Best Laughter Moments - Sonic Adventure DX - Game Grumps Compilation

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • Froggy fishing. Amy's sexy dance. The robot voice. SO MANY AMAZING MOMENTS!
    This compilation features Danny & Arin's wonderful laughter moments during Sonic Adventure DX. So many classic Game Grumps moments during this one!
    As always, this Game Grumps compilation features my personal favorite laughter moments. It isn't intended to be comprehensive, and my fellow Lovelies are always encouraged to go watch the originals!!
    Link to the Sonic DX playlist:
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  • Brian Donovan
    Brian Donovan 22 hours ago

    I remember playing this game at summer camp and I too was like, WHAT IS THIS SHIT!!!!!!

  • supermario373
    supermario373 Day ago

    The way they mimic the lip sync is killing me

  • InAnotherCastle The OTHER other account

    wAtCh OuT! yOu'Re GoNnA cRaSh!
    A A A H

  • AscensionUSA
    AscensionUSA 2 days ago

    This playthrough is really meaningful to me, because not only did i grow up with Sonic games, but this was the first time i started watching the grumps and i was also beginning my senior year of highschool at the time... ah good times

  • EliteDeltaTeam
    EliteDeltaTeam 7 days ago

    Wow, this game is shit.

  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez 8 days ago

    I guess I have something else because taco bell didn't cure my diabetes

  • Júlíus Ólason
    Júlíus Ólason 9 days ago

    Fuck you arin
    Sorry it autocorrected and I can't be bothered to fix it

  • Braden Hempen
    Braden Hempen 11 days ago


  • Ryan Holmes
    Ryan Holmes 12 days ago


  • Ryan Holmes
    Ryan Holmes 12 days ago

    43:55 then he's FUCK

  • Loli Hunter
    Loli Hunter 14 days ago

    Fuck Yea Arin

  • Soul Akai 41
    Soul Akai 41 15 days ago

    52:22 Best song ever!

  • Etho the Creative
    Etho the Creative 15 days ago +1

    Arin at 0:43: What the fuck is happening?
    Sonic a few seconds later: *Aw yEaH, thIs iS HapPenIn’!*

  • Bloodmuzzle
    Bloodmuzzle 18 days ago +1

    Everytime time the music gets to the "I wanna fly high🎵" I just imagine the lyrics being replaced with "Somebody kill me🎵"

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 19 days ago

    Real talk I absolutely loved sonic adventure battle 2 as a kid. I heard the pumpkin hill theme recently and I nostalgia tripped hard

  • Ethun Boo
    Ethun Boo 20 days ago

    I died at this part 13:09

  • Caitlin Sylvester
    Caitlin Sylvester 20 days ago

    9:49 Oh.. hey NiGHTS, when did you get here?

  • Queen of the Bunnies
    Queen of the Bunnies 20 days ago +3

    The phrase liquid pee really disturbs me. there another kind of pee???

    • Anton Hartman
      Anton Hartman 8 days ago

      Solid : pee ice
      Gas : steam, whatever was considered waste

  • George Robins
    George Robins 21 day ago

    “Is it good?”
    “No! It’s horrible!”

  • Hallow Tempest
    Hallow Tempest 23 days ago +1

    I honestly don't care what anybody says but I fucking LOVE this game. You can say I'm blinded by nostalgia but I can literally go back and play this whenever and love every second of it.

  • HauntedRaincoat
    HauntedRaincoat 24 days ago

    If you watch this and then Oneyplays version its a totally different vibe.

  • Payton at the Disco
    Payton at the Disco 29 days ago

    I would love a SA2 compilation as well. I actually enjoyed that game myself

  • xXTheFinalNukeXx
    xXTheFinalNukeXx 29 days ago

    fuck you Arin... I mean fuck yeah

  • Ereince
    Ereince Month ago

    Oh, yeah! This is happening!

  • Agatha Derry
    Agatha Derry Month ago

    better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked
    good one!

  • i Crabby
    i Crabby Month ago

    fuck yeah arin...

