I Tried Custom Shampoo & Conditioner


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +11151

    hey loves! what a week, eh? love u guys! and WHERE IS MY NOTIF SQUAD?? hehe 🖤🖤🖤

  • Ananthasayanam N.C.
    Ananthasayanam N.C. 15 hours ago +1


  • Kauai Puppy
    Kauai Puppy 23 hours ago

    Mix all your favorite shampoos....

  • Marin Pearson
    Marin Pearson 23 hours ago

    I have bad dandruff also. I'm curious to see if it would be possible to skip a day or two of shampooing to see how long it takes the dandruff to show up.

    • Marin Pearson
      Marin Pearson 23 hours ago

      Lol, I didn't realize this was a year ago 🙄😉

  • Whiskey Grandpa
    Whiskey Grandpa Day ago

    spending the extra money on haircare is so worth it

  • Kauai Puppy
    Kauai Puppy Day ago

    If you have ever used pyridium for a UTI (makes your urine bright orange) will never pee in the shower again. It goes everywhere, like 3’ up shower walls, like a murder scene, even aiming carefully towards the drain. Just stop.

  • Illusive[Brick]
    Illusive[Brick] Day ago

    I just use random af stuff then cold water

  • Lana Carolina
    Lana Carolina 2 days ago

    Her hair is gorgeous

  • Eeejee See
    Eeejee See 2 days ago

    I'm so paranoid by how little product she uses because I have thick curly hair, and that little product does nothing.

  • Lillian Crooms
    Lillian Crooms 3 days ago

    I made a day out of your videos~
    1. Toilet paper lip art~first thing
    2. Weird voodoo donuts~breakfast
    3. Mustard ketchup cake (yes I seriously counted this as lunch)~lunch
    4. Cheese Tea~drink from lunch
    5. Cheeto ice cream(yes, this video)~dissert
    6. Specific Shampoo~end of the day shower

  • Serenity Haff
    Serenity Haff 3 days ago

    Ur hair looks more shiny than before

  • Cutie Nati
    Cutie Nati 3 days ago +1

    Saf: Just to help him see what he's been missing
    Me: (shouting) so come and get it, while you still got time!!!
    My sis: why tf are you screaming?!

  • The BloodMoon Wolf
    The BloodMoon Wolf 3 days ago

    You said you use shampoo more then conditioner well I use Conditioner more then shampoo because i like really soft hair and because i have long hair... but if i don't use conditioner my hair will get really oily and hard...so yeah.

  • Kat Montero
    Kat Montero 3 days ago

    Have Tyler make his own custom shampoo!!

  • Casper Randominator
    Casper Randominator 3 days ago

    tyler should use it on his armpit and chest hair

  • Susie Ballard
    Susie Ballard 4 days ago

    Have babies
    I know they will be more than beautiful

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 4 days ago

    Yah, she need some custom shampoo for her WEAVE!!!!

  • Cerdd_Wen
    Cerdd_Wen 4 days ago

    Had a look see if it was available in the UK (Great Britain) and it was so I did the quiz, but the cost came out in $$$ It was $49 so maybe there has been a price rise! Anyway that's about £38.11 for the shampoo and conditioner - 16oz bottles just went back and checked - there is an 8oz option and it's $36! I have paid over £20 for shampoo and conditioner from my hair salon and that was about 10 years ago, so I guess with inflation...

  • berlin lucas
    berlin lucas 4 days ago


  • Artisanicgaming
    Artisanicgaming 5 days ago

    I have the same shower curtains

  • Kamchee !!!
    Kamchee !!! 5 days ago

    “But for you guys... I’m still gonna pee in the shower” 😂😂😂 love you Saf

  • aRe yOu kiDdinG mE IrRia _Didn't_See

    You should've chosen volumize

  • SketchCadence 101
    SketchCadence 101 5 days ago

    Does anyone really notice that Tyler looks like a chipmunk in this vids it’s so cute🥰🥰🥰

  • luna504co
    luna504co 5 days ago

    I know you ment SOFT but I prefer SAFT

  • Lauren Blanchard
    Lauren Blanchard 5 days ago

    Love your Starbucks shirt ☕️

  • Maribelle Ogden
    Maribelle Ogden 5 days ago

    I spend half of what you normally spend on my haircare, and honestly I never realized how nice it is to have someone with money testing stuff we would have to worry about losing money on. So thanks for being popular and testing stuff like this out.

  • gizmokitty100
    gizmokitty100 6 days ago +4

    hmm. im going through this shampoo pretty quickly... TYLER! WHY DO U HAVE SO MUCH SHAMPOO IN YOUR HANDS!!?

