Surprise Made Our Grandma Cry!

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  9 months ago +5582

    I hope you like today's video!! I'm so happy I can finally afford to payback my grandma :)) thanks to Dollar Shave Club for helping to make this video happen! check them out at

  • thephillawson
    thephillawson 19 hours ago

    Awww I’m drunk you bought your grandma a couqch that’s so nces

  • Je suis Reine
    Je suis Reine 3 days ago +1


  • Janice Condon
    Janice Condon 5 days ago

    Ryland, I love watching all of your videos but this one is my favorite! Reminds me of when I visit my dad and the rest of my family in the south. The love of family and spending time with them keeps you grounded. Keep doing what you're doing! Love you guys!

  • Lu Ann G Collier
    Lu Ann G Collier 6 days ago

    😂 Ryland said "Crackle Barrel" fml that was hilarious

  • Lu Ann G Collier
    Lu Ann G Collier 6 days ago

    Omggg you HAVE to have Shane do your mom's makeup!!!! 👑🙌🙋

  • Alivia Cleek
    Alivia Cleek 6 days ago

    Coslaw I can’t

  • Zeina Essam
    Zeina Essam 7 days ago +3

    Did anyone notice that he copied shane's phrase in his series about bunny? 1:42
    No just me ok lol😂

  • Maxine Carter
    Maxine Carter 10 days ago

    I legit cried and laughed when your parents walked. I laughed because Morgan said that your grandma called you a she. It seemed funnier while watching the video but then writing this comment I’m like 😳that’s not nice (what I wrote).

  • Kytesama
    Kytesama 11 days ago

    I cant believe they went to crackerbarrel without garrett lmao

  • Maradoni Louisse
    Maradoni Louisse 13 days ago

    I wish I could actually give back to my parents just the way you did.. I don’t have my grandparents anymore and just found out my one of my grandma’s sister passed away this morning... this is what I’d want my content to have when I start my own channel. More of the moments I could look back to... 🖤🖤🖤

  • Harley
    Harley 15 days ago

    İdk how is your family all the time but i wish i had a loving and mentally stable family like yours

  • churro chronicles
    churro chronicles 16 days ago

    such a wholesome video

  • Dahlia Knox
    Dahlia Knox 17 days ago +1

    i feel sooo bad for Garret cus he all ways talks about it so u should take him to one when u get back .

  • Madelyn Miller
    Madelyn Miller 21 day ago

    please spill the tea on who your grandma is talking about when she pointed at that guy and said "“The only problem is nobody liked him” ... was it a Bad Grandpa or an Uncle Buck ..?

  • Gina Anderson
    Gina Anderson 22 days ago

    i approve of this wholesome content

  • Hunger Games An American Heritage

    I freakin love Cracker Barrel

  • yuki nono
    yuki nono 22 days ago

    this is the sweetest thing i've ever seen

  • Annessa Morey
    Annessa Morey 24 days ago

    Your grandma and I both live in Salt Lake so we should both be your grandma.

  • Flõwër Msp
    Flõwër Msp 25 days ago

    Ryland you dumbass Shane is the the cutest old lady evee

  • Dat Kid
    Dat Kid 26 days ago

    This is so sweet I love it😂

  • Katerina Mpalatsou
    Katerina Mpalatsou 27 days ago +1

    7:57 Justin Bieber

  • Elise Madeline
    Elise Madeline 27 days ago +1

    I need some squad vids 🖤

    Use this as the squad button

  • ambrezzie 190199
    ambrezzie 190199 29 days ago

    10:23 you look like logic😂

  • BitterFrost PlaysROBLOX

    idk why but i actually cried.

  • cookies cookielover
    cookies cookielover 29 days ago

    this vid was made on my B-day :)

  • Krislyn Jouett
    Krislyn Jouett 29 days ago

    All the women in your family are so beautiful, I love this video it’s so real all the giggles! Thank you for putting out such real content!!!

  • Julia Andersen
    Julia Andersen 29 days ago

    i can’t believe they went to the cracker barrel without garett... this disrespect

  • Michelle Walmach
    Michelle Walmach 29 days ago

    I’m crying 😢

  • •Gacha Yadirah•

    Garret was probably so triggered

  • sxdñëx xxo
    sxdñëx xxo Month ago

    Have you ever said a word so many times that it started to sound funny?
    That word for me is coleslaw .

