Every Samsung Galaxy S Commercial!


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  • Matheo Gerhardsen
    Matheo Gerhardsen 2 hours ago

    I have s9 and iphone X.They are both pretty good

  • virus exe Samsung
    virus exe Samsung 11 hours ago

    This is funny man xD

  • Swillshills
    Swillshills 13 hours ago

    Don’t tell apple I liked the S8 ad

  • Isaac Lowe
    Isaac Lowe 14 hours ago

    Lol those vibrations sound like a song

  • Analxi
    Analxi 16 hours ago

    Did 🍎 do anything to you in phone commercials, no so stop the toddler fights

  • Boss ku
    Boss ku 20 hours ago

    Super smart s series

  • Jan Malicki
    Jan Malicki 23 hours ago

    Your phone cant do that max, here I have another one
    What 😂😂😂

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 23 hours ago

    Estou ainda no s8 plus mas daqui a pouco vou para o s9 plus

  • T H E S A U C E
    T H E S A U C E Day ago

    S6 is my dad's phone

  • Rashaan Emery
    Rashaan Emery Day ago

    I used to have a 7 edge but I lost it at a football game

  • 阿囡Josh
    阿囡Josh Day ago

    4:26 the thing is you can see the light in the s6 edge if it’s in your pocket

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez 2 days ago

    I’m watching this on a iPhone XR

  • dark king
    dark king 2 days ago

    S7 is high af dude

  • Carlo Williams
    Carlo Williams 2 days ago

    I have an Iphone 7 and it sucks....

    It always freezes up and shuts off and then wont turn back on for like 3 days, The home button doesnt work sometimes, The camera is shit compared to a Galaxy S7 Edge and it's slow. Also it gets in restart loops for like weeks at a time so basically

  • Jayden Wenzlick
    Jayden Wenzlick 2 days ago

    Are Samsung and Wendy’s related or what

  • YouTube Legend
    YouTube Legend 2 days ago

    Where is j3 ?????????

  • Manish Mohan M
    Manish Mohan M 2 days ago

    S9 Plus 4k amazing sunset...No comparison S9 the best

  • Delvis Aviles
    Delvis Aviles 2 days ago

    The name of the end song?

  • Miguel Muñoz
    Miguel Muñoz 2 days ago

    Samsung is just jealous because iPhone is better

  • Yusuf shahzad
    Yusuf shahzad 3 days ago

    The s3 has a 5000 mAh battery

  • xXRondell PlayzXx
    xXRondell PlayzXx 3 days ago

    There so much apple user salt that i got enough for my popcorn and fries

  • Phenil Banerjee
    Phenil Banerjee 3 days ago

    I already have all of them

  • Lucas Guimarães da Silva

    Name of music in all comercial ?

  • Wzardsarecool
    Wzardsarecool 4 days ago

    Lmao Samsung been coming after apple in their commercials for years and apple is STILL ahead without even mentioning Samsung

  • Stacey H
    Stacey H 5 days ago

    still using a samsung galaxy s3 lol

  • II II
    II II 5 days ago

    Why are American adverts always so obnoxious?

  • Cattaline Line
    Cattaline Line 5 days ago +1

    Como se llama la musica donde aparese el S9

  • Pride -R
    Pride -R 5 days ago

    They were playing with apples phone

  • Critically Cheesy Caleb

    It's funny how the s3 and s4 ads have the actors using apple ear buds

  • Yegane Əlimirzəyev


    RERTODJLV 6 days ago

    4:13 thats the best muzic

  • LEnno 123777
    LEnno 123777 6 days ago

    4:52 WUUUUT 😆😆😆

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 6 days ago

    Im dead at the S7 Commercial😆

  • vadlee nur
    vadlee nur 6 days ago

    "whaaaaaaaaaatt" :v lol

  • Yibba 13
    Yibba 13 6 days ago

    Why is the s3 designed for humans when it's a phone named galaxy

  • agustin rojas
    agustin rojas 6 days ago

    Alto beef el s6 xd

  • Sean Swag
    Sean Swag 7 days ago +2

    Sponsored by samsung

  • Philip Mario
    Philip Mario 7 days ago +1

    The designs of s3 and s4 were ahead of their time for sure

  • Muhd Fahmi
    Muhd Fahmi 7 days ago +3

    Watching this on my s8

    • Tigo_
      Tigo_ Day ago

      watching this on my s9 :)

  • Randomatrisya _
    Randomatrisya _ 7 days ago

    well the s6 commercial says everything about how much does samsung hate apple

  • Keisuke Mito
    Keisuke Mito 7 days ago +6

    The water resistant Galaxy S7 edge commercial tho lol

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    Before the video i got Huawei's Comercial so...

