NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    We gave the iPad Pro a bit of a harsh review. Does installing iPadOS make it any better as a laptop replacement?
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Comments • 5 031

  • Complex Sudo
    Complex Sudo 10 hours ago +1

    I fail to see what an iPad Pro can do that a mid range Chromebook can't, besides iMessage and FaceTime, which the Chromebook has Google's versions of both.

  • Mecid Recebli
    Mecid Recebli 15 hours ago

    9:46 Thank me later meme makers

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer 23 hours ago

    An iPad isn’t a laptop, it’s a _computer_
    I own a laptop and still use an iPad often.
    They shouldn’t be advertising it as a computer, they should be really owning the fact that it is an iPad

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K Day ago

    what everybody thinking when the ipad pro 2020-2021 has eye tracking?

  • Melissa Ang
    Melissa Ang Day ago

    How does he master the art of inserting subtle advertisement?!

  • AliSot 2000
    AliSot 2000 Day ago

    Apple should have used macOS as a basis for iPadOS!

  • Casman
    Casman 2 days ago

    Laptops are compromised desktops, tablets are compromised laptops, smartphones are compromised tablets.
    Point is, nothing is better for productivity and general usability than a dedicated monitor with a keyboard and mouse despite how good the GUI is. At least until some new revolutionary form of physical human to machine interface is invented like mind control or something. Apple is never going to change what is considered the gold standard for computing unless they truly reinvent the wheel.

  • Diego H.
    Diego H. 2 days ago

    Why do people want the iPad to be a computer though? Let the iPad be... an iPad.

  • Jason Kaushik
    Jason Kaushik 2 days ago +1

    It's mind numbing how foolish it is to buy this product. Deliberately crippled as to not compete with their other flagship products. It's junk folks. Junk! Get an macbook air instead.

  • chris s
    chris s 2 days ago

    They should make a 15” iPad Pro!

  • Chase Brown
    Chase Brown 3 days ago

    Great video!!

  • Xenomorphtime !
    Xenomorphtime ! 3 days ago

    The iPad is more like a PDA

  • Ella Jonson
    Ella Jonson 3 days ago

    Okay so FINALLY someone gets it! Thanks for explaining to to the world!

  • H.A A
    H.A A 3 days ago

    apple claims that ipados apps consume half storage and speed up to twice as compared to previos ios 12.3. is it really true?

  • MarioOnDemand
    MarioOnDemand 4 days ago

    bring maxine back for the story clips enactment instead of this ugly fuck

  • Curtis Womack
    Curtis Womack 4 days ago

    My iPad Pro mini is the most convenient and hassle free machine I ever had. I swing trade and bank on it. Emails, gaming, social media, fake news, with bluetoof, WiFi and speakers, what more could one want? The mini fits your hands perfect in landscape mode, for two thumb typing, gaming and whatever. The value of my mini is 10 fold, because I invested 1200 in Bitcoin and made 10k. If not for the ease of use, I would have never accomplished that.

  • Kaustav Kapur
    Kaustav Kapur 4 days ago

    Curse ios

  • Kaustav Kapur
    Kaustav Kapur 4 days ago

    YOu still can't multitask. If you close minecraft or roblox and open safari you quit the game on ipad. On windows you can open a new tab and still have the game running without quitting.

  • Adam Jenssen
    Adam Jenssen 4 days ago

    If they wanted to win over Windows users, they should fully make iOS become pc centric features WITHOUT any “Apple” compromises, including the mouse, since Windows 7 is ending this year.

  • BRTGZ Noob
    BRTGZ Noob 4 days ago

    I hope ipados provide terminal with full feature like mac os terminal or at least for the iPad Pro an IDE is provided for javascript programming or something like that

  • Rishat Rizatdinov
    Rishat Rizatdinov 4 days ago

    I knew that Apple sucks

  • Square Breaker
    Square Breaker 4 days ago

    device like this are the future. Nobody wants to buy a full flexed PC to get basic task done and for some high end gaming. When these game streaming services start off then the almighty pc kinda becomes useless.

