I'm SHOCKED by this Eyeshadow DUPE

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Hey guys!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! I’M SO EXCITED! Today I’ll be testing a DUPE for the Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow palette! Alter Ego just launched the Sahara Palette, which is supposed to be a perfect dupe for the Biba palette. I decided to test the palettes out side by side on camera! What do you guys think?! How good of a dupe is this? Leave a comment down below! I love you all so much!! xoxo
    $16 - Alter Ego Sahara Eyeshadow Palette - bit.ly/2kQQ7ck
    (They gave me a code!! Use code “ALLIE” for 10% OFF!!)
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    Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette, $129-bit.ly/2Vhw4VE
    Alter Ego Sahara Eyeshadow Palette, $16-bit.ly/2kQQ7ck
    (Use code “ALLIE” for 10% OFF!)
    Natasha Denona Gold Dupe: usclip.net/video/-C8YdfWGfv4/video.html
    Huda Beauty The New Nude Dupe: usclip.net/video/eAGXUPY0Vyk/video.html
    Drugstore Allure Winners: usclip.net/video/Q2ND7nfghI0/video.html
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil in Dark Brown-bit.ly/2VH5Eg6
    NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base in Light-bit.ly/2yti5yg
    Believe Beauty Volumin’eyes Mascara-bit.ly/2Um3ZZL
    Cover FX Gripping Primer-bit.ly/30hr9WA
    Believe Beauty Skin Finish Foundation-bit.ly/2MJZsiH
    E.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer-bit.ly/2MUhYny
    Covergirl TruBlend Undercover Concealer-bit.ly/32ClQPv
    Glossier Wowder in G11-G12-bit.ly/2EWBfPK
    Milani Silky Matte Bronzer in 01 Sun Light-bit.ly/2Od3HVv
    bareMinerals Gen Nude Blush in Beige for Days-bit.ly/2T0CyHc
    Essence Pure Nude Highlighter-bit.ly/2EMuGzm
    KKW Beauty Lip Liner in 90’s Supermodel-bit.ly/2koH9TD
    KKW Beauty Lipstick in 90’s Supermodel-bit.ly/2mcRSB7
    Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray-bit.ly/31vqJcs
    Bodysuit: Abercrombie-bit.ly/31yXF3N
    Nails: Essie “Wicked”-bit.ly/2ZXxPZJ
    Real Techniques Buffing Brush (GREAT SET): bit.ly/2Km8e6c
    BH Cosmetics Brush Set (GREAT SET): bit.ly/2KhjUqJ
    Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush: bit.ly/2Kj1g1z
    Tarte Smoothie Blender Brush: bit.ly/2KgQYyT
    Morphe M439 Brush: bit.ly/2UIhXaP
    Morphe M173 Brush: bit.ly/2Kn2atZ
    Sigma F64 Soft Blend Concealer Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off): bit.ly/2UICbBk
    Sephora Pro Mini Flawless Airbrush 56.5 Brush: bit.ly/2UMJZlG
    Morphe M405 Brush: bit.ly/2UFqTO9
    theBalm Double Ended Brush: bit.ly/2KjMAQ0
    BH Cosmetics 6 Brush (in this set): bit.ly/2KhjUqJ
    Morphe M441 Brush: bit.ly/2KjO10Q
    Morphe M433 Brush: bit.ly/2Kn4Ibx
    Sigma E25 Blending Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off): bit.ly/2D6tiHB
    Morphe M124 Brush: bit.ly/2KfTS78
    Canon 80D: amzn.to/2eKTkBw
    Canon 50mm: amzn.to/2nPh8dT
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  • Missy Maddie
    Missy Maddie 4 days ago

    does anyone know how to buy the alter ego palette if you don't live in the US? Love the tones in the Natasha Denona palette but it costs $180 where I live and thats just way way way too expensive!

  • Megan Box
    Megan Box 4 days ago

    The black in my Biba palette falls out too. It’s so annoying for an eyeshadow palette that expensive to keep spilling eyeshadow everywhere.

  • Atledos
    Atledos 4 days ago

    can you do makeover onee? that's my local brand

  • corinne apple
    corinne apple 5 days ago

    She looks so beautiful in that color of shirt!

  • Mouthy Mama
    Mouthy Mama 13 days ago

    Done. Sold. 🤣 and you are just absolutely beautiful. I’m so jealous of your full beautiful long lashes!

  • Ebony Griffin
    Ebony Griffin 13 days ago

    Absolutely loved this video! I found your channel while looking for bridal makeup but my wedding has come and gone and I still watch every upload 🙌🏻😊♥️ such great content! Thank you!

