• Published on Jul 12, 2017
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  • Bad Bxtch
    Bad Bxtch 18 minutes ago

    me:watching this
    me before:damn .
    me now: I think I did this with my ex boyfri-IM TWISTED😭😭😭😭

  • A Mystery Girk
    A Mystery Girk 11 hours ago +1

    2025 anyone?


  • •BrokenWeirdo•
    •BrokenWeirdo• 21 hour ago +1

    In my school everyone’s very accepting of me, theres only one person who’s rude but everyone else is very accepting. I’m a 13 year old Lesbian with a girlfriend!!! My Catholic school is very accepting!

  • Turi Buri
    Turi Buri 23 hours ago +1

    In my school there are many gays and bi's but every kid there accepts them as they are although there's this kid that goes in 8th grade who wears makeup and wigs and sometimes dresses and every kid is accepting except the mothers. The always trash talk him and ask to each other why the school lets him go to the male restroom instead of the girls bathroom and why he doesnt take special classes about his sexuality but Im like B*TCH! WTF like homosexuality is not an illness that you have to learn how to overcome! It is a sexual preference and orientation towards male or female people! So I was soooo pissssed about the homophobic mothers but everyone else seems to accept the LGBTT community pretty well

  • Savannah Mohart
    Savannah Mohart Day ago

    2020 squad. Whaddup

  • Marcia Rodgers
    Marcia Rodgers Day ago

    I’m going into 8th grade and our school has signs and stuff for the lgbtq+ community and is very accepting:)

  • Bell
    Bell 2 days ago +2

    I know I’m late 😂 but at my school pretty much all the people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community are popular and I love it 😂 they’re all so funny.

  • catlover 8000
    catlover 8000 2 days ago

    Does anyone think that David has a crush on Gabbie since he broke up with Liza???

  • Lambert Love
    Lambert Love 2 days ago

    I feel old.... AIM....

  • Aaliyah Oiknine
    Aaliyah Oiknine 2 days ago

    2019 anyone????

  • Sparkie Magic04
    Sparkie Magic04 2 days ago

    As a lesbian from the UK I can say that the teachers are supportive of the LGBT community but ‘Gay’ gets used instead of annoying and people get called a ‘lesbian’ as an insult.
    I would say that there are resources out there to help LGBT people but they aren’t treated very nicely.
    In addition I have a close friend who is trans and he gets treated much worse than me. So overall I would say that it’s not terrible but many LGBT students still get bullied and harassed for it.🏳️‍🌈
    Also I have heard from others that some schools are much more excepting but unfortunately mine is not.

  • Amanda Heaven Willing

    It took me a second to figure out why she would have to log out and into other user names, and then I was like oh.... I was using Trillian, and used like 5 different user names at once...

  • Kassy Schulz
    Kassy Schulz 3 days ago

    Meet my first boyfriend on aim 😂 a mutual friend of my sent him my aim name and told him to talk to me 😂😂

  • Kyle Hughes
    Kyle Hughes 4 days ago

    I'm bi nothing changed that much

  • Aimee Dicks
    Aimee Dicks 4 days ago

    Ye no , nothing changed

  • escape the night daddy

    ( •-• )
    / \

  • Hosh Ginhart
    Hosh Ginhart 4 days ago

    omg jif. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  • yourgurlnati X
    yourgurlnati X 4 days ago +1


    SALAMENCE 326 5 days ago

    I’m searching for Miranda’s comment

  • Nara
    Nara 5 days ago

    Their fine with the lgbtq Community at school

  • Bunny Boo
    Bunny Boo 6 days ago

    I catfished my biological father (my profile picture was an actual catfish - the animal) to find out how he was getting pictures of me and he was making out the he was God’s gift and that it was his ex wife (my mum) that stopped him seeing his kids and he was an innocent man. When legally he’s not allowed near me (my brother and sister are not his) or my siblings due to abuse. I also found out that he was trying to get me to meet my cousins so he’d be able to see me and me not be able to go anywhere because it would be in McDonald’s and I’d be too scared to do anything.

