Why Is All UK Urban Music Called Grime By The Media? [@TheRikoDan]

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • Riko Dan gives his views on the UK Media constantly calling Rap Music, Drill & Afro Beats 'Grime' and all UK Urban artists Grime MC's
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Comments • 37

  • Madison Teale
    Madison Teale 7 months ago

    Riko should hit gym he'd be a unit. Sick guy obviously the London city warlord doesn't need to

  • Guido Spain
    Guido Spain 7 months ago

    Lordie I am not discriminating but Riko Dan's voice is not the right pitch for listening to on quiet volume, but I love you channel, just

  • El Matadores
    El Matadores 7 months ago +10

    But grimereporttv ain’t no grime.
    It’s just a fat guy in a shop eating shit from Poundland

    • ІςН K
      ІςН K 7 months ago

      its not on tv either u mug but all the music on here is grime

    • Jerry Springer
      Jerry Springer 7 months ago +2

      Rofl funny comment negl

    • Andrew Henry
      Andrew Henry 7 months ago

      The Judgemental Cat and yet here you are...

  • Alv !!
    Alv !! 7 months ago

    It's becoz it's black people music yo....... They even call RNB singers Rappers and they been doin that for many years even before grime.... 😐

  • Apollo G
    Apollo G 7 months ago +1

    The Truth!

  • Louis Connor
    Louis Connor 7 months ago +1

    They hear grima on a dnb freestyle be like must be grime

  • Sadie J
    Sadie J 7 months ago

    Lordie, you sound like my dad. Why is that?

  • Chiko Shogun
    Chiko Shogun 7 months ago

    The Boys at the top have realised that the UK Urban Music Scene is a way that people in the hood can make money and start a solid following. They Dont Want That Simple. They Want To Keep Us Marginalised so that we dont gain any economic power in Society. Another Thing is that these man know that our music has the potential to start a revolution, imagine if the Bars in these tracks were changed just a bit to portray a more militant message it would be madness and they know it. Most importantly they dont want anyone making money without their hand in the pie bruv thats Why They Hype ''Notting Hill Should Be Banned'' and ''Drill Needs To Be Banned''.
    So in all fareness Niggas Keep Making That Music Its Damaging The System Somehow.

  • Rob
    Rob 7 months ago

    This has pissed me of for fucking years thank you lordie, this don't get addressed enough.

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson 7 months ago +3

    Lordie bare respect for you but your channel is grime report tv, yet you can find alot of music videos on here that arnt grime. Arnt you just as bad as everyone your talking about?

    • Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson 7 months ago

      +Andrew Henry Nope absolutely love the channel, doesnt mean i cant think lordie is a bit hypocritical for what was discussed in 1 video, do i have to love everything someone does to be a fan NO. Now lets talk about the big word you tried to use to make yourself appear more intelectual........
      a person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts.
      Did i say fuck lordie you fucking hypocrite with all your shit grime content, no dont think i did , this would have been a fine example of a philistine my friend ,please try to learn the definitions of words before you use them.

    • Andrew Henry
      Andrew Henry 7 months ago

      Richard Thompson because your a philistine. You don’t like the REPORT on GRIME?
      Lock off then enit.
      Stop trying to hate on man because he’s expanding.
      Unless you don’t see the crossovers he does?
      Grime doesn’t have to just be music, it can be media aswell, such as fenston Barclay, such as uncle pain, interviews with the artists, even science for the Mandem.
      Just because it’s out of your comfort zone, doesn’t mean it’s not grime.
      Maybe you should re-evaluate your perception of grime and remember that it’s not just here for you. I say this as a 34 year old fan who used to bang dizzie and Wiley at sidewinder.

    • Richard Thompson
      Richard Thompson 7 months ago

      +Andrew Henry youtube is social media, the name grime report would imply that this channel is where you come for reporting on grime would it not? What would you expect if a channel was called the bangra report? Most of the content isnt grime related, alot of the artists that feature dont even spit grime, yet lordie is agreeing with riko dan about the problem with media mislabelling all uk rap music as grime personally i think it comes across as a bit hypocrytical. If the bbc were to use any music video featured on the grime report as grime would you blame them? I wouldnt

    • Andrew Henry
      Andrew Henry 7 months ago

      Richard Thompson fam. His channel is called grime REPORT tv. Is man not reporting on grime? What more do you want from a channel that literally says what it does in the name?
      Count yourself lucky you get any videos at all.

  • DrunkenSlurrr
    DrunkenSlurrr 7 months ago

    Man wouldn't know what grime was even if he was using cilia bang to scrub it. Fucking wastes

  • ShaydeZXY8
    ShaydeZXY8 7 months ago

    I don't think I'm allowed to comment on this cuz of my raps

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr 7 months ago

    Blacks will be blacks

  • Krsna Loka
    Krsna Loka 7 months ago


  • steppa money
    steppa money 7 months ago +4

    Lets be honest its not just mainstream media they just being fed. Grm daily doing a thing now called grime pays with loads of rappers and singers?. Dnb got the same ho behaviour. You cant just rap a say its grime.

  • Ronnie W
    Ronnie W 7 months ago +1

    Shit cunt loada media ahaaaaa rikos such a fucking geeza

  • george wright
    george wright 7 months ago +41

    GRM has made a name off of grime and has now neglected it for drill and afrobeat but still wants to use grimes name. Same with Stormzy making an album which was mostly gospel songs and then labeling it a grime album. These fools get big off of grimes name and then put nothing back into the genre and don't use the opportunity to tell the mainstream media what is and isn't grime.

    • Rob
      Rob 7 months ago

      +Midoriya Slowthai is sick and sometimes he has flows with grime influence but he's a rapper he ain't a grime MC g

    • Midoriya
      Midoriya 7 months ago

      @Rob Gotta pay the bills somehow. Tho if you want someone who refuses to sell out, check out slowthai. So underrrated in today's scene

    • Midoriya
      Midoriya 7 months ago

      @piggypigpig Yeah I get where you're coming from, he had a few chart toppers tbf but nothing on the level of today's artists.

    • Rob
      Rob 7 months ago

      +Midoriya that don't change the fact that he was making pop for years

    • piggypigpig
      piggypigpig 7 months ago

      +Midoriya you're proving his point. Wiley never got any success in mainstream. He tried but at least he had the balls to not show face in those shit crossover tune videos.

    GRIMEREPORTTV  7 months ago +15

    This video isn't to knock any UK Platform but to discuss why the bigger UK Media outlets constantly paint Grime in a negative light even when things which have nothing to do with Grime occur as well as why UK Rappers, Afro Beats & UK Drill artists are called 'Grime Artists' when they don't make Grime music.
    More interviews on this topic coming soon. Thank you - Lordie

    • GMG News
      GMG News 7 months ago

      GRIMEREPORTTV I completely agr with you and rikodan on this video and Im one of the few people that actually didn't tittle there video as "man stabbed at grime awards" the problem is people look at grime and think it's violent but these people no nothing about grime, this was a great video I'm glad did this

    • steppa money
      steppa money 7 months ago

      As for drill the only thing we are getting out of that is its flow is changing and merging into our grime sound and evolving it. Everything else is just death doorbell noises and fuckery. The accent is the only difference with its American origin.

    • steppa money
      steppa money 7 months ago

      At the end of the day this is a grime channel. Everybody who knows knows. Afro beat is the new grime,house,garage,etc im just waiting for an African or an autotuned bendy wavey dude to make some jungle and start calling it afrobeat. Afrobeat isn't even a true style/genre. Please somebody explain its elements? Big up to you lordie just for doing your fucking thing properly for ages.