Will This Trick Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • someBODY ONCE TOLD ME...
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    References/Further Reading:
    www.bbc.com/future/story/20150420-the-strangest-sounds-in-the-world / www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/illusions-and-curiosities/200906/phantom-words
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Comments • 4 525

  • Fun With Neighbors
    Fun With Neighbors 4 hours ago

    I was scared with the caugh

  • Blinkkd
    Blinkkd 7 hours ago

    Dude that’s just all star converted to a midi file

  • Taryn Carlson
    Taryn Carlson 8 hours ago

    I can't here the words and I've heard the song

  • Carla T
    Carla T 9 hours ago

    Am I am alien if I didn't hear All Star at first? Haha

  • Adriana Fernández
    Adriana Fernández 9 hours ago

    Is it weird I don’t hear the thud but feel it?

  • Fat Mantatee
    Fat Mantatee 12 hours ago

    But I don’t know the words... and I didn’t hear it

  • Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ
    Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ 15 hours ago

    None of these illusions etc. worked on me. I swear to god I must be retarded in some way.

  • Shizuka
    Shizuka 19 hours ago

    What the actual

  • Pup Pup444
    Pup Pup444 21 hour ago

    I didn’t hear the thump at all with the jump roping...

  • Jxden
    Jxden 21 hour ago

    Do color illusions

  • Moonwolf 3000
    Moonwolf 3000 21 hour ago

    What is allstar

    INFIRES MAN096 23 hours ago

    At first I don't actually understand what's going on but any sec past IT FREAKE OUT A BIT when the piano talk

  • Kapkan
    Kapkan Day ago

    I can hear colors now

  • FireGamerGT
    FireGamerGT Day ago


  • Always . Nancy
    Always . Nancy Day ago

    Do more

  • kpop snatched my wig

    I didnt hear the thud. Probably cuz ive never been in a situation where something has made that much noise lol

  • Yeng Pachow
    Yeng Pachow Day ago

    I now know the lyrics because I could hear them

  • ANDMES team
    ANDMES team Day ago

    I know one say but how like 10× faster don't let the word mess

  • Sauceysavageflame
    Sauceysavageflame Day ago +1

    1:37 I heard it with headphones on but I couldn’t with them off.

  • Robert Melton
    Robert Melton Day ago

    Boy or girl : What did you see first? And which one is it?

  • Robert Melton
    Robert Melton Day ago

    Theres a reason why
    The person who copied the notes to the song and the lyrics has voice in it.

    MILDA VILK Day ago

    Blue and black

  • Massimo Perotti
    Massimo Perotti Day ago

    hey y'all stole that piano thing

  • Subatomic Warhead

    I did not understand

  • Fakey McFakers
    Fakey McFakers Day ago

    I didnt hear the lyrics or hear the piano saying words does this mean my brain is stupid?

  • Upsidown Baroh/Browns

    I wasn’t looking at the words on the talking piano and I still heard words that one was fake🤨

  • Guter Preuße
    Guter Preuße Day ago

    Ive never heard this shit but I still hear a voice

  • Melinda Virosteck

    I know all-star, but didn't hear voices, just the melody.
    And I didn't hear the thud with the jumping cell tower either....
    Anyone with me? I also heard both lani and laurel, back and forth randomly, and definitely when looking at a certain word as its being played....
    Am I crazy? Yes, but not necessarily because of this...

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Day ago

    The talking piano sounds like puma from mine craft storymode

  • Mighty XavierTheStar

    Ear Rape

  • Avaco
    Avaco 2 days ago

    Jesus man I’ll hear the things when you give me time to listen stop talking bro

    AWEAEGIS 2 days ago

    This is a lie. And I tested it

  • SloppySlime31
    SloppySlime31 2 days ago

    If what I’m hearing is only piano, then why do I hear the lyrics when I don’t know the song...

  • mac.kobun.Y Bonne
    mac.kobun.Y Bonne 2 days ago

    If you have mental and auditory capacity, and you play the speeding up rhythm long enough, you'll be able to catch the 'moment' the previous tone slows down disappear.

  • Liam Fisher
    Liam Fisher 2 days ago


  • Tarquinio Prisco
    Tarquinio Prisco 2 days ago

    "Can you hear it?"

  • Tiberiu Rus
    Tiberiu Rus 2 days ago

    Problem is i did know the song but i didn't get that reaction from the brain. So perhaps it has exceptions

  • Okidoki
    Okidoki 2 days ago

    I cant hear

  • Ching Ching Chong Ching

    Do I fap to this?

  • Tyrese Fiedtkou
    Tyrese Fiedtkou 2 days ago

    lol, i i figured out this on my own already its amazing

  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly 3 days ago

    It’s like Yanni/Laurel

  • Cuddles the Cat
    Cuddles the Cat 3 days ago

    The talking piano makes my head hurt

  • Darius Cross
    Darius Cross 3 days ago


  • despacito
    despacito 3 days ago

    It's clearly depacito

  • Madakyu
    Madakyu 3 days ago

    Wtf lmao

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 3 days ago


  • EAGLEsquatch 934
    EAGLEsquatch 934 3 days ago

    My question is, hasn’t everyone heard all star at least once

  • xOmqYT
    xOmqYT 3 days ago

    I can't hear his voice at first and I love this song

  • Andrada Albu
    Andrada Albu 3 days ago

    They put vocals in the all star track oh boy

  • The Living Embodiment WEIRD!

    i see different colors when I hear different sounds

  • Gregory and Zethan Nell

    I heer guiter and vocals

  • Ollie Box
    Ollie Box 4 days ago

    Well maybe if you shut up we might be able to hear things

  • lolrekt 43
    lolrekt 43 4 days ago

    2:08 wtf

  • N
    N 4 days ago

    the fast music gave me extreme anxiety omg

    HAHAHA 4 days ago

    I hear Yaurel..

