Irish People Try American Rap Snacks

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - We had our Irish People try some chips from Migos, Fetty Wap, Lil Yachty...but were they any good??
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    'Rap Snacks' are a popular American brand of chips (or crisps, for us) featuring various flavours based on rap and hip-hop artists. We had our Irish People try a selection of four flavours from the likes of Trina, Migos, Fetty Wap and Lil Yachty. What did they think?
    The Tryers featured in this video:
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    Clisare: TRY.Media/Clisare
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    Darren Lalor: TRY.Media/Darren
    Irish Jesus: TRY.Media/Jesus
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Comments • 1 211

  • aDayInTheLife
    aDayInTheLife Hour ago

    I've never heard of these

  • Mercedes Heisterberg

    I’ve never had or heard of Rap Snacks but they look and sound better than damn Doritos

  • Vennens55428
    Vennens55428 Day ago

    Irish jesus is definitely high as fuck

  • caitlin lemar
    caitlin lemar Day ago

    Lmao. When she says “um, question, who the fuck are they?” Shrjdnbdijdkks

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans Day ago

    it is amazing that these exist and even more amazing that they are obviously a stoner snack.

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper 2 days ago

    I love watching you guys ♥️♥️

  • Mambi Moisture
    Mambi Moisture 3 days ago

    The Trina Honeydew Cheese Puffs are my favorite.
    I've destroyed so many bags of those things.

  • K Dawgg
    K Dawgg 3 days ago

    "When some one ask me when what ya think of migos? Im gonna be like Delicious! "

  • O Who
    O Who 3 days ago

    I'm American and have never heard of these.

  • Leota Smith
    Leota Smith 3 days ago

    Try flamin hot Cheetos with cream cheese. Amazing

  • David Hampton
    David Hampton 3 days ago

    That's not the dab they're referring to

  • Steven Perales
    Steven Perales 3 days ago

    These chips are from Atlanta

  • RozziDidThat
    RozziDidThat 4 days ago

    Most of us feel the same about Lil yachty so it's ok.

  • Alishia Vonsha
    Alishia Vonsha 4 days ago

    Did you prank us 🤣🤣

  • Lil O
    Lil O 4 days ago

    I've never even heard of these snacks...smfh

  • Angela Schlagenhaft
    Angela Schlagenhaft 4 days ago

    Previous video: React to David Dobrick and they all hate them...this video, one of them is wearing a Too Much Scotty Shirt...hmmm.

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V. 4 days ago

    I'm American and I've never heard of rap snacks.

  • Andy Santandreu
    Andy Santandreu 4 days ago

    Blaithin sounds 70% American

  • Im here because im bored

    Should of called them ' blacks snacks' absolutely ruined that opportunity

  • nisko C
    nisko C 5 days ago

    They didn't know migos lmao they're probably the most famous on the list and lil yachty

  • ben harris
    ben harris 5 days ago

    If you pinch your nose closed on the Pringles I bet taste nothing.

  • epocs
    epocs 5 days ago

    nothing "american" about these.
    they are sold in ghettos/inner city bodegas alongside other no name brand, incredibly unhealthy products that the poor, stupid, social and cultural trash go for.

  • evil hoboducky
    evil hoboducky 6 days ago

    Never heard of it

  • Saurabh Tripathi
    Saurabh Tripathi 6 days ago

    Too much Scotty merch.. aye that girl is depressed just like me.

  • Rose Lora
    Rose Lora 6 days ago

    I live in America and had no clue that these existed

    IIKHALAII 6 days ago

    She has too much scotty merch.

  • ethxn
    ethxn 6 days ago

    6:56 jokes on you

  • Quadira Owens
    Quadira Owens 7 days ago

    The lil Romeo ones are the best ... these are definitely hood chips .... now y’all have to do Irish people try soul food 😂😂

  • Donald Hall
    Donald Hall 7 days ago

    Was the dark haired guy in Harry Potter???

  • Everett Hawkins
    Everett Hawkins 7 days ago

    More Irish Jesus.... we need more Irish Jesus... almost like we need more cow bell!....

  • saving1catatatime
    saving1catatatime 7 days ago

    has no one told her there is no honey in honeydew?

  • matt moots
    matt moots 7 days ago

    Im from america and i need to ask a question. What the fuck are rap snacks?

