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  • Mikayla Hartmann
    Mikayla Hartmann 12 hours ago

    My birthday is a day after hers

  • Shane Cohen
    Shane Cohen 13 hours ago

    My Birthday is on April 14

  • coco_ 2019
    coco_ 2019 4 days ago

    him jojo you have almost the same birthday as me because i was born on the 9th of may.

  • ÃMŁ !
    ÃMŁ ! 6 days ago

    A 15 year old driving in la traffic 😂😂

  • William Reese
    William Reese 6 days ago

    Living dangerously is JoJo's middle name. lol 🤙

    AJAY CHAUHAN 8 days ago +1


  • Berlyn Campana
    Berlyn Campana 8 days ago

    Jojo's birthday is the same as my brother's

  • Sliming with Syd
    Sliming with Syd 9 days ago

    Jojo: oh there is a butterfly
    Rachel : oh no there is 3 butterfly's
    Lol 😂

  • Elizabeth Storrie
    Elizabeth Storrie 10 days ago

    JoJo drives!!!I never new that

    BABY POTATO 10 days ago

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    Honestly I wouldn't even be mad if joke and Rachel were in front of me.

  • Harley Pops
    Harley Pops 11 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Kara Rose
    Kara Rose 12 days ago

    This is kinda weird. I feel like jojo shouldn’t be driving. 🤣🤣

  • cimorelli fan226
    cimorelli fan226 12 days ago

    rachel your b day is one day before mine

  • Bellacatz09
    Bellacatz09 12 days ago

    Jojo I love your vids and Rachel but I love queen

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess 14 days ago

    JoJo is only 15 she cant be able to drive

  • UnicornPlayz GG
    UnicornPlayz GG 14 days ago

    OMG I'm may to

  • Jade Hager
    Jade Hager 14 days ago

    rachel makes this video! “don’t take your hands off the wheel”

  • AnimateWithMJ
    AnimateWithMJ 16 days ago

    Cool but I love Queen

  • Queen MSP
    Queen MSP 18 days ago

    Rachel has got the same bday as my bro lol

  • Shayla House
    Shayla House 18 days ago +1

    Does jojo have a license!!!

    • Queen MSP
      Queen MSP 18 days ago

      No but she is aloud to drive if there is someone 25 or over in the car

  • Erin’s World
    Erin’s World 19 days ago

    Omg my birthday is April 6!!!!!!!!!!

  • Layla Jasmine
    Layla Jasmine 20 days ago

    They should do a vid on reacting to people retreating Jojos intro

  • Jeannette Riverso
    Jeannette Riverso 20 days ago +2


  • The trans kid JAMIE
    The trans kid JAMIE 20 days ago

    Jo Jo looks 12 so I would be suspicious if I saw her at the weel

  • It’s just TyTy
    It’s just TyTy 20 days ago

    How old is JoJo!? Someone tell me

  • Karlee’s life And more!

    Jojo and I have our birthdays 3 days apart

  • raile linke
    raile linke 21 day ago

    I have the Same birthday as Jojo

  • Liv Love
    Liv Love 22 days ago

    OMG my birthday is the 20th even though you're probably not looking at this comment

  • Cami Scott
    Cami Scott 22 days ago

    👩‍🏫 there was this teacher named cami her age was 16 for a stater of a teacher so if you give her likes then she will get older

  • Cami Scott
    Cami Scott 22 days ago


    • Cami Scott
      Cami Scott 22 days ago

      Sorry did not m an to do that

  • Princess God Dr
    Princess God Dr 22 days ago

    My birthday is April 5

  • Ariana Gilbert
    Ariana Gilbert 22 days ago

    RIP headphone users😭

  • Trinity Crockett
    Trinity Crockett 23 days ago

    JoJo:road rage
    Me:my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sophia Vincent
    Sophia Vincent 23 days ago

    Can’t wait to see you in person JoJo! I got tickets to your tour in Detroit.

  • vanessa
    vanessa 23 days ago

    JOJO DRIVES ?!?!?!?!?!??!??!??!?!?!?!!?!!?!!??!? ISNT SHE TOO YOUNG TO DRIVE

  • Abbey Lynn
    Abbey Lynn 25 days ago

    I love your bows!!!🥳 keep being awesome!!!😘

  • Lubasha Di
    Lubasha Di 26 days ago

    Есть русские ?

  • Noah BR0
    Noah BR0 26 days ago


  • Jeami Avelar
    Jeami Avelar 26 days ago

    I have the same birthday as jojo siwa

  • tae tae and kookies
    tae tae and kookies 27 days ago

    This is a girl named Tiffany. The amount of likes is her age


  • Mondena smith
    Mondena smith 27 days ago

    my b day is may 20!!!

  • angelina rose
    angelina rose 27 days ago

    JoJo: "I've been on the interstate!" Rachael: "It's a freeway here" Me: "I've always called it a highway....."

  • unicorn slime squishes Queen

    My birthday same day of your jojo

  • Markie Johnson
    Markie Johnson 29 days ago

    hey im the biggest queen fan ever we need to talk about queen

  • Rachie Pachie 2007
    Rachie Pachie 2007 29 days ago

    is it just me or does jojo look so cool driving?!!!

