Earning $4,000 vs $500 in a Day: Farmer & Food Blogger


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  • Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores 3 hours ago

    People where im from bust their ass 8 hours a day for $400 a week. Lmao smh.

  • gestucv olonor
    gestucv olonor Day ago

    natasha is a cutie

  • Happy Pants
    Happy Pants Day ago

    How does the blogger make money?

  • Jesse Nowicki
    Jesse Nowicki Day ago

    I have the same spinner bowl🤠

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Day ago

    lol i got an ad from the food blogger before this video begun what a coincidence

  • Kevin Bender
    Kevin Bender 2 days ago

    young girl seems to be faking it till she makes it. Guess it works....pays to be pretty

  • Kev Fournier
    Kev Fournier 2 days ago

    I make 135 a day I am poverty...lol

  • Y&S FOOD!
    Y&S FOOD! 2 days ago

    Excellent online video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to come across these sort of content. We create Travel & Food movies too, across the globe, and we are continually seeking inspirations and perhaps approaches. Thank You

  • Darth Opinion
    Darth Opinion 2 days ago

    The farmer women has such a sweet voice

  • Randee Hooton
    Randee Hooton 3 days ago

    like if arrowhead water is nasty

  • K Michael
    K Michael 3 days ago

    Either way both girls are desperate for attention. One to show how successful she is and one to show how humble she is

  • Gotejjeken
    Gotejjeken 3 days ago

    WOW is this misleading. 4k a day for a fully functional farm is barely above water. Have to pay employees, equipment breakdown, insurance, etc. 500 a day for a freelance chef is also pretty poor when you factor insurance, living, and retirement expenses that a company normally would pay some of.

  • Colby Francavilla
    Colby Francavilla 3 days ago

    That farm looked so nice

  • GOth JOnes
    GOth JOnes 4 days ago

    500 a day is basically lawyer doc money

  • Dylan Kelly
    Dylan Kelly 4 days ago

    when you realize the farmer makes 4,000,000 in 1000 days of work

  • How to Life
    How to Life 4 days ago

    500 a day is 180k per years what better can you ask for while the other is 1800000 which is way damn to good

  • Colton Castillow
    Colton Castillow 4 days ago

    The farmer lady is the most kindest lady out there

  • Keep It Movin'
    Keep It Movin' 4 days ago

    Her neighbours are complete douches. How are you not man enough to talk to a sweet lady about whatever issues are occuring (that likely aren't affecting them in any way?)

  • Jack
    Jack 4 days ago

    Farming isnt some po dunk little village where you take your kids to go apple picking

  • Jaden bourne
    Jaden bourne 4 days ago

    nosh is slang for blowjob in england lmao her name basically says blowjobwithtash

  • Joe Strandell
    Joe Strandell 4 days ago

    Should definitely do a follow up video to all these stories in three years

  • Can We Get 10k Subscribers With No Video Fam ?

    Rich vs rich ...

  • Emmanuel Amoah
    Emmanuel Amoah 4 days ago

    Background music??

  • xXPussyFrier69420Xx
    xXPussyFrier69420Xx 4 days ago

    id smash natasha

  • XHappyDarknessX
    XHappyDarknessX 4 days ago

    Neither of them are bad... Both love their job, so what if they got payed 10$.. They love what their doing so they are happy! ☺️

  • Paquett
    Paquett 4 days ago

    She did not washed veggies tho

  • ridef0rlife
    ridef0rlife 4 days ago

    I feel like that Apple Farmer's business has been ruined by their neighbors.

  • ridef0rlife
    ridef0rlife 4 days ago

    Interesting video!

  • thowmaz
    thowmaz 5 days ago

    500 a day is, in that region, still way above average right?

  • joe henryson
    joe henryson 5 days ago +1

    And you'll get 1,000,000 a year for 4000 a day

    • Sad.
      Sad. 4 days ago

      But that was one day after a while of labor in reality she dosent actually earn that much

  • joe henryson
    joe henryson 5 days ago +1

    Your getting about 180 000 $ in a year for 500 a day

  • Chase Listorti
    Chase Listorti 5 days ago

    They're acting like it's a bad thing to make 500 a day. You have a good work ethic and you can make a great living

  • Apple Arendain
    Apple Arendain 5 days ago

    In the Philippines we only have P500 minimum wage a day and if we covert it to dollars its only almost $10 a day. 😞 I wish I can work to other country to help my family 😭 ohhhh... Im not in legal age yet so I don't have money to help my fam. Sad right? 🙄

  • 1Kid1Friend
    1Kid1Friend 5 days ago

    blogging bimbo

  • Miniature Mintos
    Miniature Mintos 6 days ago +1

    Only 500$...

  • Rowan Fernsler
    Rowan Fernsler 6 days ago

    That farmer be makin bank

  • Joseph Keith
    Joseph Keith 6 days ago

    500 Is still alot of money, my Mother makes only around 150 A day.

  • lukas graumans
    lukas graumans 6 days ago

    am i the only one that tought the food blogger got 4 grand?

