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  • Crazy Kim
    Crazy Kim 12 minutes ago

    R they gonna go back to that house plz say yes

  • Xxshdow pupxX
    Xxshdow pupxX 14 minutes ago

    7:30 lol Isaac

  • Kassie Stevenson
    Kassie Stevenson 21 minute ago

    Happy 9th birthday Elise.

  • Chantelle OCallaghan
    Chantelle OCallaghan 40 minutes ago

    Congratulations on your new home from Chantells darter Aubrey.🙂

  • Vloging is Life
    Vloging is Life 55 minutes ago

    Can’t wait till your next vlog take as long as you need hope your fitting in great!❤️

  • Ishrah901
    Ishrah901 57 minutes ago

    Why are they not vloging anymore

  • ChincheeGames chinchee

    I'm poutor Rican :D

  • Tristan Lyle
    Tristan Lyle Hour ago

    i was so surprised by the titel omg actually we used ton live kinda close. Have an awsom life in Puerto Rico

  • Ariana Meyerhoff
    Ariana Meyerhoff Hour ago

    I was crying. :( :( :( :(

  • Joshua Tucker
    Joshua Tucker Hour ago

    No more Tornadoes!

  • Heather 123
    Heather 123 Hour ago +2

    I love watching your videos they make me so happy and janae is so cute Laura is so grown up and so cute

  • 🌟Michele’s Coloring Corner🌟

    When will you upload again I’m going through JHouse withdrawal lol

  • January eva
    January eva 2 hours ago

    I'm Puerto Rican it's so beautiful

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble 2 hours ago

    When will u post again

  • Aubrey Wright
    Aubrey Wright 2 hours ago

    When are posting a new video

  • RobloxTime
    RobloxTime 3 hours ago

    We are all waiting for more vids, so...PLZ publish some, we miss u guys!

  • Deesha Ahsid
    Deesha Ahsid 3 hours ago

    How long are you’d guys planning on living there?

  • Trudy Clayton
    Trudy Clayton 3 hours ago

    Make some new vids love you guys sooooo much

    JLMJ GR 3 hours ago

    I am Puerto rican

  • Chickennugget Dinosaur36

    When will the vlogs be back

  • Andrea Lomeli
    Andrea Lomeli 5 hours ago

    Omg I feel happy for you but when are you going to post again

  • Jan Grover
    Jan Grover 5 hours ago

    All of the good memories in that house. Not to be mean, but why does Janae have a feeding tube

  • IIAlxneFxrever
    IIAlxneFxrever 5 hours ago

    I wonder if this went through their head "Hey lets move to a foreign country, with un-bearable heat, not good standard with 5 children and 2 adults, no car, having to start over, in a foreign country, most likely in a one story house and also have constant complaining and crying and spend the majority of our life savings on about 3 flights, multiple taxis/car rides/ubers and live on take out! *ThIs Is GoNnA bE aMaZiNg*

  • Michelle L Davis
    Michelle L Davis 6 hours ago


  • Liz Bruner
    Liz Bruner 6 hours ago


  • Cassidy Miller
    Cassidy Miller 6 hours ago

    Haven't watched for a while, so why does the baby have a feeding tube?

  • madison kaye
    madison kaye 6 hours ago

    do you have any lunch/snack ideas that you use for Caleb’s gluten allergy?

  • brenton widener
    brenton widener 6 hours ago +1

    you guys are going to be in the home of hurricanes so you should keep the Kansas city house just in case

  • XxAshy.PlayzxX 0958758

    Puerto Rico is my fathers home state/country!!

  • Manar Q8
    Manar Q8 6 hours ago

    Hi guys when are you gonna post again I really miss you guys I hope your new house is just great for you Missing ❤️🙃

  • Kayleen Hall
    Kayleen Hall 6 hours ago +1

    You guys need to come back now

  • luke shaddick
    luke shaddick 7 hours ago

    Can't wait for you to start uploading again ~_~

  • Lunar Stars
    Lunar Stars 7 hours ago

    Why did you too moved on puerito Rico was a time for me meeting with you today I hope you have some good time

  • i've got a soul voice
    i've got a soul voice 8 hours ago

    haven't watched your videos for a while... now i know why my science teacher sounded so familiar...

    HAYLEE REEVES 8 hours ago

    I don’t want you you to move

  • Emma Petty
    Emma Petty 8 hours ago

    Why did they move?

