Every Samsung Galaxy S Commercial!


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  • Yohanes C.S
    Yohanes C.S 14 hours ago

    Ijin untuk promosi Jangan lupa untuk kunjungi channel saya nama Yohanes C.S terimkasih 😁🙏

  • Jeon Pancakes
    Jeon Pancakes Day ago

    I am using an samsung galaxy s9+ I used to have the 7 edge but I upgraded cause the camera wasn't good enough and it was lagging a bit. I will never go back to my old phone ever again.

  • Rosey Coral
    Rosey Coral Day ago

    They wan to be apple😂

  • Rosey Coral
    Rosey Coral Day ago

    Samsung sucks....

  • ZaneStuff
    ZaneStuff Day ago +1


    • ZaneStuff
      ZaneStuff 5 hours ago

      mhsable I mean in youtube comments

    • mhsable
      mhsable 6 hours ago

      ZaneStuff because it’s all about competition

  • ratna subba
    ratna subba Day ago

    I am watching in s9+

  • Imah jhon
    Imah jhon Day ago

    S9 luv :*

  • Noor Almaliki
    Noor Almaliki Day ago

    I change my phone before a month and my phone was galaxy s3

  • gameloft dj
    gameloft dj 2 days ago

    I have the j6

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed 2 days ago

    Wonder how worst the iPhone 11 will be xD

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Should I be watching this on a note 9?

  • Louis Richard MILAZAR

    Watching this from iPhone xr

  • Imad Khan
    Imad Khan 2 days ago

    Was that thanos on the galaxy s7 edge

  • Kianush Tavakoli
    Kianush Tavakoli 2 days ago

    What about the S2+ & the s3/s4/s5 mini models?

  • Eduardo M.
    Eduardo M. 2 days ago

    Mine is Galaxy s3

  • LizzyTheCat Parker
    LizzyTheCat Parker 2 days ago


  • Diamond Ranch
    Diamond Ranch 2 days ago

    Samsungs get ads when you turn on the phone, my friend had a S5 and it had like some Coffee Shop ad every time he unlocked his phone. Then I sold him my old iPhone 6S, he loves it

  • Cipok Cinong
    Cipok Cinong 2 days ago

    I'm choose ASUS ROG than phone
    Phone suck

  • Kheeng Lheeng
    Kheeng Lheeng 3 days ago

    "Oh its Same song" 🤣

  • AimlessPhantom
    AimlessPhantom 3 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy s3 designed for humans because iphone users are animals XD sorry i phone users

  • Danica Gittens
    Danica Gittens 3 days ago

    Uh what is Samsung trying to say about apple! Apple the best😖

  • sky
    sky 4 days ago +1

    legend says those commercials are filmed by iphones xD

  • Vanessa Chavez
    Vanessa Chavez 4 days ago

    Woahhh the commercial for the s8 was outstanding

  • Mark Maloney
    Mark Maloney 4 days ago

    Am i the only one who comes back to this video every once in a while😂. Btw i feel like the S10 is gonna be AMAZING.

  • Kyle CoMi
    Kyle CoMi 4 days ago

    In the android ads they are using Apple earbuds 😂😂😂

  • Kyle CoMi
    Kyle CoMi 4 days ago

    2:20 lmaooo man is using apple earbuds 😂😂

  • Дмитрий Каверин


  • CakeorSomer
    CakeorSomer 5 days ago

    2:56 those days

  • nintendo ds lite
    nintendo ds lite 5 days ago

    I had a s3 mini but somebody stole it from my mom. THAT FUCKIN' STEALER!!!

  • nintendo ds lite
    nintendo ds lite 5 days ago

    I have a samsung tabE

  • Chazahc
    Chazahc 5 days ago

    0:38 Galaxy Note 7😏

  • Sheila Strawberryriver

    Team Apple !!!!! Like !!!!

  • Donut Pug Gaming
    Donut Pug Gaming 5 days ago

    I mean Samsung is cool in all but they are trying to suck people off of apple by mocking them on their ads it’s just stupid you don’t see apple do that *never mind they did do it but not that much* but one downside of Samsung if you have old photos they become all pixelated and blurry and if you have an old video on a Samsung it does the same thing but if you play it the audio is all muffled up so if Samsung wants people to use their phone just don’t mock or make fun of the brand that others are using just say “looking for a phone try out our new note 9” or some stuff like that that’s my rant on Samsung and how they are advertising their phones.

  • 1/2Baked
    1/2Baked 5 days ago

    5:28 thanos!

  • 1/2Baked
    1/2Baked 5 days ago

    The s3 was one of the best phones I ever owned

  • 8Bit
    8Bit 5 days ago

    5:00 lmao 😂😂

  • Denysa XoXo
    Denysa XoXo 5 days ago

    Best part of video is 06:32

  • Jgwell Banda
    Jgwell Banda 6 days ago

    S stands for SAVAGE


  • Nikhil Jangra
    Nikhil Jangra 6 days ago

    5:26 Thanos has S7. listen

  • Crystotic Aka Troy Camillus

    I have a galaxy s5 but now it's broken

  • Monster 165
    Monster 165 6 days ago

    Today's time.Any screen that is less than 5 inches is considered tiny

  • asma akter
    asma akter 6 days ago

    Lol I m stuck with a 6 edge but soon gonna get an xs max

  • Royal Bhatti
    Royal Bhatti 6 days ago

    Samsung is best

  • Redc15 Donut
    Redc15 Donut 6 days ago

    4:16 is that a black berry?

