Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Guess that prayer didn't do anything.
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  • *Gacha Radiant*
    *Gacha Radiant* 11 minutes ago

    I think I gagged when I saw the shit


  • lolasum sumi-san
    lolasum sumi-san 34 minutes ago

    Awww Ramsey kissing that old lady is so adorable. He's so fluffy and sweet on the inside.

  • lolasum sumi-san
    lolasum sumi-san 40 minutes ago

    "Our food is phenomenal"
    *And that's how you know the food is absolutely disgusting.*

  • Asian 101
    Asian 101 59 minutes ago

    At least the cooks arent angry like the other terrible resturaunt owners these resturaunt cook is so calm

  • Jim M
    Jim M 6 hours ago

    MMMM, eating meat products that pushed out FECES. Of coarse it smells like shit, the bacteria that was in the feces is still inside it. Intestinal tract is the left over shit for scavengers.

  • Jennifer Pyrce
    Jennifer Pyrce 7 hours ago

    "Everything on the menu is cooked to PERFECTION, there is nothing that is not PERFECT"! That's why we have NO business, LOL!

  • L’Enfant Sauvage
    L’Enfant Sauvage 9 hours ago +1


  • SpazzySpade
    SpazzySpade 9 hours ago

    “Finally some good fucking food.” The origin of the the meme!! xD

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 9 hours ago


  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 9 hours ago

    that thumbnail made me gag

  • smashingpumpkin1986
    smashingpumpkin1986 9 hours ago


  • dave Scopes
    dave Scopes 10 hours ago

    One of the rediculous things that Americans say. A room with NO Bath in it calling it a bathroom.

  • wantsome7655
    wantsome7655 12 hours ago

    No way in hell would I have tried those chitlins. I would have thew up from the smell alone.

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor 16 hours ago

    If you served me something that looked like that I'd probably start praying too. And I'm an atheist.

  • xGrifDog96x
    xGrifDog96x 16 hours ago +1

    Did she just put doritos on collard greens?

  • Phantom knight
    Phantom knight 17 hours ago

    All African American slaves had to eat was the part of the pig that the slave masters wouldn't eat but that was a survival tactic I really don't think people should be eating pig intestines or at least not so much of it.

  • Johnathan Douglas
    Johnathan Douglas 17 hours ago

    Chef Ramsey is a mess?... LOL


  • Morgen Perez
    Morgen Perez 19 hours ago

    Pray for ninoooo

  • JumpyWun
    JumpyWun 21 hour ago

    When people accuse White people of Being unable to Cook

  • DerEddie LoL
    DerEddie LoL 23 hours ago +1

    is this scripted or how do they find so many delusional people....

  • Banana CreamPie
    Banana CreamPie Day ago

    That looks like someone took a crap on that last plate.

  • Plo8
    Plo8 Day ago

    I'm so hungry I'd shove that macarroni slop into my mouth no questions asked

  • Isabella Grey
    Isabella Grey Day ago

    Mother Mary is a fucking saint

  • breadfan262
    breadfan262 Day ago

    The squishy sound effects are annoying

  • Gabriel Fernandes

    oh, delusional black people, breaking news

  • Romar Frazer
    Romar Frazer Day ago

    "Oh my God I've never seen that before"... "There was no mouse...."

  • Cripple guy
    Cripple guy Day ago

    I LOVE ❤️ soul food but this shit ain't got no soul and a can of SPAM has more appeal .... This is NOT real soul food . 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • Neko Stryx
    Neko Stryx Day ago

    If those people still work in that restaurant they need to get their head checked

  • Alina Dixon
    Alina Dixon Day ago

    This owner delusional af

  • MrPorsche91730
    MrPorsche91730 Day ago

    Chef Ramsey is a mess. Says the woman with a shaved head

  • xXAnchormonXx
    xXAnchormonXx Day ago

    I like to pray to NINO ahahahahahah

  • *Trippy B*
    *Trippy B* Day ago


  • kigf
    kigf Day ago

    pray to nino is always a good idea

  • Latunsha Griffin

    Every plate looks disgusting especially the mac and cheese

  • Dat Leever
    Dat Leever Day ago

    Water from the Vile..

