Earning $4,000 vs $500 in a Day: Farmer & Food Blogger

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • What does it look like to earn $4,000 in a day vs. $500? Spend a day with a Farmer and Food Blogger as we track their incomes and they share their thoughts on money. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
    Featuring Natasha:
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Comments • 1 080

  • Kerch00
    Kerch00 15 hours ago

    are they tryna say 500 a day is bad

  • Rat PoS
    Rat PoS Day ago

    Lol here I am earning $16 a day.

  • Anon _rah
    Anon _rah Day ago +1

    I make more than $5000 a day.

  • P0p0p0 Plplpl
    P0p0p0 Plplpl 2 days ago

    5:48 that's what she said

  • Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson 2 days ago

    That poor woman. Her neighbors are doing the same thing... and then complaining about her.

  • Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson 2 days ago

    $500 a day is hella money though lol

  • MGaming
    MGaming 2 days ago

    $500 is average month pay in my country

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 days ago

    Also look at their overhead costs that $4,000 may end up less

  • ItzRedge
    ItzRedge 3 days ago


  • greensteez15
    greensteez15 8 days ago

    sing @ beginning?

  • Zyad Fathy
    Zyad Fathy 10 days ago

    15,000$ a month and you call that bottom line?

  • Jessica
    Jessica 14 days ago

    Why are people trying to get rid of her? Like especially knowing that it's her only livelyhood??🤨

  • Miftahur Rizqi
    Miftahur Rizqi 17 days ago

    Please do an architect or designer episode :)

  • jnelson
    jnelson 20 days ago

    Wait i can make 500 a day sitting at home eating ans telling people how to cook. I make an average of $450 every 2 weeks and i max my hours and have to take days off so that sets it back.

    • jnelson
      jnelson 20 days ago

      Before taxes im making like 85 a day.

  • Gregory Roy
    Gregory Roy 22 days ago

    Did anyone else see at 4:59 that she wasn’t actually on a call?

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M 23 days ago

    I feel really bad for that farmer, you can tell she really loves her farm and job. Its sad her neighbors are like that.

  • Katerina kassiotes
    Katerina kassiotes 23 days ago

    “If I had all the money in the world this is where I’d live”
    Ummm you earn 4K a day lol it’s possible

  • Vishal Surelia
    Vishal Surelia 24 days ago

    In India people work for 1month to get $500

  • Abhi Thakral
    Abhi Thakral 24 days ago

    I dont make 500 a day lol both are rich this video is a waste of time. Just gonna comment and leave lol

  • Rashellexo
    Rashellexo 26 days ago

    She’s making money doing what she loves. The neighbors are just bitter because they have to sit in an office all day.

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan 28 days ago

    The woman with the farm was so sweet I love her. And I can’t believe the people who complained about her farm.

  • Idrc Idrc
    Idrc Idrc 28 days ago

    umm, 500 is low?

  • Yane Pena
    Yane Pena 28 days ago

    I love anything to do with agriculture, there should be more profession like this.

  • Sugacoatme
    Sugacoatme 29 days ago

    I would love to do something that I love for work everyday. This video is very inspirational 💕

  • Jake Pooler
    Jake Pooler 29 days ago

    Anyone else get Young Sinatra IV vibes at 1:27???

  • Tylor Scott
    Tylor Scott Month ago

    Pls make more bottom line. It's my favorite!

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez Month ago

    I hate when people can’t stand to see others succeed. They really don’t have anything better to do than ruin people’s dreams smh

  • iunnor
    iunnor Month ago

    365 x 500 = 182,500 🤔

  • jasmine ramirez
    jasmine ramirez Month ago

    Meanwhile I'm trying to save 4000 and it's going to take me approximately 3 months or maybe 4 lol

  • Dr. Avalanche
    Dr. Avalanche Month ago

    I make 180 a week.

