No One Knows What 4 Cheeses Are In The 4 Cheese Ravioli | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Samuel Rosen
    Samuel Rosen 3 hours ago

    Why do these people even invite Ramsay in if they don't want want to hear criticism?

  • DatMat
    DatMat Day ago


  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez 2 days ago

    Damn luigi been eating them magic mushrooms

  • Brandon Kagan
    Brandon Kagan 2 days ago

    Anybody else get the feeling the chefs been there for 30 years? I wasn’t sure if he said it enough times

  • Justin Schweickert
    Justin Schweickert 3 days ago

    I T S A R I C O T T A C H E E S E

  • Green Ghouls
    Green Ghouls 4 days ago

    I swear, the quality of a chef's food is directly proportional to how good the chef looks. If he's a greasy guido, it's gonna be sloppy garbage.

  • RexTnova lel
    RexTnova lel 4 days ago

    The owners call Ramsay to they'r restaurant and then say that he doesn't know what he's talking about

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin 4 days ago

    It’s five cheeses but the title says four............

  • Loath Vision
    Loath Vision 4 days ago

    I don’t know why I just wanna give the waiter a big hug, he’s so adorable uwu

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 4 days ago

    Fat on fat

  • AnNoYInG HUmAn
    AnNoYInG HUmAn 5 days ago

    I liked how no one noticed the waiter said "it's a 5 cheese stuffed ravioli" the title says 4-

  • the lost star warrior

    Luigi-a-owns a- the resteraunt-a MAMA-MIA!

  • Unsolved22
    Unsolved22 5 days ago


  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf 5 days ago

    It's amazing how many of these chefs try to defend their dishes by claiming that they got compliments for them many years ago. Sure, you may have gotten compliments *back then,* but you're not being complimented *now!*

  • Nimal R Nair
    Nimal R Nair 7 days ago

    In the West the customers thank the waiters and all.

  • 7bteen 2
    7bteen 2 7 days ago

    Honestly, The pasta with the calamari and mussels looks so good .
    And i love that waiter

  • Drama Gamer
    Drama Gamer 8 days ago

    I dont need anybody to tell me my food is bad. Because I know its bad.

  • Arsyan Thirafi
    Arsyan Thirafi 9 days ago

    With all the arguments they have i guess this must be an "Italian experience" restaurant

  • XxYautjaBabexX
    XxYautjaBabexX 11 days ago

    *It'S fAt FrEe ChEeSe DiPpEd In FaT*

  • PBR Timepass
    PBR Timepass 12 days ago

    Not everybody's taste is same.. some likes spicy, some likes continental some likes less oily less spicy.. so everybody's taste is different.... May be cheffs taste is different from cheff Ramsay...

  • Græy Sheep
    Græy Sheep 12 days ago

    "fat free cheese dipped in fat"
    MaKeS SEnSe tO mE

  • Kurt Tobisa
    Kurt Tobisa 14 days ago

    Fat free cheese dipped in fat😂

  • Linda Small
    Linda Small 18 days ago +1

    You know its bad when you're vegetarian and youve never eaten meat and you can tell that's really bad fish

  • wap
    wap 18 days ago

    dude is the chef drunk or what...

  • A You
    A You 18 days ago

    “To give it to the Americans”. Fuck off gypsy, go peddle ravioli in Sicily.

  • Budimon
    Budimon 24 days ago

    Yeah - if you would be serving FRIED RAVIOLI to an italian or a sicilian - THEY WOULD FUCKING STAB YOU TO DEATH! Fried ravioli WTF????

  • journeyer58
    journeyer58 26 days ago

    When a person has lost their fire and passion, and won't take criticism on his cooking, they don't deserve to be in a kitchen: any kitchen! The doofus in this video takes umbrage at anybody criticizing 'his food!' But eveything Gordon was served was frozen or premade 2-3 weeks ago, defrosted and micronuked and served to Gordon as freshly made.

  • TheAnswer
    TheAnswer 28 days ago

    So they are basically just cheese Tostitos Pizza Rolls...🤔

  • dwaynneeyyy INC
    dwaynneeyyy INC 29 days ago

    The waiter is so kind and nice
    He has a good passion for his job

  • husna
    husna Month ago

    The waiter is so cute and gentle he doesnt deserve this

  • himiko toga
    himiko toga Month ago

    He’s really eating his food that he sent back 🤢

  • IC BM
    IC BM Month ago

    Why have 4 cheeses in it, it would mess up the taste of all the other cheeses.