  • Angel Gaeta
    Angel Gaeta Day ago

    I just now realized that sometimes they aren’t ignorant about their food by saying how good it is when in reality it tastes bad (according to Gordon Ramsay) because sometimes they just haven’t experienced the full potential of what a dish may have. I’m not saying that they could use this as an excuse but it’s something to just think about.

  • Seamus McBundy
    Seamus McBundy Day ago

    My shit looks better then that.

  • Falsely Accused
    Falsely Accused Day ago

    What the fuck even is that thumbnail? I’ve seen piles of maggots more appetizing than that shit.

  • HumanTres
    HumanTres Day ago

    shitlets LOL

  • John Rife
    John Rife Day ago

    Just because you're black doesn't mean you can cook.

  • Mark Becker
    Mark Becker Day ago

    Is that donkey shit?

  • Zeniak
    Zeniak Day ago

    chitlins? more like SHITlins

  • Candystrap
    Candystrap Day ago

    Shitletts! Lol! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ewan Wilson
    Ewan Wilson 2 days ago +4

    “There is nothing that is on our menu that isn’t perfect”
    As a guy literally peels Mac and cheese off of parchment paper like it’s leather.

  • Williams Hu
    Williams Hu 2 days ago +5

    I don't even know how he motivated himself to eat that

  • Aidan D.
    Aidan D. 2 days ago

    I feel like the Record wasnt their fault, some drunk asshole probably did it one night and hid it like that

  • Uncle Prestige
    Uncle Prestige 2 days ago

    First rule. If you HAVE TO ask for him to come to you... Your food SUCKS!!

  • artenman
    artenman 2 days ago +1

    Is that the laugh she has when her bills arrive and she's been past due for 8 months with the bank ready to close that joint?

  • urgen yirang
    urgen yirang 2 days ago

    That blackey chef look nasty and cook nasty

  • iAronn
    iAronn 2 days ago

    0:56 - 0:57 Oh no no no look at his face.

  • Stephen Kershaw
    Stephen Kershaw 2 days ago

    food looks disgusting and the plate presentation is non existent. Trashy place.

  • K.O. Stradivarius
    K.O. Stradivarius 2 days ago

    Someone needs to slap the bitch outta that woman for laughing at a customer she made sick

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook 2 days ago

    didn't clean the chitlins properly nasty bitch...

  • k a
    k a 2 days ago

    Are those freaking doritos!?

  • Dr. Murdercock
    Dr. Murdercock 2 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like someone actually shit on a plate.

  • Galactic Wave
    Galactic Wave 2 days ago

    2:42 that watermelon tho

  • FJVasco1998
    FJVasco1998 2 days ago +1

    That cake looks yummy w/south american coffee

    • FJVasco1998
      FJVasco1998 2 days ago

      Yeah, we have the thing (at least)

  • FJVasco1998
    FJVasco1998 2 days ago +1

    3:44 Man that dude looking was funny. He wouldnt serve that even for a dog.

  • God first
    God first 2 days ago

    Oh my god this laugh is so evil comeon he is vomiting!!! Wtf

  • AmberFire 123
    AmberFire 123 2 days ago

    Whoever made that end card is amazing 😂😂

  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee 2 days ago

    I would say this is American standard

  • Alex
    Alex 2 days ago +1

    Perfectly shit

  • Ho-Jo Da Finest
    Ho-Jo Da Finest 2 days ago +2

    Bruh the sausages you can get from the 99 cents store look better Than those

    xTHIRDHORSEMANx 2 days ago +1

    The thumbnail looks like somebody squatted over the plate and dropped a log

    • Andrea P
      Andrea P 2 days ago

      I thought the same, i feel sick just looking at that plate

  • Monster of Analysis
    Monster of Analysis 2 days ago

    Gordon: Knows when shit's microwaved.

    Gordon: "Is this Microwaved?"
    Some ass-chef: "No."

    Gordon: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • anonymous m
    anonymous m 2 days ago

    when they say my food is know what to expect

  • DSU Beats
    DSU Beats 2 days ago

    Fried ocra is the only ocra I fw. Regular is too slimy and shit🤢

  • iman polski
    iman polski 2 days ago

    I thought it's a poop in the thumbnail

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose 2 days ago

    Why do people ever use a microwave when cooking for Gordon?