  • Bo Roberson
    Bo Roberson 8 days ago

    this shit is hilarious!!!!! love it!!!

  • J LA
    J LA 8 days ago

    jalapeno flavored stuff is gross. It always has an odd aftertaste to me.

  • Just Wing It
    Just Wing It 8 days ago

    The girl with the longer hair is a GODDESS

  • iconamongidols
    iconamongidols 8 days ago

    They didn't even do the best ones. Where were the honey barbecue ones?

  • Emily00Strange
    Emily00Strange 8 days ago +1

    Please try Spicy Noodles/Ramen.

  • vwr32jeep
    vwr32jeep 9 days ago

    Rap food?!? Fools will buy anything.

  • taylor whoever
    taylor whoever 9 days ago

    Rap snacks are so good 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • William Mills
    William Mills 9 days ago

    When you're high af you'll eat almost anything...

  • William Mills
    William Mills 9 days ago

    George has is own University in Newberg Oregon.

  • Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr

    hahahaah wtf is this ive never even seen these ... im dead

  • Rea Long
    Rea Long 9 days ago

    I have never even heard of rap snacks, or dabin.

  • renee3598
    renee3598 9 days ago

    I live in a home in rural Ohio that sits on 5 acres. I do NOT live in the hood. These chips are in little corner store closest to my house. I have also seen them at a gas station down the street from 1 of our bigger hospitals inside a gas station. They are not hood chips. Products are placed where they are deemed sellable.

  • Christopher Woo
    Christopher Woo 9 days ago

    Never head of this but this probably one of the most stupidest band the most retarded thing that I’ve ever herd that just made me cringe

  • Addy D
    Addy D 9 days ago

    "Still I'm not hearing any music... Any beat." 😂😂😂 Something I would actually say.

  • David Church
    David Church 9 days ago

    The honeydew cheese puffs used to have a male rapper on them but I don't remember who lol

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay 10 days ago

    These have to be sold exclusively at Walmart!

  • Romon Hampton
    Romon Hampton 10 days ago

    Fetty wap was the one recognized ? Was the video secretly shot in 2015

  • GiGi S.
    GiGi S. 10 days ago

    Loves Cardi B... doesn't know Cardi's "husband" is apart of Migos and has been established before her. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • thisisntkelsey
    thisisntkelsey 10 days ago

    Mix the Migos with the Fetty Wap in a bowl together for maximum flavor experience!

  • The Life I Live
    The Life I Live 10 days ago

    No Idea where they sell these in America. Maybe California, but not Minnesota.

  • Craig Haarhoff
    Craig Haarhoff 10 days ago

    I just love Blaithin's reaction to these snacks.

  • Hero's Guild
    Hero's Guild 10 days ago

    I still don't believe these exist as American Snacks. Like I have never seen them in any of the stores I go to.

  • robert justus
    robert justus 10 days ago

    I've never heard of Rap snacks.

  • Borde
    Borde 10 days ago

    the best chips for the baddest bitch

  • IsLand Mans
    IsLand Mans 10 days ago

    I am from America and I have never even heard of Rap Snacks...

  • Asia Basia
    Asia Basia 10 days ago


  • Ashrich28
    Ashrich28 10 days ago

    Fuckin Jesus kills me 😂😂

  • Pixel Gun
    Pixel Gun 10 days ago

    I have never tried that

  • Cherrygummybear
    Cherrygummybear 10 days ago

    I live in the US and never heard of these. I guess I'll look for them to try myself. You guys made them look good. Love these videos, all of you are so entertaining .

  • Derek Poland
    Derek Poland 11 days ago

    They need to try Sha bangs

  • Joyrdan N
    Joyrdan N 11 days ago

    The Migos chips are🤢😂 America we gotta do better

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers 11 days ago

    Clisare - Never can have too much Scotty!

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 11 days ago

    im crushing on ~Tom hahahah

  • Angelo Santiago
    Angelo Santiago 11 days ago

    Never seen this or even heard about the rappers!! Maybe i will look for them see how good they are!!!

  • king F
    king F 11 days ago +1

    I dont think ireland has braces yet..

