GAME OF THRONES Season 8 "Aftermath" "Together" & "Survival" Trailer Breakdown!

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Trailers reveal major Easter Eggs for Season 8 -- THREE promos, titled "Aftermath," "Together," & "Survival"! What details did you miss in this new Game of Thrones Season 8 footage pointing to the fates of Jon Snow, Dany, Arya, Sansa, Bran, Jaime Lannister, Cersei, Tyrion and the others? Erik Voss breaks down all the subtle clues for the Game of Thrones final season. Will the Battle of Winterfell end in deadly defeat for the heroes -- and if not, what strategy could they use to fend off the White Walkers? Will the Night King resurrect Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, and others? Who will die in the Game of Thrones final episode?
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  2 months ago +141

    Hey folks! Our breakdown of the new JOKER trailer is next in the pipeline -- should be uploaded in a few hours!

    • Dee Nick
      Dee Nick 2 months ago

      I thought only Ned Stark bones made it back to Winterfell... so it won't be him running around as a re-animated zombie

    • A Boy Is No One
      A Boy Is No One 2 months ago

      Why do you think the dire wolf on the banner is backwards?

    • Shreyas L Kargal
      Shreyas L Kargal 2 months ago

      I would like stranger things S03 trailer pls....

    • Andrinna Brown
      Andrinna Brown 2 months ago

      I mentioned this on EmergancyAwesome's channel.

    • Andrinna Brown
      Andrinna Brown 2 months ago

      You've read my mind only yesterday I mentioned that this could be Brans vision!!! Great minds think alike!!

  • Hannah Garcia
    Hannah Garcia Month ago

    How is ghost supposed to play a major role now?

  • Sandi Provost
    Sandi Provost Month ago

    Anyone notice the spiral on Jamie’s gold hand while it’s laying in the snow?

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth Month ago


  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams Month ago

    Ned Stark was beheaded, dismembered, and returned to Catelyn Stark by Tywin Lannister (via Littlefinger) in a box too small for even Tyrion's body. If the Night King plans to resurrect Ned, he'd better swing by IKEA and pick up on of those allen wrenches, because there is going to be some assembly required.

  • Shelley T
    Shelley T 2 months ago

    I don't know if you noticed it or not, but at 1:09 to 1:11 you can see a window opening?! And it doesn't look like its the wind... I have no idea if it's related to anything or not. It just freaked me out. :)

  • Matt Warner
    Matt Warner 2 months ago +1

    Can the night king revive bones? Or only complete dead bodies?

  • aztekboyca
    aztekboyca 2 months ago

    Is needle stuck in a bear or a wolf ?

  • Nischay
    Nischay 2 months ago

    Bronn: Dragons is where our partnership ends
    Jaime: Well, The Night King?

  • beth98362
    beth98362 2 months ago

    Arya will die... Horribly!

  • Rob Bender
    Rob Bender 2 months ago +1

    Every one keep saying those are the winterfell kennels. That is the Rookery! Where the Ravens were kept

  • Jim McCubbin
    Jim McCubbin 2 months ago

    So, the resurrected dead have shown that they can run berzerk everywhere. Why haven't they just ran south and taken over everything in fast forward mode?

  • Rawan Soudah
    Rawan Soudah 2 months ago

    In this case could little finger be the one following Arya in the crypts? If the NK turned him into a white walker

  • Schmack The Scythe
    Schmack The Scythe 2 months ago

    that Jamie shot. I think that's Poderick behind him

  • Lockjaw Emporium
    Lockjaw Emporium 2 months ago

    5:25 is that the Tyrion's 'hand of the queen' broach?

  • popkat 33
    popkat 33 2 months ago

    I also feel like Khal Drogo is coming back as a whyte because they've been showing a lot of Jason Mamoa footage on the Game of Thrones Instagram! Coincidence? I think not!

    • Kathia Munoz
      Kathia Munoz 2 months ago

      aside from the fact that Daenerys cremated him, it happened in Essos and the walkers are coming from the north of Westeros.

  • the disgruntled millenial
    the disgruntled millenial 2 months ago +2

    Ramsey Bolton - " if you think this has a happy ending then you have not been paying attention "

  • PitbullTerror88
    PitbullTerror88 2 months ago

    that wasnt ghost.. its the head of a horse. But the shoulder frame thingy and the refference to season 1 is very well spotted.
    I think winterfell will be lost when it gets attacked and they have to retreat south . With jon riding Rheagal (who could be injured from an engagement with Viserion and not wanting to risk losing another dragon and flees) with couple of main characters on his back. i cant say for sure the latter happend but Rheagal will be the weakest since Drogon is more fully grown and stronger and Viserion on white walker steroids with the NK riding him.

