Irish People Try American Rap Snacks

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - We had our Irish People try some chips from Migos, Fetty Wap, Lil Yachty...but were they any good??
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    'Rap Snacks' are a popular American brand of chips (or crisps, for us) featuring various flavours based on rap and hip-hop artists. We had our Irish People try a selection of four flavours from the likes of Trina, Migos, Fetty Wap and Lil Yachty. What did they think?
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Comments • 1 371

  • Paul B
    Paul B 3 days ago

    I've seen these around, but that doesn't mean I know who the fat flying fuck the twats on the packages are...

  • Robert
    Robert 4 days ago

    How do you guys find shit most Americans have never even heard of...

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White 16 days ago

    Romeo honey bbq is my faveeee

  • MySisterIsAFoodie
    MySisterIsAFoodie 17 days ago

    Trust white peoples to not know who the baddest bitch (Trina) is or The Migos, but to call Fetty Wap, the one eyed one hit wonder, “actually famous”.

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam 18 days ago

    I'm American and I ask "what fuck are rap snacks?"

  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    H.R. Pufnstuf 19 days ago

    They are marketed to a specific ethnic group(s). They will be in the store for 10 weeks. The shit food inside will be repackaged under your next up and comer video game or movie hero.

  • deerking 48
    deerking 48 21 day ago

    These chips are actually very good! We have them in the South! LOVE the dude in the red hat!!!!!

  • andy rocksteady
    andy rocksteady 24 days ago

    American people try...American stuff we've never heard of.

  • Sanjha K
    Sanjha K 24 days ago

    Anyone else getting a weird edit from 1:04 to 1:56?

  • quietlyarrayed
    quietlyarrayed 25 days ago

    Y'all would probably recognize Trina from her features in early 00s songs. She was in Ludacris' What's Your Fantasy and Missy Elliot's One Minute Man

  • M
    M 26 days ago

    Who doesn’t know Trina - the Diamond Princess and the Baddest Bitch!

  • Jay A
    Jay A 26 days ago

    First they ruin music ..... now our food :( (rappers to be clear) LOL

  • Laura J
    Laura J 26 days ago +1

    How about watching Rick and Morty while doing dessert shots. Make a game of it maybe....Would b nice if more of the guys plus these guys were in it and it was more then 5 types of shots. Or instead of dessert shots then maybe the best or worst specialty shots from around the world. Or watch Bad girls club and every time someone says bitch or has a fight then someone needs to take a shot. Great cast, great comedy. Very smart, talented and beautiful ppl. I brag about watching this show, lol. ✌️🍀💖

  • Jamal Peoples
    Jamal Peoples 26 days ago

    Boosie Louisiana Heat are the best ones.

  • Lucinda Lopez
    Lucinda Lopez Month ago

    I think with all the commentary (which I enjoy.. most of the time. If u guys don’t try to do American accents) you guys need to make ur videos longer n try a few more flavors of things. Like I know for a fact 2 mins in u didn’t try all the flavors.

  • Jimmy Hawkins
    Jimmy Hawkins Month ago

    Never heard of them. But I would like 2 try them.

  • Pennywise Wadford
    Pennywise Wadford Month ago

    These people have pushed this trash rap dumpster fire into culture far too long. This is the very cause of the dumbing down of america

    DALLAS DIVINE Month ago

    I’m just as high as the long haired guy

  • Tamarama
    Tamarama Month ago

    Cardi B is a sexual predator.

  • Cameron  Davis
    Cameron Davis 2 months ago

    Honey jalapeno are the best one

  • Larry renz
    Larry renz 2 months ago

    Dabbing is fuckin stoopid

  • Spectre
    Spectre 2 months ago

    Hot Cheetos and cheese.

  • Spectre
    Spectre 2 months ago

    Dude, that's not what they meant by dab. Look up doin a dab in the hood on google.

  • Get over it Laughing
    Get over it Laughing 2 months ago

    They are in Virginia....I like rap but they are the mumble rap of potato chips...nice and crispy but the flavor sucks..