  • Jenalei Fifita
    Jenalei Fifita 4 days ago +1

    So scary!!!!

  • Green
    Green 4 days ago

    The cough scared me lol

  • Daniel harman
    Daniel harman 4 days ago

    Was it just me who didn’t hear anything more than someone randomly slamming the piano keys at the beginning?

  • mohdsukri binramli
    mohdsukri binramli 4 days ago

    wtf I didn't hear the song of all star at this video but after I heard the song video all star now I heard the singer voice after a I replayed it

  • DefaultSkin Priorities

    This is scary kinda 😰😰😰

  • Think How
    Think How 4 days ago

    It just sounded like a broken piano.

  • killer knight
    killer knight 4 days ago

    I'm can't hear

  • Angrywolf 378
    Angrywolf 378 4 days ago +1


  • White Roses
    White Roses 4 days ago

    0:53 holy shit that's creepy my eyes are tearing up

  • GigiSan
    GigiSan 4 days ago

    Imho callng the talking piano an audio illusion is wrong, as it is just a poor sampling of an audio track.

  • karen cashio
    karen cashio 4 days ago

    I don't hear it

  • Ozan Gürbüz
    Ozan Gürbüz 5 days ago

    drawings are so funny :D

  • Kai Strachan
    Kai Strachan 5 days ago

    Creepy asf

  • Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make

    o, how interesting and informative

  • ivan18723
    ivan18723 5 days ago


  • Original Limz
    Original Limz 5 days ago

    OMG I coughed at the exact same time as the man did, coincidence?

  • Paige Austin
    Paige Austin 5 days ago

    some *BODY*

  • Adult Onset Diabetes

    “Do you hear it?” Mf continues to talk and doesn’t let me hear shit

  • cari medina
    cari medina 5 days ago

    I can't hear the words

  • { Daisy }
    { Daisy } 5 days ago

    *YaNnY oR LauReL?????*

  • HawkeyeJ *
    HawkeyeJ * 5 days ago

    They made a piano talking thing about the periodic table song too!

  • The Redstone GOD
    The Redstone GOD 5 days ago

    I didnt only hear the thud i *FELT* it

  • ThatKid Minor
    ThatKid Minor 5 days ago

    Synesthesia is much more than just hearing and seeing things in tandem. Also if you’re going to credit every other video in this and not credit the original USclipr who discovered this phenomenon and posted it three years ago, who’s video you got that audio clip of smash mouth is from, than I will for you. usclip.net/video/ZY6h3pKqYI0/video.html there’s the original video the smash mouth clip is from

  • Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim 5 days ago


  • Theres a Crack
    Theres a Crack 5 days ago

    Really nigga

  • Skyler B
    Skyler B 5 days ago

    I literally didn't hear any lyrics to All Star and I've heard the song probably 40 or 50 times. All I heard was terrible noise I barely even picked up the tune. I definitely picked up the second one (piano).

  • Kirill I
    Kirill I 5 days ago

    Can't hear the words, it's just an awful piano jibberish!

  • no , i don't want a name

    The only reason I couldn’t hear the electricity pole thing thud was because you kept talking over when it landed

  • Ashley Pace
    Ashley Pace 5 days ago

    no is real at first i didnt know the song so i didnt hear anything then i looked it up then i heard it

  • Keti Zamtaradze
    Keti Zamtaradze 5 days ago

    my ears are not same as what they are talking about to happen

  • Laina Scott
    Laina Scott 5 days ago

    I watch the whole shrek movie played on a piano

  • redbullgirlly1
    redbullgirlly1 5 days ago

    This is what it is like watching tv with closed caption, when you're hearing impaired... The second part, where they showed the words...that is often what things sound like without watching words or peoples mouths.

  • Hexa Coyerrr
    Hexa Coyerrr 5 days ago +1

    Yes I understood *everything*

  • Reagan Appolis
    Reagan Appolis 5 days ago

    That name of the first song please.SHREK inspires me

  • Lil Leslie
    Lil Leslie 5 days ago

    I hear green needle.

    BANGTAN-VELVET JUNGRI 5 days ago +1

    I think its creepy lolololl

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T 6 days ago +1

    sound, ears, music, audio, acoustics...god I love this channel. most exciting thing in life is MUSIC!.

  • MinecraftyLemon Lime


  • Rea Sibat
    Rea Sibat 6 days ago

    The descendants of 'Yanny or Laurel'.

  • Cody Raina
    Cody Raina 6 days ago

    who else got freaked wit the picture when that beat started speeding up😂😂😂

  • KyreneUnderCover 51
    KyreneUnderCover 51 6 days ago

    I hear the somebody onces told me the world wad gonna roll me

  • No Copyright Music - Free Audio Library

    That piano is awesome

  • Eric Tohtsoni
    Eric Tohtsoni 6 days ago +1

    The piano sounds like PAMA

    • Eric Tohtsoni
      Eric Tohtsoni 6 days ago +1

      Like if you’ve completed season one Minecraft story mode

  • Alexa Doodles
    Alexa Doodles 6 days ago