mughal 9 months ago

    Proud iphone x owner

  • Suman Kundu
    Suman Kundu 10 months ago


  • YURI
    YURI 10 months ago

    Thanks for your video.
    What a pile of poop... Apple just gets worse every day. What a sorry mess..... Their firmware looks like its 4 - 5 years behind.... Look at that camera app.. look like it did 6 models back... Why do people pay all that money for something so dam useless...??

  • Twisties T
    Twisties T 11 months ago

    I have a Samsung s9 but I like IOS more then Android even know iOS does not give you as much options as Android satterley but I'm thinking about getting an iPhone x tho

  • mhassanalumari
    mhassanalumari 11 months ago

    Here in Kenya🇰🇪 Iphone X 256GB costs 170,000KSH = $1,700. Don't think it worths!

  • Abdul Rahuman Haris
    Abdul Rahuman Haris 11 months ago

    I think apple have got rid of the problem which you described at 10:00 in iOS 12 update

  • adiptawf
    adiptawf Year ago

    Great quality video as always 🔥

  • Rohit Eligeti
    Rohit Eligeti Year ago +1

    I bought galaxy s9+ and my wife bought iPhoneX frankly there is nothing wrong with IphoneX it's really a high quality phone than any android phones even than my s9+, it feels nice on hand, but the only negative difference is you can't use third party or piracy paid apps as android does. If there is a way then iphone x is awesome.

  • Solukiam
    Solukiam Year ago

    where to get these wallpapers bro?

  • Elliot Max
    Elliot Max Year ago

    Samsung did a good job yeah 😂🐸 S9+ User🐸❤️

  • Maria Angeline Castillo

    Hard to decide which phone to buy. Watched all the reviews. Why not put all best features in each phone in one phone.

  • X-Treme X-Skull
    X-Treme X-Skull Year ago

    hello I have a bug in the iPhone X I don't know if its my iPhone or all of them the problem is in the camera when I take portrait stage light Photo It will only stay for a few hours then it will come jus a normal photo please can anyone help

  • Reign Magsayo
    Reign Magsayo Year ago

    Review midrange phone please like a8 plus

  • Reign Magsayo
    Reign Magsayo Year ago

    I agree👏👏👏👏

  • Nirujan Gunathasan

    When you are purchasing an iPhone you are paying 100-150$ premium for all the Apple services like FaceTime, iMessages, iTunes Store, iOS updates, etc. if those ecosystem features don’t matter to you then you can always save the $100-$150 buy getting Note 8 or whatever.

  • Trevor Henry
    Trevor Henry Year ago

    Saf does any Galaxy handset have two microphones???, if not they simply have two audio channels which are simply playing the same mono sound source doubled..."this is NOT Stereo"

  • Roger Wittekind
    Roger Wittekind Year ago

    And did you ever notice that no iPhone records audio in stereo?

  • Joel Casas
    Joel Casas Year ago


  • TheMr1Boy
    TheMr1Boy Year ago +1

    Android fanboy

  • Zekty -
    Zekty - Year ago

    Dis should be copyrighted

  • Zekty -
    Zekty - Year ago


  • Cristian Alvarado

    iPhone X=👊🏽💪🏽

  • Enzo Brione
    Enzo Brione Year ago

    always the best reviews....👌👌👌 you convinced me, I'm going for iPhone x...

  • Christophet Steinhauer

    I’m the same way lol I turn True Tone off

  • Manny carrasquillo

    I have both iPhone X and the note 8. One for school and one to go out with the ladies.

  • MsPreshbaby
    MsPreshbaby Year ago

    I like mine but I want the newest one in the fall for my bday 😊

    RAnGA RAJ Year ago

    Hi bro.... I need a reply from u this time .... I’m in great confusion, can u help me .... say me in single word -> which is the best to buy iPhone X or pixel 2xl ? Budget is not a matter ...

  • Dylan Vlogs channel

    500 likes I will get a iPhone x

  • Stuart McLaughlin

    What's the make of the phone holder at the start of the video? I like 😀

  • dnyaneshwar Lahane

    Hi friend.. please show how the rear camera pics look in full screen mode.. does that notch comes in between as while watching full screen videos

  • RunningMan4ver
    RunningMan4ver Year ago

    Amazing review! All are so right! I’m using the iPhone X and you are saying those with precise review! Well done

  • Annie
    Annie Year ago

    I like the X but I wish it was bigger, like the other plus phones apple has

  • Badger
    Badger Year ago

    Superb review sir. I think you have an excellent presentation style.