  • Teh Dumbest person on YouTube

    Me talking to my mom about my sexuality

  • Julianna Shaffer
    Julianna Shaffer 6 days ago

    “I put in flaky scalp as a concern so... they know about it.” 😂😂 i laughed so hard at that

  • Galaxy Alpha_123
    Galaxy Alpha_123 6 days ago

    Your hair actually looks very shiny tho.

  • Meep BunBun
    Meep BunBun 6 days ago

    like her hair is more straight but I don't know if she straightened it more

  • Justine Buda
    Justine Buda 7 days ago

    yeah your hair is def more smooth

  • Abigail Monks
    Abigail Monks 7 days ago

    I suffer with quite bad dandruff. I use to let me hair air dry and I figured out that it was partly because I let my hair air dry. So I stopped air drying my hair and I noticed quite a big difference after a week later. I definitely recommend trying to use a hairdryer when dryer your hair. Btw I went to the doctors and you can get special shampoo to help with it

  • Emo Shit
    Emo Shit 7 days ago

    I spend more on my shampoo and conditioner because I have a scalp problem that’s pretty cheap

  • Marnie Kilbourne
    Marnie Kilbourne 7 days ago

    I'm so glad I stumbled across your channel!!! Your videos are entertaining, unique, informative and hilarious! I love your sense of humor!!! It's right up my alley and similar to mine. You are just far wittier than I.

  • Evenna Lopez
    Evenna Lopez 7 days ago

    For mine I put volume and other things and I totally see a difference and love it 😂❤️

  • wow reconning
    wow reconning 7 days ago +1

    What you should do is when you finish the soap you should use it to mix 2 tablespoons of your dandruff shampoo and try that add more if necessary and less if it’s making your scalp really dry

    • wow reconning
      wow reconning 7 days ago

      Please like the comment above so she sees this

  • Rachel Caliham
    Rachel Caliham 7 days ago

    In my opinion, I think it suited your hair really nice, your hair looks great

  • Jason Poyser
    Jason Poyser 7 days ago

    I got function of batman! Also we need a new video! I am so bored without a new video!

  • Roberto XS
    Roberto XS 8 days ago

    I'm glad Saf agrees that shampoo is better than body wash for hair not on your head. I concur!

  • Rhonda Rusnak
    Rhonda Rusnak 8 days ago

    Sweetie you’re not using enough conditioner

  • maria patricia marin leon

    tyler has more hair in his body than in hes hair

  • Karoline Pinkau
    Karoline Pinkau 8 days ago

    Love your vids❤️

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 8 days ago

    “And then just like live my life.”-Safiya Nygaard 2017 00:49

  • El Dae
    El Dae 8 days ago

    i have so much hair that i use a whole bottle of shampoo and conditioner in three washes

  • Megan Greenall
    Megan Greenall 8 days ago

    Right from the beginning when you said how you doin. I straight up thought of friend😂

  • Meera Alsari
    Meera Alsari 8 days ago


  • Quinn Staton
    Quinn Staton 8 days ago

    Honestly the shampoo and conditioner I usually get are $36 EACH for like. 16oz I think lmao so I would like to try it bc honestly it would be so much cheaper

  • Illluminated
    Illluminated 8 days ago

    Medium straight.
    Aka Bi


  • Jessica Pacella
    Jessica Pacella 9 days ago

    damn, i just tagged you in something on instagram for something just like this haahaha found it here.

  • Vlogs with Geovanni And his older sister

    She said PG-13 but I'm 10

  • Carly Couturier
    Carly Couturier 9 days ago

    It definetly looks shinier. I can see a difference

  • Morkees
    Morkees 9 days ago

    I spend 50 dollars for shampoo only (lasts me for 2 months)... I order it from iceland because only blue lagoon shampoo helps calm down my hair condition

  • Sophia's Channel
    Sophia's Channel 9 days ago

    " How u doin' " 😆🤣🤣 I love friends

  • Lukas Meyvisch
    Lukas Meyvisch 9 days ago

    It’s pretty noticeable I feel like. It looks more sleek and shiny

  • Limabeanjellybean
    Limabeanjellybean 9 days ago


  • Dancing Forever
    Dancing Forever 9 days ago

    You should do a video where you mix together all the different types of shampoo you use.

  • megan wood
    megan wood 9 days ago

    Looks fun to do and love the colours 🙂but omg the price 😮

  • Zacmanman
    Zacmanman 9 days ago

    Saf, you never mentioned how much softer your bush was after using this shampoo.

