The Dobre Brothers Terrible Apology

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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  • Beth M
    Beth M 25 days ago +50404

    If you guys ever grabbed me like that I definitely would of fought back that shits not cool and it’s ultimately fucked up idc how tired you are that’s not an excuse

  • Guy McGuy
    Guy McGuy 41 minute ago

    I feel like the hand gesture was not addressed nearly enough. Not only did they not give her any attention while she was next to them, but after she had her back turned, he put in enough energy to non verbally say, "get the fuck out of here." The only other interpretation I can think of for that is he was 'left swiping' on her, which is just as rude and super creepy. So either he was showing that he hates to interact with his fans, or he hates to interact with fans he thinks aren't attractive, when all of his fans are underage girls.

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 15 hours ago


  • MelNaturalle
    MelNaturalle 17 hours ago

    I can already here your granpa voice

  • BP Juice
    BP Juice 18 hours ago

    “Hey guy”

  • SunlightFire
    SunlightFire Day ago

    yo am i missing a joke like why are a bunch of people in the comments acting like they've never heard him say "hey guy" before. he says it every video??

  • Mindy
    Mindy Day ago

    I couldn't imagine being such a big fan and supporter and THATS how they treat you. Poor girl.

  • roblox thottie
    roblox thottie Day ago

    did u say “hey guy”

  • jobo
    jobo Day ago

    Pretty sure the Dobre brothers are clinically dead

  • what the
    what the Day ago

    " i dumb" same bro.

  • Clodagh O Hanlon
    Clodagh O Hanlon 2 days ago

    *hey guy*

  • Kawaii Jimin
    Kawaii Jimin 2 days ago +1

    "Hey Guy " he said hey guy thx for saying I'm your only fan😂

  • Judge Fist
    Judge Fist 2 days ago

    For $75 i'd wanna handjob of one of them little twats and i'm not even gay, i just want my moneys worth.

  • A Espinoza
    A Espinoza 2 days ago


  • Katherine Ma
    Katherine Ma 3 days ago +1

    has drew never seen a floor lamp

  • xXZachrawXx
    xXZachrawXx 3 days ago +1

    I hope you guys do a tour again, I'll be a roadie for you guys.

  • Erjon J
    Erjon J 3 days ago

    Stop reaching dude

  • Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo

    Why would you expect any more from them lol? They are literally the most boring, garbage personality what so ever..EVER. . Extremely handsome yes haha, but AWFUL. like just the worst people lol. So sorry she paid for that... What do they even DO to go on tour..? Really shitty pranks?

  • Not Repiteren
    Not Repiteren 4 days ago

    Nice video danny

  • Trailer park Tim
    Trailer park Tim 4 days ago +1

    Did he say “hey guy”

  • Jelly Elish
    Jelly Elish 4 days ago

    If you slow this video down a lot he sounds like a teenager on dope

  • TheTaylernator
    TheTaylernator 4 days ago

    Pls do a full video about the lamp

  • hgpo27
    hgpo27 4 days ago

    Have you never seen a floor lamp before

  • Jelizaveta Vasiljeva

    I'm pretty sure that these guys are on heroin or benzos or something. Ok, 1000000% sure... 🔘

  • TinyNerd
    TinyNerd 5 days ago

    Ok .............................boomer

    Sry I had to do it

  • Miss Euphoria
    Miss Euphoria 6 days ago +8

    "Dobre" means "Good" in polish, oh irony.

  • *maniacal laughter*
    *maniacal laughter* 6 days ago

    has drew never seen a floor lamp before?????

  • Ava
    Ava 6 days ago

    I went to the we are two different people tour and I actually came to the first one in Naperville and I didn’t get to go to the meet and greet because I missed it. they never had a time online for when to come so I wasn’t sure when to actually leave. It still was a really good tour but I did end up crying the whole time I was waiting for them to come out. also a few other people missed the meet and greet with kurtis too. and all I got was the merch that came with the meet and greet but I didn’t even get to meet kurtis so I paid extra money for nothing. it was really fun still but I literally could not stop crying and I was by myself too lol

  • gamal AR
    gamal AR 7 days ago

    You're not funny they're tired it's ok

  • Julie Appel
    Julie Appel 7 days ago


  • Flabitron
    Flabitron 7 days ago

    Come to Virginia next time you tour :(

  • keitlin
    keitlin 7 days ago

    They said:

  • ayethirah
    ayethirah 8 days ago

    i love your brows

  • bollyqueen18
    bollyqueen18 8 days ago +33

    they are not tired - that's their personality. They are bland... I can't believe they have that much success by not even trying.