  • Ibdman2000
    Ibdman2000 4 days ago

    I loved the dude dancing around LOL!!!!

  • Kent
    Kent 4 days ago

    The intro makes it like a boy opening a Christmas present then gets disappointed

  • Thomas iPad
    Thomas iPad 5 days ago

    Im so dissatisfied. Was expecting so much from mouse support

  • Pablo Sánchez Fernández

    Thought u were drawing a dick

  • The Stage Academy Of Music

    Know what I love about the iPad? Tab on the on-screen keyboard. No tab.

  • P.
    P. 5 days ago

    meh, whatever

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Yeh true but just because you stood in poo doesn't mean you need to wash your feet. Marcus loves the time you said it was a good idea to buy that but don't believe everything she says because you might die.

  • Baogar
    Baogar 5 days ago

    I wish you would not made any videos related to apple. No smart person is going to touch any applecrap.

  • SpeedTech Inc.
    SpeedTech Inc. 6 days ago

    The drawing of the penis turned into an elephant 😂😂😂😂

  • RaLLyKaTz OoO
    RaLLyKaTz OoO 6 days ago +4

    there turning tablets into notebooks and turning notebooks into tablets. lol Tim cook eating his words

  • qrpnxz
    qrpnxz 6 days ago

    8:18 virgin touch consumer vs Chad mouse user

  • Asher Wade
    Asher Wade 6 days ago

    I "just" decided to Subscribe to your channel, ...and I'm met with an insult ("..once you've gotten 'that' through your thick scull ..."); humm(?); {8~(
    PS/- I 'do' own an iPad Pro {but waiting for the iPadOS 13}, as well as Windows laptop and Android phone, but wanted to hear about what others horrors Apple has in store for me/us.

  • Lavish Lalwani
    Lavish Lalwani 6 days ago

    Great video that presents both sides of the argument well. I don't think Apple should ever release a MacBook with touch screen support. People are constantly asking for mouse/keyboard support on tablets for more complex tasks. Well, laptops are designed for more of those tasks. Why would you want to use touchscreens on a product where mouse/touchpad/keyboard is already better for what you're doing on it. Leave it out and keep the laptops less bulky.

  • barcitaa
    barcitaa 6 days ago

    I love my iPad Pro (I also love my PC) desktop-iPad is the best combo

  • fjfjrfjfjr
    fjfjrfjfjr 6 days ago

    Well done!! Thanks!!

  • Gaming Steve
    Gaming Steve 6 days ago


  • Eric
    Eric 6 days ago

    The iPad is a tablet and the Mac is the computer. The iPad has no desire to unify. This is not a Surface, nor does it want to be. I love the iPad as it is. The pro will have more features, but it will never be a Mac. They might as well remove the mouse support. That attempt is just sad.

  • Mohamed Medhat
    Mohamed Medhat 6 days ago +2

    Most of these things my note 9 could already do and it comes with a pen

    • Mohamed Medhat
      Mohamed Medhat 3 days ago

      @Kyriakos Aggeli totally the samsung file manger is amazing and also we shouldn't forget dex

    • Kyriakos Aggeli
      Kyriakos Aggeli 3 days ago +1

      and a good file manager as well !

  • Jake Warsaw
    Jake Warsaw 7 days ago

    If you can afford two devices, an iPad Pro is a really great assistant or mobile workspace for folks on the go. But if you can only afford an iPad or a laptop, get the laptop. Even if tablets are the future, it will be years before an iPad is more useful or efficient than a laptop.

  • Todd Omicioli
    Todd Omicioli 7 days ago

    no it isnt, and iphones are no replacement for a dedicated dslr

  • Kim Guo
    Kim Guo 7 days ago

    MAKE THE APPLE PENCIL HAVE A MOUSE FUNCTION (when u move the pencil in the air there is a cursor on the screen, the smooth part of the apple pencil can scroll when you stroke the side)

  • jeet vashisht
    jeet vashisht 7 days ago

    I just came back to watch the start of the video

  • Tyler Hanson
    Tyler Hanson 7 days ago

    Linus hates Apple. we get it.