  • Sasha Vlogs
    Sasha Vlogs 29 days ago

    Love your videos

  • Sasha Vlogs
    Sasha Vlogs 29 days ago

    Hi jojo

  • Catie Treat
    Catie Treat Month ago

    I'm seriously trying not to be rude, but the intro literally made me jump XD

  • Avery Sieracki
    Avery Sieracki Month ago

    How old are you

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat Month ago

    Poor jojo is nervous

  • Xxgalaxy Squad
    Xxgalaxy Squad Month ago

    This is the common issue ways of USclip for your copyright issues you will or your parent / Gardener will pay a 5,098 fine to pay go to https.youtube.//(copyright sales officials. Thank you for your own time ms Jojo and josolin Siwa

  • Makayla fluff
    Makayla fluff Month ago


  • The one and only Purple gamer

    Do the exact same thing and bring Colleen ballinger

  • game finders
    game finders Month ago

    omg jojo i live so close to your house

  • The world of Kennedy

    Road rage I have it when my mom drives why I don’t know

  • Daejah Lessekuta
    Daejah Lessekuta Month ago

    Jojo knows a lot of 2000s songs

  • Jadee0302
    Jadee0302 Month ago

    ‘oh dear god i don’t know do i’ 😂😂😂

  • Jenny Tran
    Jenny Tran Month ago +2

    Rachel is the funniest 🤣

  • flippy fliqpy
    flippy fliqpy Month ago

    "there's 3 butterflies"

  • flippy fliqpy
    flippy fliqpy Month ago

    "love you so much oh theres a butterfly" hahah

  • Carmina Weena
    Carmina Weena Month ago +4

    Drive with Miranda or Colleen!

  • Carmina Weena
    Carmina Weena Month ago

    When Jojo said “sepulvida” ( I don’t know how to spell ) I’m like, I seriously think I live near her

  • Ava DeLeon
    Ava DeLeon Month ago +2

    My birthday is April 9

  • JaeJae Banks
    JaeJae Banks Month ago

    Why are you driving🎀🚙 haha your to young to drive

  • Abby Vogel
    Abby Vogel Month ago +2

    My birthday is also April 5

    • Queen MSP
      Queen MSP 18 days ago

      U have the same bday as my bro lol so does rachel

  • JaeJae Banks
    JaeJae Banks Month ago

    JoJo are you a teenager

  • Reese Tobin
    Reese Tobin Month ago +1

    I have the same birthday as Rachel

  • harts and crafts family

    I don't trust JoJo driving

  • Rainbow Niko and Friends

    You wanted to play truth or dare so here’s a date for u.I dare you to sell all your regular cloths and keep only jojo merch in your closet

  • Leeasia Palmer
    Leeasia Palmer Month ago

    Your birthday is after my baby brothers his is May 18th he’s turning 2

  • ash_is awesome
    ash_is awesome Month ago

    How to make jojo intro : haysbhdjsjsjskqlaksnsjsjsjns and today we.......

  • samantha neal
    samantha neal Month ago

    blah blah mumble mumble lmao

  • Meredith Kier
    Meredith Kier Month ago

    I watch Rachel's videos but jojo siwa a little bit better because I love her so much I love jojo siwa,s videos

  • Maya R
    Maya R Month ago

    0:00-0:03 ummm is her goal to speak as fast as she can in her intros cause if it isnt sister needs to slow down.

  • Nela Gadzia
    Nela Gadzia Month ago

    Rachel my birthday is 1 day before urs🤩🎂

  • Stephy Holt
    Stephy Holt Month ago

    We LOVE a ballinger ... wish you did one with Colleen although she was pregnant and about to give birth so that’s understandable

  • Alex rs Gaming channel

    The start: fhehdhdyfhrurjhduhdhdhdudjjdudhdhhduehehdhehegysyshsjwi

  • Chloe Sexton
    Chloe Sexton Month ago

    she can drive

    TD DANCE Month ago +1

    JoJo your birthday is the day before mine

  • Nathalie Rios
    Nathalie Rios Month ago

    You should drive with Hayden that would be funny

  • Anna banach
    Anna banach Month ago +1

    My birthday is also April but on the 26

  • Gabriella Carroll
    Gabriella Carroll Month ago

    My birthday is May 18

  • CalicoDog Oof
    CalicoDog Oof Month ago

    How old is jojo

  • Lily Fischer
    Lily Fischer Month ago

    My birthday is on may 19th just like JoJo siwa 🤣🤣

  • Jordan Edwards
    Jordan Edwards Month ago

    Rachel sounds so funny when she yells😂

  • Pen Pai
    Pen Pai Month ago


  • Xxwolf Ee
    Xxwolf Ee Month ago

    :JoJO that’s what we have blinkers for!

  • Jada Cole
    Jada Cole Month ago

    My b day is may 6th

  • G & Z Gaming
    G & Z Gaming Month ago

    Rachel:A pink Christmas tree!
    Rachel:DONT LOOK!!!

  • Lexi Williams
    Lexi Williams Month ago

    My birthday is may the 17

  • Madison Vanstone
    Madison Vanstone Month ago

    are you even alod to drive

    • Keela McManus
      Keela McManus Month ago

      firstly ik your prob a nine y/o but learn how to spell and she is 15

  • Kylee Wonsey
    Kylee Wonsey Month ago

    How old is Jojo

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago +1

    What is a 6 year old doing driving. She probably ain't even driving she's probably on auto drive. Next thing you know she's on the news crashing into everything killing everyone. Like damn who let's a 6 year old drive! 🤦‍♀

  • Big Dreamz
    Big Dreamz Month ago

    🙄 don't know I'm gonna drive with you to and where do you see where do I see you

  • rosey._.queennn VLOGS

    I have the same birthday as Rachel

  • Mandi Gardner
    Mandi Gardner Month ago

    My bday is 11 days after rachel

  • SuperTree 9678
    SuperTree 9678 Month ago +3


  • Rosie The Chihuahua

    Am I the only one that thinks she sounds a LITTLE like vanellope from Wreck it Ralph when she talks louder with the little crack in her voice?