    BIGGANI J.A.M. J.A.M 2 months ago

    5:01 will also confirm the theory of bran being the NIGHT KING.

    woooh.., i get terrified to write his name in small hand

  • lizzie welda
    lizzie welda 2 months ago

    In the battle scene towards the end it sounds like Jamie is yelling Pod to me.

  • Deadboot
    Deadboot 2 months ago

    The figure u r talking about in 4:30 is actually a door lol

  • Dead Man Walking
    Dead Man Walking 2 months ago +2

    Could be Davos' pin, not Tyrion;'s

  • Minkley McMoo
    Minkley McMoo 2 months ago

    THERE WILL be a Frisbee kill with one of those shields....

  • zachalicious
    zachalicious 2 months ago

    I hope Bronn kills the wight dragon. He has had much practice and that would guarantee him a castle if he survives.

  • Spencer Gadoury
    Spencer Gadoury 2 months ago

    I'm not sleeping anymore lolll I cant wait

  • Stevie the stunna Stawniczy

    Brans dream?

  • Seba Marg
    Seba Marg 2 months ago

    Yow should be a English teacher....#

  • JM
    JM 2 months ago

    zombie Ramsey would be even more terrifying than usual

  • Mr. Duane Sharpe
    Mr. Duane Sharpe 2 months ago

    He said RUN 🏃 not Bron.

  • Jacob Burke
    Jacob Burke 2 months ago +2

    I think Winterfell will fall and the survivors will retreat to Kingslanding.

  • ray sheen
    ray sheen 2 months ago

    Love your videos!

  • Samantha Abernathy
    Samantha Abernathy 2 months ago

    Jaime is clearly yelling "run!!!".

  • michael champlin
    michael champlin 2 months ago +2

    Show's kinda ridiculous (and there goes my social life)

  • Matt Krause
    Matt Krause 2 months ago

    I am totally on board with the theory of an undead Littlefinger, Ramsey, Hodor and others helping take down Winterfell. One of those three Arya is arunnin' from.

  • ki-adi-mundi Daily
    ki-adi-mundi Daily 2 months ago

    my theory is that it is going to end at storms end and that is where bran will die. because the castle was fortified with magic from the children of the forest and bran still has the mark on his hand (it will also bring a deeper meaning to ''storms end..

  • RINA
    RINA 2 months ago

    How could the Night King possibly bring Ned Stark back if he was beheaded? ....

  • Ka S
    Ka S 2 months ago +2

    What if Jamie's yelling Run?

  • Dee Nick
    Dee Nick 2 months ago

    I think the battle of Winterfell will end in defeat... don't you?

  • Sam Cataldo
    Sam Cataldo 2 months ago

    Time Jump will be needed if they escape the battle of Winterfell and the Night King wins. There is no way the Hero's make it to Kings Landing unless they all fly Dragons, ain't happening. So, where does a retreating human army go when defeated at Winterfell? the other option is the hero's win at Winterfell, which is slim at best. So again where do the living retreat too from the North? How do they make it to Kingslanding without a Time Jump? Do you have ideas on that?

  • Jubal Blue
    Jubal Blue 2 months ago

    I think that bron is going to die in the battle of winter fell, I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks though.

  • MrLasso15
    MrLasso15 2 months ago

    Burn them all ? Burn all the whites ? Mad king talking to bran ?

  • Boss McAsskick
    Boss McAsskick 2 months ago

    1:09 Isn't that the ravenry?

  • Jett Higgins
    Jett Higgins 2 months ago

    Little finger still be alive fam

  • Frosandavacados
    Frosandavacados 2 months ago +2

    After the "Red Wedding ", I know they will do anything. I'm still mentally fu*ked from that. 😭

  • kanestu
    kanestu 2 months ago

    It's a race in 2 to sit on the throne....... Hot Pie v White Walker Wun Wun

  • FrazzyNZ
    FrazzyNZ 2 months ago

    I do believe the fire around the castle walls is a strategy during the battle for winterfell. I also reckon Jamie is yelling run not bron. Actor who plays bron has said that audience may not like bronn and he is still dedicated to getting that castle. No castle reward for fighting the white walkers

  • eibbor171
    eibbor171 2 months ago

    anyone think benjen might still be alive or he really bit the dust season 7

  • Docs Admin
    Docs Admin 2 months ago

    The three dragon riders: Jamie, jon, daenerys? This theory was set forth ages ago by @fantasy.enthusiast tho.. among other

    • Docs Admin
      Docs Admin 2 months ago

      Based on the trailers and how the mix the characters the dying in Bree's arms, at this point, would only make sense if it's in battle... and given their location it seems very likely this supports the theory.. otherwise Jaime wouldn't have any big part and he seems to be one of the main characters… @celemoon

    • celemoon
      celemoon 2 months ago

      Why Jamie tho?