  • Benjamin Cook
    Benjamin Cook 2 months ago

    first time I seen Rap Snacks were in Mississippi iirc about 2 years ago. I finally relented and bought Fabolous' Wavy New York Deli Cheddar....and they are 👍🏻....gonna try Migos' Sour Cream next

  • Jaime Marston
    Jaime Marston 2 months ago

    Why does that one girl with the shoulder length hair seem to disagree with everyone else on pretty much everything?

  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook 2 months ago

    ... but I love the way you make my mouth feel ....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lori Delia
    Lori Delia 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh! Road Island Red with the glasses actually likes something!

  • Mkirk1210
    Mkirk1210 2 months ago

    There was so much lag on this video that Mr. T cereal called and pitied the fool that thought this was cool.

  • apatternedhorizon
    apatternedhorizon 2 months ago

    I like how Irish spring soap is being advertised on an Irish people video

  • Ninjajp247
    Ninjajp247 2 months ago

    Never even SEEN a bag of rap snacks.

  • Ninjajp247
    Ninjajp247 2 months ago

    These Irish people have eaten something I've never had. Ever.

  • VDubya
    VDubya 2 months ago

    Irish Jesus is battered again. Look at those eyes

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 2 months ago

    Ohhh they sell these at a little gas station in the hood 😂

  • Charles Westphal
    Charles Westphal 2 months ago

    Dabs are a weed thing lol there stoners not athletes

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C 2 months ago +1

    I guess I live in da hood then. #crapsnacks

  • Lucifer Herself
    Lucifer Herself 3 months ago

    I can't get over how much Darren looks like David Tennant

  • Demon Sith
    Demon Sith 3 months ago

    0:35 um captain america ?? lol

  • Nina Soares
    Nina Soares 3 months ago

    Yesss George, get schwifty.

  • bittenfr3ak
    bittenfr3ak 3 months ago

    I'm American and have heard of these but I thought they stopped making these ages ago

  • Dave Needham
    Dave Needham 3 months ago

    Clisare kills me she's so funny.. She knew fetty but not migos that's unreal lol

  • HelloXJosh
    HelloXJosh 3 months ago

    *”Um, question. Who the fuck are they?”* OOF. She ended the Migos career in a sentence.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 3 months ago

    If u don’t live in the hood u won’t know what these are

  • Jacob A. Gallant
    Jacob A. Gallant 3 months ago

    2:28 ALL OF MY HATE

  • chloe Essa
    chloe Essa 3 months ago

    Lol Trina is a rapper! 😂😂😂 and rap snacks are only sold in the hood !

  • 「JazzStationNeo」
    「JazzStationNeo」 3 months ago

    Not sure what their palettes are like but I've tried every single one of these and they taste like shit.

  • Nitasha Johnson
    Nitasha Johnson 3 months ago

    Fetty Wap is the famous one lol. To each their own. I love all these artist. I've definitely heard of these chips but only tried them once because I live in a state where they're not sold. I appreciate all the reactions. Funny as usual. But man comments really mess things up, we get it you never heard of them and you dont like rap. I'm not the biggest fan of country music but I have never gone out of my way to say I hate Blake Shelton product because I don't listen or like his music. That sh*ts so annoying.

  • LongIslandHobbyist
    LongIslandHobbyist 3 months ago

    Please dont think America actually eats this shit.

  • Doc
    Doc 3 months ago

    Even Americans don’t eat American rap snacks 😂

  • Finn Bell
    Finn Bell 3 months ago

    The one dude looks a bit like jonny lee miller

  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!

    Irish Jesus with the honey dew- "We don't have to leave any for the others do we?". 😂
    Im just wondering how many of the testers come with empty stomachs looking for a good filler and getting skunked like poor Dermott with all the peanut butter flavored things!. He gets so disappointed and I can see his pain. 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Carroll
    Joshua Carroll 3 months ago

    Y'all have to try Fabolous flavor New York deli cheddar

  • mari
    mari 3 months ago +2

    they really disrespected trina smh

  • Tabijam
    Tabijam 3 months ago

    “Did you prank us?” Lmaooo

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G 3 months ago

    How about Irish guys try American penis as your next adventure or Irish guys try American std’s ?