  • Amazing kae
    Amazing kae Month ago

    It's a 5 cheese ravioli.......
    The vid says 4

  • Calvin
    Calvin Month ago +1

    *im gunna go on a diet*
    I’ll have non-fat cheese dipped in fat instead of regular cheese dipped in fat. Not eating fat should help me lose weight.

  • baby Xavier
    baby Xavier Month ago

    Is it me or every cook says we have the best food...?

  • XDr. Unknown X
    XDr. Unknown X Month ago

    Waiter looks like a fookin inoccent but owner is traitor and chiefs are detectives

  • Greg Dobson
    Greg Dobson Month ago

    They have to reboot this show.

  • Ryan sharlotte
    Ryan sharlotte Month ago

    Ah Americans trying to cook Italian food. 😂😅😂😅😂😆

  • Berdan Sarıgöl
    Berdan Sarıgöl Month ago +1

    4:21 "More tentacles than the, uuuuhhh-"
    *don't say hentai*
    *don't say hentai*
    *don't say hentai*
    " - the Sea World."

  • tylerlower
    tylerlower Month ago

    I wish the ads would be even more cringy than they are already

  • im stupid haha
    im stupid haha Month ago

    i can’t believe that they made a roblox shirt into a real thing 😳

  • Creative Juice
    Creative Juice Month ago

    Great chief never say their food good

  • Tiara Ross
    Tiara Ross Month ago

    Lol I don’t get why the chefs or owners get mad that Ramsey doesn’t like the food you’re not on kitchen nightmares because you’re food is good😂😂

  • GlitterStars_18
    GlitterStars_18 Month ago

    Eating raviolis while watching.

  • SDD525
    SDD525 Month ago

    Been doing bullshit for 30 years.

  • Wyo Drifter
    Wyo Drifter Month ago

    Give it to the Americans. Lol fuck you

  • Angelina
    Angelina Month ago +1

    Who else is binge watching this show on USclip?

  • B WanE
    B WanE Month ago +4

    2:38🤢🤢🤢 ... That's the Regurgitate Special.

  • Charles Asuncion
    Charles Asuncion Month ago

    That chef is idiot. .he looks high. .or he looks drunk. .tsk

  • Nick X
    Nick X Month ago

    One of them is likely frumunda cheese

  • ikea w
    ikea w Month ago

    That is his favorite word bland 😂

  • Joel Blake
    Joel Blake Month ago

    Fat free cheese dipped in fat. Because THAT makes sense.😑

  • Elmer Spudds
    Elmer Spudds Month ago

    fromunda cheese. 😁

  • F0r Ra3l
    F0r Ra3l Month ago +1

    My food is the best food ever made. Lmfao🤣

  • Bea Ner
    Bea Ner Month ago +1

    It’s an opinion if he’s a good chef?
    No it’s proven he’s a world renowned chef 100x better than him

  • Sarvo
    Sarvo Month ago

    I got a Chuck E Cheese AD on this

  • William Kirby
    William Kirby Month ago

    how many people has the chef "whacked"?

  • Drew T
    Drew T Month ago

    Nino would know all the cheese and then some

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray Month ago

    How stereotypical a Italian restaurant serving ravioli and a chef named Luigi 🤣🤣😄😄😄

  • quak3rjim2k7
    quak3rjim2k7 Month ago

    where do they get these sound effect for mushy food? LOL

  • Night OWL
    Night OWL Month ago

    I've never laughed more at a chef's attitude towards the truth lol

  • CuriosityFTW
    CuriosityFTW Month ago

    If you have to serve pre-made frozen food, why are you even in the restaurant business...???
    Also fat free cheese dipped in fat lmao

  • 101 owlman
    101 owlman Month ago

    Another arrogant, egotistical American, what a surprise.

  • TuckFrump
    TuckFrump Month ago

    Fried ravioli-“to give to the Americans”
    the fish-“that was a perfect dish dont tell me that
    The linguini-“that one there is the best dish on the menu...
    Why im fucking crying because of how stubborn he is i’ll never know🤣🤣🤣

  • Mike Redman
    Mike Redman Month ago

    More tentacles here than there are in Sea World-PRICELESS!

