Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2017
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    LOGAN, you've lived through experimental surgery, countless bullet wounds, an atomic bomb, and EVEN Bodily Disintegration from Jean Grey. But in the end it's your sweet metal exoskeleton that causes your demise? So sad! But there's one little issue - Logan is WRONG! Sure he may be getting poisoned by his metallic upgrade, but in the end, that's not the issue. Then, what's REALLY Killing Logan?! You're about to find out.
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  • Doctor Games
    Doctor Games 4 hours ago

    Why doesnt the healingfactor repair his bumpers

  • Dragoy
    Dragoy 6 hours ago

    You know what’s killing Wolverine? *Age. Age kills Wolverine.*

  • Kristen Teague
    Kristen Teague 6 hours ago

    i cant wacth it its rated r im 11

  • Pythois
    Pythois 7 hours ago

    legit his genes would just heal themselves matpat... your so stupid for once

  • hung low
    hung low 14 hours ago

    Dude in the movie they expain that the government is putting something in the food & water to suppress there the movie......

  • thehairymountain

    Great!!!!!! Applying Medical Science to Make them, Comic Book Characters more understandable!! HATS OFF TO YA!! GREAT, GREAT!! Thanks!!

  • MetanoiaAm
    MetanoiaAm Day ago

    TL;DR - With your theory, Logan's healing factor should have killed him earlier, not elongated his life, do to too much cell division. And if not, he would have experienced genetic degradation that should have left him crippled and deformed. And if his healing factor could have healed even that damage, then it would have the ability to know what Logan's should be like psychically, even without the rest of Logan's DNA to tell it what to do. And if It could do that, then age would have no power over it, and Logan would be for all intents and purposes, immortal.

    Your theory supposes that the "X Gene" is located in a part of the genome that is susceptible to age, like a normal Humans. Except that Logan is 200 years old, give or take a decade, and has gone through more trauma then any 100 people in existence. Surely he would have regenerated so much, cell-divided so much, that if his healing factor could be taken out this way, he would have not had an elongated life, but a shortened one, his healing factor forcing him to regenerate constantly as his healing factor is always working non-stop, and his cells dividing until his healing factor cut out, and he stayed dead; premature aging also should have occurred, not elongated youth as we see in the movies. But let's then assume the possibility that the "X Gene" exists at the core of the genome, making it one of the last markers to be destroyed by cell division. Then A) It wouldn't have been affected yet, because B) why didn't Logan experience huge genetic degradation, and potential deformities as a side-effect? If all that was left was the healing factor, all the other markers determining Logan's appearance and the like, would have completely deteriorated before that, and Logan would have "healed" into a giant blob of semi-flesh, as there wouldn't have been enough genetic material left to properly determine Logan's form; there wouldn't be anything of substance left to heal because the rest of Logan's genetic code would have been gone or at least several compromised. He definitely wouldn't look like a hot Australian. "But the healing factor would fix those deformities" you might say. But how? The blueprint for what the "X Gene" is supposed to heal is gone. All that would be left would be the code to heal, with no knowledge of what to heal. The only option then, would be that the somehow, the "X Gene" itself could contain a copy of Logan's entire DNA within itself. This would explain Logan's constant youthful appearance, and why he always regenerate from things like the A-bomb into his "Hugh Jackman Form". But that is where all this falls apart. If the "X Gene" is at the core of Logan's genome, DNA, whatever you want to call it, so it isn't susceptible to age, and it contains a complete blueprint of Logan's DNA within itself to always build from then Logan shouldn't be being poisoned by adamantium, or lose his healing factor, or age. Really, at that point, Logan is Cell from Dragonball Z; as long a single cell of Logan's were to exist, he would regenerate back into Hugh Jackman every time. Some fans have suggested that the corn syrup that sterilized all the mutants, could have adverse effects on the "X Gene" in already existing mutants, and that is what caused Professor X's accident, and is what is suppressing Logan's healing factor. So, since Logan "died", like he "died in DOFP when he drown, he won't have access to corn syrup, his cells will continue to regenerate (at least the non-compromised ones; he still had a bit of healing factor, even at the end, so some of his cells are still perfectly fine; the ones that are fine will regenerate, and the ones that aren't will die off, making way for new healing factor functioning cells), until, days, weeks, months, years later, Logan would come back to life.

  • Cassie Meskel
    Cassie Meskel Day ago

    I’ve got a solution for the poisoning - drink coke, because it gets rid of rust

  • Andrew Truty
    Andrew Truty Day ago

    Bruh theres like seven different timelines in which wolverines adamantium has poisoned him.

    • Andrew Truty
      Andrew Truty Day ago

      Its also canon or was somewhere before rewrites and what have you, that without the adamantium his healing factor would be greater

  • Damien Klontz
    Damien Klontz 2 days ago +3

    Woo your saying is to sit around all day?

