Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2017
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    LOGAN, you've lived through experimental surgery, countless bullet wounds, an atomic bomb, and EVEN Bodily Disintegration from Jean Grey. But in the end it's your sweet metal exoskeleton that causes your demise? So sad! But there's one little issue - Logan is WRONG! Sure he may be getting poisoned by his metallic upgrade, but in the end, that's not the issue. Then, what's REALLY Killing Logan?! You're about to find out.
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Comments • 27 035

  • Peter LOL
    Peter LOL 39 minutes ago

    Logan was the worst x men movie

  • Ryan Cho
    Ryan Cho Hour ago

    I mean wouldn’t his healing factor cover for those broken down genes cells?

  • Siaco -Tek
    Siaco -Tek 5 hours ago

    I thought it was his own immortality

  • Johny Merg
    Johny Merg 8 hours ago

    Thank you for these videos. Amazing work

  • Thantrios
    Thantrios 8 hours ago

    The poison in the food supply probably didn’t help either

  • Salvador Calderon
    Salvador Calderon 11 hours ago

    But coudent his healing factor heal his cells? Who aggress with me

  • Philip G
    Philip G 13 hours ago

    He has also fought in the revolutionary and civil war and also includes Vietnam and WWI and WWII

  • Wavy Bone
    Wavy Bone 22 hours ago

    Nah he wanted to die the little girl said Charles said so he didn’t even want to use that green drug

  • TXC Quickcobalt
    TXC Quickcobalt Day ago +3

    In the comics his healing factor is always fighting off the adamantiam poisoning and gets weaker as he ages

  • Rami El Murr
    Rami El Murr Day ago

    Can't he just regenerate the DNA

  • David Matos Rivera

    Avengers infinite war and avengers. End game. Sonic trailer

  • Michael Aggison
    Michael Aggison Day ago +1

    "Adamantium poisoning.
    That's gotta be it, bub".

  • 69 muncher
    69 muncher Day ago

    Wat about deadpool

  • ImShiftyBiscuitPW

    6:23 What I dont know that

  • Marcus Licht
    Marcus Licht Day ago

    Short answer


  • FakedKetchup
    FakedKetchup 2 days ago

    This is not true. You said that he would heal the poisoning, but wont heal the damaged and corrupted cells ?

  • Oli S.C.A
    Oli S.C.A 2 days ago

    He could of revived his genes

  • Kenny Sanspariel
    Kenny Sanspariel 2 days ago

    what about the movie where that guy took away his healing ability?

  • Gameralto Steryy
    Gameralto Steryy 2 days ago

    The thing that is killing Logan is drugs

  • mikey teston
    mikey teston 2 days ago

    Dude my name is logan

  • Finn W
    Finn W 2 days ago

    Wouldn't his healing factor just regenerate his telometers?

  • Digital Phoenix
    Digital Phoenix 2 days ago

    Have yet to watch the video, I’m betting it’s his alcohol consumption.

  • Amy S.M
    Amy S.M 2 days ago

    So Harry Styles had some of this problems, cause you know...four nipples and all

  • Jav Freche
    Jav Freche 3 days ago

    well say if your theory about Logan is true then couldn't he go to a person in the X-men universe that could repair his genes couldn't it repair his genes????

  • Freeman Pennington
    Freeman Pennington 3 days ago +2

    As Logan got older according to the comics his healing Factor Got weaker but the adamantium actually did affect the healing for according to the comics

  • Freeman Pennington
    Freeman Pennington 3 days ago

    Actually Logan's healing factor is slowed down by the adamantium without it he would have eventually it became extremely feral and lost his human side which is what eventually happened to Sabretooth and others like wolfsbane

  • Freeman Pennington
    Freeman Pennington 3 days ago

    Actually it is adamantium poisoning adamantium which is nothing more than vibranium B is extremely poisonous the only thing that's more poisonous than that is carbonadium which is also Radioactive according to the comics

  • Kristin Hill
    Kristin Hill 3 days ago

    Dug it’s age

  • htb plays
    htb plays 3 days ago

    Is this the same for deadpole

  • Matthew Polito
    Matthew Polito 3 days ago

    Don't they say in the movie that they're poisoning mutants leading to their extinction and Logan's healing factor depleting.

  • Darth Watermelon
    Darth Watermelon 3 days ago

    How can Logan be 140 years old if he fought in every major us war?

  • BLaZing Games
    BLaZing Games 4 days ago

    You should have Put gambit in intro

  • Isaiah Rucker
    Isaiah Rucker 4 days ago +3

    So lemme get this straight, the loss of telomere is what ages us?

  • Roblox Coder
    Roblox Coder 4 days ago

    I am in 200019

  • Josh Dunne
    Josh Dunne 4 days ago

    In the movies he was born in 1812 i'm pretty sure. And Logan is set in 2029, so he'd be 217 years old. Not 140 years old. I think

  • FireFox Fiero Zorro
    FireFox Fiero Zorro 4 days ago +3

    Huge Ackman.
    Anyone know that one?