  • KEN lIM
    KEN lIM Year ago

    Samseng? Wtf Sam-sung bro.

  • YoureFine
    YoureFine Year ago

    Ahh! 1 million sub's soon! I would love to have an iPhone x, but the chances of that are unlikely, this information was honestly useful so thank you so much for that! I'd love to see more videos about the iPhone x please :(!

  • Jeff Cimilien
    Jeff Cimilien Year ago +1

    This phone is underrated

  • Nitesh Singh
    Nitesh Singh Year ago

    iPhone X greatest phone ever I just love it in terms of sounds camera display and Siri

  • Singin Girand
    Singin Girand Year ago

    About Apple getting rid of swipe to close apps in multitasking: I think they did it on purpose. If you look at Apple's interviews, and even Google's interviews with their software engineers, they all say it is best NOT to force close apps and yet people do it anyways. I think they did it on purpose to deter people from force closing apps unless absolutely necessary.

  • Guilherme Borges
    Guilherme Borges Year ago

    I prefer fingerprint too instead of face id...

  • Jenova Izq
    Jenova Izq Year ago +1

    Awesome video SuperSaf is true what you say and I agree with all you say I got a iPhone 7+ and is not what I was expecting I’m swishing back to android.

  • hector ponce
    hector ponce Year ago

    Note 8 all the way ,you guys think that iPhone it's a smartphone no it's a fun phone ,Samsung it's the smart phone 😉

  • Saiful Bakir
    Saiful Bakir Year ago

    In Brunei 🇧🇳, iPhone X costs $1988. I know it’s not an ideal phone if you’re on budget or an Android users who are transitioning to Apple phones, but as an iPhone vet like me, I don’t bloody care. Got one recently and I LOVE IT.

  • Chris Jamel
    Chris Jamel Year ago

    Apple designed the screen...Samsung just manufactures it

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes Year ago

    Hey can I use my iPad Air 2 charger as a fast charger for my iPhone?

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Year ago


  • Dark Exsphere
    Dark Exsphere Year ago

    Everytime I see the iPhone X I want it but when I think about things like no Google integration and stuff I get quickly deterred. Just ask ciri to call Walmart on so and so street. Google will dial it for me and cori will do a Google search.

  • Bonfire Film Co.
    Bonfire Film Co. Year ago

    Why are you looking at your phone when you're half asleep??? JK...I do the same thing.

  • Ashlei Lawrence
    Ashlei Lawrence Year ago

    Why do people make such a big deal over whether it's called iPhone x or 10 it doesn't matter it's the same thing x is just the Roman numeral for 10

  • astreaux
    astreaux Year ago

    You think 100 pounds is bad mate. Come down to Australia and pay 1579 when it’s 1250 when converted. That’s not just Apple that’s every phone including Samsung and everyone else charges around 350 extra in Australia than what it should be so stop complaining about that mate it’s not that bad. If you pay 79 bucks in the us then you pay 429 here because of that infuriating 350 fucking society tax that companies place on us because we earn more like fuck off its 350 bucks of my hard earned cash that’s fucking bs. There is no extra import tax in Australia for phones other than freight costs that aren’t our fault why do we get charge 350 buy these companies it’s absurd. Yes I know that 100 pounds is a lot but it’s better than the 350 we pay. So mate please. Anyway good video completely agree with everything.

  • Raveen Bikha
    Raveen Bikha Year ago

    Samsung just manufactures the display Apple designed it and put their own tech in.
    It’s even better than Samsung note 8 self

  • Gustavo Ulloa
    Gustavo Ulloa Year ago

    did you try your iPhone X with your Dash Car Mount? the videos are not useful in that case... HanHeld videos, are very smooth but not in the other case... It is normal in others iPhone X or just with my iphone X?

  • NicolSD
    NicolSD Year ago

    I use an iPad charger I already owned and can charge quickly without additional cost.

