food (lofi hip hop)

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • van xo vibes ~ Food
    Lofi Hip Hop
    Relaxing lofi hip hop beat
    To anyone that doesn't understand the story tom got a gift for his girlfriend that was jerry. He had plans of enjoying jerry as a snack with her only to realize that she would instead protect him from being eaten. Knowing that tom wouldn't eat him as long as his girlfriend was securing him (sort of like a mother) jerry decides to cause trouble for him by pretending to be eaten... ✌🚐....
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  • Rachel DeMattia
    Rachel DeMattia Day ago

    Jerry always pissed me off lol

  • Save
    Save 2 days ago

    The story is Loki said

  • M3M3 BOI
    M3M3 BOI 11 days ago

    spoiler: in the end of the episode, tom's girl friend tries to eat jerry, She was just making jerry fat and thicc for better taste bois.
    edit: bruh i wrote the comment while i was halfway to the video.

  • M3M3 BOI
    M3M3 BOI 11 days ago

    damn she cute though

  • Breaking Exiting
    Breaking Exiting 14 days ago +1

    What you guys prefer to smoke while listening to this "Indica" or "Sativa"

  • Sir'dorien the ganster Harkness boss

    Jerry you bitch

  • Oof Toof
    Oof Toof 15 days ago

    “He has plans on enjoying jerry as a snack” I hate my brain

  • Faiza Habiba
    Faiza Habiba 22 days ago

    What this version of Tom and Jerry called?

  • Pers0nas
    Pers0nas 29 days ago +2

    0:20 me walking to the bathroom with morning wood

  • Mike Roma’s
    Mike Roma’s Month ago

    I like this music is remember when was my bad day ever

  • BesMel Wooz
    BesMel Wooz Month ago

    so beautiful! thank's

  • skinny&sad
    skinny&sad Month ago

    crazy how i remember this episode

  • Jerome Williams
    Jerome Williams Month ago

    Most of the time I felt bad for Jerry but this isn't the case all the time

  • Acepaulzaragoza5970 Zaragoza

    F O O D

  • Acepaulzaragoza5970 Zaragoza

    F. O. O. D

  • Acepaulzaragoza5970 Zaragoza

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Acepaulzaragoza5970 Zaragoza

    f. O. O. D

  • Abdullah Jadani
    Abdullah Jadani Month ago +2

    Poor tom i think the whole universe going around this series 😁

  • Brittany Laasch
    Brittany Laasch Month ago +2

    Man I’ve been watching Tom and jerry for 6 years it’s still a amazing show

  • braAAdly nooen
    braAAdly nooen Month ago +1

    song sounds better at x1. 25

  • JOSBILgame
    JOSBILgame Month ago

    Me pregunto si alguien Sabe como se llama la melodía del Piano :3

  • minecraft Fraud
    minecraft Fraud Month ago

    love tom and jerry

  • Kote morrk
    Kote morrk 2 months ago

    Мне всегда было жалко тома

  • Fierce《AK0》 Toy
    Fierce《AK0》 Toy 2 months ago

    is this what made tom and jerry enimes sorry about bad grammer

  • Thiên Lộc
    Thiên Lộc 2 months ago

    Con mèo trắng dữ ghê 😟😟😟😟😟

    ANNIE'S CLIPS 2 months ago

    Wait what

  • 餅ø l e x
    餅ø l e x 2 months ago +40

    I remember feeling sad for Jerry for always getting teased by Tom but this makes me think the opposite

    *god bless tom and other cats*

  • Anthony Monroe
    Anthony Monroe 2 months ago

    When you're a kid you root for Jerry, when you grow up you root for Tom

  • Princess Miki
    Princess Miki 2 months ago +4

    tom was the hero

  • Error
    Error 2 months ago


  • Jamie Mullett
    Jamie Mullett 2 months ago +1

    i Feel bad for Tim, Jerald always Hurt him.

  • Wiktor Grab
    Wiktor Grab 2 months ago

    After mamy years i think jerry is trash...

  • Anxiety Sato
    Anxiety Sato 2 months ago

    In the end, what you thought was okay, wasn't at all.

