Chef EATS POPCORN While Watching Video of Himself Get Insulted! | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Ross Barrett
    Ross Barrett 5 days ago

    Eric couldnt cook a fuckin sausage.

  • Benjamin Tran
    Benjamin Tran 5 days ago

    I ordered saLmon

  • LesbianWednesdays
    LesbianWednesdays 8 days ago

    the producers obviously gave them popcorn. what do you expect them to do with it?

  • Colt T
    Colt T 10 days ago

    Dude what a pig

  • Andrew Brannen 5
    Andrew Brannen 5 18 days ago

    A HOCKEY PUCK! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Alexthecutiepie
    Alexthecutiepie 21 day ago

    I bet that popcorn tasted better than all of PJ’s dishes before the change

  • Tawana Scott
    Tawana Scott Month ago

    Everyone else was eating their popcorn so, why couldn't he eat his popcorn is my question?

  • Alex Matthew
    Alex Matthew Month ago


  • Kyle Rivers
    Kyle Rivers Month ago

    I haven’t seen this episode, do they fire the useless chef??

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran Month ago

    Why did Ramsey have a camcorder when he has a camera crew behind him?

  • Pyrex Tv
    Pyrex Tv Month ago +1

    Best fucking thumbnail ever

  • Matthew Prestia
    Matthew Prestia Month ago

    She ordered Salm inn!

  • klaudia :v
    klaudia :v 2 months ago

    wtf that angle looks like he was filming from his dick

  • Noelhall88
    Noelhall88 2 months ago

    Nino can fry eggplant

  • MUFC
    MUFC 2 months ago

    Come on big guys got to eat

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z 2 months ago

    Disgusting chef. Eating popcorn while watching a clip of their restaurant’s customers’s replies of the bad food, then have the balls to DISAGREE????

  • Freak Walking
    Freak Walking 2 months ago

    Soo Gordon Ramsay and Jon Taffer need to do a kitchen/bar rescue. That would be make for an interesting show.

  • iBegg_
    iBegg_ 3 months ago +3

    Professional camera crew: *exists*
    Ramsay: *uses camcorder*

  • Cabana -0
    Cabana -0 3 months ago +2

    Well if ur gonna show something in the theater u gotta have popcorn

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 3 months ago +1

    Absolute mad lad 💯👌

  • Nuj 21
    Nuj 21 3 months ago +1

    I love how Gordon’s holding a camera while there’s a crew of cameras behind him

  • THEIAN11
    THEIAN11 3 months ago

    I’m not really a popcorn guy. I’d be slaying some sour punch straws. 💁‍♂️

  • Moto . Kid
    Moto . Kid 3 months ago

    1:29 I like the audio work. He seemed very enthusiastic about tha- *BULLSHIT*

  • Gamebot
    Gamebot 3 months ago

    Gordon I see potential. Just get a better camera and then you can become a professional vlogger

  • AdisPlays
    AdisPlays 4 months ago

    More like Cinema Nightmares

  • Tovarasa Ceausescu
    Tovarasa Ceausescu 4 months ago

    Current mood:

  • ellisdtrails420
    ellisdtrails420 4 months ago

    I bet that popcorn was feckin RAWWWWWW!!!

  • Fortune
    Fortune 4 months ago

    The title sound like a porno

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 4 months ago

    NOT funny

  • Haretz tj
    Haretz tj 4 months ago +5

    Dayum Gordon Ramsay is a better vlogger than Logan Paul xD

  • Just Pathetic
    Just Pathetic 4 months ago +1

    Can I have some of that popcorn please?

  • Spirit Song
    Spirit Song 4 months ago +1

    Pathetic fat pig.

  • WhiteWolf496
    WhiteWolf496 4 months ago

    Nino wouldn't eat popcorn, because he wouldn't be getting insulted... because he's Ninooooo

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper 4 months ago

    My mudda and Ninooo ended up frying it

  • all my friends are dead

    Eric looks really round

  • George Obi
    George Obi 4 months ago

    Sal Men?

  • Knowledgeofphilly
    Knowledgeofphilly 5 months ago

    Take it easy on this guy he's slow he's not all there and you all know it

  • SariaFan93
    SariaFan93 5 months ago +1

    Eric was eating popcorn while he was getting his ass reamed on the movie screen. What a perfect response for the piss-poor chef. I would have canned Eric long ago if I were in their shoes. It's bad enough there's only two cuts of steak in this "steakhouse."

  • Mouse four
    Mouse four 5 months ago

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  • Xotic Beats
    Xotic Beats 5 months ago


  • Miranda N
    Miranda N 5 months ago

    this is fucking me

  • apbrit2009
    apbrit2009 5 months ago

    Nino would fry the eggplant

  • MrSpartanspud
    MrSpartanspud 5 months ago

    Fat pig.

  • ZekkoStar22
    ZekkoStar22 5 months ago

    Where’d he get the popcorn?

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  • 🌹 Rosie Rose 🌹
    🌹 Rosie Rose 🌹 5 months ago

    Where’s nino?

  • scaf
    scaf 5 months ago


  • Κικιώνης Κωνσταντίνος

    title looks like the title of a fetish video.

  • Jennie Wright
    Jennie Wright 5 months ago

    Who tf says salmon as Sal Mon, the L is basically silent 😂

  • Yaoigeddon Apocalypse
    Yaoigeddon Apocalypse 5 months ago

    Did she just say "saL-mon?"