  • Thang Pham
    Thang Pham 7 days ago +1

    Just get a damn laptop and call it a day.

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta 8 days ago

    lol origin pc is the sponsor but they have the worst pre-built pc as per your investigation. they're funny.

    EVOLICIOUS 8 days ago +7

    "Better late than never, now THAT is innovation"
    -Tim Cook 2019

    EVOLICIOUS 8 days ago

    Apple products are basically just the jitterbug for people smart enough to be able to flick a light switch, but still too stupid to figure out how to change the lightbulb.

  • frugalfilmmakers
    frugalfilmmakers 8 days ago +9

    I agree the iPad Pro is not a laptop. But then for a lot of things, it is better. Sometimes, we have to rethink the way we are interfacing with technology.
    Just like Final Cut Pro X is not a video editor, it is a film editor. Premiere is a video editor. Once I realized this, I fell in love with FCPX.

    • frugalfilmmakers
      frugalfilmmakers 5 days ago +1

      On Which? IPad Pro is easier than a Laptop for basic computing. Being able to touch the screen is natural compared to a mouse. The operating system does most of the work. It has been made simple because it is based on the consumer IOS. Going to the web, writing email, banking, etc are all controlled by apps that just login by seeing my face. No passwords to use once set up. Everything is smaller and lighter than a laptop with great battery life and much easier to carry.
      The iPad Pro does not require a track pad or mouse. I do recommend the Apple keyboard as it does not require Bluetooth. I am writing this on it right now on it and it is natural and easy. It suggests words if I want to use them. I like the mail app in that I can just swipe to the left to get rid of an email or file it. Because there are so many apps out there most things can be done with an app with out going to the web on a browser.
      I can import photos from my camera by a cable or card reader into photos. For basic video editing there is iMovie and these projects can be imported into FCPX. With the new iPad OS coming this fall with give us a lot more functions like working with USB sticks, drives and a host of other features.
      The downside of using it as a laptop is that there are a lot of applications that don’t have iPad apps yet. The file system is restrictive.
      I have a Microsoft Surface Go as well and I like the touch part of it but it is more clunky to operate as it is using windows 10 which is not as user friendly.

    • Grey Lawson
      Grey Lawson 5 days ago

      Wait what’s the difference, I’m very interested?

  • Justin Hoskins
    Justin Hoskins 8 days ago

    Im sorry, but for what I use a computer for I just dont see the functional benefit of having a to me a touchscreen MacBook makes NO SENSE to me.

      EVOLICIOUS 8 days ago

      Imagine sitting on a chair, with no desk. You gonna use the mouse on your knee?

      Or, ya know, just buy a real computer/laptop

  • ubarhd1
    ubarhd1 8 days ago

    Very informative video thanks

  • John Gonsalves
    John Gonsalves 8 days ago

    Soooooo, What you're REALLY saying is.... This IOS version "should be hauled away ASSSSS a garbage scow?"??
    ... consult other UberGeekenz, should you miss the re... ;)
    AND, Thank You for Keeping Apple (specifically new iPad Pro's) WITHIN your Scope! This IS helpful for many. ~J

  • Every Day Corey
    Every Day Corey 8 days ago

    Linus...I need your Teva sandals have died on me. What brand do you recommend as a fellow sandal-wearing tech nerd? Help me, are my only hope...

  • QuantumElectricians
    QuantumElectricians 9 days ago

    They want people to think it's a laptop so they will buy it instead of Surface -- but they don't want to ACTUALLY make it a laptop replacement because they want to keep selling Macbooks. It's ridiculous and very transparent. Just make it as good as a really good netbook and keep the hardcore power stuff for Macbook. This weird, ambiguous middle space is annoying and turning people off.

  • Will _
    Will _ 9 days ago

    Everyone that uses Apple: So, is it good for students and/or people that don’t need super heavy processing for $2200+, like the MacBook Pro?
    Linus: Uhhhhhh
    Everyone: So, yes? Seems like it?
    Linus: *stares in apple confusion*
    Everyone: no?
    Linus: T’nsey

  • thedataflo
    thedataflo 9 days ago

    apple sux !!!