  • punkgreg 138
    punkgreg 138 3 months ago

    0:48 what the ever living fuck did you just say?

  • Daji Freeman
    Daji Freeman 3 months ago

    I never heard of these

  • Frosty Nuggs
    Frosty Nuggs 3 months ago

    Lol funny the feminist looking bitch likes cardi B

  • ZAH BlakJon
    ZAH BlakJon 3 months ago

    i havent seen rap snacks in about 20yrs

  • FeedmeJUice
    FeedmeJUice 3 months ago

    He’s actually famous lol they’re all famous!

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee 3 months ago

    Fetty Wap's is the weakest because there is hardly any jalapeno flavor. I like The Migos, Fab, and Lil Boosie's chips. I haven't had Lil Yachty's yet.

  • Eugenio
    Eugenio 3 months ago

    I have never seen or heard of these...but I want some.

  • Alexis Rush
    Alexis Rush 3 months ago

    I haven’t even had these chips yet. 😭😂😭 I’m American. And the Cardi B shoutout !!! Yess I love Cardi too 💃🏾

  • Velma Queen
    Velma Queen 3 months ago

    Trina. The baddest bitch.

  • Gifas
    Gifas 3 months ago

    Must be clickbait, none of these assholes on the packaging are rappers.

  • The Noid
    The Noid 3 months ago

    WTF never heard or seen these chips anywhere here in California USA 🇺🇸

  • Frances Mechelle
    Frances Mechelle 3 months ago

    Deadass real rap even a thing in Ireland? Not like Cardi-B I mean Tupac/biggie , KRS1, Nas, Fugees, Mosdef, Method Man etc...

  • Maria O
    Maria O 3 months ago

    I haven’t tried any of these.

  • Saturdays Child
    Saturdays Child 3 months ago +1

    Claire looks lovely in this one!

  • Melody V
    Melody V 4 months ago

    Where did you find these? I didn't even know they were a thing here

  • Nostr' Alma Mater
    Nostr' Alma Mater 4 months ago

    These snacks are the dumbest fucking branding I've ever seen. I bet the majority of people who consume them are white boys from the suburbs.

  • Sarah Tenebruso
    Sarah Tenebruso 4 months ago

    I think clisare is my favorite bc she such a bitch but still funny

  • Gabby Cola
    Gabby Cola 4 months ago

    I’m almost positive when he said dabbing is a lifestyle he didn’t mean the dance...😂

  • adrburr22
    adrburr22 4 months ago

    These are completely new to me and I’m an American, so thank you for showing me something I will never try

  • Jacqueline Ceason
    Jacqueline Ceason 4 months ago

    Omg!! That’s funny!! Never knew that existed and I’m from the states. Not surprised by this, but never knew

  • Tyler Ramsey
    Tyler Ramsey 4 months ago

    Lil Romeos were the best. Remember these when I was young. Didn't know they were still going

  • -Belue- -Myst-
    -Belue- -Myst- 4 months ago

    You just know this was a white businessman who created these...I just, I swear to the gods...I don't think these rappers had nothing to do with this...Whitest idea ever! 😂😒😂😒😂...Why would rappers want to have a line of crisps? 🤔...Or food even, for that matter...You could say the same for any musician in any genre...
    P.S...Is it weird that people in the comments are saying these snacks are in mostly ethnic neighborhoodS? Am I the only one who thinks that? Cause I was thinking it was wealthy record excs that had NO CLUE about ethnic cultures and was just guessing what ethnic people like...I don't know, I'm not a fan of rap and I'm mixed race, but ethnic people are not the only people who like rap. It seems off to ONLY give rap snacks to ethnic neighborhoods...I don't know, maybe I'm getting deep about this SHIT and they are just weird snacks...But I don't know, but I think DAVE CHAPPELL would make some poinent jokes about this. 😂...He did have some jokes about not having a clue what white people eat and the difference between JUICE and DRANK...BUT, I have been poor and drank some generic ass stuff before...So, if you are poor...It's not always just an ethnic thing and in someone ways it's true that different cultureS have ddifferent cultural food...But it's just kinda f'd up to say only put rap snacks in ethnic neighborhoods...
    Boy! I went on a cultural rant there! 😂...I just want everyone to find ways to NOT be devicive. I think everyone is cool!...Don't hate on me! I don't care who you are or what race...if you are a cool, positive individual, you are cool with me! 🎃✌️🖖🤘🙏🏽☯️ 🕊️ ☮️

