All-Star Tournament 1st Elimination Rounds - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep. 21


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  • ricky100593
    ricky100593 Year ago

    I just can't respect a grown man who goes by Scott OG

  • AriIsiah Faulkner

    Man that still trill won. Man they can start a new tournament.

  • Jairus Hayes
    Jairus Hayes Year ago

    Please don't do eleague let's just play with our boys do the samething as this year and last year

  • Mr.Bigzy26
    Mr.Bigzy26 Year ago

    Rachael, may I please put a ring on your finger?

  • Simon Najar
    Simon Najar Year ago

    can u guys please please please drop more KLOVE locker codes

  • James T
    James T Year ago

    tell me how each patch is 7 gbs big yet they barely fix any of the issues. was this game released unfinished and they're slowly tuning it up? pure robbery of consumers.

  • japtinder singh
    japtinder singh Year ago

    This was a waste on 100$ on this game every have to wait 1-2 hours on retrieving data and park crashes every 10 minutes -_-

  • Bosniak Goy
    Bosniak Goy Year ago

    Man if Stage Gods win I'll be so happy

  • Bosniak Goy
    Bosniak Goy Year ago

    Do people still care about this fix your fucking game first

  • Mr snipy
    Mr snipy Year ago

    2k could you make a new park please

  • Titus Matthews
    Titus Matthews Year ago

    Go Team Xbox all the way. Nba2ktvgridin 17

  • Titus Matthews
    Titus Matthews Year ago

    why does the Pro-am Slight Work choose to wear bright pink jerseys on the court ?

  • Mert Kumak
    Mert Kumak Year ago

    i dont like this tournament episodes they suck

  • Draco_Explosions INC

    Fix ur game bitch

  • Josiah Esau
    Josiah Esau Year ago +2

    Did it ever occur to you that your game is trash!! First if all, all you do is ask for money and make it near impossible to be good without paying. Did anyone even test MyTeam before you put it in the game? The commentators just repeat themselves the whole damn time, and people who shouldn't be ass, ARE ASS! Lebron James can't finish a layup!! Yao Ming just got dunked in by curry? Make sense? Fix your game because it's ass!!!

  • jordan carlisle
    jordan carlisle Year ago

    I like b

  • LGlizzy
    LGlizzy Year ago

    Your game is ass

  • RaZeExotic
    RaZeExotic Year ago +2

    2k should put the Odell Beckham hairstyle in 2k 17 like if you agree

  • Mykal Myers
    Mykal Myers Year ago

    who cares because nade lost

  • Vaggelis Virvilis

    fuck 2k

  • Daniel the elite
    Daniel the elite Year ago +1

    I'm here because of Rachel she's the hottest girl of all time 😍😍

  • gio vanni
    gio vanni Year ago

    Shot creators need a buff we need mid range maxed out like why give us mid range dead eye if our mid range isn't maxed and we need to be able to dribble like a play maker look in the NBA curry is a shot creator look at his dribble moves like to get us a buff

    • Johnny Cena
      Johnny Cena Year ago

      gio vanni then everybody would be a shot creator

  • _ Brady _
    _ Brady _ Year ago

    fuck you Ronnie patch 11 seriously this takes up gigs and less green lights fuck youuuuuu


    I am honestly starting to wonder does 2k listen to the community. 11 patches and servers still trash? I'm done

    • Leaked_Toilet
      Leaked_Toilet Year ago

      JUST YOUR DAILY REMINDER Nope they don't give 2 flying fucks about us

  • Sime_
    Sime_ Year ago +2

    fix your game!!

  • IDisappoint _
    IDisappoint _ Year ago

    is mnt dew tommorow?

  • Snowy GDS
    Snowy GDS Year ago +3

    2k y'all got 11 patches but I still can't load into house rules WTF!

  • Wheelz
    Wheelz Year ago

    Another 7gb patch to fix one little bug? you got some answering to do 2k.

  • Nick Ciardiello
    Nick Ciardiello Year ago

    This shit is ass

  • ThatBoyMo
    ThatBoyMo Year ago

    Yoooo , show a young bull some love 💯 I'm tryna make it on this USclip

  • Ajay Hiremath
    Ajay Hiremath Year ago

    Is it highrollers tommorow?

