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  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • Let's get hooped!
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    Fashion of nobility, Rococo era (c.1780), hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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    Lady in hoop skirt, Rococo era, hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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    1864 1870 1880 1900 LATE...
    Charles Phelps Cushing/ClassicStock/Getty Images
    Victorian ladies fashions of the 1860s, Crinolines and Hoopskirts
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    Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
    Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
    18th Century Fashion - Marquise
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    faded paper with floral ornament
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    Roast beef sandwich
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    Abstract slow film burn. HD
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    Number countdown on film leader
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Comments • 7 818

  • Selina Torres
    Selina Torres 18 hours ago

    I love how the girl was talking about Disney while wearing a duck tales shirt

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J Day ago

    Wow this was a very good video 😊. The skirt looks like a lot of fun.

  • softular
    softular Day ago

    she works with starkid
    i repeat
    *she works with starkid*

  • MyWildChildLife
    MyWildChildLife Day ago

    You don't have to wear makeup or bra oh my God my mom doesn't wear makeup or roll so why would you have to

  • x_ riksett
    x_ riksett 2 days ago

    'How do they do their daily chores'
    *excuse me*
    how do they even walk through a door properly?

  • gabby raxworthy
    gabby raxworthy 2 days ago

    can you do this again but on your period

  • HaileyMarie Hernandez

    Well people who had their quince already understands hoop skirts 😂💀

  • Dancing Diyer
    Dancing Diyer 2 days ago

    Is Entrance to the Queen of Sheba playing in one of the backgrounds? I am playing that with my orchestra and was shocked when I heard it

  • Aurora June
    Aurora June 2 days ago

    I love you ladies!

  • Princess Potato
    Princess Potato 3 days ago

    I own a hoop skirt

    I found it at an upscale rummage sale

  • Mismear Sims
    Mismear Sims 3 days ago

    You have to squat over a hole in China!😂

  • Bandit King
    Bandit King 3 days ago


  • Lia Jay
    Lia Jay 3 days ago

    They should just eat the toilet with the skirt. That or just slide a bucket underneath and squat; Nobody would know...

  • Spooky Sky
    Spooky Sky 3 days ago +1


  • Morgan Payne
    Morgan Payne 4 days ago

    Can u imagine changing a pad in one if those

  • Gabriela martin
    Gabriela martin 4 days ago

    13:41is me

  • Duckboating 101 Term 1

    They should have gone to a trampoline park!!

  • Diran Tan
    Diran Tan 5 days ago +1

    Devin was Cho Chang in the Harry Potter play

  • first last
    first last 5 days ago

    0:36 *she sounds like jenna marbles.*

  • Mariana B
    Mariana B 6 days ago

    13:41 😂😂😂😂😂 me wearing a long dress

  • Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith 6 days ago

    then vs. now

  • Luna Cat
    Luna Cat 7 days ago

    I do Civil war dancing and when I put on them pantaloons tho...

  • Trinity Aulabaugh
    Trinity Aulabaugh 7 days ago

    4:32 farting gale

  • The Silly Rebels
    The Silly Rebels 9 days ago

    I was named after Keira Nightley, my name is Keira

  • Josey Mcfetridge
    Josey Mcfetridge 9 days ago

    I’m a 12 year old 1860s reenactor I have been doing it since I was 9 months old and I just started wearing a hop skirt every time I set down it pops up

  • Daisy Estillado
    Daisy Estillado 10 days ago +1

    One of my teachers showed us a lady with a long skirt was squating down and taking a dump for 5 mins

  • Ellbell 616
    Ellbell 616 10 days ago

    I can see your BREECHES

  • Meike Kampen
    Meike Kampen 11 days ago

    Omgg, you should wear corsets for a day😱😂💗

  • Jenna Holloway
    Jenna Holloway 11 days ago

    I wear hoop skirts all the time for pageant

  • Hampster Jesus
    Hampster Jesus 11 days ago

    I like the squid skirt

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 11 days ago

    I wore a 6 hoop skirt and a Victorian era dress for a day

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 11 days ago

    I wore a hoop skirt all day to school and to the store and a party and making dinner because it was Halloween

  • Ava Kale
    Ava Kale 11 days ago

    Goooooo Gophers!!! We love the U of M!!!

