Laura Is Out of Money | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Laura reveals at the Tell All that her pension has been cut and she's out of money.
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Comments • 1 732

  • secret squirrel
    secret squirrel Day ago

    It's a cultural thing. He wants a nice muslim girl who does as she's told!

  • MisterMan
    MisterMan Day ago

    Can someone give me a link where her son is laughing at th screen to her misery.

    ADMIN 2 days ago

    In hindi LAURA means लौडा लङ

  • Antonella Cozzi
    Antonella Cozzi 2 days ago

    Ma questa che sta in Usa va a cercare sto beduino che al suo paese usa sposare le minorenni per farci 10 figli? Ma nn vede che ha il doppio mento,51 anni portati male,che lui vede solo le opportunità che può avere stando con lei ? Nella loro cultura questa donna sovrappeso coi capelli gialli e stopposi manco madre può essergli😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Morokech Nadini
    Morokech Nadini 3 days ago

    السلام أخي علاء الدين. افتح قنات وسوف ندعمك. Morokech Nadini Chanel☘

  • Melati MohdSalleh
    Melati MohdSalleh 3 days ago

    Double standards. Signs of Narcissist that’s what he is and toxic male chauvinism. Laura, you are blinded by things you had no knowledge of Muslim men yes he is that. Don’t go after Muslim men overseas that they are messy and headache 🤕 to be with. Married to him I pray for you Laura.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 5 days ago

    Then don't go out for coffee if you don't have money

  • Healthyfoodies
    Healthyfoodies 5 days ago

    She won't change him. Accept him or let go.

  • Uoirr Ejoz
    Uoirr Ejoz 6 days ago

    مو فهم شي

  • H S
    H S 6 days ago

    He was looking for an opportunity and she was looking for jigi jigi.

  • Stephan Letigio
    Stephan Letigio 6 days ago

    The contestants keep telling other couples negative comments but they too are doing those things, the hypocrisy!

  • Peace out, Shadia!
    Peace out, Shadia! 7 days ago

    It's just a cultural difference.

  • Manu Lamorte
    Manu Lamorte 7 days ago

    Ne ne wen man sich liebt .. egal welche Kultur muss man soch gegen seitig respektieren......

  • Serena Fisher
    Serena Fisher 8 days ago

    So many people are saying that Laura is unaware of his culture and that this is her fault.....ummm it was his choice to date a much older western woman so it's a two way fucking street hahahah and it we want facts about his culture the men in his country are the bread winners and the woman are the home makers so they are clearly living by western ways as in they split the bills hahahaha and he has an issue with it!!! At the end of the day he is controlling all she did was go out for a coffee and he's also very rude his behaviour does not reflect his overall culture it reflects himself. He chose to date an older white rich woman who now has no money boo hoo he's a grown ass man and his behaviour should not be excused because of where he was born hahahahaha

  • F K
    F K 8 days ago

    You deserve better
    Husband and wife needs to work with each other respect
    I am sorry
    You need to learn to respect your wife
    And talk to her kindly
    Woman are sensitive

  • Chiel Heijink
    Chiel Heijink 11 days ago

    hello, have u never met a moslim male? Sjees..

  • Farzan
    Farzan 12 days ago

    he is super intensive and these countries people usually dont care of working on 2side communication coz men make main decisions even for the life of their wives.

  • Whiskey Jack
    Whiskey Jack 12 days ago

    Laura is a clown

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 13 days ago

    Can't find the vid when Liam pops in. But he is SO disgusting. THe way he just laughed and smiled the ENTIRE time while his mom was in tears. He may be "annoyed" that his mom makes so many bad decisions but it's SO obvious he just wants his mom for himself so she can give him money and a place to live. He doesn't care about her, he didn't say he is sorry, he just sat back with the stupid grin on his face like he is so happy its all falling apart. He is a straight up asshole.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 13 days ago

    I feel like Aladin actually does love her. Otherwise he would have cut her off immediately and stopped putting up with her.

    • shelby j
      shelby j 10 days ago

      yea, id love someone who spent all their money on me, too 🤣

  • Mister Boot
    Mister Boot 13 days ago

    When you're 30 years old and your wife says ''my pension has been cut''........bruh

  • Garima Mukherjee
    Garima Mukherjee 13 days ago

    Domt marry someone from a different country if you dont know their culture

  • WellThat’s Swedish
    WellThat’s Swedish 14 days ago +1

    Controlling dickhead

  • flclub54
    flclub54 14 days ago

    Aladdin is gay folks. Let's keep it moving....

  • J C
    J C 14 days ago

    I love deavan but why does it look like she mothered herself in peanut butter

  • Christine Joy Genova
    Christine Joy Genova 14 days ago

    "What changed you to a different person" honey, the culture of muslim men is wayyyyy different than normal men. She could've just done research before she got married to their culture.

  • Brittany Barnett
    Brittany Barnett 15 days ago

    Hes fine though hmu Aladdin I got you 😂

  • princeasante1
    princeasante1 16 days ago

    So they’re broken up?

  • Renata Zavadilova
    Renata Zavadilova 17 days ago

    we are unbelievers, love does not exist. What is unconditional love,unconditional love is God. and where there is love, there is God. This situation is not unconditional love, I do not see it there.