  • Citrusy XD
    Citrusy XD 6 days ago

    Both payment are fairly good

  • Total Clips
    Total Clips 6 days ago

    I thought the cook was the rich one

  • Mais Medlij
    Mais Medlij 6 days ago

    Two amazing women.

  • Eirik Schølseth
    Eirik Schølseth 6 days ago

    The farmer, she is such a dedicated warm person. Who would try to shut her down for their own greed? I would come and visit you often to support your farm if I could.

  • MadQmike
    MadQmike 6 days ago

    Can anyone hook me up with Natasha ?

  • asambi69
    asambi69 6 days ago

    Charging $225 for throwing a full lettuce in a salad spinner, she should be in jail.

  • Ryan vlogs
    Ryan vlogs 7 days ago

    500 a day is still alot

  • Prabhat Singh
    Prabhat Singh 7 days ago

    4:58 faking the call

  • Sameer Niaz Mohammad

    4:57 She's not even in a call

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 7 days ago

    I wish I had the money to keep that farm open indefinitely. She's just a special type of woman.

  • Mechanical Boss
    Mechanical Boss 7 days ago

    It’s funny how they say it’s the bottom line but $500 a day is a lot of money as average wage is $1000 a week and $4000 is so much compared to average.

  • Jalen Smith
    Jalen Smith 7 days ago +1

    I feel like most of the comments are commenting on Th farmer no disrespect but can we get some recognition for this blogger

  • Colin Roth
    Colin Roth 7 days ago

    People acting like $500 a day isn’t a lot of money

  • YouCanCallMeReTro
    YouCanCallMeReTro 7 days ago

    This video is making me feel poor. $500 a day equals out to what my professors are making in a year

  • RedNekRedemption24
    RedNekRedemption24 7 days ago

    I wish I made even $60 a day

  • Sailadun
    Sailadun 7 days ago

    I’d smash

  • Great content
    Great content 7 days ago

    500 a day is almost 160k

  • Saucey Noodle
    Saucey Noodle 7 days ago

    Ever heard of color grading?

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 7 days ago

    The reality is if that blogger chick was older and ugly, she wouldn't make as much money but she's cute and that helps a lot.

  • Julia Patters
    Julia Patters 7 days ago

    I wish they had included the cost for the farmer. She has multiple employees and goods cost involved in the products she's selling

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 7 days ago +1

    $500 a day is hardly anything to sneeze at
    Note to self: there is money in food

  • Viral Malaysia
    Viral Malaysia 7 days ago +2

    That 500$ woman look like the girl from Stranger Things

    • Nosh with Tash
      Nosh with Tash 7 days ago

      Viral Malaysia that’s so funny. Literally I’ve been stopped like 4 times by people wanting my autograph cause they think I’m her. I always feel like such an asshole when I have to tell them they’ve got the wrong girl. Maybe I should just start signing as if I were her!? Hahha.

  • Josh williams
    Josh williams 7 days ago +1

    Something that was mentioned is that yes this woman can make 500 in a day, but her only expenses are produce and packaging. Funding a farm and gift shop products cost nearly that. is this farmer making 4k every day? not likely. Which job i would prefer is a few hours of preparation for $500.

  • watchdealer11
    watchdealer11 7 days ago

    People do not understand the difference between *gross* and *net.*

  • Matt McConaha
    Matt McConaha 7 days ago

    Rich vs Super Rich.
    Guess what?
    Both are rich.

  • Linn Oo
    Linn Oo 7 days ago

    $500 a day is better than $120 a day. My dad made $120 a day working at Tyson Factory.

  • Rahm Shoshana
    Rahm Shoshana 7 days ago

    This series is great 👍

  • Code Geass
    Code Geass 7 days ago

    Who is she selling the recipe to?

  • aman kansagra
    aman kansagra 7 days ago

    If I would say that I make $60 per day, will that make any difference? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aliki Izlan
    Aliki Izlan 7 days ago

    And you are lying down watching videos on youtube😑😑

  • Victoria Ibarra
    Victoria Ibarra 8 days ago +1

    180,720 a year is supposed to be a little bit...??

  • Matthew Launchbury
    Matthew Launchbury 8 days ago +1

    If Natasha got a youtube channel she would make a lot more from ad revenue etc, Because cooking channels are fairly successful

    • Matthew Launchbury
      Matthew Launchbury 6 days ago

      +Nosh with Tash I have one too, It take's time my dude

    • Nosh with Tash
      Nosh with Tash 7 days ago +1

      Matthew Launchbury I have one!!! C’mon over and check it out!!! You got any tips on turning it into a $$$ maker?!?

  • Gwyn Hanneman
    Gwyn Hanneman 8 days ago

    I wish i made $500 a day!