  • Tooba Khan
    Tooba Khan 16 days ago

    I am your new subscriber and I have ordered Sahara and Daydream from Alter ego on your recommendation! Loved how you reviewed the 3 palettes 💯♥️😍✨

  • tiffp323
    tiffp323 24 days ago

    Do u find there’s more glitter fallout from the shimmer shades in the Sahara palette???? Trying to see if they send influencers a higher quality palette. I love the colors I just want to know if the ND palette has as much glitter fallout from the shimmer shades as the Sahara palette... 🤔

  • Barb B
    Barb B Month ago

    Thank you for being so specific on your technique.

  • Wendy Rucker
    Wendy Rucker Month ago

    I’m obsessed with this eye look! I bought the gold dupe after your video now I’m gonna pick up this one

  • MzClementine
    MzClementine Month ago

    Yes love. I see a difference. Natasha’s is much nicer. Bold and blown yet neat. The other. Sorry, it’s cheap. Similar yes in color. That’s all. Not application.

  • Angelina Tutland
    Angelina Tutland Month ago

    Allie, I love it whenever you invite your husband into your videos BUT what I LOVE even more is when you change into your cute/silly character voice when you interact with him. So stinking sweet.

  • My life Over makeuo

    Love love love these videos!!! I actually just went to try buying the Sahara palette but the site is down right now. The timing of this palette coming out is perfect because I really wanted the BIba palette but I also want the tropic palette. If you were going to buy either the tropic or the Biba palette from ND, which would you buy?!

  • Emily Wentworth
    Emily Wentworth Month ago +1

    I would like to see a wear test on these videos to know how the dupe lasts throughout the day compared to high end!

  • Lucia Byers
    Lucia Byers Month ago

    Thanks God Alter Ego makes those wonderful dupes for us, it would break my banking account to spend that much money on a single eye shadow palette.

  • Eryn Desher
    Eryn Desher Month ago

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been lusting after the BIBA but I can’t justify the price at the moment. ❤️

  • TheYNirvana
    TheYNirvana Month ago

    Please could you find instore "dupes" for the Natasha Denona palettes? Alter Ego and similar brands that are just online tend ship to the UK (or the customs and p&p is ridiculously high) :'(

  • MuitoAmiga
    MuitoAmiga Month ago

    Girl, you have mad skills!!!! I’m obsessed with your tutorials and I’m not even a makeup person (although I’m pretty sure you’ll probably be responsible for changing that). I’ve been binge watching your videos and taking notes so I know what to look for when I go to the drugstore. Thank you. 😘

  • Tomahawkjack
    Tomahawkjack Month ago

    1. That look is amazing on you. You look great all the time, but this look is crazy good.
    2. Wish I had a man who seems as wonderful as yours.

  • lahphoto nwa
    lahphoto nwa Month ago +1

    129 bucks and the glue doesn't work? That would be a dissappointment.

  • Larin Boles
    Larin Boles Month ago

    The alter ego eyeshadows are the most messy eyeshadows I have ever used. There is nothing good about them and they do not last at all. It’s a shame when I see some of my favorite influencers push crappy products when you would never use them again. They are cheap and perform cheap. I am not trying to be mean but those are crap and they should never be recommended.

    • Allie Glines
      Allie Glines  Month ago

      Oh no! I’m really sorry they didn’t work for you. Mine have been really impressive! Thanks for sharing this! I’m sure the Alter Ego team would love your feedback to make things right. Have a great day! 💕

  • Valeria Strode
    Valeria Strode Month ago

    Drink every time Allie says something is "wild" 😂

  • Christi Meyers
    Christi Meyers Month ago

    Wow!! Yea not much of a difference! And besides if someone is that much into your personal space to know then I guess they deserve to find out.. LOL!! I’m as well now addicted to the Believe Beauty foundation !! It’s really awesome! Thanks for doing these videos. Love watching and learning from you

  • Kendall Moore
    Kendall Moore Month ago

    Love the black nails and your hair down! Gorgeous makeup as always!

  • MK Kanela
    MK Kanela Month ago

    So excited!! I just received my Sahara Palette and it's beautiful. I used your code :) THANK YOU ;)

  • Meg Aileen
    Meg Aileen Month ago

    Have you seen the Revolution Pro palettes?? Seriously, ALL I see when I look that them is the Huda palette & the Pat McGrath palettes!! Want to try more dupes? Lol

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas Month ago

    Connect with beauty/makeup vloggers on Phlanx

  • Kaylee Weber
    Kaylee Weber Month ago

    You are stunning. Awesome look.

  • Hope Carpintino
    Hope Carpintino Month ago

    I’m looking for a all matte palette in the colors Browns, reds, oranges, yellows, creams. Any ideas????