  • Barret Privateer
    Barret Privateer Month ago +1

    This game was amazing when I was 6

  • Leevi Kukkonen
    Leevi Kukkonen Month ago

    How to play sonic. Just hold forward and nothing else. Otherwise shits gonna get fked up.

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man Month ago

    56:28 Guys... im fucking dying to know what was censored with *pizza!* . Can someone tell me

  • A lost /k/ommando
    A lost /k/ommando Month ago +1

    Aw man this gonna be so awesome when they finish the graphics

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. Month ago +1

    I love this horrible, buggy, horrifying mess of a game

  • oldschoolduelist12
    oldschoolduelist12 Month ago


  • Ethan Fiske
    Ethan Fiske Month ago

    For all of these problems I had feels to everyone ease playing this game. They musta had some garbage luck.

  • Orcish Lemonade
    Orcish Lemonade Month ago +13

    56:18 Remember all of the shit that guy got because Arin and Dan didn't understand that the gem locations were randomized?

    • Philip Krusto
      Philip Krusto 16 days ago +1

      CopyCat Like the man said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you want a big following on USclip then you have to have some accountability for the things you say to them.

    • CopyCat
      CopyCat 18 days ago +3

      +Nandi Moozle It was still pretty irresponsible of them to include his actual name in the video. Its sorta like dans comment about "We're just two idiots on the internet why does anyone care??"
      They fail to realize they're actually influential people with a huge following. Them shitting on the game makes people not want to experience it for themselves and form an opinion which is why people were mad. Including that guys name too just shows how they just don't understand how big they actually are.

    • Nandi Moozle
      Nandi Moozle 18 days ago

      I member, but tbf he should put that in the walkthrough, or don’t make a walkthrough for the god damn KNUCKLE STAGES

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man Month ago +1

      Orcish Lemonade What was his name? They censored it with the arin screaming *pizza!*

  • The Slammy Boi
    The Slammy Boi Month ago +2

    I'm so confused, my copy of the game is awesome.. wtf IS this lmao

    • Mantorok
      Mantorok Month ago +1

      Sonic Adventure 2 is entertaining to extent. I enjoy it better than the old ones, save for sonic cd.

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man Month ago +2

      I believe you played the dreamcast version. Feel free to correct me if im wrong

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago +2

      +Mantorok that one sucks just as much. I don't know what special copy he has but he should make a rom of it so that people can analyze it.

    • Mantorok
      Mantorok Month ago +2

      you might be playing Sonic Adventure 2

  • LoneJett /// memelord
    LoneJett /// memelord Month ago +1

    Those twelve dislikes are tseries fans

  • The Media Raptor
    The Media Raptor Month ago +3

    Seriously. How did we think this game was good?! (I like it as a so bad it's good sorta game)

    • Chandler VanFossen
      Chandler VanFossen 24 days ago +1

      It hasn’t aged well. A good game can have problems.

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago

      +D.M.G. 2D games have their fair share of problems too.

    • D.M.G.
      D.M.G. Month ago

      +Jolly Reaper I'd say that applies more to 3D ones,although there are exceptions
      The formula works better, WAY better in 2D ^^

    • Marito Fuentes
      Marito Fuentes Month ago

      Some Sonic fans Still think it's goof

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago +1

      simple, when we first played the games we were stupid little ankle biters. I can say without a shadow of doubt that there isn't a single good sonic game, this is because sonic games are flawed by design (fast paced exploitative and filled with 101 stage hazards that you can't see coming) but there are a few well made games like sonic mania, although the base gameplay is still flawed the game was well made in terms of controls graphics level design music and all that jazz. Anyway i'm getting side tracked, my point is that even though sonic games are objectively bad, I still have a blast playing them because I grew up with them as a kid.

  • redyoshi777
    redyoshi777 Month ago +8

    1:20:58 And it's at this point that Arin, Danny, and me at home, lose their shit. I've never laughed so hard XD

  • glasspumpkin553
    glasspumpkin553 Month ago +1

    I can't believe i was watching this back in 2015 jesus

  • Ashy Washy
    Ashy Washy Month ago

    1:25 sept 11 twin towers, colourised RIP

    • No Items
      No Items 23 days ago +1

      9/11 jokes don't belong here

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Month ago

    Fuck yeah Arin...