  • Kent Keller
    Kent Keller Year ago

    You can do a 3D Touch home button on the X. Turn it on in Accessibility menu.

  • Sebastian bundrick

    I have to agree aswell even as a apple fan that the price is outrageous and I do too think that it’s not worth 1,000$.

  • SAS Productions
    SAS Productions Year ago


  • Mussa Ayaz
    Mussa Ayaz Year ago

    Fingerprint would have been alot good

  • makasete30
    makasete30 Year ago

    It’s not evening copying android for notifications. In a previous IOS they grouped notifications by app, but apple removed it because apple thinks people don’t need it...

  • kevin E
    kevin E Year ago

    I really agree with you supersaf. Iphone X is not practical for fast unlock such as waking up to reply on messages. I'm still aiming for the iphone 8 plus and galaxy tab s2. (I can't live without an android device)

  • mark narain
    mark narain Year ago

    apple should ban u to utter the word apple

  • Preston Perez
    Preston Perez Year ago

    I love how you said all iPhones look the same but every single android looks the same

  • Denzel Dickenson
    Denzel Dickenson Year ago

    Kind of sad that the only reason people call it the best new iPhone is because a design change

  • Manohar Singh Baghel

    Great Job Saf

  • Dev Natu
    Dev Natu Year ago

    Hey SAF, great video. I have s8 at the moment have been with android for years and now I am thinking of getting the iPhone x. In your opinion Can you let me know if it's worth switching over or wait for next year iphone. Your answer is what I will base my decision on. Thanks Dev

  • B Brunson
    B Brunson Year ago

    Do you have to use the face recognition? *can someone answer please?

    • DaHamper97
      DaHamper97 Year ago

      well you can just enter your pin...

  • Muhd Danial
    Muhd Danial Year ago


  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 Year ago +1

    I understand you had a lot of Flagship phones to review in 2017, by Apple and Samsung, Google and others.
    Well now that it is 2018, can you please review LG's Flagship of 2017.
    The LG V30, announced in August and released in Oct.
    I look forward to it before your 2018 Galaxy S S9+, Note 9, and LG G7, and LG V40 reviews.

  • Anuar Ali
    Anuar Ali Year ago

    I love 💕 iPhone x

  • Fritz Wunderlich
    Fritz Wunderlich Year ago +2

    iPhones' pricing is stupid ...

  • Alluri SAI KRISHNA

    You are talking about 999 pounds but in India the price is 90,000 i.e. 1400 usd

  • Uzair Qasim
    Uzair Qasim Year ago

    Funny how Apple never thought of putting the touch id on the apple logo itself :p

  • ytown4
    ytown4 Year ago

    Hi SuperSaf!

  • Chris Hunt
    Chris Hunt Year ago

    Agree with notch - it doesn’t bother me...apps still not optimised for X

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    iPhone 8 all the way! I think the x is an ugly phone I also couldn’t get used the the face recognition especially when I was out walking. My advice save your money get the 8 it’s just as good and more secure

  • Martin Shi
    Martin Shi Year ago

    its Samsung not SumSing lmaooo

  • mushi
    mushi Year ago +1

    Everyone that is bashing on face id, isnt there passwords on iPhone X?

  • Khadeejah Tul Kubrah

    IPHONE X DAD of iphones....

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb Year ago +1

    I'm not in the market for a new phone for another couple of years but I'd be happy to ditch the fingerprint scanner. Perhaps I have sweatier hands than others but it FAILS far too often. In bed I sleep on my back to FaceID should not be a problem. But pound for pound I think the OnePlus 5T is the best value out there. (iPhone 7 plus user)

    • DaHamper97
      DaHamper97 Year ago +1

      I have the same problems with TouchID... I guess we're just two greasy human beings lol

  • mansoor azhikode
    mansoor azhikode Year ago

    iPhone X super

  • Darcel Hill
    Darcel Hill Year ago +1

    I’m thinking about return my iPhone 8 Plus and getting an iPhone X. Is that a good idea?