    • Unicorn Girlll
      Unicorn Girlll 7 hours ago

      Emma Petty because they wanted a new adventure for there family to have

  • Ioana Varga
    Ioana Varga 8 hours ago

    I'm still wating for you guys to post another video

  • Elena Evangelopoulos
    Elena Evangelopoulos 9 hours ago

    I can't beileive they moved! :(

  • Vida Mora Puerto Rico
    Vida Mora Puerto Rico 9 hours ago

    Bienvenidos hermosa familia♡ 🇵🇷🌴

    • Vida Mora Puerto Rico
      Vida Mora Puerto Rico 9 hours ago

      Let the kids watch a show called Atencion Atencion
      It is sort of the wiggles in Spanish. They will learn songs like the other children here (classics) and some Spanish through play and music♡

  • Noon Ie
    Noon Ie 12 hours ago

    y are you not posting :(

  • UnicornsAreMyThing12
    UnicornsAreMyThing12 12 hours ago

    I am so happy for you all! It feels like i was living there too. Your a great family and their are so many memories that will never be forgotten. I'm so happy for this new adventure.

  • Kelsey and Courtney
    Kelsey and Courtney 12 hours ago

    Please flem

  • Parsiwi Paramaputri
    Parsiwi Paramaputri 12 hours ago

    Im going to miss the memories in this house,but cant wait to see the new adventures in tbe new house

  • Olivia Seavey
    Olivia Seavey 12 hours ago

    Why'd u move there ?

  • Epic Charlotte
    Epic Charlotte 14 hours ago +1

    Please post a video

  • Daisy Hill
    Daisy Hill 15 hours ago

    God just upload u are losing subscribers cos ur not

  • Daisy Hill
    Daisy Hill 15 hours ago

    God just upload u are losing subscribers cos ur not

    • Daisy Hill
      Daisy Hill 8 hours ago

      danielle danke yeh they could update us on what’s happening

    • danielle danke
      danielle danke 8 hours ago

      they need freaking time to move in and get settled in get freaking used to it

  • Laura Špůrková
    Laura Špůrková 15 hours ago

    The beautiful joy in janaes laugh and yay 😁 is so precious she is like a little angle ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • kylie smith
    kylie smith 16 hours ago +1

    Are you guys not posting anymore love you guys so much ❤️❤️😍

  • dratt2jr o
    dratt2jr o 18 hours ago

    Pinches gringos

  • Abby Michelle
    Abby Michelle 18 hours ago +1

    I’m so ready for the upcoming videos

  • Sport plus 100🏆
    Sport plus 100🏆 18 hours ago +1

    Pleassssssssssss post

  • Donna Turnbull
    Donna Turnbull 19 hours ago

    Has it really only been two weeks? My granddaughter is driving me crazy! LOL Gramma when can I watch "J hops out"? (I love how she says that)

  • DCTC Channel
    DCTC Channel 19 hours ago

    Hi j house vlogs I have a video posted just now go find my USclip channel Julian Jabs
    Have a great time in Puerto Rico!

  • Victoria Rowe
    Victoria Rowe 19 hours ago

    You haven't been posting so I've just been watching so many old videos and I almost cried!

  • Greisy Acuña
    Greisy Acuña 20 hours ago

    good luck

  • Tasi The Great
    Tasi The Great 20 hours ago

    Why did you have to leave

  • Tasi The Great
    Tasi The Great 20 hours ago


  • Cathy Petry
    Cathy Petry 20 hours ago

    Caleb talked like Kendra 😄

  • Brynlee Nichols
    Brynlee Nichols 21 hour ago

    When r u gonna post again

  • Kimberly Vessels
    Kimberly Vessels 21 hour ago

    How’s janae doing with her feeding tube

  • Gustavo Cabanillas
    Gustavo Cabanillas 21 hour ago

    I hope you love Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 rip Kansas City

  • Kim R
    Kim R 21 hour ago

    Is Caleb just the cutest little vlogger! YESSS 😍

  • Sherry
    Sherry 21 hour ago

    I am in Kansas City :(

  • matt Johnston
    matt Johnston 21 hour ago

    This Matthew sister a big fan of your family I am crying so sad to see you leave there are so many memories

  • Fabiulous Fabi
    Fabiulous Fabi 22 hours ago

    Hello! I live in Guaynabo , Puerto Rico. Welcome!!! Let me know if you want to meet!