  • -
    - Month ago

    ten pOre uh

  • ladybluu
    ladybluu Month ago

    is the apple tree place closed or under new management im just hearing about this 😭😭

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    nice vid

  • nargis mirranay
    nargis mirranay Month ago

    when you make more than a doctor for making fried chicken

  • Paloma Raffle
    Paloma Raffle Month ago

    they both seem very content with their jobs

  • h9h9
    h9h9 Month ago

    5 00 your not even on the phone lol

  • Micky-J Productions

    I love the apple ladies energy. Shes so sincere and good hearted

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchew Month ago

    the cooking girl really has a nice thing going though. All she needs is her mind and a kitchen and she can make a living. The farmer has a whole damn farm and employees, seasons, not to mention she's got the man on her ass. I guarantee the farmer lady has some sleepless nights.

  • robyn
    robyn Month ago +1

    500 is a LOT tho 💀

  • foxhound jr
    foxhound jr Month ago

    Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” Bob Marley

  • EmmuFlicks
    EmmuFlicks Month ago

    fast food workers dont even earn 500$ a week BEFORE TAXES xd

  • Natalia Anio
    Natalia Anio Month ago

    *Save Willowbrook*

  • Garlic Jeans
    Garlic Jeans Month ago

    0:00 - 0:03 Before And After I show her what I work with.

  • Adam elmhdati
    Adam elmhdati Month ago

    500$ a Day is 182k like that’s good af even though the 4500 is like 1.8 mill

  • FastFarmer 27
    FastFarmer 27 Month ago

    This is agritourism not farming....If that was a real farmer things would have been way more different

  • BenasTrol
    BenasTrol Month ago

    damn, 8000$ in one day and you can live 1.5 year with that :D

  • QueenApple
    QueenApple Month ago

    Can we start a gofund me for this farmer lady!? So she can move to a place where people apperciate her!

  • Kaito Kato
    Kaito Kato Month ago

    more bottom line episodes please!

  • Daniel Montoya
    Daniel Montoya Month ago

    When $300 is the minimum monthly wage in your country. 😥

  • Alyssa Havnen
    Alyssa Havnen Month ago

    Let’s get the neighbors kicked out!!!

  • Donovan Brown
    Donovan Brown Month ago

    Do a social media influencer next!

  • Lirin
    Lirin Month ago

    At first I thought it was 500/4000 a week not day.

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas Month ago

    $500 is still way too much for a farmer.

  • Deathstalkr1
    Deathstalkr1 Month ago

    The question is who makes better food?

  • nikolsan15
    nikolsan15 Month ago

    $500 a day is a nice living can’t say what I would do for that.

  • ezgi
    ezgi Month ago

    i have to work 4/5 months for €500,- lol

  • Jessy Rhino
    Jessy Rhino Month ago


  • itsLin
    itsLin Month ago

    4K a day my dad makes 4K in 7 months in my country

  • MidnightFlower13
    MidnightFlower13 Month ago

    3:49 What? There's laws about how much you can cook at home?! What kind of dystopian hell hole does she live in?!
    Edit: Oh. California. Makes sense.

  • aadi Raghav
    aadi Raghav Month ago +10

    Farming is underrated worldwide

  • Pineapple Paul
    Pineapple Paul Month ago

    4000$ a day and has a great deal of respect of where that money comes from. Good for that woman! Very humble indeed.

  • Kreddevil9
    Kreddevil9 Month ago

    If you work 8 hours a day with 500$ in total. That is about 65$/hour. I thought only doctors were able to make that much.

  • Bean Boyz
    Bean Boyz Month ago

    That farmer lady almost made me cry

  • Frances Brooks
    Frances Brooks Month ago

    Nice video 👌

  • JÖYの貓
    JÖYの貓 Month ago

    They r all doing really well off.

  • Bass by Arthur
    Bass by Arthur Month ago

    i almost make 500dollars a week....

  • Phantom Snipez
    Phantom Snipez Month ago

    500$ is low. Dang if I had that I would freak out

  • joelercoaster
    joelercoaster Month ago

    Both are rich af and neither require degrees

  • AzZy76
    AzZy76 Month ago

    The farmer sounds like Mrs. Puff

  • Sofie Pearl
    Sofie Pearl Month ago

    Would love to see this food blogger be more e o friendly... if you shop so much for produce, please consider bringing your own reusable bags! And you don't need to pack your own lunch in plastic containers, tupperware is great for that.