  • josephskiles
    josephskiles 11 days ago

    Clisare: Honey and jalapeno are just things that don't go together. Me: Well in all fairness neither does you and comedy but here we are. ( just a joke, love your videos)

  • vindya14
    vindya14 11 days ago

    Loved the double dab action! Hilarious edit guys 😂

  • Jonesy RDNR
    Jonesy RDNR 11 days ago

    If you eat them you will mumble for the rest of your life....😎

  • Jonesy RDNR
    Jonesy RDNR 11 days ago

    We don't even eat that shit in America

  • Large Knives
    Large Knives 11 days ago

    I need a compilation of out takes... like an hour's worth or more... of people saying stuff like, "who has red hair... I mean I know Irish people but...'t put that..." and "If this was made recently how can it be old.... it's old fashioned not old.... gah I'm gonna look like idiot in front of the internet"

  • Tim Crow
    Tim Crow 11 days ago

    Another way for the supremely talentless to cash in on undeserved celebrity.

  • Russell Miller
    Russell Miller 11 days ago

    Did she really just say who the fuck are migos

  • raha1277
    raha1277 11 days ago

    Ive lived in 3 different major us Cities and I am born and raised here and have never heard of these haha

  • callmelyn73
    callmelyn73 11 days ago

    Are these in America? I’ve never heard of them.

  • Silverados Tornados
    Silverados Tornados 11 days ago

    Not all Americans eat this stupid shit they do not even sell these were I live thank God these are mostly from what I've seen in cities which are full of crime etc

  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 11 days ago

    Jesus, Jesus looks high af lol!

  • pocapaypay
    pocapaypay 11 days ago

    I just want to say as a black american I have never in my life heard of a 'rap chip'. *side eye*

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 11 days ago

    I've NEVER tried "Rap Snacks." Never even heard of them. Don't care to try them either.

  • Frankie Lucas
    Frankie Lucas 11 days ago

    I freaking love Migos rap snacks but can only find them in one store downtown that I will only visit during the day

  • Dottie Roberts
    Dottie Roberts 11 days ago

    That is not in Alabama.

  • starfire8565
    starfire8565 11 days ago

    I really hope they stop putting the girl in glasses in videos she so annoying

  • Nikki Polk
    Nikki Polk 12 days ago

    Try "Zapps" chips. Its more of a southern chip. Its going to be mix of love/hate

  • Cortney
    Cortney 12 days ago

    Never heard of these

  • Justa Clapper
    Justa Clapper 12 days ago


  • George L
    George L 12 days ago

    Can we just have some pizza crisps on standby every time Blaithin's tasting anything? I feel so bad for her sometimes. It just looks like she's not at all coping and I just want her to cope. I want her to cope so much!

  • boulder40
    boulder40 12 days ago +1

    I'm from the states and I've never heard of these people except Trina and I've never seen any bags of anything with their faces on it

  • Michael Purdy
    Michael Purdy 12 days ago

    Poor Jesus. He's still haunted by the ghost of the spicy Cheetos vodka shot. He may never recover from the horrible memories of that day :(

  • Andre Marco Casanova
    Andre Marco Casanova 12 days ago

    I understand they not knowing nothing about the culture but these Dabs hurt so bad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chelo Fig
    Chelo Fig 12 days ago

    Nah, I’d never eat that crap.

  • I Am Crazy Honest
    I Am Crazy Honest 12 days ago

    Why does that fine ass chick have horrible taste?!😂

  • Jenn and Dean
    Jenn and Dean 12 days ago +1

    Never in my life have I seen these in the store here in Colorado or California

  • Drty Porcelain
    Drty Porcelain 12 days ago

    Trina ones the best!

  • Naked Catman
    Naked Catman 12 days ago

    You should react to What the fuck is wrong with you from Radio dead air. There is an irish emigrant in most episodes. And cats. And stupid people to laugh at. Something for everyone.

  • Dan Svensson
    Dan Svensson 12 days ago


  • Carson Betanio
    Carson Betanio 12 days ago

    You should have Russian people try strong alcohol

  • Rob James
    Rob James 12 days ago

    I love ol girl who said who tha fook are they hahaha fuck mumble rap

  • Lewis Rothschild
    Lewis Rothschild 12 days ago

    We're actually listening to 80 DEKA now in the office.

  • Mofar
    Mofar 12 days ago

    The fact that the reaction is "who are these people" makes me want to live in Ireland all the more.