  • Maxismaximal
    Maxismaximal 9 days ago +1

    Ipad 6? Still have Lightning

  • Evan Yoohoo
    Evan Yoohoo 9 days ago +3

    Wait, is that USB C? :o

  • Evan Yoohoo
    Evan Yoohoo 9 days ago

    I had mouse support on the first iPhone though :/

  • Juraj markuš
    Juraj markuš 9 days ago

    can you do same stuf with ipad mini 5

  • Pete the Norwegian
    Pete the Norwegian 9 days ago

    A+ for the homemade ad skits :D

  • Bob Sarmiento
    Bob Sarmiento 9 days ago +2

    if the ipod pro is not a computer then the computers of the 90's are giant calculators... 😂

    • KuttyJoe
      KuttyJoe 8 days ago

      I think you mean 80s computers. 90s computers were very serious and powerful. I was running full blown Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw etc on computers in the 90s. The criticism against iPads is not about computing power, it's about what the thing is designed to do. You can't run those programs on an iPad Pro so a PC from the 90s running a 90s version of Photoshop is still more capable than anything running on an iPad.

  • Jake Viskic
    Jake Viskic 9 days ago

    Buy a laptop then... it’s an iPad and it always will be..

  • Oxron206
    Oxron206 9 days ago

    with iOS 13 I was actually considering an iPad for the first time

  • TheNegronomicon
    TheNegronomicon 10 days ago +6

    Apple: We want to give people devices that do specific things and nothing like the other devices we have.
    Also Apple: We want people to pay a premium for each of our devices that only only do a limited range of things.

  • Abe Dillon
    Abe Dillon 10 days ago +8

    Calling an iPad a "computer" is only misleading if you think the word "computer" is a lot more specific than it actually is.

    • Chris
      Chris 7 days ago +1

      Some dude involved with Tetris licensing when Tetris was a big deal years ago thought that an NES counted as a computer.

    • KuttyJoe
      KuttyJoe 7 days ago

      @Keith Santamaria Smart is also subjective. The root of computer is compute, yes? Many things can fall into that category. Things that existed before electricity and certainly long before we started referring to devices as "smart" If you really want to get technical about computer. Smart is little more than a marketing term actually. Not unlike Retina displays, or Bionic chip.

    • Keith Santamaria
      Keith Santamaria 7 days ago

      @KuttyJoe maybe you have but really anything "smart" is a computer. Even your fridge
      I personally just use the word desktop and laptop to specify what exactly I'm saying

    • KuttyJoe
      KuttyJoe 8 days ago +1

      It's just a word. It's what people understand it to mean that matters. We have established a meaning for the word "computer" and differentiated it from mobile devices.

  • Abe Dillon
    Abe Dillon 10 days ago

    I've always thought Apple's vision was pretty clear: don't make a tablet that's trying to be a laptop, make a tablet that's trying to be a tablet.

  • cjcfm1000
    cjcfm1000 10 days ago

    Apple is trying to change user habits. Plus as you mentioned, they don't want to unite their markets. Ipad users are not necessarily notebook users or vice versa. They want those market share numbers to stay high and not cannibalize themselves.

  • Bender the Offender
    Bender the Offender 10 days ago

    Been doing all of this on a jailbroken ipad 2 for years now as well as using playstation controller for ps2 emulator.

  • xD Vidz
    xD Vidz 10 days ago

    12:17 is that a... a DICK?!

  • Meliodas Muffinz
    Meliodas Muffinz 10 days ago +8

    Fortnite kids he like : OMG I CAN ADD A KEYBOARD TO AN IPAD

      EVOLICIOUS 8 days ago

      @Will _ ew, peasantry.

    • Enticus
      Enticus 8 days ago +1

      @Will _ unless you're sway, controllers suck

    • Will _
      Will _ 9 days ago +2


  • Ilia Ananich
    Ilia Ananich 10 days ago

    what if Apple keeps differences between IPad and MacBrook just to force customers to buy both of them?