  • Raid_Mario
    Raid_Mario Year ago

    What happend to I the money team I

  • Dylan Smyth
    Dylan Smyth Year ago +2

    This is sick

  • BirdThaWord750
    BirdThaWord750 Year ago +1

    Instead of making these dumb ass videos why don't you make videos exposing the hidden codes that are programmed into the game that guarantee the other team a win, reducing the players abilities sand increasing the cpu's in tight moments 2k will make you break your whole fucking house

  • Al Koa
    Al Koa Year ago +1

    Kuda's team got disqualified 😓😓😓

  • Joseph x
    Joseph x Year ago

    ill tity fuck rachel demita

    • Wheelz
      Wheelz Year ago +2

      ASG MEMBER how?

  • King Krispy
    King Krispy Year ago

    Bruh we rly don't care about these games anymore

  • RayRay Williams
    RayRay Williams Year ago

    Patch 11... smh

  • TDT
    TDT Year ago

    Kuda 😔

  • SammyTooReal
    SammyTooReal Year ago

    what's gonna be park event ?

  • JJ WitDaHoodie
    JJ WitDaHoodie Year ago +6

    The tournament doesn't matter anymore now that Nade lost 😭😩

  • Eikam Gaming
    Eikam Gaming Year ago

    Your tournament makes no sense change it up

  • papi kardashian
    papi kardashian Year ago +1

    Can we have the rec center this weekend

  • LaVelle The Goat
    LaVelle The Goat Year ago

    How about Patch 11

  • chase the trap star


  • ZTF02
    ZTF02 Year ago +1

    Patch 11 💀

  • 1kfe
    1kfe Year ago +4

    patch 11 this game trash asf😂😂😂

  • YF12 rca
    YF12 rca Year ago +1

    wtf 2k patch 1.11

    ZayLOGICAL Year ago

    New parks

    • ShellzGaming
      ShellzGaming Year ago

      ZayCold they patch speed boosting game trash af

  • Gang GangGang
    Gang GangGang Year ago +9

    2k head quarters going to get bombed

  • Goofy757__ _
    Goofy757__ _ Year ago

    See y'all soon.....

  • Samia Law
    Samia Law Year ago +2

    Rachel for MVP

  • Dutt Creator #ImaChokeArii

    250k but still cant fix your servers??.... SMFH

  • JPGotzBeatz
    JPGotzBeatz Year ago +10

    I couldn't even watch any of the damn games, it kept kicking me out.. smh

  • Luariuxxx
    Luariuxxx Year ago +7

    i hope u fixed ur fucked up servers 2k cuz tournament on xbox was so fucked up

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +5

    Rachel Demita is going to be the Celebrity All Star MVP

  • Bongoinc69
    Bongoinc69 Year ago +38

    No one cares about fucking eSports! Fix your damn game!

  • AnnoyingHD
    AnnoyingHD Year ago

    Hey 2k

  • Heriberto Murillo

    At all these 2k and basketball events I wonder how many people try to hit on Rachel. And how nobody has actually gotten her in 3 years

    • Heriberto Murillo
      Heriberto Murillo Year ago

      Kvng Eli what about him?

    • Truly EJ
      Truly EJ Year ago

      Heriberto Murillo what about Kelly oubre?

    • Johnny Cena
      Johnny Cena Year ago

      Heriberto Murillo Yea she dates that guy that made the 2ktv theme song

    • Heriberto Murillo
      Heriberto Murillo Year ago

      Sam Bork oh ok that makes sense then, she doesn't seem like it on her IG

    • Sam Bork
      Sam Bork Year ago

      Heriberto Murillo she has a boyfriend

  • ValidChino
    ValidChino Year ago +74

    Sub = you're the real mvp💪
    Like= smash your crush one day👰
    Comment= goodluck in 2017🍀
    Don't sub =7 years of bad luck 👹
    Dislike= stay a virgin 😂

  • Saintsgaming 15
    Saintsgaming 15 Year ago +1

    Lol only 30 views and 3 likes with 4 comments

  • TheNBAFreak
    TheNBAFreak Year ago +25

    Rachel's sexy ass is in the Celebrity All Star Game.

    • Truly EJ
      Truly EJ Year ago +1

      TheNBAFreak she gone drop 60 😂😂

    • TheNBAFreak
      TheNBAFreak Year ago

      +YaBoiKTM I know. I was joking earlier but I really would rather have Kevin Hart back instead of Rachel.

    • King Krispy
      King Krispy Year ago

      TheNBAFreak but not Kevin Hart

  • TheNBAFreak
    TheNBAFreak Year ago


  • Travis Evans
    Travis Evans Year ago

    early bird