  • Colin Jones jr
    Colin Jones jr 8 days ago

    4000 a day women makes more than 1,000,000 a year and

    TAB-JOURNEY 8 days ago +1

    as always I love your style of video! I am becoming a Video Journalist and always get inspired by your content

  • Pepe's bodega
    Pepe's bodega 8 days ago

    Theese are some pretty niche jobs

  • Shane McC
    Shane McC 8 days ago

    My favourite part is trying to guess who earns more in this series

  • Andrian Putranto
    Andrian Putranto 8 days ago

    4K with families depending into it. not to mention the cost to run everything (Farm, foods, merchandise, etc) I think net profit would be 1~2,5K dollars. while cheryl only spend $24 for the private catering and still gain $500 dollar in a day.

  • Nike Boyka
    Nike Boyka 8 days ago

    500 in a day is pretty good

  • Yusuf Kaya
    Yusuf Kaya 8 days ago

    I work 10 hours and earn 60 dollars like wtf

  • Martin
    Martin 8 days ago

    $500/day is still about $180,000 per year. Even if she only works on weekends, i.e. 2 days a week, she'd make $52,000, which is still higher than the average American household income. I say good for her -- she seems super sweet and into her work, so all power to her.
    The farmer, on the other hand, I just want to give her a hug and thank her for her beautiful smile and lovely attitude

    • Wirath
      Wirath 8 days ago

      She's in California tho, she might not have that much money after bills

  • Max Murphy
    Max Murphy 8 days ago

    Must be so hard to live on 182 thousand dollars a year

  • 烏賊マニア
    烏賊マニア 8 days ago

    I earn $500 in a MONTH

  • Justin Oxford
    Justin Oxford 8 days ago

    There's no way the farm's overhead is only $750/day... my guess is that it probably doesn't include personal expenses (it gets complicated when you live at your job because business/home costs melt into each other) but still.

  • Ishan Sharma
    Ishan Sharma 9 days ago +2

    Is nobody else going to talk about the fact that she faked a phone call at 4:57?

    • lunayen
      lunayen 4 days ago

      +Ishan Sharma
      Yes it does. My phone automatically locks up when I take a call. It's to prevent your face from pressing the dials.

    • Ishan Sharma
      Ishan Sharma 6 days ago

      Nosh with Tash oh sorry I just saw the lock screen pop up and that doesn’t come up when people are on a call

    • Nosh with Tash
      Nosh with Tash 7 days ago +2

      Ishan Sharma Hahahahah. I actually was on the phone.

  • Zelo
    Zelo 9 days ago

    HAH i wish i could earn $500 a day. I earn less than $60 a day

  • Silver stacking Basics

    500$ is pretty good

  • Ivan Michael™
    Ivan Michael™ 9 days ago +1

    *Keemstar also earned $4,000 a day, and still complains.*

  • Fernando Palacios
    Fernando Palacios 9 days ago

    Even though we don’t get a true financial outlook on their life, they do show two very passionate hard working people!!

  • Sophie
    Sophie 9 days ago

    I'm so glad the farmer is making more. She is essential to our society and farmers have long been undervalued. She's providing jobs for young people on the farm, creating an experience for people, connecting people to their food and growing what we eat (and take for granted). YAY FARMERS! more content on the lives of people who grow our food please!

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 9 days ago

    I earn 500 a week after taxes

  • Alliaaa
    Alliaaa 9 days ago

    meanwhile i make like $80 per day

  • nacit
    nacit 9 days ago

    thats like 60k vbucks A Day

  • Velvet Cross
    Velvet Cross 9 days ago

    Why not just do $100 a day versus $400 a week? Seems a bit... better.

  • Kenneth Ho
    Kenneth Ho 9 days ago

    the Blogger I feel is just cheating herself into thinking she is happy . compare the passion between the both , switch both their jobs and I feel the matured one will still be successful .the blogger needs to buy ppl's attention where as the farmer knows where her reputation stands , and THAT'S how people should see you , for you honest work.

    • Nosh with Tash
      Nosh with Tash 7 days ago

      Kenneth Ho huh? I love my job! I get to help people feel more confident cooking for themselves at home. I get to help brands bring their creative visions to life and I get to cook healthy meals for people who just don’t have the energy to do it so they can get back to what they love. Not sure why you think I don’t love my job!

  • XDaRkModzX
    XDaRkModzX 9 days ago

    $500 a day lol that is way more than loads of people.. $15,000 every month if she keeps getting that amount smh

  • Nord Dank
    Nord Dank 9 days ago

    These videos are so terrible, that they are funny.
    She's not earning $4k in a day, they don't calculate the actual expenses.

  • 9manny99
    9manny99 10 days ago

    Lol they both make more than me😵

  • Miguel Nicolas
    Miguel Nicolas 10 days ago

    4:58 not talking to anyone LOL

  • Alicia Gill
    Alicia Gill 10 days ago

    This is disgusting, she's just taking advantage of traditions that are already there and not giving any credit.

  • Alex Steel
    Alex Steel 10 days ago

    500 daily is nothing

  • WellDeservedVacation.com

    This farmer is the backbone of America and what a sweet kind person. I hope she sold the farm for a good profit and is on to something else that she enjoys!