  • Jimmy jones
    Jimmy jones 8 days ago

    U forgot s7 and s7 edge

  • MimicO- D
    MimicO- D 8 days ago +1

    The Samsung just lights up the iPhone vibrates so you know

  • dannyboi
    dannyboi 8 days ago

    I feel awesome having a s7 edge and a note8, damn the s7 edge one

  • Default Boi_
    Default Boi_ 8 days ago +1

    *I S T H I S W H A T A D U L T E R Y F E E L S L I K E*

  • Pombie 1999
    Pombie 1999 8 days ago

    U can see degeneration in Galaxy S series in this video each S3 S4 S5 has its own innovation like motion phone answer and other but not in S8 S9.Don't tell me I am saying this because I havent use it.I already using Galaxy Note 9 not bad but no innovation anyway i like Samsung Build Quality that is why i use it

  • Gio Jimenez
    Gio Jimenez 8 days ago

    Samsung makes all these phones, chrome books, watches, washing machines, tv’s, refrigerators, pc’s, and sells more phones than Apple but Apple still has a higher net worth and doesn’t even sell refrigerators n all that extra shit lol

  • I am a PDF File 2346668

    I have an s3

  • Tom Borisov
    Tom Borisov 8 days ago

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only iPhones.

  • Echoing Time
    Echoing Time 9 days ago

    watching on my samsung note 2

  • Wesley Siqueira Borges

    What name of music 6:30?

  • GabooiNation
    GabooiNation 9 days ago +3

    I remember seeing the Samsung galaxy S7 commercial a couple of years ago lol!😂 I remember it because I remember the guy saying he can spill champagne on his phone.🤣

  • Y Ess
    Y Ess 9 days ago +1

    Lil Wayne commercial killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Randomplay DRB
    Randomplay DRB 9 days ago

    Vaya como pasa el tiempo

  • Toxic Saizon
    Toxic Saizon 9 days ago

    I like the Lil Wayne advert

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 9 days ago

    4.4 k apple inforcers

  • Bruno Lance
    Bruno Lance 10 days ago

    Wasn't expecting Lil Wayne

  • Gthegreek Viva la copa

    Imagine using android phone in 2018😂😂never me

  • Wolfie_ Anya
    Wolfie_ Anya 10 days ago

    *when i was watching i had a iphone x ad...*

  • TheBastardGuy_123
    TheBastardGuy_123 10 days ago +1

    Best music 4:14

  • Ryan Jack
    Ryan Jack 11 days ago

    I really love the old ads, they had so much more going for them such as the SIII ad probably the best one they've made imo I also like the S4 ad when they use the IR blaster. Ahh those were the days.

  • RasenRendan X
    RasenRendan X 11 days ago

    S2 Ad roasting Apple is still the best

  • Fleming135
    Fleming135 11 days ago

    Who all are watching with S8+?

  • Kinwing Yeung
    Kinwing Yeung 11 days ago

    6=6 dumbass

  • You got hacked dont mess with best Fortnite player

    I am only 13 and ive had the s2, s3, s5, s7 edge, s8 plus and just recently got the s9

  • Deby Cacul
    Deby Cacul 11 days ago

    msh setia ma s7edge

  • igor toodi
    igor toodi 11 days ago

    Galaxy s9

  • Muwahid Khan
    Muwahid Khan 11 days ago

    I want samsung s2 and s3

  • Lemuel De Los Santos III

    Watching in my s8plus

  • حسين علي
    حسين علي 12 days ago +1

    I Like S 10

  • RiceFlavoredGum
    RiceFlavoredGum 12 days ago +94

    iPhone users: "Samsung is trash lol"
    Also iPhone users: iOS 11 bugs, battery dies after a year, messy notifications, broken screen, compromises, couldn't type a capital I for 2 weeks, spent $1000 for an emoji machine, no expandable storage, only comeback is blurry camera

    • Gmod fanatics Unboxings
      Gmod fanatics Unboxings 23 hours ago

      +Falcon X uhm the iphone 6 didnt have curved screens....