  • Nora Sagharian
    Nora Sagharian Month ago

    This is the purest video on youtube

  • Danielle Shaw
    Danielle Shaw Month ago

    Someone stop Rylands Mum using her fingers in that eyeshadow. It’ll drag in her delicate eye skin!

  • Pamela Kachmar
    Pamela Kachmar Month ago

    That was one great video. Love you Ryland and your family too. Oh, Shane is a favourite too. :)

  • Kyle Noname
    Kyle Noname Month ago

    Ryland your so tiny omg it makes me mad when people that skinny say there fat

  • ash
    ash Month ago +1

    "We're going to be sleeping on this couch tonight" "Together!" *OH THATS BAD* sksksksks

  • TDQueen
    TDQueen Month ago +1

    "The only problem is that no one liked him." -rylands and Morgan's grandma

  • Eden
    Eden Month ago

    What a lovely video Ryland:) x

  • Saharra Marcelino
    Saharra Marcelino Month ago

    Ryland: "My moms sister"
    Morgan: "That would be called an aunt"

  • 1
    1 Month ago

    Co-slaw made me so uncomfortable to hear that many times..... ily tho

  • Sue Land
    Sue Land Month ago

    You are such a good editor! I literally almost cried at all the smiles and laughs at the end lol.

  • Teresa Langley
    Teresa Langley Month ago

    Its not delivery its Iconic

  • Shelby Madsen
    Shelby Madsen Month ago +1

    I’m from utah

  • My chemical Panic! Pilots

    Aww that whole vid was so sweet especially when the little girl (sorry I don’t know her name and Ik ryland probably said it I have a bad memory lol) jumped out of the car and went ‘MORGAN’ I wish ppl were that happy to see me lol 😂

  • Crafting Con Cruz
    Crafting Con Cruz Month ago

    Binge watching your vids, and this one made me hit the subscribe button. So sweet... it made me cry!

  • Vererin Vererin
    Vererin Vererin Month ago

    Family, that's all.

  • Unique & Classy
    Unique & Classy Month ago

    It's COLESLAW lol I love you guys

  • Xavier Mercado
    Xavier Mercado 2 months ago

    This video is so powerful to me because 4 years ago I lost my grandma so it's really nice to see you guys spending quality time with yours. What a beautiful video

  • Penelope Larson
    Penelope Larson 2 months ago

    I love Bruce

  • Jennice
    Jennice 2 months ago

    I audibly just went "AWWW :')" after realizing Ryland's dad was wearing his "literally" shirt. So cute

  • maig
    maig 2 months ago

    You guys call your family members by their first names. Even the little girl does too. Bitch, I'm shook.

  • bitch ass btw is it bad that I ship Levi and Eren

    0:47 okay but literally cheeto face looks like a human
    2:00 and the guy at the back tho🤣

  • Keith Lok
    Keith Lok 2 months ago

    Ryland and Morgan, how come the video of JS and your mom still not on.

  • Trinity Grey
    Trinity Grey 2 months ago +1


  • thatshitcrayable
    thatshitcrayable 2 months ago

    Loved seeing your family with your gram. So cute!!

  • Buba Bubinha
    Buba Bubinha 2 months ago

    Love this Family ❣

  • Amelia Brierley
    Amelia Brierley 2 months ago

    I have that pig from ikea and my grandma is called Janice

  • Ana
    Ana 2 months ago

    Please get Jeffree to do your moms make up

  • Candace Winfield
    Candace Winfield 2 months ago


  • Jezza Belleza
    Jezza Belleza 2 months ago

    I wish I could spoil my grandma 🧡

  • snowflake angel
    snowflake angel 2 months ago

    This made me cry! Miss having family around. Cherish it all! It's sad how fast things change. Love this video!

  • Garrison .S.
    Garrison .S. 2 months ago

    Hold on am I the only one wondering about the story when
    (you stole 500$ from your grandma when you were 19)

  • Mall *Orie
    Mall *Orie 2 months ago

    Moments like these make me tear up! Happy family surprises. :')

  • XxKitty GamingXx
    XxKitty GamingXx 2 months ago

    Shane: *looks at pig* JANIS
    janis: *TrIgGeReD*

  • Kahlen Bendle
    Kahlen Bendle 2 months ago +1

    Can we just appreciate Morgan cradling her cousin on the couch? Like it was so wholesome. So holy. So iconic.