  • Carly Marcin
    Carly Marcin Month ago

    BLESS YOU FOR THIS! I was waiting for a laughter comp from this game!

  • Sam Soderlund
    Sam Soderlund Month ago

    Episode 47 finally finishing froggy, but the first 8 episodes were for the other characters...

  • Mozata
    Mozata Month ago

    15,000 WAYS TO DIE

  • Lucky liars
    Lucky liars Month ago

    Fuck yeah Arin

  • Skull Grunt Silver
    Skull Grunt Silver Month ago +2


  • Lil’ Juana
    Lil’ Juana Month ago +1

    I have all of your compilations in a playlist. Thank you so much for making these

  • Captain John
    Captain John Month ago +2

    I honestly love this game and SA2. They're the only Sonic games besides the classics that I can stand to play.

  • Crystales
    Crystales Month ago

    "MY NAME BIG AND IM BIG" cracks me up so much every fucking time i rewound it like 3 times just to capture the pure beauty of imagining Arin smiling mid-sentence
    Edit, like what all the cool kids do: The entire Big Story makes me start coughing from laughing fjgdjfjghf

  • My Mad
    My Mad Month ago

    1:33:00 bathroom.exe

  • My Mad
    My Mad Month ago +6

    1:05:15 amys a great dancer

  • SirMuffinCat
    SirMuffinCat Month ago +1

    I look at this game today and wonder how the hell I ever enjoyed it so much as a kid lmao

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago

      you were a stupid little ankle biter just like I was. I loved sonic heroes on the PS2 and that game is 10 times worse then adventure. The game was made with a special engine that was supposed to make porting it to all the other consoles a breeze (originally made for gamecube ported to xbox and ps2) unfortunately the engine was awful causing serious problems with the game's hit detection. The PS2 version was the worst of the three and gamecube was relatively stable. In the PS2 games homing attacks hurt you instead of the enemy most of the time, the special abilities don't do much of anything (except power), you can run straight off the loops (Im serious about the straight part, you will clip through it and just run off in a straight line halfway through the loop) homing on to pulls just never works, and it's almost impossible to get on a grind rail (there is a whole level dedicated to grind rails over a death pit). None of these are isolated problems, they are very consistent in the PS2 version rendering it almost unplayable.

  • The Last Wind Waker
    The Last Wind Waker Month ago +1

    I had fun watching this. Did Arin have fun? Of the things he had, was fun one of them?

  • cRaZy J
    cRaZy J Month ago +4

    56:28 I love the censorship of the author's name who wrote the walk-through they're using. XD

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man 18 days ago

      cRaZy J What was it?

  • Aleksi Taunimaa
    Aleksi Taunimaa Month ago

    They call me pizza

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man 18 days ago

      Aleksi Taunimaa But what did they actually say??

  • Gyaretto
    Gyaretto Month ago

    I knew a Sarah Dicksinbutt, she was a blast.

  • Frank Da Tank
    Frank Da Tank Month ago

    this game really is the The Room of video games. its like a train wreck you just cant look away from

  • WallyWalrus
    WallyWalrus Month ago +3

    They need to play Sonic Heroes

    • Cringecity
      Cringecity 15 days ago

      WallyWalrus n yes. It’s a much better game than this

    • WallyWalrus
      WallyWalrus 26 days ago

      I didn't even know that was a thing, is that the one where you fight shadow at the end in space or whatever? I saw a speedrun of it if that's the case

    • Cringecity
      Cringecity 26 days ago

      WallyWalrus and adventure 2

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago +1

      PS2 version only please, it was the most broken version of the game, nearly unplayable because of some serious bugs with the collision detection and hitboxs.

    [WUT] JACKSON Month ago

    Fuck yeah arin

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen Month ago +1

    What are they saying around 56:30 that is covered up by "pizza"?

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man 18 days ago

      Disco Kid *BUT WHAT WAS THE NAME?*

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago

      +Disco Kid you're flexing has me confused on multiple levels.