  • Bradley Bhalai
    Bradley Bhalai 2 days ago


  • Orlando Alessandrini

    Nino would cook better.

  • Amber Moon
    Amber Moon 2 days ago +2

    Before I taste them, ild like to pray to NIIINOOOO

  • Rex H
    Rex H 2 days ago +6

    "Everything is cooked to perfection" as they show someone pulling up a SHEET of mac-n-cheese :)

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 days ago


  • Feather rose _
    Feather rose _ 3 days ago

    She’s delusional, those chitlins even look 👀 like they stink, they literally look like dog turds

  • Andreas karlsson
    Andreas karlsson 3 days ago

    That velvet cake both look delish and apparently tasted delish :D

  • Andreas karlsson
    Andreas karlsson 3 days ago +9

    Bloody impressed that Gordon even tasted that shit. :|

  • Eric Kanis
    Eric Kanis 3 days ago

    4:42 Got em

  • LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron

    This is when you should turn the place until a bakery and fire everybody but the grandma

  • Ametrine Queen
    Ametrine Queen 3 days ago

    Mama Mary is so cute (TwT)

  • nimrodian
    nimrodian 3 days ago +1

    3:54 looks like someone puked on a plate and then shit out three poops on top of it.

    • J Lo
      J Lo 2 days ago

      yeah gave me flashbacks too.... 😣

    EASY STREET 3 days ago +1

    That thumbnail is so fucking disgusting

  • chris corny
    chris corny 3 days ago

    Whats wrong with your walls? Are they made of paper?

  • Preston Pfeil
    Preston Pfeil 3 days ago

    PrestonLLC@hotmail their is a United States/mafia/hollywood group following me and controlling and using the Navy's most of my phone resources. Using me as bait. Nsa cia corruotion

  • Chuck Gates
    Chuck Gates 3 days ago

    All the food looked nasty.

  • Monty Carlo🥀☕️
    Monty Carlo🥀☕️ 3 days ago +2

    “He ain’t use to that soul food” SIS THAT IS NOT SOUL FOOD unless you call the food being so terrible it leaves your soul

  • One Life2Live
    One Life2Live 3 days ago

    Gordon has such a pottie mouth! Why you gotta use my Saviors name as a cuss all the time!

  • Levo GAMES
    Levo GAMES 3 days ago +6

    Finally, some good fucking food.

    I didn't even look for it. But I found the meme!

  • Onyx 63
    Onyx 63 3 days ago

    1:20 Why, when chef ramsay rip the vinyl off the wall, its red (both sides) but when he put it back in place its cover is purple??.?

    • Onyx 63
      Onyx 63 3 days ago

      No one noticed that? Really?

  • Solarchos
    Solarchos 3 days ago +5

    Those chitlins and ocra honestly looked like something you'd see in the toilet. It genuinely looked like turds.

  • CheggNogg
    CheggNogg 3 days ago

    That looks like literal shit on the thumbnail

  • kal
    kal 3 days ago +27

    so this is where the meme "Delicious. Finally, some good fucking food" came from.

  • Bubai Saha
    Bubai Saha 3 days ago

    Finally gordon likes a food...miracle..😂

  • Manilyn Labador
    Manilyn Labador 3 days ago

    How come that they're not even wear a hair net in a big kitchen.

  • Miz Evilene
    Miz Evilene 3 days ago

    "It looks like someone shat on my plate!" 😂😂😂

  • Get R3kt
    Get R3kt 3 days ago

    is this wakanda diner?

  • aftermathematics365
    aftermathematics365 3 days ago

    Don't ever eat at an establishment that is staffed by those things. They never wash after going to the bathroom.

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 3 days ago +5

    Im no chef but I have made mac and cheese and the only way to ruin it is over boil and make it mooshy.How do you not know this and work with food daily?

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 3 days ago

    Honestly why lie about the stupid hole in the wall,There is no way he never seen it before and then act like its a big deal when the entire place looks like that hole.

  • Kaden LeGrande
    Kaden LeGrande 3 days ago +3

    How do you mess up pork chops, mac N cheese and collard greens