  • It's Yevette
    It's Yevette 17 days ago

    I feel bad for him :(

  • It's Yevette
    It's Yevette 17 days ago

    She should be happy he even married her big greasy ass cause he’s fine af lol

  • Rosita Blanca
    Rosita Blanca 18 days ago

    Her nail color is great.

  • Xwedan
    Xwedan 18 days ago

    This poor guy men his eyes are red af because of the stress with this fat b

  • Diamond chain dress Diamond chain dress

    Whats the big deal 😒🤔...???? Its about respectttt..😫😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 19 days ago

    I thought 90 day fiance paid them a salary.

  • Adela Conde
    Adela Conde 19 days ago +1

    She's living in Ecuador, she is now friends with Cory's fiance and screwing the fiance's ex.

    • Adela Conde
      Adela Conde 16 days ago

      @MiekoNeko yup. She didn't want to go back to Canada and she went to Ecuador. Now she's screwing around with Evelyn's ex. And her husband Aladin is angry saying she's committing adultery

    • MiekoNeko
      MiekoNeko 17 days ago


  • Diane Baldemoro
    Diane Baldemoro 19 days ago

    Stop marrying the Middle Eastern if you don't respect their culture. They're beautiful, yasss, but they have high regard for tradition, culture and religion.

  • Mrs Sh
    Mrs Sh 20 days ago

    Laura think she can put her american standard on him. Girl what do you think when you get your self with an arabic ? Respect other culture 😉

  • Danthy Star Lu
    Danthy Star Lu 20 days ago

    Aladdin is controlling but that’s also his culture she didn’t have to be with him however he seems to asking for more communication between them.

  • Omer Y.
    Omer Y. 20 days ago

    Her money over and his love ended not surprised 🙂

  • IheartMariah
    IheartMariah 20 days ago

    Umm aladin u guys got money and a lot of good at the wedding. I bet all went in ur pocket haha

  • Success swipper
    Success swipper 20 days ago

    Lady you are his wife. Sublime to his demands
    But anyways thats what u get for marying a pensioner

  • T. P.
    T. P. 21 day ago

    This woman should go home. You married into his culture and you should respect it. The marriage will never work as long as you try to make him a whipping boy!!!! He is a man - not a boy toy.

  • Kagome Momo
    Kagome Momo 21 day ago

    Why whould u marry a Islamic man there religion clearly states that 2 women equal 1 man how dose that make seance

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 21 day ago

    Muslim Jesse

  • Nola Dee
    Nola Dee 21 day ago

    Should have done ur research sis

  • Fairwind
    Fairwind 22 days ago

    She's a moron and Aladin is a scumbag

  • Donna Pohner
    Donna Pohner 22 days ago

    Shaun the host is too soft. She doesn't ask tough enough questions and she seems confused all the time.

  • Dragón
    Dragón 22 days ago

    Mmmm, money,,,,of course!

  • Rena Clements
    Rena Clements 22 days ago

    take a look at his conversation with John Yates, he. Aladion, says she only took $100.00 with her. He paid for everything.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 22 days ago


  • Melody Backstrom
    Melody Backstrom 22 days ago

    Wow!!!! Angela is beyond disrespectful. She whines she wants respect, that's shes a granny so therefore no one can say anything. AND the funny thing is she has 0 respect for anyone else because shes they're "elder"....stop demanding respect when she cant even respect anyone else. Especially Avery....try slap her finger while yelling at her about respect. That's just beyond rude and ignorant. Watch the show and look how ridiculous and disrespectful she was and feels like a total bitch and ashamed of herself. Angela needs to grow up and be respectful to others. No wonders she dont. Shes beyond rude and DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! Calling them all "kids" when shes throwing the temper tantrum and looking like a fool. Trying to bring everyone else down. Maybe try bumping yourself up and learn that thing u keep yelling about respect. She needs to grow up. They all have a right to have an opinion. But clearly not in her. Again....Grow up Angela. Ur making yourself look bad. No one else.....JUST YOU!!! Give ur head a real good shake and grow up. My god. So so SO rude and DISRESPECTFUL.... give that a thought.

  • Cheezukeyku
    Cheezukeyku 22 days ago

    And this is why parents (of anyone outside north america) usually prefer their children to marry within their culture

  • P J
    P J 22 days ago

    Run Aladdin, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • n p
    n p 23 days ago

    Al “it’s about respect” din

  • Day Dream
    Day Dream 23 days ago

    Why do these people come to this show? Why not just meeting someone privately?

  • hope_revjfg Smith
    hope_revjfg Smith 23 days ago

    Like everyone is saying: CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. His concept of a husband and hers is totally different. Honey, go on about your business!

  • Amie Petroski
    Amie Petroski 23 days ago

    What does she expect when she has a man whose culture treats women like cattle

  • Pradeepta Kalita
    Pradeepta Kalita 24 days ago

    He is a asshole

  • alicia
    alicia 24 days ago

    he’s not being controlling his culture has roles in marriage and she didn’t have time to figure that out bc all she wanted to do was marry him