    • Luis Sibrian
      Luis Sibrian Year ago

      Darcel Hill it is my opinion. The camera and video quality is better and the fade id works 9/10 times. It’s awesome cause as I travel for work, it’s mainly hands free cause I don’t have to touch the device just look and voice dictate with Siri to run the device. I personally enjoyed it

  • Romano Grant
    Romano Grant Year ago

    The iPhone 8+ to me is better, best battery life in an iPhone, iPhone X wasn't develop completely for publish, Apple blunder right there. My opinion nonetheless.

  • frank mirre
    frank mirre Year ago

    In here it was 1500$ and 2200from personal seller

  • David Banner, MD
    David Banner, MD Year ago

    How is this "minimal bezels" ?

  • Johnny Law559
    Johnny Law559 Year ago

    Tagged you in one of my photos on IG and comment on your note 8 photo you just shared. I just started using live focus on the note with a group photo and it comes out really great! Do a comparison against iPhone 10 with group photos. I did one with about 6 people/kids and it came out nice!

  • ʞɓ 5445
    ʞɓ 5445 Year ago

    Supersaf honest review tqss

  • ʞɓ 5445
    ʞɓ 5445 Year ago

    Apple squeezing people for profits by selling their unworthy stupid backwass products

  • ʞɓ 5445
    ʞɓ 5445 Year ago

    iPhone x is the stupid phone

  • Rodrigo Pinto
    Rodrigo Pinto Year ago

    I love the iPhone because it makes me look well succeeded... I use a s8 to almost all my tasks... Secretly, obviously!

  • Orlando
    Orlando Year ago

    Many people choose a phone based on os. They don’t care about value.

  • 100 criatividade
    100 criatividade Year ago

    My opinion about hte iphone x: 1000$ Fucking Dollars So much Money for a phone that is like the Galaxy s8 There is not one feature I consider worth paying 1000$ To buy that overpriced Sansung clone nothing is ground-breaking The front looks like a android phone None of the features on show are innovative Pretty much everything the Iphone x has his already found on other phones and even the Galaxy s6 has wireless charging Yes that´s just what i needed. How revolutionary, now i can animate shit with my facial expressions A ROTTEN APPLE The Face ID live demo failed facial recognition is nothing new or ground-breaking you can unlock a S8 it you ugly face wireless charging near-bezel less oled display and no home button has already been done on other phones the iphone x is more like the Galaxy S8 but it costs more and it´s not even worth spending 1000$ Apple are falling behind Luckily Apple has loads of fanboys who are willing to spend anything for a iPHONE and how much the 256gb version costs? probaly worth more than me i would never pay 100edit:0$ for a phone for fucks sake i really can´t believe Apple considers this a revolutionary phone that will change phones forever that´s is the truth if all you buy is iPHONES but Android phone users will no see this as revolutionary the iPHONE X is not innovative their only innovation is charging $1000 for a phone that is no better than the S8 but don´t tell the Cult of Apple that damming fact i´m sure it gonna sel well Apple could sell a apple for $10 and a and apple fans would buy it the iPHONE X does not impress me at all i don´t understand why Apple made an iPHONE 8 as well that still the same boring desing and little has changed compared to the iphone 7 i liked the name iphone x when the iPHONE XXX gonna come?
    Mostrar menos

  • Vizeyo
    Vizeyo Year ago

    A fingerprint scanner in the back would be a little impractical because iPhone cases would be weird to hold and waterproof cases wouldn’t work well and the iPhone X’s waterproof ability would most likely be taken away.

  • Dat Tran
    Dat Tran Year ago

    Có thz nào VN ko

  • Emine Kilic
    Emine Kilic Year ago


  • L Strawn
    L Strawn Year ago

    Awesome review. For me, the X is totally worth it. But not everyone has the $$$ or lives in Apple/MAC/watch ecosystem. Amazingly fair. New sub.

  • Tundra Guy
    Tundra Guy Year ago

    Too many negatives on this phone. Notch, gestures that aren't intuitive, Beta Face ID. Sorry not for starting price of a grand. Had to return mine for above.

  • Hassan Al-baghdadi

    if the iphone X had a better facetime camera and also have a quick charger in the box then it will worth the 999 $$$

  • AJ Jay
    AJ Jay Year ago +1

    I appreciate the video.
    I still can't justify $1K+ cost based upon "you'll get use to this" & "get over that" eventually. Apple have a chance to make it amazing before launch, not turn iPhone X users into beta testers.