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson Month ago +1

    I appreciate these comparison videos. In addition to the make-up look you create, I would love a wear test to see how the dupe brand holds up throughout the day. What do you think?

  • Denise Trayah
    Denise Trayah Month ago

    Beautiful!!! Thats it!!! Thank you!!!

  • Sophie_Lyne Marseille

    I wish they could deliver in Canada 🇨🇦I would buy them all!!!!

  • Michelle Huff
    Michelle Huff Month ago

    Wow! Amazing dupe!

  • Vianna M
    Vianna M Month ago

    Obviously, very similar colors; and a lovely fall look. But can you address how well the Sahara colors wear? I need a make that lasts from 7 am to 7 PM

  • Ingrid Miller
    Ingrid Miller Month ago

    LOVE this eyeshadow color look! Just beautiful! I hope I can duplicate this. Awesome dupe!👍

  • Nat-Fab
    Nat-Fab Month ago

    Your husband is so sweet!

  • Guadalupe Butto
    Guadalupe Butto Month ago

    OMG!! I love your lashes!!! 😍😍

  • The Johnstons
    The Johnstons Month ago

    Autumn gorgeousness! Love 💕 this look! Sometimes eye primer leaves a sneaky little sticky spot. I’ve found that to be true with Shadow Insurance, CG Lid Lockup and also MAC Paint Pots.

  • marxalenina
    marxalenina Month ago

    This is great Allie. Would you do side to side swatches next time? I think that’s the only thing I feel was missing from this review.

  • Mirjana Bozhinovska

    Hope you glued in that black shade! :)

  • Marie Weissgerber
    Marie Weissgerber Month ago +4

    They are no dupes, this is copycat! So disrespectfull for Natasha’s work! 😢

  • katherine H.
    katherine H. Month ago

    i like the Natasha denona side better. it's smoother en prettier, in my opinion :)

  • Pariza Zj
    Pariza Zj Month ago

    How much i want to buy this pallete but unfortunately they dont deliver globally 😢.. i love this look of yours

  • Kathryn
    Kathryn Month ago +1

    🔥 DUPES are my favorite, especially when done like this! 🔥

  • Sharon Peckham
    Sharon Peckham Month ago

    So I just have to tell you that the voice you do sometimes with Tylan just KILLS me!

  • TJ Marks: Books and Beauty

    OMG! I love this, because I like the colors in ND palettes, but I can't afford the price tag.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves Month ago

    You have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. Gorgeous!!

  • Lexie Shumaker
    Lexie Shumaker Month ago +1

    Loveeeee this fall look. I’m so into the burgundy eyes!!

  • Maria Lizzi
    Maria Lizzi Month ago +1

    Hey fellow viewers. I’m a little nervous about ordering from a website with only four products 😂 nobody has had any bad experiences ordering from this site have they? I’m so into this palette!

  • AmyLee Brooks
    AmyLee Brooks Month ago

    THANK YOU for sharing another OUTSTANDING video/tutorial with us! Unbelievable, dupe is AWESOME! Hugs & Blessings 2U!

  • Stephanie Reibling
    Stephanie Reibling Month ago

    Beautiful look!!!

  • Tina Bahena
    Tina Bahena Month ago +1

    “Aw did you have a little finger nail situation!?”
    “Yeah I messed it uhhp”
    Soooooo cute!!!! Lol 😂💖👌❤️
    P.s. I LOVE the eye look! You did such a good job 💖👌💖

  • blueshoes915
    blueshoes915 Month ago +1

    I want a machine that does my makeup for me in 5 minutes flat. Someone please invent that.
    Thank you, Allie. Love the eye look. Wish I had your skills. 💕

  • Nadine F
    Nadine F Month ago

    Wow! Very similar. I wonder if the ingredients are comparable and where each palette was manufactured. Thank you for sharing, Allie :)

  • Malrocks
    Malrocks Month ago

    I just finally ordered the goddess pallet Monday 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Miriam Wagner
    Miriam Wagner Month ago

    Gosh you two are so cute, I can't get over it 😭😭😭❤

  • catherine towns
    catherine towns Month ago

    The black shade fell out of my biba pallete too 😭😭😭 I think it’s just such a delicate and soft formula

  • aprildgaf83
    aprildgaf83 Month ago

    I really need them to dupe the Metropolis palette. Because that palette is GORGEOUS but mama is not paying $129 for eyeshadow lol

  • Maria Kamal
    Maria Kamal Month ago

    I looooove love love this look and honestly I can't tell the difference ❤️❤️

  • Madi Hokit
    Madi Hokit Month ago

    Love your personality so much! Congrats on 500K, you deserve it!!