  • Kimani Boi
    Kimani Boi 11 days ago

    W8 how do u pee?

  • Abigail Kirby
    Abigail Kirby 11 days ago

    hey, she went to college for architecture where i live!!

  • Tilting Planet
    Tilting Planet 12 days ago

    You could store like. 6 children under those skirts

  • Moo moos
    Moo moos 12 days ago +1

    *bumper skrrrrts*

  • Dares with Livvy
    Dares with Livvy 13 days ago


  • X iiShanahii X
    X iiShanahii X 13 days ago

    Kristen said “hoopskirts” but it sounded like “poopskirts” 🤣👌

  • Megan West
    Megan West 13 days ago +1

    I didn't know June was a part of a very potter musical!

  • Maddie Willis
    Maddie Willis 14 days ago

    Sara threw the chord at devin

  • Meagan Stoops
    Meagan Stoops 14 days ago

    Kristen hunching her way up those stairs gave me serious Mrs. Lovette vibes.

  • Kayla Wagner
    Kayla Wagner 15 days ago

    9:11 just see a bunch people and just see Kristen in her giant skirt

  • Loa 3311
    Loa 3311 15 days ago +1

    So no one's gonna talk about how gorgeous June is?

  • Leonore Rochlitz
    Leonore Rochlitz 15 days ago

    they had huge pockets

  • ninasmolders
    ninasmolders 18 days ago +1

    no historical research into this what so ever

  • Megan Clark
    Megan Clark 18 days ago

    “I look like a squid.”
    LOL!!!! Kristen!! I am deceased!! 😂😭

  • Mya Berry
    Mya Berry 19 days ago

    8:52 they did put pocket back in the day

  • TimeLady Goddess
    TimeLady Goddess 19 days ago

    I'm watching while procrastinating on making a hoop skirt for my DI skit... the hoops are made as well as two petticoats. I just need to hem the top layer as well as work on my sash I'm making. It's rather fun.

  • CassidyGonzalez 4
    CassidyGonzalez 4 20 days ago


  • fionamarieg
    fionamarieg 21 day ago

    hoop diddy diddy hoop diddy doo

  • Stephanie Riveros
    Stephanie Riveros 22 days ago

    hoopskirts are needed fo a 15

  • Sujinda Ross
    Sujinda Ross 23 days ago

    You could literally sneak someone into the movies with that skirt on!😂

  • omq_Emxa [][]
    omq_Emxa [][] 23 days ago

    My fashion sense consists of:
    •Tight Jumper's/Long sleeve shirts
    •Black skirts or shorts
    •Black tights
    •Boots or Trainer's depending on the style of clothing
    •If it's hot I'll drop the tights, wear trainer's and were a sport bra( like a top)
    •My hair is usually in a wavy ponytail, plat, bun or just down.
    And boom! That's me!

  • Alida Perez
    Alida Perez 24 days ago

    There were already underground sewers by the time Queen Victoria came to power and Thomas Crapper's gravity driven toilet was already invented by late 1700's so there were in fact toilets to use at the period of those skirts

  • A Potato That Vlogs
    A Potato That Vlogs 24 days ago

    On Halloween of 2018 I wore a bum roll for my costume. If you ever went to see Hamilton in person then I was wearing one of the outfits (Eliza) was wearing and going to the bathroom was so hard. Flipping the skirt and spinning was fun though

  • Samara Carr
    Samara Carr 24 days ago

    I must try this!

  • underswap papuryus
    underswap papuryus 24 days ago

    Here I am just a normal comment with either one or two likes lost in the abyss of 7.7 k comments

  • Portia De rossi
    Portia De rossi 25 days ago

    00:41 i heard "poop skirts" 😂 did you ?

  • Jaelyn Taylor
    Jaelyn Taylor 25 days ago

    How you hide snacks in the movies 😂

  • maddy todd
    maddy todd 26 days ago

    someone please what's the difference between lady like and as/is

  • Music sound
    Music sound 26 days ago +1

    I wore a hoop dress when I was 7t… it’s for Halloween costume! I was going as a princess!