    Got that down

  • the King
    the King 2 days ago

    The question is will dead pool lose his regeneration to

  • The Elite Pickle
    The Elite Pickle 2 days ago


  • dac dax
    dac dax 2 days ago +1

    Stupid,,It's been too long that he have an alamantium and you said that its poisoning him

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose 13 hours ago

      thats cause back then his healing factor is countering the poison effect until recently he became old and his healing factor isint as good as they once were until it fully stopped

  • undertaker 666
    undertaker 666 3 days ago

    Plz just stop with the jokes

  • Carlos Vera
    Carlos Vera 3 days ago +3

    Wouldnt the healing factor heal the telomeres

    BLUE MOXIE 3 days ago


  • Fallout Assassin 75
    Fallout Assassin 75 4 days ago

    And the adamantium killed him... His healing factor was constantly fighting off metal poisoning so yeah

  • Fallout Assassin 75
    Fallout Assassin 75 4 days ago +1

    He's 197 not 140... Get it right

  • Big Duke6
    Big Duke6 4 days ago


  • TortoRacoon
    TortoRacoon 4 days ago

    7:28 is not grammar, is etymology

  • meme of the week
    meme of the week 4 days ago

    But can he just heal the thing??

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 4 days ago

    Good theory but we all know they wouldn't think that deep

  • Benjamin Norman
    Benjamin Norman 5 days ago

    Why wouldn’t those chromosomes bumpers heal. If he has the healing factor?

  • Yahaira Kuiperi
    Yahaira Kuiperi 6 days ago +11

    Nobody can replace Hugh in wolverine... Rather kill the character off then offend him with cheap actors.

  • mijk brak
    mijk brak 6 days ago +2

    You know you showed pictures of world war two WHEN saying he fought in world war one

  • East St John Secrets

    Wouldn't you think Logan would use his healing factor to heal his dna

  • Josh Swanson
    Josh Swanson 7 days ago

    Love the use of Binding of Isaac music!

  • Music Central
    Music Central 7 days ago +4

    I believe he was dying becayse of yashida stealing his adamantium, causing problems

  • ulas o
    ulas o 8 days ago

    If logan can heal himself, Couldn't he regenerate the bones back to his body?

  • Comics4life Production

    Wow said to say that we die

  • Kiitsune
    Kiitsune 8 days ago

    The best X-Men character is Nightcrawler fight me

    TRIPPY TIMMY 8 days ago +1

    8:15 how did this theory got so far from the topic and brought a third nipple growing at the middle of your body but still in the topic theory discussion. 🤣🤯

  • Chris Foisy
    Chris Foisy 8 days ago

    Movie was good but they fucked up badly killing Logan. The poisoning would have never killed him. Doesn't matter how long he lived or anything. Go back and read the comics. Wolverines healing power made him basically invulnerable to diseases, drugs and toxins and never stopped working. His healing power would have just kept healing him as long as he lived. Also there was a version where Logan powers are completely inactive however beast developed a cure that stops him from being poisoned from the metal. Also wolverine is considered as a self adaptive healer. That means the more trauma he takes the better he gets at healing. So even if the adamantine is poisoning him it's been doing it long enough now that his healing power more than likely adapted to it enough to nullify it completly. So suck a dick. The only way Logan can die as stated by professor Xavier in the comics is to cut off his head and keep it very far away from his body. So suck it twice..


  • Kg Gaming
    Kg Gaming 9 days ago


  • Spike Ghost1000
    Spike Ghost1000 9 days ago

    Titanium doesn't rust.

  • Lunertuner 9
    Lunertuner 9 10 days ago

    Its the adimantiam

  • H2O
    H2O 10 days ago

    The leftist agenda killed him.

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 11 days ago

    Wouldn't his healing factor heal his own Gene's

    • Patrick Mcdaniel
      Patrick Mcdaniel 7 days ago

      His healing factor and origins vary greatly. For example he's healed from a drop of blood he was literally destroyed and grew from a drop of blood

  • Rodrigo De Leon
    Rodrigo De Leon 11 days ago

    I dont agree becuase if it was his genes thingy breaking wouldn't his healing factor heal that so his things would never be gone

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor 11 days ago +1

    The metal was in him from the mid 70's not 140 years ago

  • Tangey1
    Tangey1 11 days ago

    This video is completely off the mark. They directly state why his healing powers (therefore, why the adamantium is poisoning him now) in the movie. Its not some crazy scientific explanation, its just that in many popular food products something has been put in to weaken or stop the mutant gene.