  • Max kid1
    Max kid1 Month ago

    $500 a day my whole life? 🤔 I can invest and make it bigger and also wouldn’t have to worry about going to college or university

  • Ali mhamad
    Ali mhamad Month ago

    I live in jordan middle east and I earn about 400 a mounth and you're here saying 500 a day is low?!!!

  • Minuga Jayasundara
    Minuga Jayasundara Month ago

    A really beautiful series

  • Papi Chullo
    Papi Chullo Month ago

    500$ a day, oof I makes 500$ in a year.

  • Merlin Sky
    Merlin Sky Month ago

    Yo can I get the name of that dope song?

  • Samara K.
    Samara K. Month ago

    Do one with people earning $50 to $150 a day so we can all relate

  • Adikted2reefing.
    Adikted2reefing. Month ago

    500 a day is pretty good

  • Krystal Tello
    Krystal Tello Month ago

    I make $500 every 2 weeks with my school district. I translate all day for students in their classes. The pay sucks but I love my job!!!!

  • Aleksander Nowak
    Aleksander Nowak Month ago

    Yeah but the farmer has a lot more costs than Mrs food cooking.

  • Gabriel Rader
    Gabriel Rader 2 months ago

    500 dollars in a day is 6 figures???? (annual salary)

  • []
    [] 2 months ago

    Hey isn't the farmer the one making $500 per day ?
    Edit : my god I didn't even realise that the farmer made $4000 per day and not the other way round till 5 minutes in.

  • []
    [] 2 months ago

    Ok , but, 500 dollars is still a LOT of money.

  • Enclave8790
    Enclave8790 2 months ago

    Do one showing a day with a network marketer vs somebody LOL

  • RocknRollDina
    RocknRollDina 2 months ago

    $500 a day is over $100,000 a year. I feel bad for the farm lady because I've seen so many videos of people like her suffering from over regulation in California that's really due to more powerful competition having city officials harassing the little man.

  • Mackenzie Sanchez
    Mackenzie Sanchez 2 months ago

    i dont even make that much every 2 weeks working full time

  • BSTE Football
    BSTE Football 2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Alex Rebolledo
    Alex Rebolledo 2 months ago

    I find so amazing the amount of passion and love that lady puts into her farm, awesome

  • 100000 subs without video challenge

    who wants a cake?
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    cost=1 like..

  • Zelaznog16 _
    Zelaznog16 _ 2 months ago


    Can lowekey get it, if you know what i mean.

  • ThunderboltTangerine
    ThunderboltTangerine 2 months ago

    I hope the neighbor gets so much hate mail

  • Yana S
    Yana S 2 months ago

    To the girl who makes $500 a day: hon, you're very successful! You're making $10k a month (if you work 20 days and take weekend), and that's a lot! Not to mention, you do what you love. Don't compare yourself to others, you're amazing.

  • Q. Monette
    Q. Monette 2 months ago

    Thank U ALL ,SO MUCH FOR Sharing it helps n many ways.

  • iXslayer
    iXslayer 2 months ago +1

    I Like mula

  • Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores 2 months ago

    People where im from bust their ass 8 hours a day for $400 a week. Lmao smh.

  • gestucv olonor
    gestucv olonor 2 months ago

    natasha is a cutie

  • Happy Pants
    Happy Pants 2 months ago

    How does the blogger make money?

  • Jesse Nowicki
    Jesse Nowicki 2 months ago

    I have the same spinner bowl🤠

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 2 months ago

    lol i got an ad from the food blogger before this video begun what a coincidence

  • Kevin Bender
    Kevin Bender 2 months ago

    young girl seems to be faking it till she makes it. Guess it works....pays to be pretty

  • Kev Fournier
    Kev Fournier 2 months ago

    I make 135 a day I am poverty...lol