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  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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    In this episode, Sapphire tells the true story of a nurse who can't understand why her co-workers don't like being around her. Then, she shares five more tales from fans who have seen strange things in their dreams.
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Comments • 7 061

  • DiamondBoyYT22 - PH YouTuber

    The thumbnail looks like a girl with SCP 106 behind her

  • HeyO Linz
    HeyO Linz 6 days ago

    I don’t want to take a shower anymore

  • CoolDeputylol
    CoolDeputylol 13 days ago

    Brook x Nami

  • kimix
    kimix 13 days ago +2

    6:06 okay now that’s just creepy -
    -breathes- EWW
    -breathes- AHH
    -breathes- JSJSJJSJS HELP >:;((

  • Kate Horvat
    Kate Horvat 14 days ago +1


  • WellBeSerious12
    WellBeSerious12 19 days ago

    Stop calling me "ah, dang!", I know I have problems! 🙁

  • Lo.productions Productions

    It’s start at 00:17

  • The Living Lotus
    The Living Lotus 23 days ago

    gets punched in the neck*
    "hmmm..must be the wind"

  • coolcat 95890
    coolcat 95890 23 days ago

    Thanks for doing thus on my birthday last year

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics 25 days ago

    Heres a dream i had
    2-3 years ago, i went to sleep and saw this in my dream.I saw a small? Baby ghost..? I ftoxe and couldnt move.I wanted to get up from my spot but i was frozen by fear. It was on my window just... staring at me.... I was so scared i suddenly got up from sleeping... I still couldnt forget that untill now.

  • Granny
    Granny 26 days ago +1

    👟 👟

  • Blaze Tablet
    Blaze Tablet 27 days ago


  • Blaze Tablet
    Blaze Tablet 27 days ago

    : D

  • TheFlippingLegend27
    TheFlippingLegend27 28 days ago

    Notice me sendpie

  • Milk Tea uwu
    Milk Tea uwu 29 days ago

    ( • 3 • ) { chu~ }
    / >♡< \

  • Renz Muyco
    Renz Muyco Month ago

    Did you see bendy plushie on the background?

  • rose_jadyn M
    rose_jadyn M Month ago

    (• - •)

  • Kevin_Jones_719
    Kevin_Jones_719 Month ago

    How does she see a ghost but doesn’t believe it’s a ghost?!

  • AtZi
    AtZi Month ago

    Sapphire: i work as a doctor in a hospital i wont tell you what hospital for emergency reasons.
    Me: ok
    Sapphire: talks about hospital. When it was build before it was changed into hospital . Abondand for awhile.
    Me:Starts searching on google
    Me: found a match.... hah sucker but i legit found a match go and search. The name is The former Fullerton Building
    Edit: actually i dont think it is the former fullerton building 🤣🤣

  • Bored Kid
    Bored Kid Month ago +1

    Sapphire : wanna hear something scary?
    Me : no I really don’t
    Also me : keeps watching

  • izzy _rose1.0
    izzy _rose1.0 Month ago

    ( • - •)
    / >🍕
    Here she gave it back

  • The cringy Me
    The cringy Me Month ago +1

    Ate:older sister

  • Sky Lionyt
    Sky Lionyt Month ago +3

    2 things
    I think that ghost was jealous
    Me: boi wot

    Me: why can no one tell a scary story
    *someone turns on the something scary podcast

  • Fellow Communist
    Fellow Communist Month ago

    20:50 sam and colby played it like 3 times jajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajaja

  • jade isa ruri
    jade isa ruri Month ago

    i love this story

  • spiderpiller 2
    spiderpiller 2 Month ago

    Hears a faint " omawamushindau "
    Me: hmm must be the pipes

  • Elianna Gonzalez
    Elianna Gonzalez Month ago


  • Steven7183
    Steven7183 Month ago

    i love your vids and btw get a new camera cuz its bad

  • UnhealthyRobloxObsession

    the backrooms level 2

  • Jordan Murrell
    Jordan Murrell Month ago

    "he's got it bad"....Randall pops up like yea bitch...I do

  • Leeann hell yeah man

    Just cuz this person was a Christian they didn't believe in any of this ghost crap the hell a person that believes in in any religion is most likely to believe in ghosts and you telling me cuz someone was a Christian they didn't believe in ghosts that sounds like bull crap to me

  • LMBO Studios
    LMBO Studios Month ago +2

    I love your channel but there one problem I cant sleep alone now.

  • Sans
    Sans Month ago

    *sees thumbnail*


  • The MLG Dorito
    The MLG Dorito Month ago

    Reminds me of scp 106

  • Michelle Branham
    Michelle Branham Month ago

    That thumbnail
    Looks like scp 106

  • Pudel Blume
    Pudel Blume Month ago

    wow yesterday, I promised myself I wouldn't watch those videos anymore bc I couldn't sleep. Now, what am I doing ?

  • Shinzou Wo Sasageyo
    Shinzou Wo Sasageyo Month ago +1

    When the dude in the 1st story suddenly appeared at the end I screamed so hard

  • Haley Wilson
    Haley Wilson Month ago +5

    That mans face give me the freaking chills, bruh.

  • Владимир
    Владимир Month ago

    Man, imagine a dating app for ghost's lol.

  • Duhcapn crunch
    Duhcapn crunch Month ago

    Is it just me or does the demon look and seem like scp 106.
    1. Both can go through walls
    2. Both can make stuff rot/melt like when he punched the police officer.

  • Black Eye
    Black Eye Month ago

    Ate?! Did you eat blueberries again?

  • Ob-LIV-ious
    Ob-LIV-ious Month ago +5

    Randall’s dm’s been dry for two centuries, give the man a break 😂😂

  • Bri Mercedes
    Bri Mercedes Month ago

    In the beginning, did anyone notice the Goth Stan from South Park?
    Like if you noticed

    Also I 💜❤️ your stories so much!! Your such a good story teller.

  • More than mets the eye

    intrasting story👏

  • ria ramirez
    ria ramirez Month ago

    You sure the first one ain't SCP 106?

  • Mattea does gacha ••

    Kassandra is like me no I’m not an adult I can see ghosts and I rarely get scared

  • MrAlien500
    MrAlien500 Month ago +1



  • Andrew Honaker
    Andrew Honaker Month ago

    Playing w unknown forces is not ok like In most of these stories I learned that the hard way to ... that’s all that needs to be said

  • Cole Piañar
    Cole Piañar Month ago

    Why does Randall looked like the "deceased" Dark Lord, *v o l d e m o r t*

  • very tired
    very tired Month ago

    imagine ur otp

  • air pirate
    air pirate Month ago


  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Month ago


  • abdul wahid mohammad rahim

    That guy that dead guy need some help

  • malbert1213
    malbert1213 2 months ago

    That’s s e p 87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LadyRavenEyes
    LadyRavenEyes 2 months ago

    how do we summit a scary story for you

  • Camila Cornejo
    Camila Cornejo 2 months ago +4

    BuCkLe uP BuTtEr cUp
    wes in for a tru story

  • 李一禾
    李一禾 2 months ago +8

    -|- 🌮
    This is Jack
    He stole your taco
    Like to get your taco back

  • Trey Slay
    Trey Slay 2 months ago

    I like how she say "Before we get started", but I just that introduction and start the video anyway.

    OG GAMING 2 months ago

    Sapphire: wanna hear something scary?
    Me: turns lights on and locks doors

  • Bermin Bts
    Bermin Bts 2 months ago

    Hey ther is a ate and ading filipinoooo