    • Disco Kid
      Disco Kid Month ago

      Cody Allen no prob bro 💪🏽

    • Cody Allen
      Cody Allen Month ago +1

      +Disco Kid Oh duh haha thanks man!

    • Disco Kid
      Disco Kid Month ago +1

      You probably already know the answer but in case, they censored the name of the person that made the walkthrough that they were using.

  • JumpsuitDan
    JumpsuitDan Month ago

    1:01:00 AHHHH AHHHH

  • Punk Whale Gaming
    Punk Whale Gaming Month ago +6

    This game played by the Game Grumps is such a gift. Froggy Fishing is one of my favorite moments of this playthrough. Heck, pretty much Big's entire story is my favorite.

  • Aquire Currency
    Aquire Currency Month ago

    Ok does anyone know Sonics cannon last name or is it just the hedgehog because his cannon middle name is maurice I think so unless theres something else as his cannon name is Ogleby maurice the hedgehog

  • Morgatron
    Morgatron Month ago

    42:10 Fuck Yeah Arin

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago +1

    Also why is Kriss Kross playing in the background?

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago

    Oh hell yes

  • Crystal Goddess
    Crystal Goddess Month ago +1

    People don't defend the original Dreamcast version, that's a buggy mess, it's the re-releases on newer systems that people defend because they're not as buggy, but still buggy.

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago +1

      +Crystal Goddess I dunno man but if you go the the very beginning of the video it says sonic adventure DX directors cut right on the screen. I for one have the PC and gamecube versions and they both had the same bugs shown in the video.

    • Crystal Goddess
      Crystal Goddess Month ago

      +Jolly Reaper If that's the case, it'd be the Gamecube re-release, both the PS3 and 360 re-releases were almost bug free, and the bugs I experienced on both platforms were very minor.

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago

      they're playing the re-release. Hence the fact that it's sonic adventure DX directors cut.

  • SonicTv
    SonicTv Month ago +1

    Gotta Come Fast 😂😂

  • Celenia Celenia
    Celenia Celenia Month ago

    This game was my child hood....I guess then I didn’t know the difference between good and bad

  • Shai Mitchell
    Shai Mitchell Month ago +2

    One of the great series they’ve ever done hands down.

  • Griffin
    Griffin Month ago +1

    oh that hurt when arin missed that checkpoint and then immediately died lmao

  • Connor Sexsmith
    Connor Sexsmith Month ago +103

    1:14:06 Arin saying "This is agony" after the jazz music killed me

  • Squirmo 64
    Squirmo 64 Month ago

    Why dis monetized?

  • frostieisme
    frostieisme Month ago +8

    If a may, I suggest a compilation of 10 Minute Power Hour table items gags.
    Definitely would be some work with that though

  • StormyForest
    StormyForest Month ago +27

    1:20:00 The part most of us are here for

  • Mackenzie Bolliger
    Mackenzie Bolliger Month ago +7

    If I ever meet Dan I'm gonna ask him to talk in a French accent because tbh it kills me

    • Brandon Blackmore
      Brandon Blackmore 17 days ago

      You gotta make that happen
      also its great to see a RWBY fan in the wild!

  • Jordan Coffel
    Jordan Coffel Month ago +4

    I never had any of these glitches happen to me when i played and i feel like arin was a little too hard on the game. It is by no means great but its not bad either. It was a gamecube game. give it some slack.

    • Jolly Reaper
      Jolly Reaper Month ago

      it was a dreamcast game remastered for the gamecube and pc (maybe a couple more but those are the two I know off the top of my head) and I don't know what special one you have but ive played the gamecube on and the pc one and they have the exact same issues as in the videos. I would suggest trying to play the game now that you're older as when I was a stupid kid I never noticed any issues with the game either, except the glitch with the loop in the first level, that glitch happened without exaggeration every time.

    • Not Me
      Not Me Month ago +2

      Jordan Coffel Bruh this game sucks even for it’s time 😂

  • Roguespartan119
    Roguespartan119 Month ago +34

    Between the in game glitches, facial animations, and weird graphics. This game takes the cake as one of the most awkward games I have ever seen.