  • peter banner
    peter banner 11 days ago

    Here's a theory.
    *Your theory's are shit*

  • drexbow
    drexbow 12 days ago

    Does that mean that deadpool will die the same way, his cancer will eventually take over and he will die

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster 12 days ago

    Aluminum don’t rust tho

  • Amy Biedess
    Amy Biedess 12 days ago

    Ironny i get it🙂

  • J Wing
    J Wing 12 days ago

    Seems you forget that with cell mutations that even tho they are extremely rare like this video says, cells have several checking methods within them that check and correct any mutations (DNA copying errors). And get this each checking method the cell has each catches and corrects up to 99% of all errors. So this makes mutations in ones genes even Logan's impossible.

  • Dave Wind
    Dave Wind 12 days ago

    But he whas still able to Health as an old man maybe the high alchohol consumption maked HIM look older

  • rajendra prasad
    rajendra prasad 12 days ago +1

    Somebody fix Logan!

  • Montana DirtLife
    Montana DirtLife 12 days ago

    So if we modify the gens to have more of those bumpers we can do this ?

  • Salman Haider
    Salman Haider 13 days ago

    The real reason is he is getting old behind Hollywood.

  • K-Pop Stan
    K-Pop Stan 13 days ago +1

    Lol I got a walking dead app right after hearing Mat talk about him in the game. 😂

  • Ilija Kalinić
    Ilija Kalinić 13 days ago

    But how could he live a 100+ years? If his cells divided more quickly doesn't that mean that his healing factor would give away sooner (because of all the rapid healing from his adamantium poisoning and all his battle wounds)?

  • Dylan Downright
    Dylan Downright 13 days ago

    That game was so much fun!

  • Virgil_Sanders
    Virgil_Sanders 14 days ago +7

    But shouldn't the healing genes be able to heal them selves?

    • Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel
      Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel 13 hours ago

      +Virgil_Sanders maybe

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose 13 hours ago

      which the healing factor stopped functioning

    • Virgil_Sanders
      Virgil_Sanders 8 days ago

      +Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel well also I just remembered (cause I watched the movie again last night) that he died because the people put the mutant "cure" in the water system which stopped his power from working

    • Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel
      Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel 8 days ago

      Yes you are correct but There is a problem. You see a normal person also has regeneration factor but can't heal his Chromosomes

  • Jack Lex
    Jack Lex 15 days ago +3

    Movie : wooden spike pierce his body while he have admantum skeleton
    ME : is this movie a fake ?

  • Raise Ya Voice
    Raise Ya Voice 15 days ago

    Eh telomerase? Pretty sure as far as regeneration goes, he got them too

  • ISuckAtGames
    ISuckAtGames 15 days ago very fucking

  • DJ Babbu
    DJ Babbu 15 days ago

    You worth 50 million sub

  • Magnus Fundal
    Magnus Fundal 15 days ago

    I call bollocks.
    We're talking about a guy who can heal bullet wounds in seconds. Cell divisions don't work like that, hence all science can do is throw their hands in the air and say "We don't know crud".
    For all we know, Wolverine *would* be able to keep his telomeres long (and heal all other signs of aging). This is a small stretch compared to surviving a gunshot.
    For all we know, he *would* be able to keep it up indefinitely. You can put some technobabble labels onto it, but it's essentially magic.
    I'm much more satisfied with the idea of the corn suppressing his superpowers.

  • Yamir Mathur
    Yamir Mathur 17 days ago +1

    Yeah but wouldn't his healing factor heal the cells

    • Leo Farina
      Leo Farina 14 days ago

      Yamir Mathur the healing factor just creates more cells to replace the dead ones, it doesn’t heal the cells

  • Irunzedh
    Irunzedh 17 days ago

    haven't rewatched Logan in a wile, may do so for fact checking what I'm about to write.. but i doubt it, but I believe it's hinted at in the movie that whatever company was actually manipulating food crops to deal with the mutant problem.

    Should of read the comments before posting... pretty everyone else is pointing this out... oh well.

  • Winter Schnee
    Winter Schnee 17 days ago

    The Dollar Shave Club bit made me die laughing.

  • Zarzokima Vl Jr.
    Zarzokima Vl Jr. 19 days ago

    Am i the only person who think why wolverine dont have adamantium teeth

  • Ian Penrose
    Ian Penrose 21 day ago

    4:57 when thanos snaps

  • Crazy Boy5000
    Crazy Boy5000 21 day ago

    But can’t he heal the dna that is how he really heals right

  • Alan O'Leary
    Alan O'Leary 21 day ago

    Suicide squad 2 _F$__#k_ "WOLFY ". CANADIAN ,MINISTRY of "NATURAL" RESOURCES ? EWE ASS ET(?) EH 🏆😵 (please ! My "NOSE ?) . AHAHA LALA ✌

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 22 days ago

    The metal has over taxed his healing & it began to & continued to falter. It was no longer able to regenerate his youth as well as eventually his physical health & it may haven even ravished his body with toxicity & caused it to break down very fast. Like a crack addict, if you noticed crackheads can change & seemingly rapidly age in less than 5 years lol nuff said

  • azron 453
    azron 453 22 days ago

    Well he died at age 150 yrs old, he beat captain America👏👏🤣.. They maybe brother in arm on WWII🤔🤔

  • Matthew Santos
    Matthew Santos 22 days ago

    the real reason Logan is dying because of plot wants him to.

