Do Not Play With SPIRIT RODS! (Evil Ghost Found)

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
    Today we test out if spirit rods (dowsing rods) actually work. The results are insane!
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  • Alyssa Thomas
    Alyssa Thomas 11 months ago +4500

    USclip is so negative lately 😒 If you are reading this, I hope you have an amazing day. GOD BLESS YOU ❤️

  • Rey Isabela
    Rey Isabela 11 hours ago

    At what time did you do it¿

  • Nathan 888
    Nathan 888 16 hours ago


  • The Ultimate Gamer
    The Ultimate Gamer 23 hours ago


  • Rami Mawla
    Rami Mawla 3 days ago

    Where you buy these things

  • Savage Isrial
    Savage Isrial 4 days ago

    Guava if u really think we're all going to believe you should put a gopro on your head.

  • Partap Singh Roshan
    Partap Singh Roshan 4 days ago

    I'm don't bliwet

  • Damen Miller
    Damen Miller 4 days ago +1

    You should do this at 3 AM

  • Touhid Khandoker
    Touhid Khandoker 5 days ago +1

    Roi is a G**d person

  • kaleb k
    kaleb k 6 days ago


  • Colin Le
    Colin Le 6 days ago

    Hey Roi is wearing a gengar sweater perfect for a 3:AM Because gengar is a
    Ghost type Pokémon 😈

  • Nicholas Reed
    Nicholas Reed 7 days ago

    what the poop the clock speld hell

  • Jaden Stafne
    Jaden Stafne 9 days ago

    Those are cool and very scary

  • Scents
    Scents 10 days ago

    3:00 AM isnt a scary time anymore.
    The new scary time should noe be..........

    11:34 PM or also known as HELL.

  • Luis  Guerrero
    Luis Guerrero 10 days ago

    3am ghost inyour house

  • Golden Gamer8437
    Golden Gamer8437 11 days ago


  • micheal* playz
    micheal* playz 12 days ago

    the rod just crossed if some strong or just a weak energy

  • Spedapeto
    Spedapeto 12 days ago

    I’m upset cause I want to befriend a ghost. 😡

  • NEIN
    NEIN 12 days ago

    That good ghost might be your guardian angel

  • Celeste Rodriguez
    Celeste Rodriguez 12 days ago

    No im freakin out my puls is reallu hight omg i am so done bro why roi i prey for u and me that i dont die for hight puls

  • GamingWithAri LOL
    GamingWithAri LOL 12 days ago

    My screen gilched out

  • Saisaje Sacramento
    Saisaje Sacramento 13 days ago

    Roi if your really not moving it im gonna get a lie detector

    JIMINIEJINNIEKOOKIE8538 13 days ago +1

    Y do i want to make friends with the good ghost?

  • Paigekreager Kreager
    Paigekreager Kreager 13 days ago

    I say hell

  • Zachary Langworthy
    Zachary Langworthy 13 days ago

    Hes not moving it

  • PJ Gunn
    PJ Gunn 14 days ago

    Say “come out come out where ever you are “then drink salt water and spit it out in the kitchen sink and sleep to 3am

  • Amanda McCormick
    Amanda McCormick 14 days ago

    I am not kidding messing around or anything legit when I crawl up in my bunk bed and sleep at night I slowly start to feel a chill at my feet

  • Lucy Maxwell
    Lucy Maxwell 14 days ago

    God bless the soul within you

  • Kiann Brixx
    Kiann Brixx 14 days ago

    0:56 kay Ed Caluag yan eh HAAHAHHA "Hindi ako nandito para makipag away" HAHAHAHA

  • iCrazyMonster z
    iCrazyMonster z 15 days ago


  • Fanny Gomez
    Fanny Gomez 15 days ago

    Roy I wish you good luck

  • CrafterDenisMaverick CrafterDenisMaverick

    I also saw the ghost

  • CrafterDenisMaverick CrafterDenisMaverick

    I have the same time as roi

  • Gamer King
    Gamer King 16 days ago

    Hope you ok dont bash him his hands is not moving either his thumb like if your a big fan of guava juice

  • Blaze Grimares
    Blaze Grimares 16 days ago

    Well if its friendly i will be its friend

  • Ruby Lyn Cobarrubias
    Ruby Lyn Cobarrubias 16 days ago

    Guava juice do 3 am u a car

  • Misty/Sapphire is a TOMboy!!

    If one of these in the video u make them it’s probably my Grandpa cuz he’s very friendly

  • Sofiana Masiran
    Sofiana Masiran 16 days ago


  • Umar Nabi
    Umar Nabi 17 days ago

    i hate this ghost and 3am videos man dont make these videos

  • lucas erickson
    lucas erickson 17 days ago

    is the time 3am?

  • K Kaina
    K Kaina 17 days ago

    The good ghost is Casper

  • Daniel Cruzerr
    Daniel Cruzerr 17 days ago

    I love you

  • I love cats 101
    I love cats 101 17 days ago

    Are you faking

  • Reid_11
    Reid_11 19 days ago

    It’s 3am while I’m watching this 😎LMFAO

  • Faze Hyper Ninja
    Faze Hyper Ninja 19 days ago

    Maybe the good ghost are angles

  • Faze Hyper Ninja
    Faze Hyper Ninja 19 days ago

    The lord protect you bruh

  • Kishon Hines
    Kishon Hines 19 days ago

    He's not doing that

  • Ava Helgeson
    Ava Helgeson 19 days ago +1


  • Mon gold
    Mon gold 19 days ago

    Actually when you put the clock upside-down it says hell

  • Jude Menkent Belocura
    Jude Menkent Belocura 20 days ago

    thats wierd?