  • Emma Watkins
    Emma Watkins 9 days ago

    Lmao I use ogx shampoo and conditioner

  • fanta._.minority ,
    fanta._.minority , 9 days ago

    I luv how saf is real and not edited or putting on a fake personality, very relatable

  • Melanye Caballero
    Melanye Caballero 9 days ago

    honestly ur hair looks SOFT and looks SHINY

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 9 days ago


  • Sydney Mastick
    Sydney Mastick 9 days ago

    You should say SAFscribe

  • Splash the Doggo
    Splash the Doggo 9 days ago

    you think you have alot of danruff my scap bleeds cuz its so ichy

  • Asmita Chakraborty
    Asmita Chakraborty 9 days ago

    Tyler abducting Safiya’s shampoo is the best thing ever. I need a man like that.

  • Harrypotter Hogwarts

    I can tell your a Ravenclaw just like me

  • J is the Best
    J is the Best 9 days ago

    your hair looks more shiny

  • Isabella Aguilar
    Isabella Aguilar 9 days ago

    who else thinks tyler is so honest to saf

  • Phoenix C
    Phoenix C 9 days ago

    I probably use nearly twice the amount of shampoo as I do conditioner but I only have medium length hair. I just like all of my hair to be soft 😁

  • Daisy Raven
    Daisy Raven 10 days ago

    You are not meant to wash your hair everyday because it will get rid of your hairs essential oils and make it greasy, so you are meant to wash your hair every other day

  • Emee Stacy
    Emee Stacy 10 days ago

    I think the Shine goal was reached, because I think the hair looks REALLY shiny now, but that might just be the lighting or it might just be what I’m seeing.

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 10 days ago

    I think I spelled that wrong

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 10 days ago

    it looks much shinier

  • Delaney Amsden
    Delaney Amsden 10 days ago

    Now I wanna take a shower...

  • J&L 101
    J&L 101 10 days ago

    I think your hair looks shiny and soft

  • Alexis Cameron
    Alexis Cameron 10 days ago

    it does look more shiny I think. like, pretty shiny, not greasy of course.

  • ayana isabella
    ayana isabella 10 days ago

    Your hair looks more thick than before! ;)

  • Karlie Purser
    Karlie Purser 10 days ago +1

    6:40 Lol

  • Karissa Lucas
    Karissa Lucas 10 days ago

    It looks soft straight and shiny...

  • Isabel Schmitt
    Isabel Schmitt 11 days ago

    wow! it does look really SAFt

    im sorry for that really bad pun\

  • Soha Shah
    Soha Shah 11 days ago


  • -Insert Name Here-
    -Insert Name Here- 11 days ago

    Edit: i have oily hair too. At this length and color, i literally look exactly like a young Severus snape. Not kidding.

  • Dom Lombardo Music
    Dom Lombardo Music 11 days ago

    Next video: Mixing together all of my hair care products!

  • Hanne Øie
    Hanne Øie 11 days ago

    we usually buy 1 conditioner and two shampoo's

  • timvanhuis72
    timvanhuis72 11 days ago

    It feels really SAFT

  • Kelsey Lewis
    Kelsey Lewis 11 days ago

    I guess you could say your hair was..... SAFt
    I have absolutely zero regrets about that pun.

  • sroxq
    sroxq 11 days ago

    you should have called your conditioner ''saft''

  • Lilia Hara
    Lilia Hara 11 days ago

    This may sound weard but my mom loves your voice

  • Mizmo La
    Mizmo La 11 days ago

    Your not meant to wash your hair everyday , your meant to 3-5 days so your scalp gets to make natural GOOD oils .

  • molly finkel
    molly finkel 11 days ago

    HER HAIR DEFINITELY GOT STRAIGHTER!!! i bought this after and my hair was so fucking soft!!!

  • Dinisha Dinesh
    Dinisha Dinesh 11 days ago

    Wait, do people use shampoo every single day? OMG I only use it once a week, is that bad?!

  • Nicole Morcos
    Nicole Morcos 11 days ago

    I wish I had that I have curly hair and it needs help asap

  • 민성Min-Seong
    민성Min-Seong 11 days ago


    *That's An Interesting Name!*

  • annabella tombleson
    annabella tombleson 11 days ago

    It looks more loose then before

  • Griffon Wright
    Griffon Wright 11 days ago

    I bought this shampoo and it make me break out in hives so idk, it didn’t really help with my hair and it’s crazy expensive.

  • Jordyn Tempel
    Jordyn Tempel 11 days ago +2

    9:41 "Your hair looks very, SAFT"

  • e l l a
    e l l a 11 days ago

    The things saf says 😂
    like Viking hair!

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 12 days ago

    This is the second time I wanted to buy something but I couldn’t because I live in Denmark 😥

  • Games n' Stuff
    Games n' Stuff 12 days ago +1

    Her hair is Saft(I'm not sorry)