  • Small Gopnik Slav
    Small Gopnik Slav 23 days ago

    Maybe the mutant abilities can only last for as long as the normal human can live, but the animantium let his life extend for too long and now he is relying on the fading man-made healing factor.

  • Trevin Wiest
    Trevin Wiest 24 days ago

    He's 197 years old in LOGAN not 140. Just so you know.

  • Chatty Yaz
    Chatty Yaz 24 days ago

    Rust and old...what a shit explanation....and shit vid...

  • KingChitas
    KingChitas 24 days ago

    The healing factor is healing his damaged cells and genes aswell so your theory is total fake and cancerous delete ur vid

  • Aziz Usmanov
    Aziz Usmanov 24 days ago

    He was 197 not 140

  • joshua park
    joshua park 24 days ago

    I thought that the reason that logan died is because that charles xavier effect his brian which that effect his healing factor

  • Sky Lord
    Sky Lord 24 days ago

    I have a theory in a different x-men the old guy stole Logan’s healing factor what if Logan’s healing factor didn’t come back all the way and that’s why Logan is sick.

  • geet mehra
    geet mehra 25 days ago

    What if his healing factors are extracted out from his body...?? Nobody knows what actually happened ❤️

  • SOA O.
    SOA O. 25 days ago

    Why they put wolverine to die? Wolverine healing factor makes him invisible. I am confused are they not supposed to lose their powers just like that?

  • Joratox Darkblade
    Joratox Darkblade 25 days ago

    “Adimantium ain’t killing Logan, old age is” that’s like saying it ain’t the gunshot wound that’s killing you it’s the lose of blood

  • Savagekiller21m
    Savagekiller21m 26 days ago

    So wait can Deadpool die if his genes disappear and if so how can he live until 2099

  • Bro life
    Bro life 26 days ago


  • babyem
    babyem 27 days ago

    Nooo my brain/skull plate plz don’t rust 😬😬😬😬😬

  • Seigeda Moment
    Seigeda Moment 28 days ago

    It’s funny because they explain in the comics that he doesn’t have a healing factor that it’s much more stronger then a healing factor it’s a survival factor so his body doesn’t heal it self it adapts to survive

  • Joe Abitz
    Joe Abitz 28 days ago

    It’s bc logan gave up on living he didn’t want to heal so his body didnt, even when he did want to heal in his mind he knew he had nothing to live for.

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen 28 days ago

    Logan fought in the civil war matpat

  • Coeurduciel
    Coeurduciel 28 days ago

    But, if Wolverine had the gene to heal himself, why it doesn't heal his cells ?

  • The Crafting Skywalker

    logan is very old so he has already lived a verrrrrry long life

  • NoaimboTmLGplaye
    NoaimboTmLGplaye 28 days ago +2

    But the Helling factor is Healing the genes too

  • spotter broom
    spotter broom 28 days ago

    It can’t be the metal poisoning because his claws would be rusted too

  • yung_ltry gamer
    yung_ltry gamer 29 days ago

    Nah in the next movie the cells will just heal them self let's face it, IT'S A MOVIE (HE FINNA LIVE)

  • Seng Nava
    Seng Nava 29 days ago

    Logan has brain damage that affects his healing power?

    SHIVAM GOKOEL 29 days ago

    What about deadpool?
    Should he not lose his powers too

  • GamingSkylar Shorts
    GamingSkylar Shorts 29 days ago +2

    Wow... all of these comments like really suck. They're either SUPER positive, giving actual explanations and solutions, or they are just boring. CAN I GET ANY COMEDY HERE?!

  • Jake Harper
    Jake Harper 29 days ago

    wouldn’t his healing factor repair his telomeres before his genes would wear down to his healing factor gene?

  • KillaMan Shank-One
    KillaMan Shank-One 29 days ago +2

    Odin should've brought Wolverine to Asgard and made him a God, imagine him with a pair of thunder-charged Adamantium claws, wouldn't that be a spectacle?

  • toxic fluid
    toxic fluid 29 days ago

    This turn from a normal video to my science class

  • BO3467's games
    BO3467's games 29 days ago

    Matpat is there a way to alow the bumpers the come back

  • lego juan productions
    lego juan productions 29 days ago +1

    is this school

  • Joseph Marxen
    Joseph Marxen Month ago

    What's killing him is his claws. He said that they hurt when they came out. It doesn't heal as fast when he does his thing. CASE CLOSED.

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson Month ago

    U know the girl got the metal in her too so that mean that she never grow up because metal dont get bigger?