  • Hunter80843
    Hunter80843 4 days ago

    adamantium is still a huge factor since his body is fighting that off, so if he didn't have any sure he would still lose his healing power but he would live so much longer

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict 4 days ago +4

    Hugh Jackman is the perfect Wolverine

    But I really wanna see Keanu Reeves play Wolverine (I don’t even care if it’s not related to story of X-men)

  • Noah Schneider
    Noah Schneider 5 days ago

    I come from the future

  • Sonic the blue gamer

    We’ll wolverine can’t age so the Logan thing is in a different universe so did you do research?

  • somerandomperson 29
    somerandomperson 29 5 days ago

    But can't telomeres be repaired? If wolverine survived this long he probably was able to repair them

  • Chill Guy
    Chill Guy 5 days ago

    Rip me

  • Lawfulsquash 776
    Lawfulsquash 776 5 days ago

    My name is Logan i swear to God my name is Logan

  • Dark Mustard
    Dark Mustard 5 days ago

    Wouldnt the telomere heal back

  • WeCareALot
    WeCareALot 5 days ago

    So basically epigenetics?

  • Arim Steenbrugge
    Arim Steenbrugge 5 days ago

    Wouldn’t the tilomeres just regenerate due to his healing powers? So when a mistake is made it cuts part of it off and then regenerates it.

  • Ethan Querin
    Ethan Querin 6 days ago

    He must have been in a lot of pain the whole movie. But he literally slices his skin open every time he pops the claws so his tolerance is really high

  • 3655bubba
    3655bubba 6 days ago +1

    Adamantium has been poisoning him from the get go. It's highly toxic. His healing factor was way better before the Adamantium.

    • Ben Fogg
      Ben Fogg 5 days ago

      Not really true. Carbonadium is 1 thousand times more poisonous than adamantium. None of u all have ever read the comics apparently

  • Nikki Griffin
    Nikki Griffin 6 days ago

    so even Wolverine can die of old age

  • Clone_boy CT-27-5555

    Hey Matpat can you make a theory about Pacific rim Jagers? Please

    • Trent Radovcich
      Trent Radovcich 5 days ago +1

      Heck yay man I’ve requested thAt so many times!!!!!!!!!!! Do it Mathew Patrick!!!!!

  • Scotty Scottish
    Scotty Scottish 6 days ago

    Uh, no. Spindle fibers separate the chromosomes, not telomeres

  • Guvyyg Vuhh
    Guvyyg Vuhh 6 days ago +1

    Just gold plate titanium implants. Is rly that ez.
    Gold is stupidly inert and you need rly strong acid combinations to disolve it. And there is no way in hell you are going to see in the human body concentrated sulfuric and hydrochloric acid without... well... dying... in a very painfull way
    Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel, plus, its oxides look rly nice (it can range from blue to yellow, from green to pink). The only downside is the price.

  • Jollyman
    Jollyman 7 days ago

    If Wolverine is dying doesn’t that mean that Deadpool is gonna die as he turns older because they both have the same healing factor

  • Error White
    Error White 7 days ago

    you said "By them Cells"
    (OMG puns)

    SLJREB YHTTAT 7 days ago

    I didnt need to imagine someone with a 3rd nipple

  • kigu killer
    kigu killer 7 days ago +26

    But matpat his healing factor would just heal his DNA

  • Financially Devestated Trump

    this video made me quit the channel

  • dusty
    dusty 8 days ago

    This doesnt explain how he can regenerate his pants!

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake 8 days ago


  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett 8 days ago +6

    Hey I'm from the future 2 years from now. I saw this movie and it was a very good movie
    But the ending broke me down in tears. R.I.P Logan/ wolverine. 2000-2017 thank you hugh Jackman.

  • sansoiram
    sansoiram 9 days ago

    Wolverine would be so op if he didn't feel pain

  • Temporary Account
    Temporary Account 9 days ago +1

    In wondering if he ht somebody with the claws they would scratch his skin and how do they stay on XD???

  • marcus arvidsson
    marcus arvidsson 9 days ago

    hmm i dont understand because in the movie ''the wolverine'' the super samurai took his adamanitum and he became normal again?

  • Scoped Bambi
    Scoped Bambi 9 days ago

    He is dying because he got nerfed no other reason, if it was poison he would of healed it, if it was dna he would of died at 126 not 170s, if it was slowed aging he wouldn't of stopped aging at 30 for 100+ years, more importantly would be if you could cut him in half would he of regenerated into two? I would assume he would, so all the times deadpool gets blown up or sliced up there should be like 40,000 of him by now if not 40,000,000,000,000 due to him trying to kill him selves for the lolz But he has his own issues that should also limit him due to the healing powers also healing the cancer at the same rate so he should just be a super fat tumor in a matter of days.