  • Madison Tremblay
    Madison Tremblay 22 hours ago

    I started watching your videos when Isaac was eight or 9 my sisters and I both cried because we live near you when your family was in KC. My sister and I both wish you guys to have a wonderful adventure in your new home I LOVE you J house vlogs miss u so!!!!!😭😭😭like if you miss them

  • kanorys Velez
    kanorys Velez 22 hours ago

    Welcome to P.R. It!s a big change and a great adventure. Enjoy the island it has many amazing places to visit, . Bienvenidos.🇵🇷🤗❤️

  • Tessa prank wars and Gymnastics

    Zimbabwe so sad because I just moved to Kansas and then you move away and I wanted to do a meet in greet with you : (

  • Storm Holder
    Storm Holder 22 hours ago

    Literally I love going to Puerto Rico I'm going to Puerto Rico soon. All people in Puerto are crazy drivers

  • Aline Santos Batista Santos

    porque não tem mais vídeos

  • Cj the Gymnast
    Cj the Gymnast 22 hours ago

    Aww it’s been about 2 weeks since y’all posted this and it’s sad to not come home to a J House You tube notification on my phone!😓 please post soon!!

  • Isabel Sayers
    Isabel Sayers 22 hours ago

    I’ve been so bored without watching you guys🤷🏻‍♀️🙍🏻‍♀️ I want pie right now

  • fausto Chávez
    fausto Chávez 22 hours ago

    are you going to film elises birthday and when she maqkes her cake
    PS i think my birthday is before hers

  • Mikaela Lay
    Mikaela Lay Day ago

    I fill like that your not going to vlog in putorico

  • Mikaela Lay
    Mikaela Lay Day ago

    Do more vidios im so sad because i watch every day

  • GalaxyGirlAdventures

    I wish a i could send a video for ya, BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW! XD

  • Nolan Patacca
    Nolan Patacca Day ago

    I hope you guys are okay, you haven't been posting

  • Pa Vit
    Pa Vit Day ago

    I have been kinda sad the past week and I now know why!!! I need my Jhouse fix!!!!!

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James Day ago

    lol I'm so lonely when u don't post. My mum watches ur vids with me and every day she says "Bas J house posted yet?"

  • Heather Boyle
    Heather Boyle Day ago

    can you posted another video I have been waiting so late long

  • Xeckzo
    Xeckzo Day ago

    Bye kansas

  • tess nijssen
    tess nijssen Day ago

    omg I'm sooooo exited for you guysss. I takes so long for the new video I litterly cannot waittt any longer!!! and I love you guys so much !!

  • Gabriella Soto
    Gabriella Soto Day ago

    Since you moved to Puerto Rico you and the kids should see Hamilton!

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez Day ago +1

    You should go to mexico racists

  • Asmr King slime and other

    Swjen are you going to make a another video it been a week

  • Araceli Arredondo

    Omg I started crying

  • Lara Rivera
    Lara Rivera Day ago +2


  • Lara Rivera
    Lara Rivera Day ago +1


  • Shah Nawaz
    Shah Nawaz Day ago

    come on you are not going to be post

  • ItsAHeartThing
    ItsAHeartThing Day ago

    So happy for your family to have this experience. But, I miss you. I am excited for when you come back on You Tube.

  • Ken Rockhill
    Ken Rockhill Day ago

    Please reply

  • Ken Rockhill
    Ken Rockhill Day ago

    Why aren’t you making videos

  • Anne Sofie Dalen

    Can you'll make some more videos soon???

  • The Dank Meme Hunter

    Instead Of Facing Tornados, You’re Gonna Be Facing Hurricanes Which Is Way Much Worse... Welcome To PR 🇵🇷

    • Kyriakos Kanlis
      Kyriakos Kanlis Day ago

      Actually no,tornadoes are worse because they can't predict on time,but on hurricanes they can...also tornadoes have gusts like 250 miles per hour so...this is my opinion😊

  • CL Playz
    CL Playz Day ago

    that must of been so hard to leave.:(

  • Tegan McGregor
    Tegan McGregor Day ago

    Says this was posted a week ago, I watched it when it first came out and it feels like a few weeks!
    Can’t wait till they post again :) missing them so much!

  • Cortleigh Luxenberg

    Who does she have an NG tube?

  • Addison Adaimy
    Addison Adaimy Day ago

    Caleb first steps was so cute