  • CLOSE1 Rocket League
    CLOSE1 Rocket League 2 months ago

    Every chef in nightmares.... my food is the best... meanwhile no customers

  • I am not a robot
    I am not a robot 2 months ago

    Luigi: My food is the best food ever made
    Me: bish i bet chef boyardee can do better, and his s*** is canned

  • Kaitlyn Hecker
    Kaitlyn Hecker 2 months ago

    “I’ve been in this business for 30 years.” He sai that like 5 times, like we get you’ve been in the restaurant business for 30 years and now you suck at it.

  • joek money
    joek money 2 months ago

    Bitch wasted the shrimp

  • joek money
    joek money 2 months ago

    That ravioli look fucking good with a THAT cheese 🧀

  • Nic Parker
    Nic Parker 2 months ago

    With all these immigrants I never eat out.. Ill cook at home.

  • MLG Buoy
    MLG Buoy 2 months ago

    Everyone's gonna ignore the fact that the chef's name is luigi?

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 2 months ago

    "where dafuq is that from Italy"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wolfie Potatoe ;-;
    Wolfie Potatoe ;-; 2 months ago

    Where's Mario?

  • Aqua •.•
    Aqua •.• 2 months ago

    After Luigi couldn't be in smash he started his own restaurant.

  • Games Only
    Games Only 2 months ago

    Yo we have skim cheese which is a fat free cheese dipped in a fat you bitch wat

  • George
    George 2 months ago


  • Knowledge Goddess
    Knowledge Goddess 2 months ago

    Chef Ramsey dont like no food before he changes the menu. Lol

    NICHOLAS_J_O_F 2 months ago

    Dipping fat free cheese in to fat is kinda defeating the purpose of fat free cheese

  • Boi
    Boi 2 months ago

    Skimmed cheese in fried ravioli... oxyMORONS

  • Ti Ju
    Ti Ju 2 months ago

    Foods just as bad as his attitude 🥶

  • MrSpeedweasel
    MrSpeedweasel 2 months ago

    Why's the waiter in Dilbert cosplay?

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 2 months ago

    This restaurant needed Nino

  • KJ Caramel
    KJ Caramel 2 months ago

    Luigi is one high fucker

  • help me for the love of shrek

    The sound effects are the real stars of the show

    DRAGON BALL FANDOM 2 months ago

    and where the fuck is that from in Italy

  • gaminglabrador5
    gaminglabrador5 2 months ago

    Luigi sounds like the dog from family guy

  • BatteryBarry
    BatteryBarry 2 months ago

    This man Luigi makin' a fool of the Italian heritage smh

  • Shadow_Elite
    Shadow_Elite 2 months ago +1

    "Fat-Free cheese dipped in fat"

  • Ava Dutton
    Ava Dutton 2 months ago

    4:09 he sounded like he was saying a spell like on Harry Potter 😂

  • T-Animations
    T-Animations 2 months ago

    Why does the 4 cheese ravioli look so good?

  • Lit Torches
    Lit Torches 2 months ago

    Why does every chef say my food is the best? Do they not know who the hell Gordon Ramsey is?

  • RevolutionRobbie
    RevolutionRobbie 2 months ago +2

    Even when the food looks like shite this show always makes me hungry as fuck. I'm such a fatass I swear...

  • Ava Val
    Ava Val 2 months ago

    4:06 IS HE ON DRUGS?!?

  • Fuzzy_FoxAndFuzzy_Dog
    Fuzzy_FoxAndFuzzy_Dog 2 months ago

    Omg is Luigi

  • Andrew Uy
    Andrew Uy 2 months ago

    ravioli ravioli give me the formuoly.

  • Boh !
    Boh ! 2 months ago

    This is an Italian restaurant, right? So... what the fuck is mahi mahi? Posso capire la pasta Alfredo, ma mahi mahi pare il nome di una macumba hawaiana. Hahahah boh vabbè

  • Chris p
    Chris p 2 months ago +1

    Ramsay should tell them he runs a 5 star resturant! so he knows what he's talking about

    • F2P to P2P
      F2P to P2P 2 months ago

      Chris p They all know, so that is why they called him "Chef Ramsay"

  • Daddy
    Daddy 2 months ago +1

    Nino, Nino, Nino, and Nino. I named all 4 cheeses.