  • Aashwin Chowdhary
    Aashwin Chowdhary 2 months ago +1

    Hey! I think I've discovered a plot and would want you to do a video on it. The plot is, what if the winterfell crypt is situated beneath the Godswood where the night king cannot come and everyone goes down there to escape or maybe fight him along with the dragons.

  • Kayn & Rhaast
    Kayn & Rhaast 2 months ago

    They want us to focua on battle of winterfell with Night King as a Villain but what if the true villain is Euron??

  • courtney marie
    courtney marie 2 months ago

    On Jaime's dialog, it sounded more like "Jon", which would make more sense for this battle.

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard 2 months ago

    Resurrect Ned Stark without his head. Or maybe not!

  • Steven Dowens
    Steven Dowens 2 months ago

    Sounds more like Jamie is saying "DRAAWWW!" As in "Nock...Draw...Loose" in archery.

  • Clashvenger444
    Clashvenger444 2 months ago

    Eirti is that you my boy? What are you doing here???

  • Vinyl Blair
    Vinyl Blair 2 months ago

    0:38 "have a good day"

  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden 2 months ago

    I think Jon and Sam's exchange is in reference to an old pact between Nights Watch brothers... I think this is sad news about Dolorous Edd. RIP... Grenn... Pyp... and Edd. It's now just Jon & Sam.

  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden 2 months ago

    That's a cool spot... the devil & angel on Tyrion's shoulders. Sansa on one side wearing dark clothes... like the devil and Daenerys wearing white like an angel. Same way with Ned... nice catch!

  • Tyler Sovoda
    Tyler Sovoda 2 months ago

    Sounds like all he’s saying is “run”. Saying “bronn” is a bit of a stretch.

  • Gtxmr2
    Gtxmr2 2 months ago +1

    Bran as the 3 eyed Raven can only see the past and Present not the future. I

  • Macumazahn
    Macumazahn 2 months ago

    I wouldn't call Torrehn Stark "ancient" - it was barely 300 yrs ago. And it's not like his story is legend; there are very accurate, well-documented accounts of his actions. It was a very pivotal time for Westeros, and thousands witnessed what happened. As for "ruined his reputation" - i think to some, stern, hardass, stubborn. dumb Northerners with more pride than sense, yes he was a coward. But to most Northerners knew he absolutely did the right thing. Kneel, and protect your people, changing very little other than titles and who you pay taxes to, or watch your entire army destroyed or burned, which would leave your entire kingdom open to attack by the largest force ever assembled (i think that was largest force ever assembled in westeros until bobby B's rebellion, or Five King war).
    Oh, but they couldn't get past Moat Cailyn. I beg to differ. Dragons fly right over that. The frog eaters will kill 1000s, but the rest would get thru or hop on ships at Maidenpool, sail right around the neck and into the north, unopposed.
    To side against Aegon at that point would be the pinnacle of foolishness. 80k or 100k in his army, 3 giant dragons with experienced, warrior King or Warrior Queen riders - it's like if the Europeans landed in North America, and fought its native peoples with modern Apache helicopters.

  • Guillermo Gutierrez
    Guillermo Gutierrez 2 months ago

    What if it is the Night King that they see flying by?

  • Tristan
    Tristan 2 months ago

    A Targ also burned another father and son...Randall and Dickon.

  • Larroc
    Larroc 2 months ago +18

    @9:28-- Jon is a dragon rider... He already had a dragon mount him! He He He! (I'll see myself out)

  • Adam Hurst
    Adam Hurst 2 months ago

    If this whole thing really is a metaphor for climate change then they all need to die. It's also the only logical conclusion. Westeros has been ravaged by war for years. First the Targs lose their dragons then have a king go crazy. Roberts war surely had an impact on the people of the country. Then came the WotFK. The Lannisters were literally burning crops and razing the riverlands. Stannis lost a bunch of men as did Rob. Jon lost many men (many directly to the NK) when the freefolk attacked and at Hardhome. Then there were the mountains of dead at the BotB. Then at the worst possible time Dany roasts the majority of what is left of the Lannisters. Oh yeah they also lose a DRAGON! As for the people that are left and can fight they have no food or provisions to last through another Long Night. They've built winter up to be this beast that will last decades. Sansa is already rationing grain in the first few weeks or months of winter. They wouldn't last through an Earth winter much less one that lasts for years and possibly decades. The only path for humanity is to defeat the night king early on and then head to Essos to wait out winter. Oh that just made me think about the NK flying Viserion across the narrow sea and laying waste to Bravos after he hits Kings Landing.

  • Adam Hurst
    Adam Hurst 2 months ago

    Its AeJon.

  • Shaun Arthur
    Shaun Arthur 2 months ago

    The dog cages can be a refrens to the hound

  • Shaun Arthur
    Shaun Arthur 2 months ago

    You never said Wun Wun at 4:24 and he comes back they are in so much trouble. I know the dead have dead giant but he broke ever thing I his path. The hut at hard home. The south gate of castle black and the winter fell gate. I want there to live giants but it does look like it.