  • Erin Honeysett
    Erin Honeysett 2 months ago

    Garrett we all pray for u

  • Marilyn's Girl
    Marilyn's Girl 2 months ago

    I’m happy Ryland and Morgan have such a beautiful family but also extremely jealous.

  • Robin Hegendorfer
    Robin Hegendorfer 2 months ago

    This is wholesome I love it

  • Charly Devlin
    Charly Devlin 3 months ago

    Co-slaw XD

  • Daniel Boulds
    Daniel Boulds 3 months ago


  • younginnheidiib
    younginnheidiib 3 months ago

    "It would b the hood"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Creepy Freek
    Creepy Freek 3 months ago

    "Those are some pretty cool paint brushes"

    *I fucking love rylands dad*

  • Hallie Johnson
    Hallie Johnson 3 months ago

    literally love that this was published on my birthday

  • Jessy Pix
    Jessy Pix 3 months ago

    Dollar shave club, yet you never look clean cut. It's annoying lol

  • Blagakhsandi
    Blagakhsandi 3 months ago

    I love your family! Also Morgan is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley Lohre
    ashley Lohre 3 months ago

    I’m just imagining Garret watching this with his jaw dropped that he wasn’t invited

  • Sadie Heller
    Sadie Heller 3 months ago

    why does it sound like everyone calls him Ryan not Ryland

  • Nealla Mckie
    Nealla Mckie 3 months ago

    This makes me sooooooooo happy

  • Nealla Mckie
    Nealla Mckie 3 months ago

    Me and Shane have the Same pig 🐷

  • Margvlogs
    Margvlogs 3 months ago

    love ur grandma

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 3 months ago

    We came to bring you colsla😅

  • UrZombie Queen
    UrZombie Queen 3 months ago

    Omg Jeffree doing your moms makeup would be everything

  • Alyssa Watson
    Alyssa Watson 3 months ago

    Why do so many older ladies use ziploc bags as makeup bags?! -_- But I also feel more comfortable using my fingers to apply makeup mostly lol.

  • Jessica Donabauer
    Jessica Donabauer 3 months ago

    Years ago I got the same pig

  • farah eldeen
    farah eldeen 3 months ago +5

    not a single soul:
    literally nothing ever:
    ryland: CO-SLA!!!!

  • Doree Doree
    Doree Doree 3 months ago

    How did you not blurr the address?

  • Beth scott
    Beth scott 3 months ago

    Ryland and Morgan’s family is so fun

  • deniz oztemiz
    deniz oztemiz 3 months ago

    I’m crying like a BABY 😭😭😭😭 this is so beautiful

  • MaryE
    MaryE 3 months ago

    I just had a little boy (well he’s 10 months now lol) I hope me and him will have a relationship like you and your mom...I would LOVE that!! If he asked me to do his makeup I would probably cry with happiness lol my husband thinks I’m crazy but idgaf! Love you and your fam!!

  • Lydia Robbins
    Lydia Robbins 3 months ago

    “YEah! It would be good, in the hood” 😂😂

  • Ariana Prenaj
    Ariana Prenaj 3 months ago

    Ryland’s whole family are diamonds that need to be protected

  • bailey s
    bailey s 3 months ago +1

    *ryland adams saying cOsLaW for 5 minutes straight*

  • Gretchen Bun
    Gretchen Bun 3 months ago

    I cant even enjoy this reunion with grandma! Your camera skills gives me motion sickness. Please improve!

  • Rustic Nightmare
    Rustic Nightmare 3 months ago

    My grandma has never been that happy to see anyone !

  • Karin Bergman
    Karin Bergman 3 months ago

    So very sweet--

  • Hale the Hero
    Hale the Hero 3 months ago

    Morgan fixing his way of saying coleslaw is the best.

  • Rachael Bennett
    Rachael Bennett 3 months ago +1

    i love your family, thank you so much for sharing them

  • lonely potato
    lonely potato 3 months ago

    He's lucky to have a grandma at the age

  • Rose G
    Rose G 3 months ago

    Staaaahhhppp I’m gonna cry! So sweet.

  • Abhay Sisodiya
    Abhay Sisodiya 3 months ago

    Love u ❤