  • Blessed
    Blessed 2 months ago +1


  • alexander alex
    alexander alex 2 months ago

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  • jorge hurtado
    jorge hurtado 2 months ago

    love this beat

  • 18 20
    18 20 2 months ago


  • Carmello Woods
    Carmello Woods 2 months ago +3

    That record player started on the same time as the beat

  • Slime_ Slingles
    Slime_ Slingles 2 months ago


  • Gustavo Paiva
    Gustavo Paiva 2 months ago +1

    Cadê os br ouvindo musica de qualidade?

  • Apoc_Squid
    Apoc_Squid 2 months ago +1

    Hopefully there’s an alternate universe out there that has jerry feel the pain Tom felt.

  • Emiliano Parga 2
    Emiliano Parga 2 2 months ago +1

    Name the music

  • good memories
    good memories 2 months ago +1


  • hera atlas
    hera atlas 3 months ago +1


  • Your Friendly Neighbor
    Your Friendly Neighbor 3 months ago +32

    Tom was really a good person but thanks to Jerry, he can’t live or love anybody but chase the stinking mouse

  • Frederick_ Animator
    Frederick_ Animator 3 months ago

    Fucking jerry always ruined the things tom had something good in his life

  • C r e a m
    C r e a m 3 months ago

    2:13 that's a horror movie scene xd

  • L i l G i g i
    L i l G i g i 3 months ago +2

    *_F O O D_*

  • Tearsky
    Tearsky 3 months ago

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  • 1967
    1967 3 months ago

    Me encantaaa

    • 1967
      1967 3 months ago


  • music for ELFO channel great beats

    love gucci

  • kaio fort
    kaio fort 3 months ago +1

    Algum Br??

  • uwu ramen
    uwu ramen 3 months ago +3

    tom just need love too like jerry :(

  • dogo
    dogo 3 months ago

    Lofi nibbas

  • Zero
    Zero 3 months ago

    Jerry was a dick

  • Rip X Funny 😂
    Rip X Funny 😂 3 months ago +1

    Yo Can I Use This For A Montage

  • Cattykit
    Cattykit 3 months ago

    Damn I hate Jerry

  • dani depression
    dani depression 3 months ago +1

    This is how most women work.
    Apart from a few exceptions.

  • dylan Parker
    dylan Parker 3 months ago

    add lo-fi songs here

  • Thacos
    Thacos 3 months ago +1

    Jerry.... what a fucking bitch

  • labtob
    labtob 4 months ago

    F A R T .

  • Cristian Angel Puma Villalva

    Jerry era el mejor. El me demostro que en la vida no importa contra quien te enfrentes. :)

  • Pioxys
    Pioxys 4 months ago +1

    The ending looked satisfyingly good for Tom.
    My man been beaten, framed, and put in a cast.
    Yet he's happy his wife finally seen what he means.
    I would say poor Jerry, but he earned this L.

  • YungBeatsVibez
    YungBeatsVibez 4 months ago

    Hey guys, i´m from germany, i make lofi beats too and if you u want go check out my first beat! Greets

  • Uland Nimblehoof
    Uland Nimblehoof 4 months ago +1

    Reminds times of my childhood.

  • terry Jaren Pineda Lopez

    estas si son caricaturas no como las pendejadas de ahora.

  • ・natural mystic subs・ .mp4


  • LaterrrBictchh
    LaterrrBictchh 4 months ago

    pretty sure Tom just turned into a plank of wood

  • Tuwicho
    Tuwicho 5 months ago

    el juli se cayo arriba de esta , na joda era en el sanela con su abuela y el matanena
    y su abuela me llama su casa me dice señora usted es tarada y yo le digo no soy una señora soy tu amor de ahora con la pija gorda y traba trabajando con tu hermana aca enrecomendaciones me sale un beat de tentacion y yo estoy rebocando en un pantion mientras rezo una oracion al gauchto gil tirando skill super sayayin rivotril aguasil

  • VJtasha
    VJtasha 5 months ago

    Day, free episodes.

  • P092O9901O09
    P092O9901O09 5 months ago +1

    Jerrys like a metaphor for drugs n shit

  • Dark Orchid
    Dark Orchid 5 months ago +1

    It's so unsatisfying to me that when someone is protecting Jerry they either fail or then try to hurt him

  • slick
    slick 5 months ago

  • jooli
    jooli 5 months ago

    jesus poor tom ;(

  • Heaven's Awakened Angel

    This is so cute!