  • Salsa Guacamole
    Salsa Guacamole 5 months ago

    God why didn’t this happen yet?
    Simon Cowell make a dish and Gordon rate it.
    Gordon Ramsey sing a song and Simon rate it

  • Weed Toking Crew- We Toke Chronic

    Get your popcorn piiimp 🍿 put popcorn in front of me and see what happens

  • Joan De Arc
    Joan De Arc 5 months ago

    That popcorn tastes better than the food.

  • Juger
    Juger 6 months ago +1

    Me when looking back at my poor life decisions

    btw Gordon lowkey becoming a vlogger

  • Im Happy
    Im Happy 6 months ago

    How dare he

  • Melissa Ruiz
    Melissa Ruiz 6 months ago


  • Lil' Potato
    Lil' Potato 6 months ago

    Me when I watch my grades go down

  • Aidan O'Brien
    Aidan O'Brien 6 months ago

    Ramsay comments is where I feel safe

  • thekillw
    thekillw 6 months ago +5

    I never thought my favorite chef will go to were I live. I was so exited when I knew that he came. I went to that restaurant. It’s crap.

  • Potato Boi
    Potato Boi 6 months ago

    Nino would have not eat any popcorns

  • Nathan Thomson
    Nathan Thomson 6 months ago

    The guy who said I want to slap Eric then fucking do it

  • Yop K
    Yop K 6 months ago

    The filter tho

  • Jimmy Cen
    Jimmy Cen 6 months ago

    Lmao the video title couldn’t be any more catchier

  • Assasin Sniperman
    Assasin Sniperman 6 months ago

    I mean i would of ate the popcorn too.

  • The Prodigy
    The Prodigy 7 months ago

    a camcorder in 2017?

  • Ezra F.
    Ezra F. 7 months ago

    Mai muddah ahn faddah ended up fwying et!

  • creamy potato
    creamy potato 7 months ago

    he gains 10 pounds of ego

  • Cepheus IV
    Cepheus IV 7 months ago

    me irl

  • annie Akslo
    annie Akslo 7 months ago

    I love how they make them eat popcorn while watching people insult them and then put it in the title as if the chef was just being a bitch

    LORD ALPHA 7 months ago

    Owner wanted to snack the chef ??? Boy do i wanna see that

  • Edie Jane
    Edie Jane 7 months ago

    Nino popped that popcorn

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 7 months ago

    Eric you fat pig!!

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 7 months ago

    Someone should punch that woman for pronouncing salmon with the l

  • CPF Juan manuel
    CPF Juan manuel 7 months ago +1


  • Jamal Kitten
    Jamal Kitten 7 months ago

    Why is this me though?

  • Rigoberto Rios
    Rigoberto Rios 7 months ago

    When u and ur fireteam try Vault Of Glass but Gorgon Ramsay's in the way

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 7 months ago

    Maybe he was just hungry

  • Kian Tube
    Kian Tube 7 months ago

    When take
    the *eats popcorn meme

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M 7 months ago

    Sal Mon?!

  • SuperWheatley
    SuperWheatley 7 months ago

    That's asshole probably can't cook popcorn properly

  • ResidentFan Evil
    ResidentFan Evil 7 months ago

    Why question is why...Why make the customers look like they are in the wrong? The customer is always right.

  • Vihainen Tonttu
    Vihainen Tonttu 7 months ago

    Man: "Slow, Cold, Not too good, Wouldn't go back"
    Gordon: "This is incredible"

  • asomenarutofan5 69
    asomenarutofan5 69 7 months ago

    everyone in the world thinks your food sucks "my foods not that bad"

  • kelpylogan
    kelpylogan 7 months ago

    now give me the video so i can eat popcorn watching him

  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood 8 months ago

    Is it weird that made me want popcorn?

  • TomTom651
    TomTom651 8 months ago

    Me when I pretend to not not care
    Edit: “I wanted to turn around and smack Eric in the mouth” 😂😂😂

  • Small Moustache Man
    Small Moustache Man 8 months ago

    Who the hell says camquarter in 201x???

  • AppleBottemGs
    AppleBottemGs 8 months ago

    Just imagine if you got stoped by Gordon On the street

  • EJ Demon kid
    EJ Demon kid 8 months ago

    It feels like he will beat up every customer who comes into his restaurant from now on, since he knows they will talk shit behind his back after they find out how bad his food is

  • António Margalho
    António Margalho 8 months ago

    Corn is a big part of a pigs diet ... just saying.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 8 months ago

    Looks like Eric dosnt give a fuck then just sat ramming pop corn in his fat pie hole thinking it's a joke.!!

  • H L
    H L 8 months ago

    1:19 “sal mon”

  • Uto Resa 519
    Uto Resa 519 8 months ago

    And that is not giving a single fuck.And honestly in a society that criticizing to everything it's pretty useful

  • Xx I'mAWomanI'mAWomanYesIAm xX

    OK, this is straight up hilarious

  • Semira
    Semira 8 months ago


  • Michael Brewer
    Michael Brewer 8 months ago

    What a guy laughing and eating popcorn while watching those video

  • Hentai_Fapper_Supreme
    Hentai_Fapper_Supreme 8 months ago

    The Popcorn better not be FROZEN!!!

  • Darlene Greywolf
    Darlene Greywolf 9 months ago

    Should have made him eat own cooking! No laughing then!!!!

  • Golden Life Gaming
    Golden Life Gaming 9 months ago

    funny how camcorders were a thing back then

  • Sebbie webbie 4690
    Sebbie webbie 4690 9 months ago

    He probably fucked up the pop corn to.