  • ana Herrera
    ana Herrera 2 months ago

    Shave ur berde

  • Kayden Craig
    Kayden Craig 2 months ago

    1v1 Jon Vs Nights King that's what I want to see

  • Antonio Gaming
    Antonio Gaming 2 months ago

    Every clue is the people who are going to survive

  • Roger Livermont
    Roger Livermont 2 months ago

    Jaime is saying 'RUN!' That's what everyone else has said when they see them up close.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    Wow Game of Shit!

  • Nathan Eoss
    Nathan Eoss 2 months ago

    Defeat because it’s game of thrones

  • Zdeňka Mládková
    Zdeňka Mládková 2 months ago

    Or the 10:53 can be Jamie shouting Bronn because he is fighting undead Bronn??

  • Eternity
    Eternity 2 months ago

    bron brings out a sam turret.

  • Tushar Niras
    Tushar Niras 2 months ago

    Stopped running my logic after big slap in Infinity War

  • Yondu
    Yondu 2 months ago

    I think it's a premonition like when all the Avengers die.

  • Nicholas Perry
    Nicholas Perry 2 months ago

    Dragon glass on the dragons

  • thebidness9
    thebidness9 2 months ago

    I believe the scene where Winterfell is covered in snow is a vision Bran is seeing of the future.

  • Nick Moody
    Nick Moody 2 months ago

    You make much more better content than other UScliprs, i cant understand how come you lack funding

  • John Jay
    John Jay 2 months ago

    Pssst...yo Eric...That's not a shadowy figure. That's an archway. The shot is taken at ground level.

  • Alex McMovies
    Alex McMovies 2 months ago +4


  • Maciej Kruk
    Maciej Kruk 2 months ago

    Aftermath may be Bran's vision. Just like Doctor Strange he may visit several versions of future.

  • Caleb Delgado
    Caleb Delgado 2 months ago

    Congrats on 2 Million!!! Keep making great content. 🔥🔥🔥

  • C M D
    C M D 2 months ago


  • john carpenter
    john carpenter 2 months ago +5

    seems to me that anyone who may be resurrected from the Winterfell crypts would be only a skeleton, they have been dead for a while! if im remembering correctly, lil finger gave Ned's bones back, not a full (minus the head) body.. so i dont think they will bring any of the dead Stark's from the crypts back.. buuuuut, i could be waaay off! :)

    • Herdhanu Jayanto
      Herdhanu Jayanto 2 months ago

      But but but, it was cold winterfell, maybe the corpse preserved like in Everest? *movie logic

  • Roge Campos
    Roge Campos 2 months ago

    Ned Starks head is on a pike in the red keep

  • Paul Gonzalez
    Paul Gonzalez 2 months ago

    The battle of Winterfell is going to end in defeat. They’ll flee down to dragonstone. The scene of Dany facing the hearth is from dragonstone. The crack in the wall is a giveaway.

  • Zdena Ginčaiová
    Zdena Ginčaiová 2 months ago +5

    ok, whats the official status on the tyrion - sansa marriage?

    • Ass Eater
      Ass Eater 2 months ago

      it seems that the general gist is that if the marriage isn't consummated, it isn't official

    • celemoon
      celemoon 2 months ago

      I guess they're still married, but I don't think they care about that

  • Kenshin Ngan
    Kenshin Ngan 2 months ago


  • legoman1800
    legoman1800 2 months ago +1

    Going back to the Aftermath trailer, if that shadowy figure in the back behind Longclaw is a person, it could be Azor Ahai come to fight the Long Night once again.

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey 2 months ago +15

    Jaime is going to be the real MVP of GOT. His redemption arc is leading to a heroic ending.

  • Angel Pabon Jr
    Angel Pabon Jr 2 months ago

    Queen Daenerys better not die or I will never forget D&D!!! I want 2 see Dany on Drogon and Jon on Rhaegal! Dany is in front of the fireplace at Dragonstone.

  • Joe Wyatt
    Joe Wyatt 2 months ago

    I think the Aftermath teaser could be a vision for Bran.

  • Dee L
    Dee L 2 months ago

    Umm... The "Scorpion" doesn't seem to be too effective!

  • punkdesign
    punkdesign 2 months ago +2

    May be they all dusted whit Thanos Snap!

  • Adam Goggin
    Adam Goggin 2 months ago

    In the Russian trailer you can hear Jaime shout "Bronn"

  • Billy Hodges
    Billy Hodges 2 months ago +1

    Jamie is saying "draw" as in "knock, draw, and loose.

  • miracle_worker
    miracle_worker 2 months ago

    Only probable with game of can't see shit

  • Shouko Amaterasu
    Shouko Amaterasu 2 months ago

    ‘Could just get awaaaay’
    nice vocals Erik