  • TrulyUnfortunate
    TrulyUnfortunate 4 months ago


  • Damon Kinney
    Damon Kinney 4 months ago

    When were these made?

  • Renee Elias
    Renee Elias 4 months ago

    Smells like Playdoh!

  • im a god
    im a god 4 months ago


  • MasterJordan1000
    MasterJordan1000 4 months ago

    They taste better with weed

  • Andrew Ng
    Andrew Ng 4 months ago

    Before anyone hates on the chips (I'm not a fan of most of the artists associated with this brand) go down to your local mom and pop corner store and find these. Try them. They make the best chips ever. I don't even like sour cream and onion chips or ranch chips, because I had them too much growing up, and the Migos sour cream with a dab of ranch chips are my favorite chips of all time.

  • wolfgang evans
    wolfgang evans 4 months ago +1

    why do all white men dab like that ?

  • ChonchBurger
    ChonchBurger 4 months ago +1

    I wonder where this strange obsession of watching Irish people trying american products came from.

    MACABRE L.A. 4 months ago

    i've noticed in these vids IRISH JESUS seems to like most everything and is always positive whereas CLISARE seems to rarely like anything and is usually negative. either way these vids are always enetrtaining and funny. always interesting to hear a foreigner's take on americana.

  • Killer GM
    Killer GM 4 months ago

    Never heard of these snacks or these "famous" rappers.
    Then again, that's probably because I don't listen to rap anymore.
    Because rap has absolutely *sucked ass* since the 1990s.

  • Fugitive69
    Fugitive69 4 months ago

    I've actually seen these in my store I tried out one of them which was the Migos Ranch and sour cream they're actually pretty damn good

  • Kimberly Duncan
    Kimberly Duncan 4 months ago

    I love Paul's sense of humor. ^_^

  • Oxycontent Tori
    Oxycontent Tori 4 months ago

    Honeydew has nothing to do with honey. It's a rich melon flavour

  • eric smith
    eric smith 4 months ago +1

    Herr’s honey cheese puffs are awesome! The ones with the 🐝 on the front of the package.
    Salty and sweet, my kriptonite!

  • Winifred M. Byrd
    Winifred M. Byrd 4 months ago

    These are chips you get at a urban corner store. I’m originally from Philly and live in Atlanta. We use to have chips called chumpies when I was a teen.

  • Jovetj
    Jovetj 4 months ago

    Can SOMEONE tell me what a Cardy B is???

  • zaka503
    zaka503 4 months ago

    Sweet :-) Can't subscribe tho....sorry but you have seriously bad potty mouths..

  • Travis Wilson
    Travis Wilson 4 months ago

    Ya know, I never think about how big my country is until I watch this channel. They teach me about American products I've never even heard of.

  • astar21126
    astar21126 4 months ago

    I live in the south in the US and have never legit heard of ANY of these lol. Grats guys and gals for trying them though! :)

  • Michelle
    Michelle 4 months ago

    You guys are so behind smh, these were big years ago when migos first blew up

  • John Moraghan
    John Moraghan 4 months ago

    I loved the Rick and Morty joke. I didn't think they had that there

  • prcornbread214
    prcornbread214 4 months ago

    I've never ever seen these, ever

  • Sleepy Panda
    Sleepy Panda 4 months ago

    I live in America where do I find these?