  • kelly griffin
    kelly griffin 20 days ago

    DanTDM got that shurt

  • Christelle Brocklebank

    Ghost do not igsist bes pranking us

  • Leonora Lopez Arellano

    Im scared the part 7:39

  • galxey goldcat
    galxey goldcat 21 day ago


  • Benjamin Dunda
    Benjamin Dunda 21 day ago

    I saw a guy walk in at 11:31

  • Laiza Galo
    Laiza Galo 21 day ago +3

    Evils are red spirits are blue I like my comment would you hunt yourself.

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 21 day ago

    I believe your role because I did that before

  • Kathy Marks
    Kathy Marks 22 days ago

    omg 11:34 upside down/backwards😱😱😱😂😂😂

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 22 days ago

    They called ENERGY LOAD

  • Agnes Labitag
    Agnes Labitag 23 days ago


  • Agnes Labitag
    Agnes Labitag 23 days ago



  • Alexis Van Spriell
    Alexis Van Spriell 23 days ago

    My friend has that sweater

  • Antonio Aleman
    Antonio Aleman 23 days ago


  • Doo Doo
    Doo Doo 23 days ago

    It said hell😨😨😈

  • FaithYourKnight Xx
    FaithYourKnight Xx 23 days ago +1

    8:20. BE GONE THOT!!

  • Adrianna Russo
    Adrianna Russo 23 days ago

    You’re place is always hunted like if you agree,

  • Ayemarson Enriquez
    Ayemarson Enriquez 24 days ago

    Guava you have a roblox i add you and my friend pls accept and mar mar pls read this pls pls

  • Mary Gamer
    Mary Gamer 24 days ago

    3:50 it says HELL O-O

  • Ryo duane Monster
    Ryo duane Monster 24 days ago +1

    the only think the clock is spell hell

  • Hannah Kaybee
    Hannah Kaybee 25 days ago

    I love your jaket guava juice!!

  • Rehan Rasool
    Rehan Rasool 25 days ago +1

    I swear it was not Roy look at his hands at 2:40 the rods were moving by them self not a clickbait

  • SmartGL MewTwo
    SmartGL MewTwo 25 days ago

    Nice Gengar hoodie

  • stacey barnes
    stacey barnes 25 days ago

    It looks like Rio has a new friend ghost

  • PikachuBoy __
    PikachuBoy __ 25 days ago

    11:34 hell

  • PikachuBoy __
    PikachuBoy __ 25 days ago

    14:11 hEll

  • owl man
    owl man 26 days ago

    YOUR MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 26 days ago

    It is so f**king creepy

  • queenalysantik Annuar
    queenalysantik Annuar 27 days ago +1

    Wow!so brave la roi

  • Sethvlogz
    Sethvlogz 27 days ago

    They just wanna explore the house 🤣

  • Olema Diaz
    Olema Diaz 28 days ago

    But at my house the time is 3:00 wait a minute,3:00!? Im so doomed

  • Olema Diaz
    Olema Diaz 28 days ago

    11:34 spells hell

  • unicorn fun
    unicorn fun Month ago +14

    Guava juice I always stay juicey and watch and sub to you everyday!your the best

    I liked my comment cuz no one else will.😭

  • gee magbitang
    gee magbitang Month ago

    I hope you didnt burn the good ghost

  • Ian Tuttle
    Ian Tuttle Month ago

    Look in the background at 2:46 look at the monitor so creepy

  • avril bagnall
    avril bagnall Month ago

    dickens hell ghost are real

  • xX sofiagacha Xx & xX jackgacha Xx

    that is so scary

  • Eiffel Gadgets
    Eiffel Gadgets Month ago

    PLEASE BE SAFE! are spirit even real? also im in laptop

  • sera damien
    sera damien Month ago

    It said hell on the clock

  • Michelle Strong
    Michelle Strong Month ago

    Any one reading this have the greatest day of your life and God bless you

  • Kamilla Playz
    Kamilla Playz Month ago

    3:00 did you see Roi sitting on Pewdiepies chair

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    Hey how do you doing I like all of your shows you know do you like stuff I like your I like your band stuff with different items I like you see you in the next video

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    Oh my God why is that happening this is crazy I don't know how this is is happening but how you doing I cap well how do you know this stuff do you like plushies or do you like everything Corliss 1000 rods do you know know how wait what man this is crazy you know you know stuff about these guys you know like this big do you like this big thing well how like everything we have you know this is awesome how do you know these ghosts do you like this or or no well I do have one another things you have like the Java juice boxes or like guava juice boxes Lego

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    Who is this ghost thing you're trying to find with those dowsing rods of yours

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    Who is this ghos

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    Dude this is real crazy right now you know this right

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    How do you know ghosts

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago

    What are dowsing rods

  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago


  • Nicki Abbott
    Nicki Abbott Month ago


  • James Ragland
    James Ragland Month ago

    That is you because you are putting your thumbs right there you're not supposed to put your thumbs right there you know that😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔🤔😏😕😕😕🤑🤑😔😯😯