  • skys rim
    skys rim 9 days ago

    Logan was born during the 1800

  • Ernest Oglesby
    Ernest Oglesby 9 days ago

    Poor scriptwriting. Growing a clone with adamantium bones ? Shoving a tree branch through an adamantium ribcage ? Can no one do a comic movie right?????

  • :p why
    :p why 10 days ago +1

    Wait wouldn't the healing factor heal the dna

    AQUAA 10 days ago

    If this is whats klilling logan than matpat...can the same thing to deadpool

  • Aka Manah
    Aka Manah 10 days ago +2

    But, aren't there 2 version of Logan after the events of Future Past? The one that stays in the past under the lake and the one that returns to the future?
    We see the past Logan in Apocalypse when Jane sets him free, recovers parts of his lost memories and them runs outside into the woods, but what about the Logan that returned to the future?
    Which Logan died? The past Logan or the Future Logan?

  • Blizzard VEVO
    Blizzard VEVO 10 days ago

    Old man Logan is in 2029. Iron mad died in 2023

  • Mukammel Chowdhury
    Mukammel Chowdhury 10 days ago

    He is dying from adamantium poisoning just hes only vulnerable to it now that he cant heal through it

    NASCAR PRO 10 days ago

    X theory

  • Luciel Raft
    Luciel Raft 11 days ago

    logan movie sucks

  • Bob Memed
    Bob Memed 13 days ago

    It makes sense that's matpat is Charles Xavier

  • The Critic
    The Critic 13 days ago +1

    Film theory idea adamant vs viburnum

  • The Critic
    The Critic 13 days ago +2

    You should use that intro more often

  • bctvr
    bctvr 13 days ago

    If aging and constant healing took away his healing ability, why would it not take his claws away too? Plus, wouldn't ultra healing imply that he would always replicate his dna perfectly? It still doesn't make sense.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    Was I hallucinating the scene where the bad guy with metal hand revealing they basically passed out an anti-mutant cure in the food supply??? Isn’t THAT the obvious reason he lost his healing factor?

  • Rishal Singh
    Rishal Singh 14 days ago +3

    I'm a wolverine fanboy...I refuse to believe this!!!His mutation didnt kill him,the writers did😭😭

  • Skymungar
    Skymungar 14 days ago +2

    why wouldn't his healing factor fix his dna?

  • TinyBlueCat
    TinyBlueCat 14 days ago +3

    Why doesn’t his healing factor heal the chromosomes?

    • Mo Fluent
      Mo Fluent 11 days ago

      same reason we dont heal our chromosomes.

  • Hyde Unleashed
    Hyde Unleashed 14 days ago

    Wonder how long he'd live without the adamantium

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 14 days ago

    *mat pat

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 14 days ago

    Not just you may pat

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 14 days ago


  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 15 days ago

    Well most of his ability was stolen by that insane maniac

  • Fuckety Duckety Truckety

    So eventually deadpools gonna finally die? Thank fuck

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 15 days ago

    The Fox Disney merger is killing him.

  • Twocactus
    Twocactus 16 days ago


  • King Elijah
    King Elijah 17 days ago

    Shouldn't have smoked all those cigars, huh bub?

  • B-Dad 8504
    B-Dad 8504 17 days ago +3

    His power is dampened by GMO. Corn. It suppressed his powers and so he did start to die from the metal covering his Skelton!

  • Carrie Parrish
    Carrie Parrish 17 days ago

    How old is scrooge mcduck and how is he still alive

  • Kalman Vannest
    Kalman Vannest 17 days ago +1

    Wait wouldn’t the healing factor repair the dna buffer over time?

    • Danell Austin
      Danell Austin 14 days ago

      Obviously not according to the movie 🤔

  • Dorian Coleman
    Dorian Coleman 17 days ago

    Wouldn't the telamires heal with his mutant power

  • Chris Cornell
    Chris Cornell 17 days ago

    It's the corn syrup in the alcohol that stopped the X-Men. It's hard to listen to people who think they are funny.

  • Elite Sargent
    Elite Sargent 18 days ago

    In xmen wolverine origin it stated that striker need logans powers for the pool (deadpool)

  • Jimbo Doomface
    Jimbo Doomface 18 days ago

    Not irony, adamantiumy.

  • Jimbo Doomface
    Jimbo Doomface 18 days ago

    Not just you, matpat. Not just you.

  • strikezrow
    strikezrow 18 days ago

    Well if you think about it, the poison was making him burn through cells at a higher rate. That may be what he meant by it "killing him." It's just causing him to age at an accelerated rate.

  • XxDeathThe KidxX
    XxDeathThe KidxX 18 days ago

    He did die but not from what ur saying it was from a bullet that killed most of his regen powers making him get old and ended up dying saving his daughter and her friends