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 Month ago

    I love Dan's names

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 Month ago

    Just make a compilation of every episode start to finish. That whole playthrough was a laugh

  • ella indigo
    ella indigo Month ago +2


  • Wingus dingus
    Wingus dingus Month ago +1

    9:51 _im just rangs_ -Arin Hason

  • Lazy Lotus
    Lazy Lotus Month ago +22

    "That was almost as funny as watching you drink that liquid pee." Leigh Daniel Avidan 20whatever

    • Nandi Moozle
      Nandi Moozle 18 days ago

      Lazy Lotus it’s so fuckin weird seeing the Leigh part cause nobody ever uses his full name

  • Conor Berry
    Conor Berry Month ago +8

    This is the reason play testing exists 😂

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith 29 days ago +2

      This is the reason quality assurance is a thing

  • The Pun-Isher
    The Pun-Isher Month ago

    Bobs fried orphans and chickenage

  • Zesty Aardvarks
    Zesty Aardvarks Month ago +2

    This was the series that got me into Game Grumps.

  • Lishadra
    Lishadra Month ago

    This helped me get through my workday, bless.

  • Derek Wiedenheft
    Derek Wiedenheft Month ago +163

    1:01:04 one of Arins best freestyles ever

  • Trusty McCoolguy
    Trusty McCoolguy Month ago +37

    I love the fact that Arin forgot "heavens" could mean "sky"

    • UndeadFred
      UndeadFred Month ago +4

      That's not as funny though

  • Ironick
    Ironick Month ago +156

    the game isnt terrible. the game ENGINE however...jesus. like...dude. what the...and why...who approved that for use?
    EDIT: Oh and also the animations are terrible. Even for 1998. Super mario 64 was out at that time, and those animations were 1000 times smoother.
    EDIT EDIT: I take it back, this game sucks.

    • Bawbeh
      Bawbeh 13 hours ago

      i won't try to defend the animations, but the engine itself was much better in the dreamcast version, every port of it gets continuously worse

    • Mister Wuss
      Mister Wuss 16 days ago +2

      The last edit had me crying!

    • GeekStar
      GeekStar 29 days ago

      Sonic died with the last Sega Console if not even before.

    • A lost /k/ommando
      A lost /k/ommando Month ago

      It's one hell of a ride

    • Leah
      Leah Month ago +13

      Hope you enjoyed your enlightening journey

  • TailsPrower811
    TailsPrower811 Month ago +38

    That scene where Knuckles is slowly running then walking after Eggman, I swear that’s shorter in the Dreamcast version....

  • Bass Player Taylor
    Bass Player Taylor Month ago +15

    I can't wait until they play Sonic Adventure 2

    • ShyWarrior
      ShyWarrior 23 days ago +1

      +Tyv agreed

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith 29 days ago +1

      Oh absolutely since it's a way better game, or at least in comparison to this one.

    • Katie Whalen
      Katie Whalen Month ago +1

      Bass Player Taylor YES

    • Tyv
      Tyv Month ago +4

      Same, loved the game honestly, mostly for the Chao..

  • Sebastian Gheoldea
    Sebastian Gheoldea Month ago +1

    Thx for this compilation ❤

  • Surprised Unicorn
    Surprised Unicorn Month ago +2

    Haven’t watched more than a second of this video, but if the “Big the Cat” episodes aren’t here I *WILL* unsubscribe

  • TheeRobolime
    TheeRobolime Month ago +7

    I’m glad even as a shitty 7 year old I still knew this game was unbearable

  • jfarmand8
    jfarmand8 Month ago +3


  • Rachel Pena
    Rachel Pena Month ago

    I'm so happy this video was uploaded, this series was hilarious

  • Emmett Cooke
    Emmett Cooke Month ago

    Awesome comp choice man thank you

  • Eduardo A. Mangueira
    Eduardo A. Mangueira Month ago +14

    The title and thumbnail say it's a game grumps comp but this is actually ASMR