    • Abe Dillon
      Abe Dillon 10 days ago

      How are they *forcing* the consumer to do anything?

  • 林志懋
    林志懋 10 days ago

    Watching this video on surface go. I would like to buy a product that's Ipad pro+ surface go merge. Smooth and friendly tablet mode with all the apps and full function of a regular computer.

  • Pano 360
    Pano 360 10 days ago

    That’s a shame. They need to entrance the mouse. I’ll get one if they do. I wrong if they don’t.

  • Hazmat Guy
    Hazmat Guy 10 days ago +1

    Why not just dual boot MacOS and iPadOS? Seems like the simplest solution.

  • dombrox
    dombrox 10 days ago

    Android makes the same thing XD

  • dombrox
    dombrox 10 days ago

    I hate when there is pencil latency when you use ipaint or what they are calling that. It is a deal breaker for that thing

  • J J
    J J 11 days ago

    Oh come on. GET ur self out of apple products.

  • Harrysound
    Harrysound 11 days ago +4

    You basically have to be Harry Potter and cast spells for multitasking

  • Ľuboš Kupec
    Ľuboš Kupec 11 days ago

    can anyone test if you can connect to nas server with new file manager?

  • Joou Nen
    Joou Nen 11 days ago

    No ...
    I don't like change 😔

  • Shawn Burton
    Shawn Burton 11 days ago

    Using Win X launcher, I was able to get the interface on my Xiaomi phone to look like Windows Vista. I wonder if you can do the same on the iPad.

  • hotmandead1
    hotmandead1 11 days ago

    Another reason not to buy this device

  • Bartlomiej Zych
    Bartlomiej Zych 11 days ago

    The conclusion was in my opinion very accurate and objective. Thanks for that.

  • Roman Klisiewicz
    Roman Klisiewicz 11 days ago

    Linus as u may know android dev has that feature from years.. yhrm samsung, huawei etc ^^ but wait. Its apple so it must be amazing :p

  • Jopete Romero
    Jopete Romero 11 days ago

    What is that LG laptop at 09:38? thanks

  • Marc-André Désilets
    Marc-André Désilets 11 days ago +1

    iPad or a microsoft surface ?

    • Abe Dillon
      Abe Dillon 10 days ago

      Do you want a tablet that's trying to be a laptop or a tablet that's trying to be a tablet?

  • Reymon Reyes
    Reymon Reyes 11 days ago

    Yes, it's a neutered computer.

  • Rick Bigelow
    Rick Bigelow 11 days ago

    I got an Idea. How about go out and get a windows laptop? Problem solved.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 11 days ago

    Hey so does ipadOS work on a non cellular iPad?

  • Brandon Bisnette
    Brandon Bisnette 12 days ago


  • Weirdo4Life
    Weirdo4Life 12 days ago +2

    Apple: it's a computer
    Linus: Well yes but actually no

  • Malcolm Vladisclav
    Malcolm Vladisclav 12 days ago +2

    I'll tell you what Apple's true vision for the future of computing. It's called the..


  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 12 days ago

    Hey Riley go get more Aliens!!!! So where's my cheese!!

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 12 days ago

    They will never make an iPad like a computer...THEY DONT GIVAFUK about u or me...they just want dead F U APPLE!! So Can I now win an apple iPhone??

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 12 days ago

    Will this work with my FIRST GENERATION iPad pro???

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 12 days ago

    Why do you say....A-gain and not again....? Strange.....?? So do I now win an iPad???

  • chnapo1
    chnapo1 12 days ago +3

    Is ORIGIN your sponsor? That origin which got totally obliterated by Agent Janice and Linum, t.i.?

  • PhFFM
    PhFFM 13 days ago

    1. Fuck the iPad
    2. Bring back the Macbook Air 11" and add touch.
    ... well wait, Macbooks nowadays are shit anyways. Just buy a Lenovo or an Asus Zenbook