    • Andy
      Andy Day ago

      +Falcon X copied curved glass? Motherfucker they make ALL the screens for all the phones out there, what planet do you live on 😅😂🤣

    • Pema Wangmo
      Pema Wangmo Day ago

      Does it matter

    • Falcon X
      Falcon X 2 days ago

      FinaleeE Apple did it in 2014 with the curved glass with iPhone 6 while Samsung copied and did it a year later with the S6

  • mahhe
    mahhe 12 days ago

    I got a S8+ and plan on keeping it.

  • Raphaelson III
    Raphaelson III 12 days ago

    Your phone can't do that Max, here! have another one... Thats The Best clip to me. it signifies the beginning of water resistant phones to the general public.. now it's the standard for most phones

  • RegretOsu!
    RegretOsu! 13 days ago

    "Your phone can't do that max, here I have another one" DYING

  • Surprised Pikachu
    Surprised Pikachu 13 days ago

    the galaxy S7 edge is the funniest lol

  • Hanns Dheon TheBestGamer

    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye
    4:14 nananana hey hey hey goodbye

  • Dorian Pryor
    Dorian Pryor 13 days ago

    My S7 stopped working after I took it in the pool. Maybe it's because I bought it secondhand.

  • Coolfortniteboy Extreme

    Samsung is better

  • Impossible191
    Impossible191 13 days ago


  • Jan Gacki
    Jan Gacki 13 days ago

    6:27 name of music?

    DRAGON BOOL 13 days ago

    Samsung galaxy S6 edge PLAS🤫👍💋✌️🤩😎💪💪💪💪✌️

  • Kinita Warren
    Kinita Warren 13 days ago

    If he had a Samsung s2 in 2018 people be Like look at this doode

  • Maël
    Maël 13 days ago

    6:16 SO CREEPY

  • masroor jeelani
    masroor jeelani 13 days ago

    S10 coming...2018

  • 0413 KARNE
    0413 KARNE 14 days ago

    samsung is very good

  • Cdx Lynx
    Cdx Lynx 14 days ago

    Always made fun of apple but i still love apple

  • Sirine Amari
    Sirine Amari 14 days ago

    I have a Samsung galaxy S9+

  • EvendaPokro
    EvendaPokro 14 days ago

    My nan has a s3 and i have a s5 that has a cracked screen. I think mum has s7.

  • ленин Владимирович

    Lol galaxy s 3

  • Kasra Kakavand
    Kasra Kakavand 14 days ago

    Watching this on Note 9 ;)

  • RubiksCube Orithems
    RubiksCube Orithems 14 days ago

    Samsung phones explode

    SALTY NUB 14 days ago

    I like the one with lil Wayne

  • Young Clapped
    Young Clapped 14 days ago +1

    I like how all of the og phones look so much smaller compared to now. They must think we all have Shaquille O'Neal size hands.

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore 14 days ago

    Where is the galaxy on5

  • Dérick Turgeon
    Dérick Turgeon 14 days ago

    fuck apple

  • Miti Abulaiti
    Miti Abulaiti 14 days ago

    5:35 That was awesome!

  • JenerationZMusic
    JenerationZMusic 14 days ago

    “The edge of the iPhone 6 displays nothing”
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂 I’m DEAD

  • Pepe
    Pepe 14 days ago

    I had S4, S7edge and now S9+ :)

  • Mr. Minecraft36
    Mr. Minecraft36 14 days ago +1


    • Alldaygrind
      Alldaygrind 3 days ago +1

      Haha kid, you probably never had a samsung you probably have an iPhone like most spolied kids do