  • Erin Bull
    Erin Bull 6 days ago

    There’s this boy at my school who is gay and he gets quite a lot of hate but not because he’s gay it’s because he’s a FUCKING BITCH. but he always says ‘it’s his his sexuality’ ‘this is homophobia’ and all that shit and he always rubs his sexuality in everyone’s faces.
    So yeah, that’s the LGBTQ+ community in high/middle school. (I’m fairly sure British secondary school is a bit of middle and high school but idk ok I’m just a young British girl ok bare with me)

  • Taylor Chaffin
    Taylor Chaffin 6 days ago

    My friend had been dating a girl and everyone was super.....

    not caring

  • Millie Caldwell
    Millie Caldwell 7 days ago

    Lasbians are weird to me and my friends

  • Millie Caldwell
    Millie Caldwell 7 days ago

    Oh 2019 LGBQ is not acceptable in schools I’m straight

  • Taylor Doc
    Taylor Doc 7 days ago

    I’m gay and tbh people don’t really make fun of us

  • Lexie Bates
    Lexie Bates 7 days ago

    Loved AIM in middle school!

  • Kaitlyn Baas
    Kaitlyn Baas 7 days ago

    LGBTQ+ people are SUPER accepted in my school. For context, I go to a Catholic School. There's a club. Everyone, and I mean, ANYONE is welcome. It's super awesome!

  • Elaina Gilliland
    Elaina Gilliland 7 days ago

    As of august 2019 My middle school is extremely homophobic. If I came out to more than my close friends i would be harassed and would loose and popularity that i had (Not a weirdo but not popular)

  • Jenny Astad
    Jenny Astad 8 days ago +1

    2019? Anyone❤️

  • Lana Larsen
    Lana Larsen 8 days ago

    My bsf is gay and I have only met one person who teased him so I obviously yelled at that midndndnn

  • Malaysia Maddox
    Malaysia Maddox 8 days ago

    I remember AIM😂

  • That trailer Trash
    That trailer Trash 8 days ago

    Where I’m at people don’t care as long as u don’t hit on other people or kiss or any of that in the hall

  • Ellen_BTS_ K-POP
    Ellen_BTS_ K-POP 9 days ago +4

    My best friend came out and said he was gay and the whole class was so supportive💜
    (PS: i live in Norway🇧🇻)

  • Dolan Fannn
    Dolan Fannn 9 days ago

    Lmao I just got catfished by my bestf tht I’ve known for 3 yrs💀 THEY STILL WONT ADMIT IT THOOO

  • April Flames
    April Flames 10 days ago

    the high school i am attending next year has posters about accepting lgbtq+ So i think there good

  • mycatiecate
    mycatiecate 11 days ago

    Like half my schools gay

  • • sti.stop.stampy •
    • sti.stop.stampy • 11 days ago +5

    Our gay headmaster chucked a pride flag at us on the last day of school in June.

  • Shaelynn Gundy
    Shaelynn Gundy 11 days ago

    Schools are more ok with being gay but you don't want to tell othor kids becouse you can get beat up over it

  • Claire Butcher
    Claire Butcher 12 days ago +1

    This bitch thinks that because I support the LGBTQ community, that I am LGBTQ. And no matter what I tell her she keeps spreading rumors that I’m gay, and it’s pissing me the F off and that’s why I go to therapy.

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green 12 days ago

    llama was a bish- Gabbie Hanna 2017
    best quote ever

  • Penny Herman
    Penny Herman 12 days ago

    The teachers are helpful but the kids are still assholes about it

  • Sadie Good
    Sadie Good 13 days ago

    “Did I just spit everywhere?” 😂🤣😂

  • Abskadabs blah
    Abskadabs blah 13 days ago

    My uncle is gay and he is legit my favorite person ever!!

  • Ann Anderson
    Ann Anderson 13 days ago

    It was not good.