  • Edin Tatarevic
    Edin Tatarevic 7 days ago

    Ay gat samsung S5 mini

  • Деси.Д. Младенова

    I have s9+ and it's 10 times better than Apple

  • Campion Studios
    Campion Studios 7 days ago

    Everyone wants to beat Apple, no one wants to be the greatest. That's the difference between Apple & the others

  • Luis Cheon
    Luis Cheon 7 days ago +1


  • Beau The Babes
    Beau The Babes 7 days ago

    I have s9 rn

  • O.M Saphire
    O.M Saphire 7 days ago


  • Philipp
    Philipp 7 days ago

    These ads are just sad

  • EzECr1s 305
    EzECr1s 305 8 days ago

    6:03 My Samsung :)

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 8 days ago +1

    3:22, I love Samsung and all and think they are superior but is nobody gonna question why he just took a photo of a random child he doesn’t know....

  • Muhlis E. G. Gürsoy

    Dislikes are from iPhone fans

  • Queen Delove
    Queen Delove 8 days ago

    And ppl always complaining that iPhone is the same

  • Joseph Al Janabi
    Joseph Al Janabi 8 days ago

    I have s6 edge

  • Zizzo Panino
    Zizzo Panino 8 days ago

    Watching on my IPad Air 2

  • CahkoflacK
    CahkoflacK 8 days ago

    Intro is iphone 5s or se

  • Norbert Zabitowski
    Norbert Zabitowski 8 days ago

    That lil Wayne commercial LOL

  • Veronica uribe corona

    Hey no Samsung galaxy j1 ave ?

  • Alban Viallet
    Alban Viallet 9 days ago

    I have a galaxy s5

  • LowIsAPro2103
    LowIsAPro2103 9 days ago

    The iPhone 7 and later is water resistant too

  • Juan Castellanoz
    Juan Castellanoz 9 days ago +1

    Notice something. Each phone got progressively better over the years while iPhones on the other hand look the same and add features androids had for years and call them "new features"

  • Syrm Rys
    Syrm Rys 9 days ago

    When you do the math its clear, 6 is greater than 6, the galaxy S6 Egde, not all smarphones are great and equal.

    _ NISEKOI 10 days ago

    way my Samsung Galaxy s8+ not sound?

  • Adam Rosenberg
    Adam Rosenberg 10 days ago

    Worked in the wireless industry and used S3, S5, S6. They were all shit. I’ll keep my iPhone.

  • CrizPlays
    CrizPlays 10 days ago

    2:08 designed for humans.

  • Ashy ML
    Ashy ML 10 days ago +1

    I got a Samsung ad...

  • Karissa Romeo
    Karissa Romeo 10 days ago

    *Apple* has left chat...

  • Julian Del pozo
    Julian Del pozo 10 days ago

    Fuck Samsung

  • MaKša PUBG
    MaKša PUBG 10 days ago

    Watching from S9+

  • Sharko
    Sharko 10 days ago

    Luv my Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • kyron/カイラン
    kyron/カイラン 11 days ago


  • foot hero
    foot hero 11 days ago

    The song of s9 is crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • foot hero
    foot hero 11 days ago

    Crazy s7 edge

  • foot hero
    foot hero 11 days ago


  • foot hero
    foot hero 11 days ago

    I like the Samsung galaxy s5

  • cul doode
    cul doode 12 days ago +4

    Is it odd that im watching on J3 pro...

  • Prezza 360
    Prezza 360 12 days ago +1

    0:09 my phone

  • BRUHpuh 332
    BRUHpuh 332 12 days ago

    I had galaxy s2

  • AppleKaty
    AppleKaty 12 days ago

    5:10 nothing better than putting champange on a phone😐

  • AppleKaty
    AppleKaty 12 days ago

    I still like apple cuz I’m a true apple fan

  • Herobrine Player393
    Herobrine Player393 13 days ago +2

    4:13 Song?

  • Midori
    Midori 13 days ago

    Samsung Users: I hate iOS
    Also Samsung Users: Laggy OS, No Activation Lock down, just some dumb Google lock that's bypassable, shitty cameras, a terrible App Store with shitty apps, exploding batteries, and expensive parts that no one can afford once broken.

  • 💗 qtzo.mp3 edits 💗

    i had the s4 mini 😂

    MERGED POWER 13 days ago


  • Martin Tall
    Martin Tall 13 days ago +2

    S - 0:04
    S2 - 0:20
    S3 - 1:40
    S4- 2:11 & 2:41
    S5 - 3:15
    S6 - 3:45 & 4:15
    S7 - 4:30
    S8 & S8+ - 5:30
    S9 - 6:03

  • Martin Tall
    Martin Tall 13 days ago

    S - 0:02
    S2 - 0:20
    S3 - 1:40
    S4 - 2:11 and 2:41
    S5 - 3:15
    S6 edge - 3:45 and 4:15
    S7 - 4:30
    S8 and S8 plus - 5:04
    S9 - 5:36
    Thank you.

  • Splash Animations
    Splash Animations 13 days ago +2

    2:52 Isn’t he using apple earpods

    • Zero Go
      Zero Go 8 days ago

      Omg, they do look like apple earpod

  • liquid mc cloud
    liquid mc cloud 14 days ago

    First time seeing the s1

  • The BlueDiamondGamer
    The BlueDiamondGamer 14 days ago

    4:14 we ready, we are ready we ready for y'all

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 14 days ago

    *Let's make this battle fair*
    *Like* for Apple.
    *Comment* for Samsung.

  • Bartol Knezovic
    Bartol Knezovic 14 days ago

    At 1:04 with subtitles they say Simpson

  • TeamJadeandcrew Roblox

    3:50 there bullying the iPhone

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez 15 days ago

    It's a good thing I have Samsung