  • Donald Horn, II
    Donald Horn, II 9 days ago

    Dobres disrespecting girls. STOP THAT

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty 9 days ago

    P A I N T subscri--- oh right it's Drew

  • Santi G
    Santi G 9 days ago +3

    When they said “😬😑👩‍🦳😶😐” I felt that

  • sooyaa `
    sooyaa ` 9 days ago +2

    oh drew... you don't need to apologize. we understand why you beat that guy. you guys were exhausted. ignore all the haters and stay strong ❤❤

  • Asprex
    Asprex 9 days ago +6

    When he said “hey guy” i felt that 😔👊

  • AttackCasserole
    AttackCasserole 9 days ago

    Saint Louis is terrible, I should know, i unfortunately live there.

  • danny McCloskey
    danny McCloskey 9 days ago

    0:00 did he say hey guy (singular)

  • Telila giraffe
    Telila giraffe 10 days ago

    the audacity

  • Andrew Cleary
    Andrew Cleary 10 days ago +2

    ngl that parody video was the funniest shit I've seen all week

  • Groves
    Groves 10 days ago +14

    Isn’t this the guy who jumped that kid at a meet and greet with his co-hosts?

  • Millie Alavrez
    Millie Alavrez 10 days ago

    Drew I love you so much dawg hahhahahh

  • jandrowsy
    jandrowsy 10 days ago +17

    I feel so bad for the girl when it shows the tik tok of them apologizing. She’s wearing their merch and excited to see them just for that to happen.

  • Bruce Stark
    Bruce Stark 11 days ago

    they only said sorry because they got backlash...

  • Hannah McGregor
    Hannah McGregor 11 days ago

    Your eyes are very blue, and your lips are very pink.

  • Pratikshya Acharya
    Pratikshya Acharya 11 days ago

    Drew Gooden did you say hey guy

  • mr juice
    mr juice 11 days ago

    you dont have to apologise danny 💗 we know you work hard

  • but actually yes
    but actually yes 11 days ago

    i live in st. louis😂

  • Ellen Carbonell
    Ellen Carbonell 12 days ago

    Those were NON-APOLOGY "apologies"
    They're not admitting fault or taking any responsibility for their behavior.
    They LITERALLY apologized for "being tired" 😒
    As if being "tired" is inherently bad 🙄
    It's passive aggressive and childish.
    They NEVER apologized for being rude or even acknowledged it.
    Then they "apologized" for the fan 'not being happy',
    Again, dodging the issue, and also putting the burden on the fan. They didn't acknowledge that she was unhappy because of the way they BEHAVED towards her.
    Incidentally, it took MORE effort for them to sit there awkwardly, and be rude, than it would have taken to just be friendly.
    If you don't like doing the M&G; then don't do it, but don't punish a fan you've invited to be there.
    And don't take her money on top of it.
    Lastly, who are these people?

  • Devan diemert
    Devan diemert 12 days ago +12

    "hey guy" thanks for singling me out for having no friends to watch this with

  • eyvaks
    eyvaks 13 days ago

    hooked app

  • Cece Bop
    Cece Bop 13 days ago


  • Oof
    Oof 13 days ago +1

    the saddest part is she’s still wearing their merch she never deserve that at all fuck them

  • Denzel Lupheng
    Denzel Lupheng 13 days ago

    “Hey guy”

  • Rafael Trivino
    Rafael Trivino 13 days ago

    This is why you don't do heroine before you meet your fans.

  • mdubbbz
    mdubbbz 13 days ago

    bro,,, you’re close to me rn

  • bleak
    bleak 13 days ago

    its okay she uses tiktok