  • GalaxyGamer
    GalaxyGamer 14 days ago

    My school is soooooo not okay with the lgbtq+ community...I go to a private one, and kids can be expelled if you say that your gay bi, lesbian, ext. And if you say the word to much in front of a teacher, then you can get suspended

  • Erika Lira
    Erika Lira 14 days ago

    I actually liked it I wish they could bring it back

    IM INSANE TO THE CORE 14 days ago

    Don't worry Im Muslim and pansexual ❤

  • Oh_No_ I’m_Embarrassed

    At my school lgbtq is accepted but a lot of immature boys make jokes behind their back

  • Hope And Ry Show
    Hope And Ry Show 15 days ago

    My teacher pulled my friend out of class and she said how being gay is wrong and that she won’t go to heaven and how god hates her so yet that’s gay acceptance at my school

  • SuperYellowcats
    SuperYellowcats 16 days ago

    I mean when I was in school it wasn’t really that frowned upon. Ya there were some who tried to insult then they’d be shut down by either a teacher or another to student. My best friend was gay and I didn’t care and some didn’t understand but they weren’t ever mean to her about it if they were I’d tell them off. Wasn’t till high school where I encountered way more homophobic people. The school is massive so that’s honestly why. No one ever just let it happen tho bullying wasn’t really much of a thing as far as I know lol. I wasn’t really there much not explain why but when I was I never saw any bullying except maybe like once or twice.

  • SuperOddball
    SuperOddball 16 days ago

    I once got catfishes by my dad lol😂😂

  • Your Lorddd
    Your Lorddd 16 days ago

    I’m bisexual. and schools (at least in England) are not at all excepting of homosexuality. Not a single school day has gone by without people throwing limp hand gestures or calling me a fag etc.

  • Ava Spruill
    Ava Spruill 16 days ago

    I had a trans kid in my class. Female to Male btw, their little brother was transitioning into a girl. Idk why I’m commenting this lmfao

  • Katy Frazier
    Katy Frazier 16 days ago

    People fuxking hate people in the LGBTQ+ community in my school

  • Shannon Allen
    Shannon Allen 17 days ago

    My favorite AIM AM: “gone”
    Another reason for why she did it: middle school girls are bitches.

  • Dacey Marston
    Dacey Marston 17 days ago

    AIM was so cool I was a late 2000s kid but grew up with a sister kinda your age so I got a lot of it

  • M.L. M
    M.L. M 18 days ago

    Lama was not my friend Lama was a bitch

  • Haley Tackett
    Haley Tackett 18 days ago

    I miss AIM actually LOL.

  • Alexis Lockamy
    Alexis Lockamy 19 days ago

    I was born in 06 so I don’t think I know AIM

  • Claudine Nel
    Claudine Nel 19 days ago

    its now seen to be cool to be gay and some people pretend to be gay

  • ɑӀɑղղɑ Տհɑղղօղ

    Actually LGBT in schools is very accepted now, at least for most people

  • Charlotte Bartol
    Charlotte Bartol 19 days ago

    My aunt is lesbian.

  • Andrea Sanders
    Andrea Sanders 19 days ago

    Well in my school the lgbtq community is ok👍👌

  • wolf girl_ foxs
    wolf girl_ foxs 19 days ago

    In 2019 they still mack fun and I friends that are asome but was bi and I don't care they my friends and ya

  • Allison Wilson
    Allison Wilson 20 days ago +2

    🎅🏼this is Santa
    I will change Santa’s clothes every 100 likes

  • Ayla Watson
    Ayla Watson 20 days ago

    When she said the thing abt AIM it reminded me abt how gif is pronounced

  • J.A. K
    J.A. K 20 days ago

    Not really when i came out as gay the some of the guys were really okay with it including some of the girls but not much

  • Avanelle does gymnastics

    I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community 😁

  • Graci Schiffman
    Graci Schiffman 21 day ago

    Everyone is excepted in my school I believe

  • Samantha Kelly
    Samantha Kelly 21 day ago

    We have a clud for the lgbtq+ community

  • lps paws
    lps paws 21 day ago

    The lgbtq+ is starting is get better in school

  • your daily dose of dysfunction igreja

    I remember aim my aim screen name was pixy7587 i miss middle school early 00s was the best

  • Pastor Santana
    Pastor Santana 21 day ago +1

    Kids in my school have relationships and there like in kindergarten