  • liv g
    liv g 26 days ago

    I thought Devon said thot shapers 😂😆😁

  • Aiden Roam
    Aiden Roam 27 days ago

    omg i so wonted to do that

  • Blue. Roses
    Blue. Roses 27 days ago

    9:54 to 10:10 hiding the bodys back in the day xD

    I'M DEAD INSIDE 27 days ago

    3:02 Kristen looked so cute like a little animated game character 😊

  • Slime with Tokage
    Slime with Tokage 28 days ago


  • Kalentine
    Kalentine 28 days ago

    Why can you guys just ballroom dance whenever where you work.. I wanna come work with you guys....

  • Princess Ames
    Princess Ames 29 days ago

    I had to wear a hoop skirt for my quinceanera photoshoot and it was magical for like the first hour ?? I wore it from like 10am to 7 pm XD

  • Anonymous bub
    Anonymous bub Month ago +1

    3:54 that reminds me from the movie sound of music and because the dress looks similar to Maria’s dress.

  • Johanna Olson
    Johanna Olson Month ago

    Ok let me explain the pocket situation, girls had these purses that would hang underneath your skirt that you could always access and then continue to walk so you just.. sort of had a purse under you

  • H Elle
    H Elle Month ago

    They did put pockets in them at some point

  • Princess Rose
    Princess Rose Month ago


  • mallory s
    mallory s Month ago

    Their videos make me laugh so much 😂❤️

  • Cats Meow
    Cats Meow Month ago

    i love that purple lip on Kristin

  • Crystal Cadenas
    Crystal Cadenas Month ago


  • NekoChanSenpai
    NekoChanSenpai Month ago

    Petticoats and panniers are not skirts.

  • EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange

    How do you walk through doors in them

  • Mahbano Heda
    Mahbano Heda Month ago

    why don’t y’all say lady tested, lady liked

  • Piper Schenk
    Piper Schenk Month ago +1

    “What if you are just her but on her period!”
    “No that’s not as fun!”

  • Elenyiorene
    Elenyiorene Month ago

    11:58, Zombie playing in the background?

  • Himaja Alvakonda
    Himaja Alvakonda Month ago

    yo go Gophersssssssss

  • JennaBrolby
    JennaBrolby Month ago +1

    Kevin is adorable my heart melted when they were dancing ahaha

  • JJ sparkle
    JJ sparkle Month ago

    Wear a diaper

  • Courtney Spence
    Courtney Spence Month ago

    Who needs a Darcy when I can have a sir Kevin McShane?

  • Brook Fare
    Brook Fare Month ago

    Does anyone else hear Zombie by The Cranberries playing in the background at 12:00?

  • Kyra Hyatt
    Kyra Hyatt Month ago

    When devin was about to go into the bathroom I heard zombie-ey-ey-ey

  • Magical Giraffe
    Magical Giraffe Month ago

    Kristen in this entire video

  • Baylee Ely
    Baylee Ely Month ago

    6:09 is honestly me


    I think there confused people with the pocket thing: there so pockets in the skirt but there is pocket pouches that u tie on!?!?

  • Magali Ezeiza
    Magali Ezeiza Month ago


  • hsaffel
    hsaffel Month ago

    it’s 1 am and I literally screamed when June came on screen. Starkid is my entire life and the fact that they were mentioned in this video made me so happy.

  • Kennedy Pass
    Kennedy Pass Month ago

    Was devin Cho Chang in the Harry Potter sequel

    • hsaffel
      hsaffel Month ago

      Kennedy Pass yep!!

  • Callie Popoloski
    Callie Popoloski Month ago

    when your alarm goes off in the morning lmao

  • NeoGotMyBack
    NeoGotMyBack Month ago +2

    1:25 is that Retro Future in the Backround😍

    BLABLABLA Month ago +1


  • Isla Robertson
    Isla Robertson Month ago +1

    Guess what, Devin was cho Chang in the Harry Potter play, wait did she kiss whoever played Harry???????? 😮😲😏😏

    • hsaffel
      hsaffel Month ago

      Isla Robertson she didn’t kiss him, but she did play Cho!

  • Bailey Behm
    Bailey Behm Month ago

    The skirts that they wore over has slits and they had pockets that tied around there waist

  • Audi Soto
    Audi Soto Month ago

    Women use to tie pockets under their petticoats